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3 Day Blinds Review: Is It Worth the High Price?

Blinds, shades, and other window treatments play a significant role in the function and decor of your home.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can find plenty of options at your local home improvement store, showroom, or online.

But, if you’re redecorating your entire home and unsure which type and style of window treatments to choose, a company like 3 Day Blinds can provide the options and expert advice you need.

In this in-depth review of 3 Day Blinds, you’ll learn:

  • What makes 3 Day Blinds so special
  • How their process is different than buying from a store
  • The advantages and disadvantages
  • What their customers say about their experience

By the end, you’ll have all the facts and knowledge necessary to decide if buying window treatments from 3 Day Blinds is the best option—or if you’re better off buying from your local home improvement store or showroom.

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3 Day Blinds Review: Key Takeaways

If you’re short on time, here are the key takeaways from this in-depth 3 Day Blinds review.

What Is 3 Day Blinds? 3 Day Blinds has been a major player in custom window treatments since 1978, serving over 5000 cities in 24 states. The company offers a wide range of products, including blinds, curtains, shutters, and shades, and they’re known for manufacturing most custom treatments within three business days.

How Does the Process Work? The process begins with a free in-home design consultation with an expert designer who brings a mini-showroom (a binder of swatches and patterns) to your home and walks you through the options. Once you select the window treatments, they’ll measure your windows and provide a quote. If you proceed with the proposal, the products will be manufactured within three business days, but it may take weeks to schedule an installation appointment.

What Makes 3 Day Blinds Special?: Their standout features include a broad array of customizable window treatment options, expert design advice during a free in-home consultation, a simple and easy buying process, a strong commitment to child safety, and an extensive warranty covering cords, ladders, finishes, shutter components, installation, and more.

What Are the Downsides?: The two main downsides of 3 Day Blinds are its cost and speed. Firstly, 3 Day Blinds is not the cheapest option, reflecting the premium nature of their service. Secondly, while they streamline the process of shopping, buying, and installing, it isn’t the fastest option for immediate needs. The process includes scheduling an in-home appointment, waiting for the designer, manufacturing the blinds, and installing, which can take at least a week​​.

What Are Others Saying? Customer experiences with 3 Day Blinds vary. Many reviews praise the quality of the consultation process, the final product, and the installation experience. However, some customers have reported dissatisfaction with the design consultation, describing it as pushy, rude, and unprofessional. There are also instances of incorrect measurements being taken by designers, leading to significant delays and frustration. ​​

Bottom Line: Is 3 Day Blinds Right for You? 3 Day Blinds is an excellent choice if you seek comprehensive design advice, customization, and convenience and are willing to invest in a premium service. It’s less suitable if you have fewer windows to cover, a tight budget, or a need for immediate installation.

What Is 3 Day Blinds?

3 Day Blinds has been providing premium window treatments to customers in 24 states and over 5,000 cities in the U.S. since 1978.

The name 3 Day Blinds comes from their expedient service; they manufacture most custom window treatments in just 3 business days.

Their company slogan is: “We Design, We Measure, We Install, You Relax.”

3 Day Blinds Slogan
3 Day Blinds Slogan

While it’s easy to understand why they highlight their unmatched convenience in their branding, it can also be deceiving since they offer so much more than just blinds. Their options also include curtains, shutters, drapes, and shades.

3 Day Blinds provides a high-touch, white-glove service from start to finish. Instead of visiting a local showroom or browsing their selections online, their design experts come to your house, present dozens of options, provide recommendations, measure, and help you schedule the professional installation.

Their ultimate goal is to make the process of shopping, buying, and installing window treatments as convenient, easy, and stress-free as possible.

The company’s website happily displays the fact that 9 out of 10 customers are satisfied with their services. This rating is an impressive accolade when you consider the company has sold over 50 million blinds, shades, and shutters in the 40 years since they launched.

The company is so confident in their products and services that they offer a limited lifetime warranty on both their products and installation services.

Besides delivering a quality product and a convenient shopping experience, 3 Day Blinds is committed to child safety. All their products are 100% compliant with the voluntary American National Standards Institute child safety standards.

Learn more about who they are, how they work, and what you can expect throughout the process in this quick video.

How Does the Process Work?

Although it may not be explicitly stated on their website, the core mission of 3 Day Blinds is to make the process of buying window treatments extremely convenient—and that’s exactly what they do.

So, how does it work?

Step 1: In-Home Design Consultation

The first step is the longest, but most enjoyable part of the process—the FREE in-home consultation with an expert designer.

3 Day Blind employs more than 250 highly-trained design consultants that are located across 24 states (check availability here). 

Their local presence is important because it enables them to understand the particular styles of the region they service and helps to provide the most personalized service. 

On average, 3 Day Blind consultants have over 10 years of design and decor experience. You can learn more about each consultant’s experience at 3DayBlinds.com.

To schedule your appointment, fill out this form.

On the day of your appointment, an expertly trained designer will arrive at your home to help you make the best decision. Along with their expertise, they will also bring a miniature showroom.

The mini-showroom is a set of every swatch and blind system they offer for you to see, hold, and feel.

3 Day Blinds Swatches
3 Day Blinds Swatches

The swatches aren’t simply binders full of patterns; they have reams and reams of the materials in the exact colors and patterns they use to make the products.

Having the showroom and a designer in your home when picking out your window treatments allows you to get helpful feedback and see your potential blind, curtain, shade, drape, or shutter in the room it will be installed.

3 Day Blinds Consultation Packet
3 Day Blinds Consultation Packet

Many companies now offer virtual showrooms that allow you to visualize what the window treatments will look like in your home through a mobile phone or tablet, but nothing compares to seeing the product exactly where it will be.

Is this “design consultation” just a sales pitch in disguise?

While providing design advice certainly moves you closer to buying, these consultants are not pushy salesmen. Based on several customer reviews, this part of the process is low pressure, enjoyable, and designed to remove stress, not create it.

By the way, the consultation is completely free, and you are not obligated to buy anything. If you feel any pressure whatsoever, you can tell the consultant to get lost and take your business elsewhere.

Step 2: Measurements

After you decide on the perfect window treatments for each room, the design consultant will measure each window.

Once they have the measurements and know what you want, they will give you a quote that same day. You don’t have to wait around wondering what the cost will be and how to compare it to other options.

If you’re buying blinds from most stores, it’s your responsibility to measure your windows and ensure you order the right sizes. If you mess it up, they typically won’t give you a refund.

With 3 Day Blinds, if the measurements are wrong (which happens very rarely), it’s their responsibility.

Step 3: Manufacturing

After you pick out products and confirm the order, your window treatments will be manufactured by 3 Day Blinds. In most cases, this step takes only 3 business days, hence the name 3 Day Blinds.

They manufacture about 80% of their blinds in their facilities and order the other 20% from other manufacturers.

Step 4: Installation

Finally, an experienced installer will make an appointment to install your new window treatments.

If you’re handy and want to save a little money, you have the option to complete the installation yourself and 3 Day Blinds provides tips and resources on how to do so.

However, if you decide to spring for the professional installation (I highly recommend it), their warranty protects you against faulty installation.

Also, if you opt for the professional installation and ever need repairs, 3 Day Blinds will take the blinds, fix them, and re-install them for free.

What Makes 3 Day Blinds Special?

There are several companies out there specializing in window treatments—Blinds.com, Blinds To Go, Just Blinds, American Blinds—not to mention local showrooms.

living room with window treatments

With so many options, why should you choose 3 Day Blinds? What makes them different?

3 Day Blinds offers more choices (including custom treatments), advice from expert designers (that come to your house for free with no obligation to buy), and a seamless and straightforward process.

On top of that, they are dedicated to child safety and guarantee their quality with a generous warranty.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.


The first thing that makes 3 Days Blinds stand out is the abundance of options they offer.

The choices aren’t limited to colors, styles, and sizes; every window treatment they offer can be completely customized.

That means you can pick how they operate (automatic/manual), the type of fabric, the headrail styles, the slat styles, inside/outside mount, the control side (right or left), transparency, and much more.

Here’s a quick sample of the different types of window treatments they offer:

Blinds: Wood, Faux Wood, Vertical, Mini, Vinyl, Cellular.

3 Day Blinds Product Options
3 Day Blinds Choices for Blinds

Shades: Cellular, Roller, Soft Roman, Horizontal Sheer, Roman, Woven Wood, Pleated, Solar.

3 Day Blinds Product Options
3 Day Blinds Choices for Shades

They also offer custom shutters, drapes, and curtains.

See all their options on their website.

Expert Design Advice

3 Day Blinds understands window treatments are a significant investment and one that most homeowners wish to make only once—so it’s essential to get it right.

Unless you have a background in design, it’s difficult to look online or in a showroom and be able to visualize precisely how particular treatments will look and feel in your home.

Because of that, they offer a completely free in-home design consultation by one of their 250 expert designers.

As I mentioned in the previous section, all you have to do is fill out this quick form. The designer comes to your home, gets a sense of your style and preferences, and provide samples to spark ideas.

During the consultation, you’ll be able to view and feel various textures, materials, and colors before deciding which option is best for you home. Or, if you don’t like any of the options, there’s no obligation to buy.

Simple and Easy Process                 

If you’re the type of person that dreads the thought of shopping and installing window treatments, 3 Day Blinds is the perfect option for you.

From start to finish, 3 Day Blinds makes the process simple and easy.

Like I mentioned before, their company slogan is “We Design, We Measure, We Install, You Relax.” and they live up to it.

Your only responsibility in the entire process is to schedule the design consultation and decide which window treatments you want (with the help and guidance of the expert).

After you place your order, they will schedule the installation at a convenient time, and a professional installer will do all the heavy lifting.

The headache that comes with going to a store, figuring out what to buy on your own, measuring, and installing (or hiring a handyman) is completely gone.

The process is designed to help busy people like you that have more important things to worry about.

Child Safety

When most people think about window treatments, one of the last things they think about is child safety. But, that’s a major oversight.

According to NationwideChildrens.org, two children in the U.S. are taken to the emergency room for window treatment-related injuries every day. In most cases, children get entangled with the cord used to raise and lower blinds. This can cause severe injuries and even death if it wraps around a child’s neck.

Terrifying stuff.

The good news is that 3 Day Blinds is dedicated to child safety.

They partner with the Window Coverings Safety Council, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Window Covering Manufacturers Association, to ensure their products are held to the highest safety standards.

All their blinds and shades are 100% compliant with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety standards.

3 Day Blind recommends cordless window treatments in children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

They also provide FREE blinds and shade retrofits, which modify existing cords to reduce the chances of an accident.


Lastly, their warranty.

They not only provide quality products, but they give you the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, you’re covered.

Most stores and manufactures will provide some sort of warranty, but most are not as forgiving as 3 Day Blinds.

They cover operating mechanisms for a lifetime, cords and ladders for 7 years, fabrics and motors for 5 years, and manufacturing or shipping defects for 30 days. They also cover installation for up to 1 year.

To learn more about what makes 3 Day Blinds so special, check out this quick video.

What Are the Downsides?

So far, I’ve been singing the praises of 3 Day Blinds. But what’s the catch?

There are two main downsides that you need to be aware of before deciding whether 3 Day Blinds is right for you—cost and speed.


There’s no doubt about it, 3 Day Blinds is not the cheapest option.

If you’re looking for a blind for one window and you know what you want, you’re much better off going to your local Home Depot, WalMart, or browsing Amazon. You’ll find what you need for cheap.

With 3 Day Blinds, you’re not just paying for the product, your paying for a premium service.

The customer service, expert designers, and professional installers all provide value, but they also drive up the cost.

So, how much does it cost?

The cost entirely depends on the number of treatments, type of treatment, size of windows, etc. It can range from hundreds of dollars to several thousand.

Fortunately, when you do the in-home consultation and they take measurements, you’ll get a quote on the spot. If you don’t like the price, there’s no obligation to buy.

If the price is right, but you don’t have the cash on hand, 3 Day Blinds offers no-interest financing if you qualify.


Wait a minute, didn’t I tell you that 3 Day Blinds is all about convenience and saving you time?

Yes, they indeed reduce the time it takes to shop, buy, and install, BUT, if you need blinds right now, 3 Day Blinds is not the fastest way to buy.

You have to schedule an in-home appointment, wait a couple of days (at least) for the designer to come out, wait for the blinds to be made, and wait for the installation.

There’s not much work for you to do but, from start to finish, it takes at least a week.

Many homes have standard windows making it simple to run into a store and grab what you need. Going through the process with 3 Day Blinds to purchase white blinds that you could buy at Walmart is impractical.

What Are Others Saying?

There are thousands of reviews of 3 Day Blinds out there, most of them are great, some of them are so-so, and others are down-right horrible.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the ratings for 3 Day Blinds across several sites where customers can leave reviews.

Consumer Affairs: Over 1900 customer reviews with an average of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Better Business Bureau: A+ BBB Rating (this is good). However, there were 315 complaints in the last 3 years. The breakdown of those complaints is Problem with a Product or Service (216), Delivery Issues (56), Warranty (26), Billing (6), Advertising/Sales (11).

Trust Pilot: Over 11,000 reviews with an average of 4 stars out of 5.

3 Day Blinds: After installation, 3 Day Blinds surveys all customers, and 96% of them give the overall experience 4 out of 5 stars. They also have over 38,000 reviews on their site, and you can sort those reviews by zip code, product, and star rating.

To make sense of all the differing opinions and experiences, I’ve read through nearly every review and pulled out some common themes.

The Good

As I mentioned, the vast majority of 3 Day Blinds reviews are very positive.

The most common theme from the positive reviews is that customers love the in-home consultation. The designers are professional, knowledgeable, and help customers get to the right decision in the end.

The second most common theme is regarding the products themselves. Almost every customer that writes positive review comments on how thrilled they are with the end product—and that’s the most important thing.

Lastly, customers are delighted with the installation process. It’s smooth, quick, and very low stress. 

The Bad (or So-So)

Although the 2 and 3-star reviews make up a much smaller percentage than the 4 and 5-star reviews, these are the common complaints from the partially satisfied customers.

Several customers complain that the mechanisms are faulty, or the blinds get stuck occasionally.

If you read reviews of 3 Day Blinds competitors such as Blinds.com, you’ll see similar complaints. Faulty operation is a pretty common issue across all window treatment brands.

The good news–if your issue is due to faulty product or installation, it’s covered under their warranty.

Other customers complain that the average quality and durability of the products don’t justify the higher cost.

Sure, you can buy comparable products for less, but 3 Day Blinds helps you find the perfect style and design, makes them custom for you home and installs them for you. The higher cost is primarily due to the premium service they provide.

The Ugly

Like any company that serves millions of customers, a tiny percentage of 3 Day Blinds reviews are downright ugly.

Here are some common themes I discovered while reading the 1 and 2-star reviews.

The most common negative complaint is inadequate service.

Some customers claim that the design consultant never shows up, fails to return calls, and is difficult to contact to reschedule.

Others complain that the designer took the wrong measurements causing significant delays. This customer suggests that they change their name to 30 Day Blinds (lol). 

Besides that, some customers are incredibly dissatisfied with the whole design consultation process.

Pushy, rude, and unprofessional are some of the adjectives that customers use to describe their experience with the designers.

I find this quite ironic because the in-home consult is also one of 3 Day Blinds’ greatest benefits and the step that 5-star reviewers rave about the most.

When you’re employing over 250 designers across the country, there’s going to be a few bad eggs. But, keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of customers are delighted with this part of the process.

Despite the claims that 3 Day Blinds lacks customer service and is unresponsive, they respond to almost every single review, positive or negative, posted across all the sites I listed above.

Their responses are prompt, empathetic, and make a real attempt at resolving any issue—quite the opposite level of service that these negative reviews claim.

With all that said, there is always room for improvement. 3 Day Blinds is committed to continuous improvement, and part of that process is surveying every customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re strongly considering 3 Day Blinds for your home, you probably have the same questions that most prospective customers do.

Instead of wasting your time scouring their website or talking to them on the phone, I’ve compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about 3 Day Blinds right here.

Is 3 Day Blinds available in my area?

3 Day Blinds services over 5,700 cities and 24 states in the U.S.

Below is the complete list of the states where 3 Day Blinds is available. Visit this page on 3DayBlinds.com to see the specific cities that each design consultant services.

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

Who are the design consultants in my area?

You can view the bios of the design consultants in your area on the 3 Day Blinds website.

Here’s an example:

Does 3 Day Blinds have stores/showrooms?

3 Day Blinds does not have any physical stores or showroom locations. Instead, their design consultants bring the showroom directly to your home.

If you live in any of the regions listed above, you can set up a free no-obligation design consultation today by filling out this form.

How much does 3 Day Blinds cost?

3 Day Blinds doesn’t disclose their prices because their products are custom made for your home. The costs depend on the quantity, size, and style of the window treatments you choose.

When the design consultant comes to your home, and you decide what you want, they will give you a free quote on the spot.

What company owns 3 Day Blinds?

3 Day Blinds started in 1978 as a private company headquartered in Irvine, California. However, Hunter Douglas, one of the leading window coverings makers in the world, acquired 3 Day Blinds in 2019.

Why is it called 3 Day Blinds?

Other custom window treatment companies take weeks to deliver your blinds, but 3 Day Blinds can manufacture and deliver your blinds in just 3 days (in most cases).

How do I schedule a free in-home design consultation?

Scheduling a free in-home design consultation is simple and easy, fill out this form and they will call you to schedule the appointment. The call should only take a few minutes.

How does their financing program work?

You can apply for a no-interest payment plan on 3DayBlinds.com, or you can do it during your free in-home design consultation. They work with a company called GreenSky; you can learn more about the program here.

Bottom Line: Is 3 Day Blinds Right for You?

Should you buy your window treatments from 3 Day Blinds? That’s the question you came here to figure out.

Unfortunately, there is no right answer for everyone; it completely depends on your situation.

3 Day Blinds is an excellent option for you if…

  • You’re redesigning your entire home or a large room with several windows.
  • You could benefit from design advice from an expert that’s been specializing in decor for an average of 10 years.
  • You want to customize the look of your home completely and need to see a ton of options.
  • You don’t have time to visit stores and showrooms.
  • You need to see the product in your home to visualize how it will look.
  • You don’t have the time or expertise to install window treatments on your own.

If that sounds like you, schedule a free design consultation today by filling out this form.

You have nothing to lose besides an hour of your time (for the consultation), and if you’re not happy with their recommendations or their quote is too high, you can take your business elsewhere with no fuss.

3 Day Blinds is NOT an excellent option for you if…

  • Need blinds or shades for just a couple of windows.
  • You know what type and style you want.
  • You’re on a tight budget.
  • You want to install your window treatments right now and can’t wait a few days.
  • You don’t live in any of the regions they serve.

If that sounds more like you, there are plenty of other options, including Amazon, where you can find dozens of blinds and shades. If you’re a Prime member, you could probably get window treatments from Amazon faster than 3 days.

Tell Us About Your Experience Buying Window Treatments

Have you ever done business with 3 Day Blinds? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “3 Day Blinds Review: Is It Worth the High Price?”

  1. Placed a simple order on 8/13/22. It has been 24 days since then. Definitely too expensive for 6 roller shades and 1 cornice. Both the salesgirl who came to my house and customer service has promised delivery on September 2nd. That did not happen and XPO, the un-reliable trucker can’t even find my tracking number which shows up on 3 Day Blinds website as being shipped on 8/22/22. Asked my salesgirl, Jodelle Fast, Tampa Florida for the phone number of management and she has not gotten back to me yet. She also knew we are travelling in September and wanted the blinds installed before we leave.

  2. Well Andrew, I wish I had your enthusiasm for this company. From the moment the saleswoman entered my home they screwed up. I am now left with poorly made, poorly designed, broken blinds. When they said they would send someone to my house to fix it, they tried to upsell me. They look horrible. I can send you photos of the broken blinds they hung. the customer service was non existent and it took months and thousands of dollars. never again! run!

    • Yikes! I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Can you provide more details about what specifically they messed up? Was the order wrong, or were you just not happy with the end product?

  3. Stay away from 3 day blinds! Buy local instead. It took 4 months from start to finish. The design consultant incorrectly measured 4 out of 7 windows. When they found out, they didn’t seem surprised-like it happens all the time. Design consultant did not return calls. Everything comes out of California.
    Most of all, way over priced. They take your money before the job is completed.

    • Hi Carol – Great question. Yes, 3 Day Blinds does custom plantation shutters. Here’s an article on their website with more information on their plantation shutters.

      If you want to learn more, you can get in touch with a 3 Day Blinds expert by calling them at 888-511-6616.

      Good luck!


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