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Lowe’s vs. Pella Store: Where Should You Buy Pella Windows?

You know you want Pella windows, but you aren’t sure where to buy them. If that’s your dilemma, you’re in the right place.

The question is:

Should you purchase directly from Pella or at Lowe’s home improvement store?

In this comparison, you’ll learn the pros and cons of both options.

You’ll also find out what each store provides in terms of product offerings and displays, consultation experiences, pickup and delivery, warranty, price, and more.

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Buying Pella Windows at Lowe’s vs. Pella Stores: Comparison Chart

In the following chart, you’ll see a quick comparison of what you can expect when buying Pella windows from the Pella store vs. Lowe’s.

Pella StoreLowe’s
ProductsAll Pella productsA wide range of Pella products
In-Store StockNone (you need to place an order)You can buy in-store
ShowroomsApprox. 200Approx. 2,200
Virtual ConsultationsYesNo
Pick Up OptionsYes (limited)Yes
Delivery OptionsYes (limited)Yes
InstallationYes (limited)Yes
WarrantyLimited (for wood) Limited Lifetime (for fiberglass and vinyl)Limited (for wood) Limited Lifetime (for fiberglass and vinyl)
PriceVaries by Pella storePricing is the same at all Lowe’s stores

Product Offerings

Pella features a wide selection of windows in multiple styles. The brand manufactures wood, fiberglass, and vinyl windows.

While Lowe’s offers a range of Pella windows and other products, the home improvement store doesn’t carry everything. For example, Pella’s higher-end window series, Reserve, is only available at Pella stores.

Pella Windows Reserve Series
Pella Windows Reserve Series

Lowe’s might not have new, custom, or specialty items in-store. Also, since Lowe’s project specialists are not Pella experts, they may not be the best resource to guide your purchase or offer product recommendations.

In short, a Pella showroom is the best place to see what the brand offers, and if you want to get all of Pella’s products, including any new offerings, go through Pella directly.

Here’s a quick rundown of the window types you can explore at Pella stores:

  • Awning — Hinged windows that open from the bottom and tilt outward. They are perfect for extra ventilation.
  • Bay and Bow — A combination of windows that form an outward curve not flush with the walls of a home. These are usually decorative and allow for window seats or display space.
  • Casement — Windows that are hinged on one side and swing outward. They are similar to an awning window but vertical.
  • Custom — Pella offers custom designs if you have a uniquely-shaped space or creative idea for a window.
  • Double-Hung — Windows that can slide open vertically from the top and bottom. They also tilt forward for easier cleaning.
  • Picture — A fixed window frame that does not open but provides extra light.
  • Single-Hung — Windows with a pane that slides upward vertically from the bottom.
  • Sliding — Windows that slide open horizontally on one side.
  • Specialty — Windows that offer special features like swinging outward, tilting, or a pull-down design.


Many Lowe’s locations have a small Pella showroom featuring the most popular items. However, the experience isn’t as robust as a Pella Store showroom. Plus, not all Lowe’s stores have an in-store Pella showroom. Be sure to call ahead and ask before visiting.

Pella only has 200 showrooms in the United States. Lowe’s has 2,200 locations.

If you have a Pella showroom near you, know that every store is independently owned and managed. You’ll experience different displays and featured items in each store.

While you can look at Pella windows at Lowe’s, Pella showrooms have demonstrations so you can get a real-world feel of how your window will look and operate.

Find a Pella showroom near you or a Lowe’s store location with a mini Pella showroom.

Lowes Store
Lowe’s Store


If you can’t visit a store, Pella offers both in-home and virtual consultations. Pella home consultations are free. You’ll spend 90 minutes with a Pella expert who will discuss your needs and match them to Pella options.

Pella windows consultation options
Pella windows consultation options. Screenshot from Pella.com.

The consultant will measure your windows, provide a quote, and tell you what to expect when the installer comes to your home.

If you can only do a virtual consultation, you’ll experience the same services offered in an in-home visit, except you’ll have to provide measurements, or they will send a team member later.

Lowe’s invites you to schedule an in-home consultation, but the company does not offer virtual meetings. However, if you’re confident with your measurements, you can skip the consultation and place an order in a Lowe’s store.

If you opt for an in-home consultation with a Lowe’s project specialist, keep in mind that the consultant may not have as much Pella product knowledge because they offer several brands, such as Jeld-Wen, Reliabilt, and United.

Pick Up Options

If you order your windows from Pella, you can have them ship to a local Pella store for free pickup. However, the store must have a warehouse to accept online shipments. Some stores are just showrooms (without a warehouse attached).

For example, the closest Pella store to me is only 20 minutes away, but that store doesn’t accept online shipments. If I wanted free pickup, I would have to drive 45 minutes to the closest store that has a warehouse.

If you order from Lowe’s, you can pick up your windows at any Lowe’s store.

Delivery Options

You can get your windows delivered to your home through Pella or Lowe’s in most instances, but there will be a delivery fee.

If you go through Lowe’s, you can get truck delivery for $79 (subject to change) within 75 miles of any Lowe’s store. But if you are not within the delivery radius, you’ll have to pick up your purchase from a Lowe’s store.

Pella’s shipping fees vary by distance and the order size but are usually around $100 to $200.


Both Pella and Lowe’s have installation teams.

Pella’s installation teams operate through individual Pella retailers. Your Pella representative will schedule your installation when you order from a Pella store.

However, if you order online through Pella, you’ll need to hire a third-party installer to complete your project. You can find a list of Pella Certified Installers near you on Pella.com.

Lowe’s works with professional and independent installers that are insured, background-checked, and licensed (where applicable).


Pella offers the same warranties on its wood, vinyl, and fiberglass windows, whether you buy directly from Pella or at Lowe’s.

Pella wood, vinyl, and fiberglass windows have a limited lifetime warranty. Pella covers some parts and materials for a set amount of time.

You can access all warranties here.


The price will vary based on what you purchase, where you purchase it (Pella or Lowe’s), and who installs it. In most instances, Lowe’s is more affordable than purchasing directly from Pella or another third-party retailer.

While both companies provide free delivery and installation and trade-outs on select Pella products, there are significant differences in the rates they charge.

Every Pella store is individually owned and operated, so each will have different pricing and installation costs. But Lowe’s is more streamlined and unified in pricing.

It costs you nothing to get a quote, so reach out to Lowe’s and Pella to see which option is better for your budget. Make sure the quote includes installation and delivery costs.

What Pella Says About Where to Buy

I reached out to Pella to get their opinion about where to buy Pella windows. When I spoke to the representative, I asked:

What’s the difference between buying Pella windows at Lowe’s vs. a Pella store?

She said, “Pella store offers services such as installation, and our higher-end series, Reserve, is only available at Pella stores.”

When I asked about the different options at each store, she said, “Lowe’s purchases from Pella and then stocks their store, so you can purchase in-store. If you go to a Pella store, you need to order the windows — you can’t walk out with them that day.”

I asked about pricing, and she said, “Pricing varies. Most Lowe’s stores have the same prices, but Pella stores are individually owned, so they set their own prices.”

FAQs About Pella

Here are answers to some of the top questions about Pella windows.

How long will it take to receive my Pella windows?

All products are made to order based on your specific measurements and requests. When you order online, it can take 2-6 weeks before you get a call to schedule a delivery or arrange a pickup of your new windows.

If you’re replacing windows and order them during a home consultation, it can take 6-8 weeks to receive them.

Installation usually takes one day but can take longer depending on the project.

Lowe’s has Pella windows in stock, so you can walk out with them that day if they have what you need.

What type of Pella windows are available?

Pella offers casement, awning, double-hung, single-hung, sliding, picture, bay and bow, custom, and specialty windows. The brand also keeps an inventory of stock windows ready to ship immediately.

Can I install Pella windows myself?

Yes, you can install them yourself, and Pella provides online how-to window installation guides to help.

Are Pella windows Energy Star rated?

Yes, Pella windows are Energy Star rated. They also feature three Most Efficient Energy Star-rated collections: Architect Series, Lifestyle Series, and 250 Series. These collections reduce utility costs, keep your home comfortable in any season, and are eco-friendly.

Are Pella windows made in the USA?

Yes, the company is based in Pella, Iowa, and has 17 manufacturing locations across the United States.

Do Pella windows come with screens?

Screens do not come standard with Pella windows. You can add them for a fee.

Can you paint Pella windows?

It depends on the type of windows. Vinyl windows will not hold paint and will eventually crack and peel. You can paint the wood and fiberglass windows, but fiberglass requires latex primer and specialized fiberglass paint and finish.

Do Pella windows ever go on sale?

No, but we check the prices regularly (along with dozens of other brands) and will email you when they go on sale. To be notified, sign up for our newsletter.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Pella Windows at Lowe’s or Direct From Pella?

Before I give you my recommendation on where to buy Pella windows, let’s recap the main points:

  • Pella stores provide access to the entire window inventory, while Lowe’s only has a partial offering.
  • Both offer showrooms, but Pella stores allow you to see demonstrations of how the windows work. The downside is there are only 200 locations compared to Lowe’s 2,200 stores.
  • Only Pella offers in-home and virtual consultations. Lowe’s only offers in-home consultations.
  • Lowe’s offers more flexible pickup options for online orders than Pella. You can choose your nearest Lowe’s store for pickup, but Pella online order pickup locations are limited.
  • Both deliver windows for a fee, but if you are outside their delivery areas, you’ll have to pick up your windows.
  • Pella and Lowe’s have installation teams, but if you order from Pella online, you will have to hire an independent installer.
  • The Pella warranty is guaranteed whether you buy direct from Pella or Lowe’s.
  • Lowe’s offers more affordable pricing than Pella, but since both stores offer free quotes, it makes sense to get pricing from both places.

Bottom line — new windows are a major investment, and each project is unique. If you need new windows for your entire house, it’s worth the time to visit both Pella and Lowe’s to compare actual costs for your project. If you just need a replacement window right now, head over the Lowe’s and see if the window you need is in stock.

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