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3 Day Blinds vs. Costco: Where Should You Buy Custom Blinds and Shades?

Are you shopping for custom blinds or shades but aren’t sure if you should buy through 3 Day Blinds or Costco?

Both offer high-quality window treatments, but which is better for your project?

In this comparison of 3 Day Blinds vs. Costco, you’ll learn how they differ in:

  • Product offerings
  • The purchase process
  • Turnaround time for orders
  • Warranty details
  • Price

I’ll also answer frequently asked questions about 3 Day Blinds and Costco to help you make the best choice for your home.

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3 Day Blinds vs. Costco: Comparison Chart

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick comparison of 3 Day Blinds vs. Costco.

3 Day BlindsCostco
Company Founded19781976
ConsultationIn-person or virtual in select areasIn-person or virtual in select areas
Availability29 StatesNationwide
ShowroomIn Chicago, ILNo showroom
Product OptionsBlinds, shades, shutters, and draperiesBlinds, shades, shutters, and draperies
Manufacturer3 Day BlindsGraber or Bali
Design Consultants3 Day BlindsIndependent dealers (Graber), do-it-yourself (Bali)
Installation Company3 Day BlindsIndependent dealers (Graber), do-it-yourself (Bali)
Wait Time (after placing order)3 days2 weeks
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty
Membership RequiredNoYes
Price$$-$$$$ (Get a Quote: 855-468-0429)$$-$$$$ (Get Quote)

Difference 1: Company History

3 Day Blinds launched in 1978, selling mini blinds in three days. Although the brand started with mini blinds, it has expanded its offerings to include draperies, shades, and indoor shutters over time.

3 Day Blinds employs local design experts across the nation. These professionals work with you to match your style with the right window treatments. They help you create a unique look, take all measurements, and install the window coverings to make the process easy.

Costco launched in a converted airplane hangar in 1976 in San Diego, California. Originally named Price Club, the company started out serving businesses only. In 1983, they switched to the warehouse club model that Costco is known for today.

Is Costco Worth It

Costco sells window treatments as well as many other home goods. It works with two brands, Graber and Bali, to supply window treatments.

Graber offers customized window treatments. You’ll work with a design consultant to choose a unique look and fit. When you choose Graber, your selection is installed by professionals.

Costco Graber Window Treatments 2
Costco: Graber Window Treatments

Costco offers in-stock and online blinds through Bali. Warehouse members browse, customize, and buy in one place. All Bali products require DIY installation.

Costco Bali Window Treatments 2
Costco: Bali Window Treatments

Difference 2: Consultation

3 Day Blinds only has one showroom in Chicago, so you’ll need to schedule an in-home or virtual consultation if you aren’t near the facility.

The good news is that the company serves most of the United States and takes calls for appointment scheduling 24/7.

3 Day Blinds Slogan
3 Day Blinds Slogan

Your 3 Day Blinds consultant will be local to your area and able to guide you through the process — from imagining your space to installing your ideal window coverings. After your free, in-home visit, you’ll have measurements and a project cost estimate to help you decide.

3 Day Blinds Swatches
3 Day Blinds Swatches

3 Day Blinds window treatment design consultants are available in 29 states across the United States. You can request a virtual design consultation if there are no local consultants in your area.

3 Day Blinds Consultation Packet
3 Day Blinds Consultation Packet

With Costco, you have two options: purchase DIY window treatments from Bali or request a consultation with Graber for a custom window solution. Both brands are under the parent company, Springs Window Fashions.

Bali’s blinds, shades, and indoor shutters are perfect for standard-sized windows. The brand offers a lower-priced solution. You can order complimentary swatches of fabric online to see how it will look in your home. Bali is the DIY option: you customize, measure, and install.

If you want more help, you can schedule a free in-home consultation (or virtual in some areas) with an independent Graber design consultant. Your consultant will show you samples and colors, take measurements, and give you an estimate.

The only real connection between Costco and Bali/Graber is that Costco members get a 15% discount on Bali window treatments and a 10% Costco Shop Card after purchasing Graber. You won’t work directly with Costco staff; it’s simply a referral partnership between Costco and Bali/Graber.

Difference 3: Availability

Here’s what you need to know about the availability and accessibility of 3 Day Blinds and Costco (Bali/Graber):

  • Both 3 Day Blinds and Graber offer in-person and virtual consultations. Bali does not offer consultations.
  • 3 Day Blinds has one showroom in Chicago. Graber doesn’t have a showroom. Instead, they work with a network of dealers nationwide who will bring samples to your home. Bali doesn’t have showrooms either; everything is online, including an interactive product guide.
  • 3 Day Blinds’ consultants are employees, while Graber works with independent design consultants.
  • 3 Day Blinds offers in-home consultations and installation in these 29 states.
  • Since Grader works with independent design consultants and dealers, in-home consultations are available in most states. You can use this zip code search to see if your area has local Graber independent design consultants.
  • You can request a virtual consultation if your area does not have local 3 Day Blinds or Graber dealers.

Difference 4: Product Options

Both 3 Day Blinds and Costco’s partners feature a wide range of window treatment options. They each offer products with unique styles, colors, and textures.

Here’s what each company offers:

3 Day Blinds Options:

Blinds: You’ll have a choice of wood, faux wood, vertical, vinyl, and mini metal blinds. Blinds have special features, depending on what you select. For example, some have built-in child safety features, while others are moisture resistant or help reduce glare.

Shades: Choose from cellular, roller soft Roman, Roman, horizontal sheer, woven wood, and two-layer sheer shades. There are multiple fabrics, colors, and materials available. Some feature cordless operations to keep children and pets safe.

Drapes/Curtains: 3 Day Blinds features hundreds of fabrics, from prints to solids. There are options for making your room darker for better sleep, reducing outside noise, and boosting energy efficiency.

Shutters: They make all window shutters to order. Shutters are swell-resistant and can fit any space precisely. You can choose from basic or specialty shapes, such as an arch, octagon, or trapezoid.

3 Day Blinds Product Options
3 Day Blinds Choices for Shades

Costco Partner Options:

Blinds: Both Bali and Graber offer a variety of custom blind options. Bali offers faux wood, wood, vertical, and horizontal blinds. Graber boasts a mix of aluminum, vinyl, faux wood, composite, soft, and vertical blinds. Graber also offers motorized blinds.

Sample of Bali Blind Selection 2
Sample of Bali’s Blind Selection

Shades: From pleated shades to Roman, Bali provides an array of choices and colors (including remote-controlled shades). Graber also has an extensive selection of shades, including exterior, weather-resistant solar shades. The solar shades keep your home cooler and protect your furnishings from UV rays.

Sample of Graber Shade Selection
Sample of Graber Shade Selection

Drapes/Curtains: Bali does not offer drapes or curtains. Graber features artisan drapes, natural drapes, valances, and cornices. Artisan draperies feature bold, hand-tailored designs. Also, they make natural drapes with sustainable materials like bamboo and grass.

Shutters: Graber offers a choice of wood or composite indoor shutters in multiple orientations, such as top-panel, cafe-style, and sliding track systems. Bali features folding and tilting indoor shutters with various configurations.

Difference 5: Wait Time

The name of the company says it all — 3 Day Blinds. You can expect delivery of most products within three business days after purchase. Some products, like shutters, are not made in-house and could take longer.

Costco’s window treatment partners, Graber and Bali, have different turnaround times.

Bali delivers standard-sized blinds and shades within about two weeks from the purchase date. Tailored Roman shades take three weeks, and custom shutters can take about six to eight weeks.

Graber doesn’t list its turnaround time on its site, but based on reviews, it takes up to three weeks on average. They have an order tracker so that you can watch your shipment.

Plus, if the blinds are professionally installed, the wait time may be longer because you’ll need to consider the installer’s availability.

Difference 6: Warranty

3 Day Blinds and Graber both offer limited lifetime warranties.

The 3 Day Blinds limited lifetime warranty covers cords and ladders for seven years. It also covers fabric, motors, and remote controls for five years.

The Graber limited lifetime warranty covers cords, pleated shades without looped tape, 2-inch horizontal vinyl blind slats, and vertical blind vanes for three years. It also covers motorized components, drapes, fabric cornices and valances, soft shades, and exterior solar shades for five years.

Graber’s warranty is almost identical to Bali’s limited lifetime warranty. But Bali only offers a 5-year limited warranty on Bali Essentials custom window treatments.

All warranties cover manufacturing, materials, or defects in workmanship. Since all Bali products require a DIY installation, poor installation could void the warranty.

With 3 Day Blinds and Graber, the warranty coves faulty installation if the blinds are installed by 3 Day Blinds or a Graber dealer. The warranty won’t cover issues if you install the blinds yourself.

Difference 7: Membership Discounts

You don’t need a membership to buy window treatments from 3 Day Blinds, Bali, or Graber.

However, Costco members get a 15% discount on Bali products and 10% cash back on a Costco Shop Card after purchasing Graber products. You won’t get these perks if you buy directly from Bali or Graber.

Plus, with an Executive membership, you can earn a 2% reward annually on qualified purchases, up to $1,000.

If you need window treatments for your entire home, which can be a major investment, becoming a Costco member could be worth the money. For a smaller project, it’s just not necessary. If you’re considering joining Costco, check out this guide to the pros, cons, and factors to consider.

Difference 8: Price

If you’re looking to save money, Bali is the cheapest option. Unlike 3 Day Blinds and Graber, Bali is a self-directed experience. You take the measurements, buy the window treatments online, and install them yourself.

Bali’s pricing on standard blinds is upfront and economical. You can see all the prices on BaliBlinds.com.

Pricing varies with 3 Day Blinds and Graber’s custom options. The actual price depends on the measurements, materials, and installation fees.

If you’re seriously considering custom blinds or shades, get a free consultation and quote from both places. You can schedule a consultation with 3 Day Blinds by calling them at 877-701-0048. Set up a consultation with a Graber dealer on GraberBlinds.com or Costco.com if you’re a Costco member.

Remember that the products across brands may be similar but not identical. Details like materials or special features, such as remote-controlled operation, can increase costs.

Difference 9: Common Complaints

Here are the most common complaints about 3 Day Blinds and Costco, according to reviewers on 3DayBlinds.com, ConsumerAffairs, Reddit, and Houzz.

Top complaints about 3 Day Blinds:

  • Wait time: Unfortunately, not all window treatments are ready in three days. Some reviewers complain about long wait times of a month or more for new or replacement blinds. There are also issues with missing parts during installation, further prolonging the installation process.
  • Customer service: Some customers complain of long wait times when calling customer service. There are also concerns about poor communication between the sales and installation departments. Some reviewers also felt that the design representatives were unclear on how their window treatments would look after installation.
  • After-sales experience: Some verified customers aren’t happy with the lack of follow-up after the sale. When they encountered problems, they did not have an advocate to resolve them.
  • Installation issues: There are multiple problems with improper measurement, installation, and faulty parts. Many reviewers said the company took too long to correct the issues.

Top complaints about Costco (Graber):

  • Customer service: In some cases, Graber has referred customers back to Costco for issues, but Costco is just a referral partner and doesn’t sell or service window treatments. Therefore, it cannot resolve the issue without Graber’s involvement. The result? Lots of runarounds.
  • Pricing/product quality: There are recurring complaints about the window treatment being overpriced for the quality you receive. Reviewers claim ‌the parts are cheap, plastic, and easy to damage.
  • Installation issues: Poor or incomplete installation has caused delays. Some customers complain that it takes several months to get installation problems resolved.

Top complaints about Costco (Bali):

  • Product quality: Some complain that the products are flimsy and easy to damage, some arrive broken, and sometimes the product is shipped with incorrect parts. Others complain that Bali does not cut the products to the size ordered. Since these require DIY installation, reviewers complain that breaking them during an installation can prompt a replacement, which takes a while to process.
  • Instructions: There are multiple issues with wrong or unclear instructions, making the installation process difficult.

FAQs About 3 Day Blinds and Costco

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about buying blinds and shades through 3 Day Blinds and Costco.

Can I install 3 Day Blinds or Graber blinds on my own?

Yes, but you will void the warranty if you install them improperly. 3 Day Blinds offers an online installation resource. Graber has a YouTube channel with installation videos that can help. Bali blinds are DIY installation, but you can opt to pay a company to install them using a resource like HomeAdvisor.

How do you remove 3 Day Blinds or Graber blinds?

If you wish to remove your blinds for deep cleaning or any other reason, both brands use mounting brackets to simplify the process. For best results, draw the blinds to an upright position.

3 Day Blinds sometimes uses a release tab to remove the blinds. Most blinds offered by 3 Day Blinds and Costco require a flathead screwdriver to wedge between the back of the mounting bracket and the headrail to release them from the mounts.

What’s the best way to clean 3 Day Blinds or Graber blinds?

For deep cleaning, you can take down the blinds. If you wish to clean them in a tub or with a hose outside, refer to the owner’s manual to ensure that these methods will not damage the blinds.

If you don’t want to remove them, try these methods. You can use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum or a handheld brush designed to get between the slats. Sometimes, you may need a damp cloth or a sponge with mild soap and water for stubborn stains.

Do 3 Day Blinds or Graber do repairs?

3 Day Blinds offers no-cost repairs for up to one year from the purchase date when you use its installers. Graber does not mention repair services but offers self-maintenance tools on its website.

Where are 3 Day Blinds and Graber manufactured?

3 Day Blinds makes 80% of its product line in Anaheim, California, or Ensenada, Mexico. They source the remaining 20% from other manufacturers.

Graber and Bali are owned by Springs Window Fashions, which manufactures window treatments in the United States and Mexico.

Does 3 Day Blinds and Costco offer financing?

3 Day Blinds offers a no-interest financing option through GreenSky. You can discuss the details when you have a free, in-home design consultation. Costco does not provide financing outside of applying for a Costco personal or business credit card.

Are Graber blinds better than Bali blinds?

One product is not better than the other, but in terms of cost, Graber is considered the more premium brand. Bali offers more price ranges, and you can save money since it’s a DIY installation.

How long does it take to get blinds from Costco and 3 Day Blinds?

3 Day Blinds can deliver most products within three days, but sometimes it takes longer. Graber takes roughly three weeks, and Bali delivers blinds in about two weeks when you order online.

Bottom Line: Should You Choose 3 Day Blinds or Costco?

Choosing a window treatment provider takes time. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons and decide what matters most.

Do you want more selection? Is price the main factor? Do you prefer to install blinds yourself?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding between 3 Day Blinds and Costco:

  • 3 Day Blinds and Graber provide in-home consultation and professional measuring and installation.
  • Bali is the cheaper option if you have standard-sized windows and prefer DIY installation.
  • You don’t need a Costco membership to buy Bali or Graber blinds, but having one can save you up to 15%.
  • If you are in Chicago, you can visit the 3 Day Blinds showroom. Graber and Bali do not have public showrooms.
  • 3 Day Blinds is the best choice if you need your blinds fast.
  • If an extended warranty is your main concern, 3 Day Blinds has a better warranty on parts than Graber or Bali.

Bottom line — the best choice depends on the availability in your region (if you want an in-home consultation), design preferences, and budget. 3 Day Blinds and Graber are more expensive, but they walk you through the process and ensure the end result is exactly what you want.

For major, whole-house projects, I recommend 3 Day Blinds. Since 3 Day Blinds employs the design consultants and installers, the process is usually more seamless than with Graber, which relies on independent dealers. Start the process with 3 Day Blinds by calling 877-701-0048 and scheduling a free, no-obligation consultation.

That said, Costco members get a 10% Costco Shop Card when they buy Graber products — and that might be enough of a perk to sway your decision.

Bali blinds and shades are the least expensive, but you won’t get design advice, and measurements are your responsibility. It’s a great option if you’re a Costco member and only need window treatments in one or two rooms.

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