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9 French Cookware Brands: The Best Pots & Pans Made in France

In this guide, I reveal the best cookware made in France. You’ll learn about each brand’s history, design, performance, and more.

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Best Cookware Made in France: Key Takeaways

If you’re in a hurry, here are the key takeaways about the best cookware made in France.

Le Creuset: Founded in 1925 in France, Le Creuset is renowned for its enameled cast iron cookware with unique color choices. Although costly, the brand’s cookware is highly regarded for its long-lasting quality. Check it out on Amazon or LeCreuset.com.

Staub: Like Le Creuset, Staub is known for its enameled cast iron cookware. Its Dutch ovens feature self-basting lids with dimples to evenly distribute moisture onto food while it cooks. You can buy Staub on Amazon and Zwilling.com.

Mauviel: Established in 1830 in France, Mauviel specializes in high-quality copper cookware, often combined with steel or tin. Despite the required maintenance for its appearance, the copper construction provides excellent heat conduction. Mauviel is available on Amazon.

Made In: Made In sells primarily online, avoiding retail markups and passing those savings to you. The brand’s copper, carbon steel, and enameled cast iron cookware lines are made in multi-generational, family-owned factories in France. Learn more on MadeInCookware.com.

Matfer Bourgeat: Matfer Bourgeat cookware is designed for function and durability. Their primary customers are restaurants and commercial kitchens. Its copper cookware is thick and heavy and, based on my testing, distributes heat completely evenly. Learn more on Amazon.

de Buyer: de Buyer has a long history of producing quality copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-stick cookware. Its long angled handles keep your hands away from the heat and won’t bump into other pans on the stove. de Buyer is one of the few brands making induction-compatible copper cookware. Check the current prices on Amazon.

Cristel: Cristel cookware features removable handles that make the pans stackable. The handles come in several colors to match your style. You can buy Cristel on Amazon.

Chasseur: Chasseur is an excellent choice if you are looking for French-made enameled cast iron cookware that’s more affordable than Le Creuset. It’s made in a family-run business and crafted by skilled artisans who hand-paint the enamel. Read reviews and check the current prices on Amazon.

Emile Henry: Emile Henry has been producing high-quality ceramic cookware in Burgundy, France, since 1850. The company blends technology with artisanal practices to create durable, lightweight, and versatile products, including the microwave-safe Sublime Dutch oven. You can buy Emile Henry cookware and bakeware on Amazon.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset was founded in 1925 in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France. It’s the brainchild of Octave Aubecq, an enamel expert, and Armand Desaegher, who specialized in cast iron. Together, they created the brand’s first offering — a Dutch oven in a red-orange hue known as Flame.

Le Creuset Dutch oven on electric stove
Le Creuset Dutch oven on an electric stove

Le Creuset’s still makes all its enameled cast iron cookware in France. But the company also manufactures fully-clad stainless steel, non-stick, and enameled steel cookware in other countries. For example, Le Creuset’s non-stick cookware is made in China, and the stainless steel pots and pans are made in Portugal.

Le Creuset is a long-lasting brand with proven performance and durability. It sets itself apart among other enameled cast iron cookware brands with the choices of colors it offers.

Le Creuset cookware has a thick cast iron core coated with several layers of chip-resistant enamel. The multi-layer enamel provides a non-reactive cooking surface and eliminates the need for seasoning (a requirement with bare cast iron cookware).

Bottom of a Le Creuset Dutch oven
Bottom of a Le Creuset Dutch oven

Here’s how Le Creuset makes its enameled cast iron cookware:

  • A proprietary blend of metals, including recycled iron, is melted.
  • The molten metal is poured into sand molds.
  • As the metal cools, it takes the shape of the mold, creating the cookware.
  • The cookware is shaken to remove sand and smoothed by hand.
  • It’s blasted with grit, providing a porous surface for enamel application.
  • Artisans apply two layers of enamel, bake the cookware, and finish it with a third layer.
  • Each piece is inspected throughout the process. It’s melted again if it doesn’t meet Le Creuset’s strict standards.

At least 30 skilled artisans touch each piece of cookware from creation to packing.

The main downside to Le Creuset cookware is its price — it’s one of the most expensive French-made cookware brands. But for that cost, you get well-made, high-performing cookware from a brand that’s been leading the industry since 1925.

Le Creuset Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeFresnoy-le-Grande, France
Cookware TypesEnameled cast iron, fully-clad stainless steel, enamel on steel, non-stick
Oven Safe Temperature500°F (425°F for tempered glass lids)
Dishwasher SafeYes, except for enamel on steel cookware. Hand washing is recommended.
Induction-Compatible CookwareYes
Price$$$$ (Amazon, LeCreuset.com)
Unique Feature30 color choices, wide handles


Staub was founded in 1974 in Alsace, France, by Francis Staub. Like Le Creuset, Staub is known for its high-quality enameled cast iron cookware. The brand also makes ceramic bakeware and kitchen accessories.

Staub Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Staub Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Though owned by Germany-based Zwilling J. A. Henckels, Staub remains true to its roots, designing and producing its cookware in France.

Staub makes enameled cast iron Dutch ovens (also called cocottes), skillets, saucepans, braisers, grill pans, and more. 

Here’s how Staub stands out from other enameled cast iron manufacturers:

  • They offer stackable enameled cast iron cookware sets that save space.
  • Each Dutch oven has a self-basting lid that traps steam and drips the moisture back onto the food to keep it moist and seal in flavors. My tests prove that this design actually works.
Staub Dutch oven moisture distribution
Staub versus Le Creuset moisture distribution test results
  • The flat lids allow you to rest your spoon or add ice. Why ice? The ice cools the lid, so when hot steam in the pot rises, it quickly cools down, converts to liquid, and drips back into the pot. This technique retains more moisture for juicy and tender meals.
Ice on a Staub Dutch oven lid to convert steam into liquid
Ice on a Staub Dutch oven lid to convert steam into liquid
  • You can buy Dutch ovens shaped like vegetables and lid knobs shaped like animals.
  • The interiors are black, which makes stains less visible.
Staub Dutch oven interior
Staub Dutch oven interior

Overall, Staub is one of the best French-made cookware brands. And, based on my testing, it performs as well (in some cases better) than Le Creuset. Learn more in my in-depth comparison of these two iconic brands.

Staub Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeMerville, France
Cookware TypesEnameled cast iron, ceramic bakeware
Oven Safe Temperature500°F
Dishwasher SafeYes, but hand washing is recommended.
Induction-Compatible CookwareYes
Price$$$$ (Amazon, Zwilling.com)
Unique FeatureFlat self-basting lids


Mauviel is named after its founder, Ernest Mauviel. It began in 1830 in Villedieu-les-Poêles, a village in Normandy, France. The region is called “the city of copper” because artisans have been making copper products there for over 800 years.

Mauviel Copper Saucepan
Mauviel Copper Saucepan

While Mauviel makes a variety of cookware, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and non-stick, it’s best known for its striking copper pots and pans.

Mauviel uses high-quality copper with an interior stainless steel (or tin) cooking surface. Most pans are 90% copper and 10% steel or tin.

These interior materials are necessary because copper is highly reactive, meaning acidic foods like tomatoes and vinegar will cause tiny metal particles to leach into the food.

All Mauviel cookware is made in France. Although pricey, it will last for years, and the copper exteriors provide exceptional heat conduction and responsiveness.

However, copper cookware requires a lot of upkeep to maintain its appearance, including polishing. Learn more in this guide that breaks down the pros and cons of copper cookware.

Mauviel Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeVilledieu-les-Poêles, France
Cookware TypesCopper/stainless, stainless clad, non-stick, and black carbon steel
Oven Safe Temperature572°F-680°F
Dishwasher SafeNo
Induction-Compatible CookwareYes, but only the stainless steel cookware. You’ll need a Mauviel cooktop induction disc for the copper cookware.
Price$$$$$ (Amazon)
Unique FeaturePolished copper exterior that responds quickly to heat

Made In

Made In was founded in 2017 by Jake Kalick and Chip Malt, long-time friends who are passionate about cookware and cooking.

Made In copper cookware made in France
Made In copper

Although still relatively new, Made In has quickly become one of the most popular cookware brands, thanks to its well-designed products and partnerships with pro chefs. In fact, several Michelin-star restaurants, including Alinea in Chicago, equip their kitchens with this brand.

Made In doesn’t own any factories. Instead, they partner with multi-generational, family-owned manufacturers specializing in each product line.

For example, its copper, carbon steel, enameled cast iron, and kitchen knives are made in France. But its stainless steel and non-stick cookware collections are made in the United States and Italy.

Here’s what sets Made In’s French-made cookware apart from other brands:

  • Copper: Made In’s copper cookware features a striking polished copper exterior and a durable steel interior. Like Mauviel, copper is 90% of each pan, while the steel interior is 10%. I’ve been using the copper saucier for several years, and its performance and elegance are second to none. Plus, it’s oven-safe up to 800°F.
Made In Copper Saucier
Made In Copper Cookware
  • Carbon Steel: Made In offers carbon steel skillets, griddles, pizza steel, woks, paella, and roasting pans. These pieces are ultra-durable and versatile. They can withstand high temperatures (up to 1200°F), much higher than de Buyer Mineral B carbon steel (500°F) and Matfer Bourgeat (752°F).
Made In Carbon Steel Pan with wood background
Made In carbon steel
  • Enameled Cast Iron: At 13.69 lb, Made In’s 5.5-qt. round Dutch oven is heavier than Le Creuset (11.25 lb) and Staub (12.57 lb). The extra weight and thickness make it more challenging to maneuver but also improve its heat retention. The lids are rounded but feature self-basting dimples, similar to Staub. The best part — Made In enameled cast iron is significantly cheaper than Le Creuset.
Made In Dutch Oven
Made In Dutch Oven

Made In may not have the history of brands like Mauviel, Le Creuset, and Staub. But their French-made cookware looks, feels, and performs just as well (if not better). Plus, their cookware is less expensive because they sell primarily online and avoid retail markups.

Made In Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeFrance, United States, Italy
Cookware TypesStainless steel, non-stick, carbon steel, enameled cast iron, and copper
Oven Safe Temperature 500°F-1200°F
Dishwasher SafeOnly stainless steel cookware, but hand washing is still recommended.
Induction-Compatible CookwareYes (copper is not)
Price$$$-$$$$ (MadeInCookware.com)
Unique FeatureHigh-end design and construction at affordable prices

Matfer Bourgeat

Founded in 1814, Matfer Bourgeat is a family-owned French cookware brand. In addition to outfitting professional kitchens around the world, the company has a 30-year retail presence in the U.S. through its subsidiary Matfer Bourgeat USA.

Matfer Bourgeat Cookware
Matfer Bourgeat Cookware

The company manufactures kitchen tools, knives, appliances, and various cookware. You can choose from copper, black carbon steel, stainless steel, non-stick, cast iron, and enameled cast iron cookware. All cookware is made in France.

The company’s most popular cookware lines include the copper and black carbon steel collections:

  • Matfer Bourgeat copper cookware is made from high-quality copper and features a stainless steel interior. It’s luxury cookware with a price tag to match. I’ve been testing the 12-inch Matfer Bourgeat copper skillet for several months, and it’s thick, heavy, and heats evenly. The large cast iron handle adds even more weight. While I appreciate how sturdy it feels, don’t buy this cookware if you have weak wrists.
Matfer Bourgeat Copper Cookware
Matfer Bourgeat Copper Cookware
  • According to America’s Test Kitchen, Matfer Bourgeat makes the best carbon steel skillets. Carbon steel is an excellent alternative to Teflon-coated non-stick pans because the seasoning process (baking oil into the surface) creates a naturally slick surface that mimics Teflon without the chemicals. These pans are similar to de Buyer’s carbon steel collection, but the handles are welded, so you get a smooth cooking surface without rivets that collect grease and are challenging to clean.
Matfer Bourgeat Carbon Steel Cookware.jpg
Matfer Bourgeat Carbon Steel Cookware.jpg

Matfer Borgeat’s target customers are commercial kitchens and professional chefs; therefore, the brand is primarily sold at restaurant supply stores. You won’t find it at most retail stores, but you can buy it on Amazon.

Matfer Bourgeat Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeFrance
Cookware TypesCopper, black carbon steel, stainless steel, non-stick, ceramic non-stick, cast iron, and enameled cast iron
Oven Safe TemperatureNot disclosed
Dishwasher SafeNo
Induction-Compatible CookwareYes, Tradition Plus stainless steel, black carbon steel, cast iron, enameled cast iron, and Elite Pro non-stick cookware.
Price$$-$$$$$ (Amazon)
Unique FeatureThick copper exterior and heavy cast iron handles; welded handles for a smooth cooking surface

de Buyer

de Buyer began in 1830 in a small metal plant. By 1867, Alfred de Buyer purchased the plant. Throughout the years, the company has manufactured various products, from cookware to knives.

De Buyer MINERAL B Carbon Steel Fry Pan - 8” - Ideal for Searing, Sauteing & Reheating - Naturally Nonstick - Made in France

All cookware is made in the Vosges region in France, and many of the products are handmade, requiring skilled artisans and exemplary attention to detail.

Today, the brand makes carbon steel, copper, stainless clad, and non-stick pans. It also manufactures bakeware, kitchen tools, and accessories.

What sets de Buyer apart from other cookware brands is its copper cookware. Many cookware brands create copper pieces that are not suitable for induction cooking. de Buyer offers a choice of induction (Prima Matera collection) and non-induction (Inocuivre collection) copper cookware.

There’s some confusion in forums online about the oven safety of de Buyer carbon steel pans. Some customers claim they’re not oven-safe, while others say they are.

To get to the truth, I spoke directly with de Buyer. Here’s what they said:

Our pans with stainless steel handles, such as our Mineral B Pro pans, are oven safe. The non-Pro Mineral B pans are only for flash oven use, up to 400F for 10 minutes, because of the epoxy-coated handle that could be damaged at higher temperatures and for prolonged periods.

Of our Blue Carbon Steel line, the Access fry pan and wok are both completely oven safe, as well as the baking sheets and perforated outdoor fry pan with two handles. The rest of the Blue Carbon Steel line, including the crepe pan, perforated fry pan with one handle, and La Lyonnaise, is only safe for flash oven use, and that is also because off the epoxy coating on the handle.

The chart below makes it easy to understand the oven-safety guidelines for each de Buyer carbon steel pan:

Product LineItem Type/NameOven Safety Guidelines
Mineral B ProAll pans with stainless steel handlesCompletely oven safe
Non-Pro Mineral BAll pansFlash oven use only, up to 400°F for 10 minutes (due to epoxy handle)
Blue Carbon SteelAccess fry pan, wok, baking sheets, outdoor fry pan with two handlesCompletely oven safe
Blue Carbon SteelCrepe pan, perforated fry pan with one handle, La LyonnaiseFlash oven use only (due to epoxy coating on handle)

But despite the temperature constraints, Mineral B carbon steel skillets are de Buyer’s most popular pieces.

They’re thick, heavy, and has a long handle with a steep upward angle. This design ensures your hand stays far from the heat and prevents the handle from bumping into other pans on the stove (it rises above other pans).

If you’re looking for quality French-made cookware from a proven brand with a long history, de Buyer is an excellent option. The carbon steel and non-stick are the most affordable lines, while the clad stainless steel and copper options are pricier.

de Buyer Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeVosges, France
Cookware TypesCarbon steel, copper, stainless clad, and non-stick 
Oven Safe Temperature390°F – 500°F (Some options can only be in the oven for 10 minutes.)
Dishwasher SafeOnly stainless steel cookware is dishwasher safe, but hand washing is still recommended.
Induction-Compatible CookwareYes, except for the non-induction copper cookware (certain copper pans are induction-ready).
Price$$-$$$$ (Amazon)
Unique FeatureLong, high-angled handles


Cristel launched in 1987 and makes all its cookware in Burgundy, France. The company is accredited by the Origine France-Guarantee Label — a certification that speaks to the cookware’s French origin and strict quality standards.

CRISTEL, 18-10 Stainless Steel Set of 7 Piece Raspeberry handles, 3-Ply construction, Brushed Finish, Dishwasher oven safe, all hobs + induction, Mutine Satin collection, MADE IN France.

The brand makes stainless steel and non-stick cookware, knives, and kitchen accessories.

Cristel cookware has a unique design feature: removable handles. These handles easily clamp on and off to the sides of the cookware, so you can remove them and attach them in one second.

Advantages of removable handles:

  • The cookware is stackable.
  • The cookware is easier to clean.
  • You don’t have to worry about the height of your oven racks to accommodate handles.
  • You can replace them if they get damaged or lost.
  • The handles are interchangeable and come in many colors and materials.

In addition to its cookware with removable handles, Cristel also offers fully-clad stainless steel pans with long, riveted handles, flared pouring rims, and polished exteriors (for example, the Castel’Pro Ultraply collection).

If you’re looking for high-quality space-saving cookware made in France, Cristel is a great option.

Cristel Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeBurgundy, France
Cookware TypesStainless steel and non-stick
Oven Safe Temperature350°F
Dishwasher SafeYes, but hand washing is recommended.
Induction-Compatible CookwareYes
Price$$$-$$$$ (Amazon)
Unique FeatureRemovable handles with a choice of colors, materials, and lengths.


Fernand Sueur founded Chasseur in 1924. At first, the company manufactured sinks and fittings for sanitation fixtures. Today, the company makes enameled cast iron cookware in Donchery and Vivier-au-court in Ardennes, France — the same place it was founded.

CHASSEUR CH30121 PK Poir, 7.9 inches (20 cm), Pink

Chasseur offers a wide range of enameled cookware, including:

  • French cocottes (Dutch ovens)
  • Fry pans
  • Grill pans
  • Baking dishes
  • Casserole dishes
  • Specialty cookware like fondue dishes and woks

All Chasseur cookware is made using traditional methods. The cookware’s enamel is painted on by hand, which sets it apart from other French cookware makers who use spray enamel tools.

The cookware comes in red, black, or gray with glossy or matte exteriors.

The inside of the lid features circular ridges that collect moisture and distribute it evenly over the pot. This self-basting design is similar to Staub and Made In’s dimpled lids.

Unlike Le Creuset, which features light sand-colored interiors, all Chasseur interiors are black. The dark interior hides stains and discoloration but also makes it more difficult to monitor browning and fond development.

Like Cristel, Chasseur is certified as an Origine France Garantie manufacturer, which indicates the authenticity of its origin and speaks to its quality.

If you are looking for high-quality, durable, and stylish enameled cast iron cookware, consider Chasseur.

Chasseur Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeArdennes, France
Cookware TypesEnameled cast iron
Oven Safe Temperature 500°F
Dishwasher SafeYes, but hand washing is preferred (pieces with wood handles are not dishwasher-safe).
Induction-Compatible CookwareYes
Price$$$-$$$$ (Amazon)
Unique FeatureHand-painted enamel; self-basting ridges under the lid

Emile Henry

Emile Henry is a six-generation family-run business that has been making high-quality cookware since 1850. All products are made in Burgundy, France, employing the talents of skilled artisans who use a mix of technology and traditional handcrafting practices to create the cookware.

Emile Henry Made In France Flame Oval Stewpot Dutch Oven, 6.3 quart, Burgundy

Their products are known for their varied shapes, durability, heat retention, and slick and easy-to-clean surfaces. The cookware is made from a proprietary blend of clay fired at high temperatures, giving it strength and resistance to thermal shock. The cookware is finished with a lead- and cadmium-free glaze.

Emile Henry offers a wide variety of ceramic cookware. These clay-based braisers, Dutch ovens, and tagines come in several color options and have a matte or glossy finish.

The brand’s Dutch oven, called Sublime, functions like a cast iron Dutch oven, yet it’s lightweight due to its ceramic construction.

For example, the 6-quart Emile Henry Dutch oven weighs 7.5 pounds. The Le Creuset 5.5-quart Dutch oven weighs over 12 pounds, despite being a half quart smaller.

Emile Henry’s Dutch oven is also microwave-safe. Le Creuset, Made In, and Staub Dutch ovens cannot be used in the microwave.

If you’re looking for well-designed, colorful, and versatile French-made cookware, check out Emile Henry.

Emile Henry Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeBurgundy, France
Cookware TypesCeramic cookware and bakeware
Oven Safe Temperature500°F
Dishwasher SafeYes, but hand washing is recommended.
Induction-Compatible CookwareYes, with an induction disc.
Price$$$ (Amazon)
Unique FeatureLightweight; microwave-safe

Bottom Line: What Is the Best Cookware Made in France?

French cookware brands are known for their quality craftsmanship, longevity, and design — all brands in this guide check those boxes.

So how do you choose? Which brand is the best?

The truth is, there is no best French cookware brand; each has its pros and cons.

Le Creuset and Staub are leaders in enameled cast iron cookware, but both brands are pricey. Chasseur and Made In are less expensive (but high-performing) alternatives.

Mauviel, de Buyer, Made In, and Matfer Bourgeat are the best options for copper, which is one of the most popular cookware types in France since many French recipes require the superior heat control copper delivers. But copper is expensive, so expect to pay a high price for these brands.

Made In, de Buyer, and Matfer Bourgeat make the best carbon steel cookware in France. The handle design is the main difference between their pans.

Cristel stands out due to its removable handles, and Emile Henry specializes in ceramic cookware and bakeware.

If you’re still undecided, I highly recommend Made In. They don’t have the long history of the other brands in this guide, but they partner with multi-generational factories in France that do.

I’ve thoroughly tested Made In’s French-made carbon steel, copper, and enameled cast iron cookware, and it performs as well (or better) than many of the more renowned (and more expensive) brands in this guide.

Read the following reviews to learn more about Made In, or check it out on MadeInCookware.com.

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