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3 Day Blinds vs. Home Depot: Where Should You Buy Blinds and Shades?

If you’re looking to freshen up your decor or want to control the sunlight in your home, custom blinds are a great option.

But where do you start with so many brands available?

In this article, I compare 3 Day Blinds vs. Home Depot, two of the most well-known blind resellers.

You’ll learn how they differ in product offerings, buying and installing, common complaints, and more.

By the end, you’ll have all information necessary to decide where to buy custom window treatments.

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3 Day Blinds vs. Home Depot: Comparison Chart

Before getting into the details, here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of 3 Day Blinds vs. Home Depot.

Company3 Day BlindsHome Depot
Company Founded19781979
ShowroomIn ChicagoCustom samples only available during consultations
ConsultationIn-person or virtualIn-person or virtual
Product OptionsBlinds, shades, shutters, and draperiesBlinds, shades, shutters, and draperies
Manufacturer3 Day BlindsKirsch
Design Consultants3 Day BlindsCustom Decorators
Installation Company3 Day BlindsCustom Decorators
Wait Time (after buying)3 days to 8 weeks2 to 12 weeks
WarrantyLimited lifetime10-year limited warranty (5-year for motorized parts)
Price$$-$$$$ (Get a Quote: 844-546-9362)$$-$$$$ (Get Quote)

Business Model

3 Day Blinds and Home Depot have different approaches to their business models.

3 Day Blinds Slogan
3 Day Blinds Slogan

3 Day Blinds controls its entire product line and process, while Home Depot partners with Kirsch to manufacture the products and Custom Decorators for the consultations and installations.

When it comes to custom window treatments, Home Depot plays a distribution and marketing role, using its brand and customer base to promote Kirsch products. 

Home Depot also offers DIY options in-store for customers who are confident in their ability to measure and install window treatments on their own.


While both 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot have detailed websites with pictures and descriptions of their window blinds and other treatments, the two businesses offer different in-person experiences.

3 Day Blinds only has one showroom in Chicago, Illinois. So unless you live in that area, your only option to see 3 Day Blind products in person is to schedule an in-home visit with one of its designers.

On the other hand, Home Depot has over 2,300 stores across North America. Each location has a window fittings showroom where you can see the options and purchase them on the spot (non-custom blinds only).

The Home Depot Window Treatments Section
The Home Depot Window Treatments Section

Home Depot’s custom window treatments by Kirsch are not available in stores. The only way to see samples is to schedule an in-home consultation.

Consultation Process

Both Home Depot and 3 Day Blinds offer free in-home consultations. Both businesses are committed to creating outstanding customer experiences, and these consultations are critical to delivering on that promise.

You can schedule a consultation with a 3 Day Blinds designer by filling out this form.

On the day of your appointment, the design consultant arrives with a mini showroom. The mini-showroom includes a set of every blind system for you to see, hold, and feel. It also contains reams of material swatches used for drapes and shades.

3 Day Blinds Swatches
3 Day Blinds Swatches

In addition to seeing the product samples, the design consultant can answer your questions and make suggestions. 3 Day Blinds design consultants have an average of over ten years of design and decor experience. The consultants are also thoroughly trained in 3 Day Blinds products.

3 Day Blinds Consultation Packet
3 Day Blinds Consultation Packet

The process is almost exactly the same at Home Depot. You can request a consultation with Home Depot by completing a short form. A Custom Decorators’ designer will contact you to schedule an appointment.

The professional designer helps you select the best window treatments for your home during your consultation. They bring samples of the available window treatments and can answer your questions.

Once you decide, the consultant can provide a quote, including materials and service. They can also provide an estimated project timeline for delivery and installation.


The primary difference in the consultation process is the availability of in-home appointments.

3 Day Blinds window treatment design consultants are available in 29 states across the United States. Check out the complete list of areas they serve. So, you won’t be able to work with 3 Day Blinds if you don’t live in one of the areas on the list.

On the other hand, Home Depot partners with a 3rd party company called Custom Decorators, which has design consultants across the United States (except in remote areas with limited demand). In other words, Home Depot (Kirsch) custom window treatments are more widely available.

Product Offerings

Home Depot and 3 Day Blinds offer a wide range of products as well as automation and motorization.

3 Day Blinds offer a wide range of window treatments, including:

Blinds: You can choose from wood blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, metal mini blinds, and vinyl blinds.

Shades: 3 Day Blinds offers cellular shades, roller shades, soft roman shades, horizontal sheer shades, roman shades, woven wood shades, and simply sheer shades

3 Day Blinds Product Options
3 Day Blinds Choices for Shades

3 Day Blinds also offer custom-made indoor shutters and draperies in various colors, materials, and patterns to suit every taste.

Home Depot also offers an array of window treatments, including:

  • Cellular shades
  • Shadings
  • Roller shades
  • Screen shades
  • Banded shades
  • Woven woods
  • Wood and alternative wood blinds
  • Shutters
  • Vertical blinds
  • Panel tracks
  • Draperies
Kirsch Window Treatment Options
Kirsch Window Treatment Options

Explore both companies’ offerings on 3DayBlinds.com and Kirsch.com.

Wait Time

3 Day Blinds gets its name for its quick turnaround. Although, some projects can take longer than three days to custom-manufacture and install. The timer starts after you have the consultation, choose the products, and get your windows measured.

Home Depot doesn’t include a turnaround time on its website — and neither does Kirsch. However, reviews indicate that it takes approximately two weeks to deliver blinds. It may even take longer, depending on the availability of the installer and your schedule.

I spoke with a Customer Decorators design consultant (the company that does the consultations and installations for Home Depot). She told me, on average, blinds and shades take eight weeks, and drapery and shutters take twelve weeks.


When it comes to warranties, 3 Day Blinds offers superior coverage. The limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects and installation errors (if a company representative installs the blinds). The standard product warranty is also generous, covering:

  • Operating mechanisms and components (excluding motors and remote controls) for the lifetime of the product
  • Cords and ladders for seven years
  • Fabric, motors, and remote controls for five years

Home Depot offers the Kirsch 10-year limited warranty. It covers all products, workmanship, and failure to operate. In addition, the warranty covers motorization components for five years.


The cost of custom blinds depends on many factors, including:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Number of windows
  • Installation factors

As a result, you won’t be able to simply compare prices with an online search. For the most accurate information, contact both 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot for customized quotes. Give 3 Day Blinds a call at 877-701-0048 and complete this quick form on HomeDepot.com.

Common Complaints

Even the most reliable companies sometimes don’t get it right. Home Depot and 3 Day Blinds have received similar complaints on individual companies’ websites and third-party review sites, including Consumer Affairs and Yelp.

Incorrect measurements is a common complaint about both companies. Customers have said that the consultants have needed to make multiple visits and that the products don’t fit when they arrive.

Long waits are another complaint. To be fair, supply chain issues outside the companies’ control have been causing delays for many products since 2020. The problem seems to be that in some cases, neither 3 Day Blinds nor Home Depot delivered in the promised time frame and were unresponsive to requests for updates or help.

Poor customer service is another complaint that appears in negative reviews. Customers report problems contacting the companies’ customer service departments, slow or absent responses, and unhelpful attitudes.

3 Day Blinds has several complaints from customers who make large deposits and then only receive part of their order or for part of the order to be the wrong size. Customers also frequently complain about 3 Day Blinds being overpriced.

Even with these reported issues, both 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot maintain ratings above four stars. 3 Day Blinds is committed to continuous improvement. After installation, they survey each customer to find out what went well and what parts of the process could be better.

Make sure to do your homework and check recent — and, if possible, local — reviews when comparing blinds and window treatments.

Company History

In 1978, the founders of 3 Day Blinds launched by manufacturing custom-made mini-blinds in just three days. Since then, it has expanded its product lines and employs a nationwide team of expert design consultants.

3 Day Blinds’ commitment to delighting customers by taking care of the measuring, designing, and installation of drapes and blinds while maintaining three-day delivery has never changed.

The first Home Depot superstores opened in 1979, fulfilling its founders’ dreams. Their goals were to offer a variety of home improvement merchandise and expert staff who could answer customer questions and show them how to complete DIY projects.

The Home Depot

Home Depot aims to earn customers’ respect by offering the best service, the broadest selection of products, and the most competitive prices. Over the years, the business has developed partnerships to meet these goals.

Kirsch is Home Depot’s custom blind partner. Kirsch has been manufacturing high-quality, custom-made window treatments for over 100 years. The company’s goal to provide everything you need for window treatment projects aligns perfectly with Home Depot’s philosophy.

FAQs About 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot

Here are the answers to the most common questions about 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot window treatments.

Can I install 3 Day Blinds or Home Depot / Kirsch blinds on my own?

You can install your own blinds. However, this may affect your warranty coverage. For example, if you opt to hang your blinds on your own, any future problems related to installation, such as loose mounting hardware or damage due to incorrect installation, will not be covered by your warranty.

How do I remove 3 Day Blinds or Home Depot / Kirsch blinds?

Removal varies depending on the type of blind and the mounting. You can find care and removal instructions and product manuals for the different 3 Day Blinds and Kirsch options on their websites.

What’s the best way to clean 3 Day Blinds or Home Depot / Kirsch blinds?

To keep your blinds looking their best, dust them regularly. Depending on the material, you can use mild dish soap and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to wipe down the blinds. Avoid harsh cleaning solvents as they can cause discoloration. For more extensive instructions and advice, read this step-by-step guide to cleaning blinds.

Do 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot / Kirsch offer repairs?

Both 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot / Kirsch offer some repairs under their warranties. However, you’ll need to check your warranty to see if the necessary repair is covered. For example, issues with internal mechanisms and fabric delamination are covered, but normal wear and tear and damage resulting from misuse are not.

Contact the customer service department at 3 Day Blinds or Home Depot for personalized advice and information regarding the timelines and parts and labor costs for specific repairs not covered by the warranty.

You can order replacement parts from 3 Day Blinds for the cost of the part plus a handling charge of $13.95. Home Depot also offers replacement parts. In both cases, you’ll need information such as the order number to identify the correct parts. Neither company guarantees exact matches as product lines may be discontinued.

Where are 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot / Kirsch blinds manufactured?

3 Day Blinds produces around 80% of its products in its own US facilities. They offer products from other manufacturers to ensure they offer something for everyone. Kirsch blinds are also manufactured in the United States.

Who owns Kirsch and 3 Day Blinds?

Hunter Douglas, a leading multinational window covering manufacturer, owns both Kirsch and 3 Day Blinds. They acquired Kirsch in 2016 and 3 Day Blinds in 2019.

Are 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot / Kirsch blinds safe for children and pets?

All 3 Day Blinds products adhere to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Child Safety Standards. 3 Day Blinds offer cordless options. Kirsch blinds are also manufactured with child safety in mind. Its products include cordless options with automated lifting systems, retractable cords, wand operation, and touch control.

How do I get pricing for 3 Day Blinds or Home Depot / Kirsch blinds?

You’ll need to schedule a consultation with both companies to receive an accurate pricing estimate. Call 3 Day Blinds at 877-701-0048 and fill out this quick form on HomeDepot.com. As the blinds are custom-made for your home, the pricing includes the type of blind, the size and shape of your windows, and the number of blinds you need.

Do 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot / Kirsch offer financing?

Both 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot offer financing options. You’ll need to talk to your consultants about your options and apply for financing to determine your eligibility.

Bottom Line: Should You Choose 3 Day Blinds or Home Depot?

Should you buy your blinds or window coverings from 3 Day Blinds or Home Depot? Only you can make that choice, but let’s recap the key points to help you decide.

  • Both 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot/Kirsch have a long history of marketing, manufacturing, and installing custom blinds.
  • 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot have good reviews, although both companies also have complaints about wait times, incorrect products and measurements, and poor customer service. Customers complain about 3 Day Blinds being expensive and requiring large deposits before starting a project.
  • Both companies offer in-home and virtual consultations, including product samples. You can buy standard (not custom) blinds and shades at Home Depot and install them yourself.
  • 3 Day Blinds’ consultants serve 29 states, while Customer Decorators (the 3rd party Home Depot partners with) has consultants nationwide.
  • Both companies offer a wide range of window treatments and materials.
  • 3 Day Blinds offers a three-day turnaround for certain products, although some coverings may take several weeks. On average, Home Depot custom blinds and shades take eight weeks, and drapery and shutters take twelve weeks.
  • You can apply for financing with 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot.

Ultimately, your decision depends on if you’re looking for a specific product, what’s available in your area, and if you’re comfortable with a virtual consultation and measuring for blinds on your own.

3 Day Blinds specializes in custom window treatments. They own and operate the entire process from consultation to manufacturing to installation. With 3 Day Blinds, you can expect a more attentive, white-glove service with a rapid turnaround.

Home Depot offers a wider variety of window treatment options. You can opt for their custom-made service or pick up blinds in-store and install them yourself. Alternatively, you can book a Home Depot installation service for standard-sized window treatments if you don’t want the custom-made option.

With Home Depot, you have more options, but the experience of buying custom products can be slower and more disjointed since three parties are involved (Home Depot, Kirsch, and Custom Decorators).

Bottom line — when it comes to custom blinds, Home Depot and 3 Day Blinds have a lot in common (after all, 3 Day Blinds and Kirsch are both owned by Hunter Douglas). I highly recommend booking consultations with both companies and deciding after you’ve had a chance to see the products and prices.

The best way to book a consultation with 3 Day Blinds is to call 877-701-0048 . For Home Depot, fill out this quick form, and a design consultant will contact you.

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