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Best Cookware Made in the USA: Top Brands Reviewed

With retailers squeezing profits and labor costs on the rise, most cookware companies are moving production overseas.

Despite this trend, several brands are still making high-quality cookware in America.

In this review of the best American-made cookware, you’ll learn:

  • Which brands are the best
  • What makes them special
  • How the cookware looks, feels, and performs
  • And much more

I break it down by cookware type, so whether you’re shopping for stainless steel, non-stick, or cast iron, you’ll find the American-made cookware that’s best for you.

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Best Cookware Made in the USA: Video Summary

Watch me break down the best cookware made in the USA in this video. You can also watch it on YouTube.

Best Stainless Steel Cookware Made in the USA: All-Clad

All-Clad stainless steel cookware made in the USA
Best stainless steel cookware made in the USA: All-Clad

Since 1967, All-Clad has been the frontmost brand of bonded, layered cookware. It is the brand that started it all when it comes to fully-clad.

Founded by metallurgist John Ulam, All-Clad has been making fully-clad cookware since 1971 in Canonsburg, just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

All-Clad still makes its stainless steel cookware in Canonsburg with American-made steel, although some non-stick pans and appliances are now produced overseas. You can find their cookware in kitchen supplies stores like Williams Sonoma and Macy’s, or online on Amazon and All-Clad.com.

All-Clad Made in the USA
All-Clad Made in the USA

Before I get into why All-Clad is the best stainless steel cookware made in the USA, let’s look at some facts about the brand.

All-Clad Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeCanonsburg, PA
Number of Stainless Collections7
Exterior MaterialStainless steel, copper, or hard-anodized aluminum
Interior MaterialStainless steel
Core Material(s)Heavy-gauge aluminum or copper
Oven-Safe Temperature (degrees F)600
Compatible With InductionYes
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

Why All-Clad Is the Best American-Made Stainless Steel Cookware

You can’t talk about the best cookware made in the USA without mentioning All-Clad.

Not only has its fully-clad cookware stood the test of time for nearly five decades, but, over the years, they’ve continued to innovate and produce cookware to meet the needs of modern chefs.

It’s a well-rounded brand, but the stainless steel collections steal the spotlight due to their unparalleled construction, variety, design, cooking performance, and durability.

Construction, Variety, and Design

No other American-made cookware brand offers as many high-quality stainless steel cookware collections as All-Clad.

With All-Clad stainless, you can choose from 7 collections of fully-clad, stainless steel cookware with two to five layers of alternating, heat conductive materials.

Bottom of All-Clad D5 and Copper Core pans
Copper Core (left), D5 (right)

The pots and pans have some weight, especially those with four or more layers, but the stay-cool ergonomic handle design makes it easy to maneuver while being sturdy and comfortable.

All-Clad has a mix of different designs combining other heat-conductive metals such as copper. From the Copper Core line to the simple elegance of the original All-Clad D3 design, you can choose from high-gloss and brushed stainless cookware sets to suit your culinary style.

Here’s a quick rundown of each collection (you can learn more about each collection in this in-depth guide):

 All-Clad D3 Stainless3-ply, 18/10 stainless steel interior, heavy-gauge aluminum core, and induction-compatible stainless exterior
Copper Core5-ply, 18/10 stainless steel interior, copper core with heavy-gauge aluminum bonded layers, and induction-compatible stainless exterior
D5 Brushed5-ply, 18/10 stainless steel interior, stainless steel core, heavy-gauge aluminum layers, and induction-compatible stainless exterior
D5 Stainless 5-ply, 18/10 stainless steel interior, stainless steel core, heavy-gauge aluminum layers, and induction compatible stainless exterior
G5 Graphite Core5-ply, 18/10 stainless steel interior, aluminum core with a graphite disc at the center, and induction compatible stainless exterior

Cooking Performance

The beauty of bonded cookware, also known as multi-clad or fully-clad, is the superior performance. With this cookware, you can expect even heating, excellent heat retention, and precise temperature control.

Bottom of All-Clad G5 Graphite Core
Bottom of All-Clad G5 Graphite Core

All-Clad is synonymous with delivering restaurant-quality results from the hands of home chefs.

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Most stainless steel lines are induction-compatible, oven and broiler safe, and beautiful enough to use as a serving platter, offering a seamless flow from cooktop to the table.

All-Clad stainless steel is oven safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, broiler-safe, and suitable for all cooktops, including induction.


High-quality stainless steel cookware from All-Clad can last for generations if cared for properly. The bonding process fortifies the pan’s layers and provides lasting, sturdy cookware.

All-Clad Copper Core bonded layers
All-Clad Copper Core bonded layers


All-Clad is consistently recognized by consumer review and home brands like Good Housekeeping, Wirecutter, and CNET:

Pros and Cons: All-Clad Stainless Steel

Of course, every brand has its pros and cons, so I’ll wrap this up with a few things to consider before you purchase.

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Trusted brand with a long track record of quality
  • Made in the USA
  • Superior cooking performance
  • Many styles to choose from
  • Suitable for a variety of cooktops (most are induction-compatible)
  • Broiler and oven safe up to 600 degrees
  • Limited lifetime warranty

There are a few downsides:

  • One of the most expensive brands you can buy
  • Lids are not oven-safe
  • Requires special cleaning care and knowledge of stainless steel cooking to prevent sticking and discoloration

All-Clad is a top-of-the-line brand, but if you’re on a budget, you can also get great results from less expensive, direct-to-consumer brands like Made In (made in the USA) or Misen (made in China). 

Yet, if you’re ready to splurge, I recommend All-Clad. It’s a brand I’ve stood by for years and use in my kitchen. Although it’s pricey, you can usually find great deals for All-Clad on Amazon and All-Clad.com

Best Value Cookware Made in the USA: Made In

Made In Pan Review

If you’re looking for American-made cookware that won’t break the bank, Made In is the best option.

To be clear, Made In is not cheap, but it’s significantly less expensive than premium brands that manufacture their cookware in the USA (like All-Clad).

Made In launched in 2016 with a goal of providing premium, professional-level cookware at budget-friendly prices. Founders Chip Malt and Jake Kalick are lifelong friends who continue to grow their direct-to-consumer brand, one piece at a time.

A hallmark of their brand is quality and simplicity, so there aren’t many collections to choose from. Yet, you’ll find that each piece is thoughtfully created with the home chef in mind.

Made In manufactures its stainless steel cookware in the USA and Italy and sells it exclusively on MadeInCookware.com; you won’t find it at any retail store. 

Where Made In Cookware Is Made
Made In Cookware

This might seem inconvenient to those who like to hold a pan before buying it, but it’s actually a good thing.

By selling directly to the customer, Made In avoids retail markups and can offer a premium product for a much lower price.

Plus, they provide a generous return policy if you don’t love the cookware.

In addition to stainless steel cookware, Made In also offers 5-ply non-stick cookware, which used to be made in the United States, but they recently moved production to Italy, blue carbon steel cookware (check out my review) that’s made in France, and copper cookware that’s also made in France.

Made In copper cookware made in France
Made In copper cookware made in France

In this section, I’ll tell why their 5-ply stainless steel pots and pans are the best value when it comes to cookware made in the USA.

Made In Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeIllinois/Kentucky/Southern US
Number of Stainless Steel Collections1
Exterior MaterialStainless steel
Interior Material Stainless steel
Core Material(s)Aluminum and aluminum alloy
Oven-Safe Temperature (degrees F)800
Compatible With InductionYes
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
Price$$$ (view current price on MadeInCookware.com)

Why Made In Is the Best American-Made Cookware for the Money

Made In is the best American-made cookware for the money due to its quality construction, superior cooking performance, ease of maintenance, durability, and relatively low price (compared to other premium brands like All-Clad).

In this section, I’ll explore the benefits and features of Made In stainless steel cookware, its recent accolades, and list its pros and cons to help guide your purchase decision.


Most cookware at this price range is made with an aluminum disc bonded to a stainless steel base. That type of construction is referred to as an impact-bonded base.

But Made In’s pans are made with a fully-clad stainless steel base and aluminum core.

Made In 5-ply Construction
Made In 5-ply Construction

Why is this noteworthy?

It’s worth mentioning because fully-clad cookware offers exceptional heat conduction, retention, and durability.

The 5-ply construction features five total layers:

  • stainless steel exterior
  • triple-layer aluminum core
  • stainless steel cooking surface
Made In Cookware Cooking Surface
Made In Cookware Cooking Surface

Besides superior heat distribution, the fully-clad 5-ply construction makes these pans ultra-durable and compatible with induction cooktops.

The stay-cool, ergonomic handle is riveted on the side for a sure grip.

Made In Cookware Handle
Made In Cookware Handle


Made In offers its fully-clad stainless steel cookware in several shapes and sizes, which you can check out on MadeInCookware.com.

You’ll find all the basics, such as fry pans, saute pans, and saucepans, but also some unique pieces, such as rondeaus, butter warmers, and sauciers.

You can buy pieces individually or as a set. Made In currently offers three sets, the Executive Chef, Sous Chef, and Starter Set.

In addition to stainless steel, these sets include non-stick and carbon steel pans, and you can save up to 20% by ordering a set (compared to buying each piece individually).

Cooking Performance

According to my tests, Made In conducts and retains heat better than industry leaders, including All-Clad and Calphalon.

Made In Cookware Heat Conduction and Retention Testing

You can see the full test results in my in-depth review of Made In and my comparison of Made In vs. All-Clad.

Besides its excellent performance, Made In stainless steel cookware is compatible with all cooktops, including induction, and is oven-safe up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.


In the years since launching, Made In has received thousands of 5-star reviews from verified purchasers.

It has also become a respected brand among professional chefs and is used in Michelin Star restaurants, like Alinea (Note: the head chef and owner invested in Made In since he loved it so much).

The brand has also received praise from the likes of Consumer Reports, CNET, and Good Housekeeping.

Pros and Cons: Made In Stainless Steel Cookware

There’s a lot to love about Made In cookware, but there are also some downsides. 

Let’s start with the positives:

  • Less expensive than higher-end brands, but comparable in quality
  • Direct-to-consumer, shipped to your door
  • Exceptional reviews from home cooks and professional chefs
  • Fully-clad (5-ply) construction
  • Oven safe to 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Induction-compatible and suitable for all other cooktops
  • Easy to use and clean

There are a few downsides:

  • The company is still new (2016 launch)
  • Sold only online (can’t hold it before buying)
  • Limited offerings (only one stainless steel collection)

Bottom line — Made In stainless steel cookware is the real deal. It conducts heat fast and evenly, lasts much longer than the competition, costs less than premium brands due to its direct-to-consumer business model, and is made in America. Learn more on MadeInCookware.com.

Best Cast Iron Cookware Made in the USA: Lodge

Lodge cast iron skillet
Lodge cast iron skillet

Since its founding in 1896, Lodge has been making cast iron cookware and accessories in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

Lodge is a multi-generational family-owned business best known for its cast iron skillets, but also offers a variety of cookware options including enameled cast iron, carbon steel, and stoneware. It’s the oldest and longest-running manufacturer of cast iron in the US.

In this section, you’ll learn why Lodge is the best American-made cast iron cookware.

Note: Lodge bare cast ion cookware is made in the USA, but its enameled cast iron products (ex. the Dutch oven) are made in China.

Lodge Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeSouth Pittsburg, Tennessee
Types of Cast Iron CookwareSkillets, woks, Dutch ovens, griddles, grill pans, bakeware, and camping/outdoor cookware
Skillet SizesMultiple, from 3 inches in diameter up to 17 inches
Oven-Safe Temperature (degrees F)600+
Compatible With InductionYes
WarrantyLodge Promise

Why Lodge Is the Best American-Made Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron offers superior versatility and durability. With so many companies making this style of cookware, you want to make sure to buy from a trusted brand that is made in the USA.

Lodge offers the best American-made cast iron skillet because of its quality materials and construction, consistent cooking performance, durability, and price. Plus, it has a long history and has been trusted by home cooks for over a century.

Bottom of Lodge cast iron skillet

Materials and Construction

Lodge seasoned cast iron is a proprietary mix of pig iron, steel, and other heat conductive ingredients. Each piece of cookware is formed through a process called sand molding, which has been used since 680 B.C.

Lodge cast iron is thick, heavy, and super durable. With proper care, it lasts a lifetime and could be something you pass down to the next generation.

Lodge cast iron skillet design

Lodge sells pre-seasoned cast iron that is ready to cook with right away. You don’t have to season it yourself at home. Seasoning is a process that helps create a naturally non-stick surface.

Cooking Performance

If you are just starting as a home chef, cast iron might seem intimidating, but you’ll catch on and fall in love with the delicious results once you start using it. It takes longer to heat, but the heat retention is amazing.

The pans do have some weight to them, between 4 and 12 pounds depending on the size.

If this will be your first introduction to cast iron, I recommend a skillet. Its uses are virtually endless, from stovetop cooking and outdoor grilling to baking and broiling, and it’s one of the lowest-priced cast iron items.

Chicken cutlets fried in a Lodge cast iron skillet
Chicken cutlets fried in a Lodge cast iron skillet

It’s oven-safe, broiler-safe, campfire-safe, and induction-compatible. And yes, you can use it on glass cooktops or any other kind, just use care and don’t drag, shake, or drop the pan on the burners.


Lodge offers seasoned cast iron in so many shapes and sizes that you are bound to find exactly what you need for your kitchen, including:

Lodge cast iron skillet sizes
  • Skillets
  • Dutch ovens
  • Griddles
  • Grill pans
  • Grill presses
  • Fish pans
  • Bakeware
  • Serveware

What’s more, you can try out enameled cast iron as well and get the benefits of cast iron in color finishes that are beautiful and prevent sticking. You can check out Lodge’s full lineup on Amazon.


One of the things I love most about Lodge cast iron cookware is its affordability. You can get a few pieces for the price you might pay for just one high-quality stainless steel pan. Check out the current price of Lodge cast iron skillets on Amazon.


Like All-Clad and Made In, Lodge earns a top spot on most “best cookware” lists. Here are a few recent accolades praising the brand:

  • Good Housekeeping named Lodge the Best Overall Cast Iron Skillet, praising its comfortable handles, cooking performance, and overall value.
  • Epicurious awarded Lodge the Best 10-Inch Cast Iron Skillet. They love how it’s pre-seasoned, which makes it easy to clean.
  • New York Times named the Lodge Chef Collection 12-Inch Skillet the Best Cast Iron Skillet, saying that it cooks evenly and is easy to maneuver. In their tests, it was “a solid performer at just about every task.”

Pros and Cons: Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Although I firmly believe that Lodge is the best American-made cast iron cookware, it has both pros and cons. 

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Trusted brand with longevity
  • One of the most affordable lines of quality cookware
  • Versatile cookware with a variety of shapes
  • Excellent heat distribution and retention
  • Oven and broiler-safe
  • Campfire-safe
  • Works on any cooktop including induction
  • Comes pre-seasoned and ready to use
  • Can be used with all types of utensils
  • Excellent for searing and browning

Here are some cons:

  • Heavier than other types of cookware
  • Requires regular maintenance to keep it clean
  • Can rust if not maintained properly (it can be restored)
  • Will need periodic re-seasoning

Bottom line—if you’re looking for the best cast iron cookware made in the USA, Lodge is the way to go. They’ve been making high-quality, ultra-durable cast iron cookware in South Pittsburg Tennessee for over 100 years. If you need more reassurance, read the thousands of positive reviews of Lodge’s most popular cast iron skillet on Amazon, or check out my in-depth review.

Best Non-Stick Cookware Made In the USA: Nordic Ware

If you’re looking for the best non-stick cookware made in the USA, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is nearly all non-stick cookware is made overseas. Most of it is made in China, where production costs are low.

The good news is there are plenty of high-quality non-stick pans not made in China (if you’re trying to avoid made-in-China products). Watch me break down the best cookware not made in China in this video.

My top recommendations are Made In (Italy), Scanpan (Denmark), and Swiss Diamond (Switzerland).

Calphalon is an American brand that manufactured all of its cookware in the United States in the past, but today the company only manufactures a few pieces locally; the rest are made in China.

If you asked me in 2020 what the best non-stick cookware made in the USA was, I’d tell you Made In.

Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan_2
Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan

When Made In launched its non-stick collection years ago, they manufactured it in the USA. However, the brand now manufactures its non-stick cookware in Italy.

That said, the quality, durability, and performance of Made In non-stick pans have remained the same despite the change in production facilities.

Made In non-stick features the same highly-conductive 5-ply base as the brand’s American-made stainless steel cookware but also includes an ultra-durable multi-layer non-stick coating.

With Made In, you get the heat conduction and durability of premium stainless steel and the convenience of non-stick. You can buy this high-quality made-in-Italy non-stick cookware on MadeInCookware.com.

If you’re insistent on buying non-stick cookware that’s made in the USA, the best option is Nordic Ware.

Nordic Ware Restaurant Cookware 10.5-Inch Nonstick Frying Pan

Nordic Ware is a family-owned company based in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and it’s been in business since 1946. They’re best known for their bakeware but also produce quality non-stick cookware.

Their non-stick pans are made of either cast or forged aluminum and feature a textured PFOA-free non-stick coating that’s ideal for searing.

The cast aluminum non-stick pans have thick walls which deliver excellent heat retention, similar to a cast iron skillet, but they’re much lighter and more nimble.

Would I recommend Nordic Ware non-stick pans over Made In, Scanpan, Swiss Diamond, or All-Clad?

No, I would not.

But if you value American-made products and really want non-stick pans made in the USA, Nordic Ware is your best option. Check it out on NordicWare.com or Amazon.

Other American-Made Cookware Worth Considering

Besides All-Clad, Made In, and Lodge, there are a few other brands that produce quality cookware in the USA to consider.

Heritage Steel

Heritage Steel is a family-owned company that’s been producing premium multi-clad stainless steel cookware in their Clarksville, Tennessee factory for over 40 years

Heritage Steel Cookware_bottom of pan

They may not have the brand recognition of All-Clad, but their cookware is comparable in quality, performance, and durability. 

Heritage Steel 12 Inch Fry Pan
Heritage Steel 12 Inch Fry Pan

It’s made with titanium-strengthened steel sourced in the US and 20 times more corrosion-resistant than 18/10 steel (the material most brands use). Every piece of Heritage cookware is finished by hand. 

Seared salmon in a Heritage Steel pan
Seared salmon in a Heritage Steel pan

You can buy Heritage Steel cookware on HeritageSteel.us or on Amazon. Read my in-depth review of Heritage Steel and comparison versus All-Clad to learn more.

360 Cookware

360 Cookware is an American brand that manufactures pots, pans, and bakeware in West Bend, Wisconsin.

360 Cookware Domed Lid

Although the brand is relatively new, its parent company, Americraft, has been in business for decades.

This family-owned company is obsessed with quality and sustainability. Its President, Bryan Hurley, claims to operate “the world’s most environmentally advanced factory.”

Instead of using chemicals to achieve the mirror finish like most brands, 360 Cookware uses a unique mechanical process. In fact, their factory is so sustainable that it doesn’t need any EPA permits to operate.

360 Cookware makes some of the thickest, most sturdy pans I’ve tested. They’re incredibly durable and retain heat well.

360 Cookware Thickness
360 Cookware Thickness

They also have comfortable handles with divots to rest your fingers and get a secure grip.

360 Cookware Handles
360 Cookware Handles

One of the most unique features of 360 Cookware is its ability to perform “vapor cooking.” In a nutshell, vapor cooking is a technique in which the pan’s lid locks in moisture, allowing food to cook in its natural juices.

Vapor cooking isn’t possible with most cookware because too much moisture escapes.

But with 360, the lids seal tightly, locking in steam and creating an ideal environment for cooking juicy and tender meals.

Bottom line — if you’re looking for heirloom-quality pots and pans made in the USA, 360 Cookware is worth a look.

Read my in-depth review of 360 Cookware to learn more, or check it out on 360Cookware.com or Amazon.


Viking is a Greenwood, Mississippi-based company best known for its high-end kitchen appliances (ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, etc.), but they also make premium cookware in the USA. 

Viking Pots and Pans Review

When you shop for Viking cookware, you need to read the fine print because the Professional 5-Ply collection is made in America, while others are made in China. 

Viking 5-Ply Professional frying pan
Viking 5-Ply Professional frying pan

To get the full scoop, check out my in-depth comparison of Viking vs. All-Clad Cookware or read this in-depth Viking cookware review.


Calphalon is a Toledo Ohio-based brand that I’ve been testing and reviewing for years. They are best known for their ultra-durable hard-anodized aluminum non-stick cookware. 

Calphalon Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookware Set
Calphalon Hard-Anodized Aluminum Cookware Set

Like Viking, some Calphalon cookware collections are made in America while others are not, so you have to read the fine print before you buy.

I recently caught up with a representative at Calphalon, and they confirmed that only the Elite (exclusive to Williams Sonoma), Commercial, and Signature Non-Stick collections are 100% made in the US. With the Signature collection, only individual pots and pans are made in the US; complete sets are made in China.

The other hard-anodized collections are partially made in the US, and all stainless steel collections are made overseas. 

Learn more about Calphalon in these in-depth reviews, or check it out on Amazon.

Bottom Line: Which Made-In-America Cookware is the Best?

As you can see, even though many brands are moving manufacturing overseas, you can still find quality American-made cookware.

If you’re looking for the best American-made stainless steel cookware All-Clad is the way to go.

All-Clad is a top-tier, trailblazing US-born brand. The company introduced bonded cookware to the global marketplace over 50 years ago and remains the category leader.

Although All-Clad cookware is expensive, it’s absolutely worth it due to its superior performance and durability—in most cases, it will last for generations. Read more reviews and check the current prices on Amazon and All-Clad.com. Not sure which collection is right for you? Check out my All-Clad Buyer’s Guide.

If you love everything about All-Clad except the price, I highly recommend Made In.

Made In is still a newcomer, yet a rising contender in the cookware market. With fully-clad 5ply construction and a direct-to-consumer model, it offers the heat conduction and durability of premium stainless steel cookware without the high price.

You can buy pieces individually or as part of a complete set. Check it out on MadeInCookware.com or learn more in my in-depth review.

If you’re looking for the best American-made cast iron skillet, Lodge is the brand. It’s still the longest-running manufacturer of cast iron cookware in the United States.

Lodge cookware comes in a multitude of sizes and shapes with the choice of seasoned or enameled cast iron, depending on your preference. You can find Lodge cookware on Amazon or in stores like Crate and Barrel and Sur La Table.

Although I believe the top-performing non-stick cookware is not made in the USA, Nordic Ware is the best American-made non-stick option. You can learn more about it on Amazon or NordicWare.com.

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    • Hi Brenda – that’s a great point. You are correct. The base of All-Clad stainless steel pots and pans are made in the USA but the handle and lids are made in China. The HA1 and Essentials non-stick collections are made in China.


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