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In this section, you’ll find well-researched and easy-to-follow articles about how to keep your home running smoothly. You’ll also find in-depth and unbiased reviews of the best products to help you around the house.

3 Day Blinds Review

3 Day Blinds Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Blinds, shades, and other window treatments play a major role in the function and decor of your home. If you know exactly what you’re looking...
How much does a washing machine and dryer weigh

Average Washing Machine and Dryer Weight (With 40 Examples)

Washing machines and dryers are big, clunky, and extremely heavy. If you’re in the market for new appliances or you’re preparing for a big move,...
How to make your shower floor less slippery

How to Make a Shower Floor Less Slippery: 4 Simple Methods

The combination of moisture, soap, shampoo, and smooth surfaces make your shower floor one of the most slippery and dangerous places in your home....
how much do cast iron bathtubs weigh

Average Cast Iron Bathtub Weight (With 15 Examples)

Cast iron bathtubs have been installed in homes since the late 19th century and they're still extremely popular today due to their durability, ability...

Blinds vs. Shades: Which Window Covering Is Right for Your Home?

If you just bought a new home or you’re thinking about upgrading window coverings in your current home, you might be wondering which type...
HomeAdvisor vs. Angie's List

HomeAdvisor vs. Angie’s List: Differences, Similarities, Pros, and Cons

HomeAdvisor and Angie's List are two of the most well-established digital home service marketplaces out there. In the last decade, millions of homeowners have...
tankless water heater pros and cons

Tankless Water Heaters: 7 Pros and 6 Cons You Need to Know

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand or instant water heaters, have many advantages over traditional tank-style water heaters and can be an excellent...
how long do hot water heaters last

How Long Do Hot Water Heaters Last? (and How to Extend Their Life)

If you notice that the water in your shower is not as warm as usual or you’re planning ahead for major household expenses, you...
Ryobi vs. Milwaukee

Ryobi vs. Milwaukee Cordless Drills: What Are Their Differences?

Are you in the market for a new cordless drill and trying to decide between Ryobi and Milwaukee? In this article, I provide a thorough...
Milwaukee vs. DeWalt

Milwaukee vs. DeWalt: How Do Their Cordless Drills and Combo Kits Compare?

Milwaukee and DeWalt are two of the top power tool brands on the market. Both make professional grade tools that have the durability and...
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