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Made In Cookware Review After 3+ Years (With Test Results)

Made In is excellent at marketing. The company has a nicely designed website, partnerships with pro chefs, and a brand built around expert craftsmanship.

But is Made In cookware any good? What makes it different from other brands like All-Clad, HexClad, and Heritage Steel?

In this Made In cookware review, I reveal the pros and cons based on my testing over the past several years.

You’ll learn about its construction, materials, design, and performance, along with up-close photos, videos, and data from my tests.

So, if you’re considering Made In and want an unbiased and in-depth review to help you decide if it’s right for your kitchen, keep reading.

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Made In Review: Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways from this Made In review. These insights are based on over three years of thorough testing in the kitchen. Throughout the full review, you’ll find videos and over a dozen pictures I captured during my testing.

Made In Review

About Made In: Established in 2016, Made In champions accessible, high-quality cookware. They avoid retail markups by selling directly on MadeInCookware.com.

Product Range: Made In’s primary product line is 5-ply stainless steel cookware, but also in their lineup are non-stick, carbon steel, copper, and enameled cast iron cookware, kitchen knives, and accessories.

Design & Construction: Made In cookware features ultra-smooth stainless steel interiors with flared rims, brushed exteriors, and secure yet comfortable, double-riveted handles. The 5-ply, fully-clad construction includes an 18/10 stainless steel surface, magnetic 403 stainless steel exterior, and a heavy-gauge aluminum core, ensuring durability and fast, even heating. The walls are 3 mm thick, which is on par with brands like All-Clad.

Heat Conduction Test: Made In’s 5-ply stainless steel frying pan achieved a roaring boil faster than All-Clad, Calphalon, and Misen, taking only 2 minutes and 21 seconds. Its excellent heat conduction is attributed to the 5-ply construction with a triple-layer aluminum core. Also, the pan’s flat bottom ensures maximum contact with the heat source. Even when pitted against an expanded range of competitors, only Farberware heated faster than Made In.

Heat Retention: Made In outperformed all brands except Demeyere Atlantis in my heat retention test.

Criticisms: The main downsides are lack of design variety, unforgiving performance (heats too fast), and shallow walls that may lead to spillover. Also, as a start-up, Made In lacks the longevity of other brands so we don’t know how the cookware will hold up long term.

Quick Facts: Made In’s stainless steel cookware is oven-safe up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, compatible with all cooktops, dishwasher-safe, and covered by a lifetime warranty against material and craftsmanship defects. Its stainless steel and non-stick pans are made in Italy, while the carbon steel, copper, and enameled cast iron cookware and kitchen knives are made in France.

Verdict: Made In is still a relatively new cookware brand, but it’s building an impressive following among home cooks and professional chefs. The selling point is simple: premium cookware at not-so-premium prices. Based on my experience using it for over three years, it’s the best professional-quality cookware brand dollar-for-dollar.

You can read other reviews, see more pictures, and check the current prices on MadeInCookware.com.

Video Review

Watch the video below to see me break down the pros and cons of Made In cookware.


There’s no better way to explain the design of Made In stainless clad cookware than to show you.

I’ll use the 12-inch Stainless Steel Frying Pan to tell the story. Let’s start with the packaging.

Pan Interior

The 18/10 stainless steel, non-reactive interior has an ultra-smooth starburst pattern, designed for optimal searing and sautéing. The pattern also reduces sticking.

Made In Cookware Cooking Surface
Made In Cookware Cooking Surface

The non-stick version of this pan has the same design, except the interior is coated in three layers of PFOA-free non-stick coating.

Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan_2
Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan
Made In stainless steel and non-stick cookware
Made In stainless steel and non-stick cookware

The pan features flared rims that are ideal for drip-free pouring. The sloped sides are designed for better evaporation when reducing pan sauces, while the curved walls make it easy to flip, rotate, or agitate food in the skillet during cooking.

Made In Pan Flared Rims
Made In Pan Flared Rims

Pan Exterior

The brushed stainless steel exterior is induction-compatible and features a circular pattern that emanates from the center of the pan.

Made In Brushed Exterior
Made In Brushed Exterior
Made In brushed stainless steel exterior
Made In brushed stainless steel exterior

If you flip the pan over, you’ll find an etching of the pan type, pan size, brand name, and a Made In the USA tag.

Note: Made In stainless steel pans are made in Italy as of late 2023.

Bottom of a Made In Frying Pan
Bottom of a Made In Frying Pan

How many high-quality cookware brands have artist-inspired etchings on the bottoms of its pans? For a limited time, the art of Will Bryant graces the pans, which further recognizes Made In as a hip, new-age brand with a down-to-earth tone, made for the people.


The ergonomic, stainless steel handle is curved upward from the pan and includes a small bump on the bottom side to prevent your hand from sliding too close to the heat.

Made In cookware handle
Made In cookware handle
Warning bump on the bottom of Made In cookware handles
Warning bump on the bottom of Made In cookware handles

Although you can’t tell by holding it, the handle is hollow. They designed it this way to more effectively disperse heat so that the handles stay cool while also providing stability on all types of cooktops.

Top of Made In pan handle

The long handle is double bolted to the pan with the Made In logo centered.

Made In logo engraved into the base of the handle
Made In logo engraved into the base of the handle


The Frying Pan Silicone Universal Lid will fit all Made In frying pans and the Blue Carbon Steel Wok.

Made In Universal Lid
Made In Universal Lid

This electric blue colored accessory also doubles as a trivet. Its stainless steel core is encased in heat resistant silicone.

The universal lid can withstand up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and is suitable for use on cooktops and in ovens. It has a hanging loop on one end perfect for pot rack storage.

Their stockpots, saucepans, and saute pans also come with standard stainless steel lids, which are sleek, attractive, and lock in moisture.

Made In Cookware Lid Handle
Made In Cookware Lid Handle

Construction and Materials

Made In negotiates directly with manufacturers to source and secure all raw materials. They control the quality standards at every turn and work with family-owned companies to manufacture the cookware in France and Italy.

Made In’s Stainless Clad cookware has 5-ply bonded construction. This type of construction is also referred to as cladding.

Cladded cookware is the result of layering and bonding metals to maximize durability, heat control and retention, and corrosion resistance.

Multi-clad cookware is praised for its even heating not just from the bottom up, but at every point in the pan, simultaneously. Cladding delivers a “surround-sound” of heat.

Made In has five layers of thick metal:

  • The interior layer (cooking surface) made of 18/10 stainless steel, which is exceptionally durable and highly resistant to oxidation.
  • The exterior made of magnetic 403 stainless steel with makes it compatible with induction cooktops.
  • And three core layers of heavy gauge aluminum provide optimal heat conduction.

Here’s an illustration from Made In’s website that depicts the layering and construction of their cookware.

Made In 5-ply Construction
Made In 5-ply Construction

In general, the thicker cookware distributes heat more evenly and retains it longer than thinner cookware. The walls of most premium cookware are 2.3mm, but Made In takes it a step further, with walls 3 mm thick.

Made In non-stick pan thickness
Made In non-stick pan thickness

Made In frying pans have some weight to them, so when food is added, you may find that they require two hands for transport or manipulation. The best-selling 12-inch Stainless Clad frying pan weighs 3.2 pounds.

Made In vs. the Competition: Heat Conduction and Retention

Made In claims that its cookware has superior heat conduction and retention than the competition.

To test these claims, I put the Made In 12-inch 5-ply stainless steel frying pan to the test against some of the most established brands in the cookware industry.

In this section, I share with you the results of my test.

Made In Cookware Heating Test

Quick, Even Heating

I poured two cups of water into a room temperature pan to see how fast Made In would bring the water to a boil. After selecting the highest heat setting on the cooktop, it took 1 minute and 40 seconds to begin boiling, and it hit a roaring boil at 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

To see how these results compare to the competition, I ran the same test using All-Clad, Calphalon, and Misen pans. Below are the results:

PanTime to First BubblesTime to Boil
Made In 12-inch fry pan1 minute and 40 seconds2 minutes and 21 seconds
All-Clad 10-inch fry pan1 minute and 55 seconds2 minutes and 55 seconds
Calphalon 12-inch fry pan1 minute and 45 seconds2 minutes and 40 seconds
Misen 10-inch fry pan1 minute and 50 seconds2 minutes and 25 seconds

Of the four pans I tested, the Made In pan boiled water the fastest, with Misen coming in second place; All-Clad and Calphalon took the longest to boil water.

These results are not surprising because Made In has thick 5-ply construction, with a triple-layer aluminum core (aluminum has high thermal conductivity). Also, the Made In pan sits completely flat on the cooktop, maximize contact with the heat.

Since conducting the initial test, I’ve reviewed several other cookware brands. Here’s how Made In fared against a broader competitor set. As you can see, only Farberware pans heated faster than Made In.

PanTime to First BubblesTime to Boil
Farberware1 minute and 2 seconds1 minute and 29 seconds
Made In fry pan1 minute and 40 seconds2 minutes and 21 seconds
Misen fry pan1 minute and 50 seconds2 minutes and 25 seconds
Anolon fry pan1 minute and 55 seconds2 minutes and 27 seconds
Zwilling fry pan1 minute and 45 seconds2 minutes and 31 seconds
T-fal fry pan1 minute and 50 seconds2 minutes and 32 seconds
Gotham Steel fry pan1 minute and 58 seconds2 minutes and 32 seconds
Rachael Ray fry pan1 minute and 47 seconds2 minutes and 36 seconds
Viking fry pan1 minute and 42 seconds2 minute and 39 seconds
Calphalon fry pan1 minute and 45 seconds2 minutes and 40 seconds
Pioneer Woman fry pan2 minute and 2 seconds2 minute and 46 seconds
Hestan fry pan1 minute and 52 seconds2 minutes and 47 seconds
GreenLife pan2 minutes and 11 seconds2 minutes and 47 seconds
Tramontina fry pan1 minute and 53 seconds2 minutes and 52 seconds
Circulon fry pan2 minutes and 7 seconds2 minutes and 55 seconds
All-Clad skillet1 minute and 55 seconds2 minutes and 55 seconds
Demeyere Industry fry pan2 minutes and 3 seconds3 minutes and 10 seconds
Ballarini fry pan2 minutes and 15 seconds3 minutes and 12 seconds
Heritage Steel fry pan1 minutes and 59 seconds3 minutes and 15 seconds
Demeyere Atlantis fry pan2 minutes and 11 seconds3 minutes and 25 seconds

Heat Distribution

As I watched the water prepare to boil, I noticed that the bubbles in the Made In pan were even across the entire pan.

Made In even heating
Made In even heating

Evenly distributed bubbles indicate even heat distribution. If the distribution of heat wasn’t uniform, the formation of bubbles would have been haphazard or concentrated in certain spots.

Heat Retention

When a pan has excellent heat retention, you can turn off the cooktop and still get residual cooking as you finish a meal. It also helps keep food warm as you prepare to plate and serve.

Most importantly, a pan with excellent heat retention won’t cool down when you slap a cold piece of meat on the cooking surface.

I tested Made In’s heat retention by setting the four pans on the counter and measuring the water temperature after five and ten minutes.

Below are the results:

Made In Cookware Heat Conduction and Retention Testing
PanWater Temperature After Five MinutesWater Temperature After Ten Minutes
Made In 12-inch fry pan121.1°F106.6°F
All-Clad 10-inch fry pan111.6°F100.9°F
Calphalon 12-inch fry pan112.8°F101.1°F
Misen 10-inch fry pan118.6°F103.4°F

Although all four pans showed excellent heat retention, Made In was the clear winner. After five minutes, the water in the Made In pan measured 121.1°F. After ten minutes, the water temperature was 106.6°F.

Made In Cookware Review_Heat Retention vs. Competition
Water temperature in the Made In pan after five minutes

Misen came in second while All-Clad and Caphalon were a distant 3rd and 4th.

Since testing Made In against these three other brands, I’ve run this test with several others. As you can see in the results below, Made In’s heat retention is at the top of the cookware industry. Only the Demeyere Atlantis pan (7-ply) held onto heat better than Made In.

PanTemperature After 5 MinutesTemperature After 10 Minutes
Demeyere Atlantis fry pan122.0°F106.3°F
Made In fry pan121.1°F106.6°F
Misen fry pan118.6°F103.4°F
Zwilling fry pan121.1°F103.0°F
Rachael Ray fry pan126.3°F102.7°F
Circulon fry pan133.3°F102.0°F
Tramontina fry pan118.5°F101.3°F
Demeyere Industry fry pan115.2°F96.6°F
Calphalon fry pan112.8°F101.1°F
All-Clad skillet111.6°F100.9°F
Ballarini fry pan120°F99.9°F
Heritage Steel120.1°F98.2°F
Hestan fry pan114°F98°F
Viking fry pan106.6°F95.9°F
Farberware fry pan112.0°F95.4°F
GreenLife fry pan119.0°F95.0°F
Gotham Steel fry pan113.0°F95.0°F
Anolon fry pan112.7°F90.9°F
Pioneer Woman fry pan104.3°F90.9°F
T-fal fry pan108.7°F88.0°F

The bottom line is that Made In shows faster heat conduction and superior heat retention than some of the most established cookware brands on the market.

Cooking Performance

We know that Made In cookware heats up quickly and evenly, but how well does it cook actual food?

The short answer: Made In cookware performs really well in the kitchen.

I’ve used the Made In 12-inch frying pan to cook chicken, pork, vegetables, sauces; you name it. Every meal has come out as I expected.

Here’s a look at a pork chop I recently seared on the stove and finished in the oven.

Cooking Pork Chops with Made In Pan
Pork chops seared on a Made In pan

And, this is a chicken breast I recently cooked entirely on the stove.

Chicken cooked in a Made In pan
Chicken cooked in a Made In pan
Chicken cooked in All-Clad and Made In pans
Chicken cooked on an All-Clad pan (left), chicken cooked in a Made In pan (right)

Here’s a side-by-side look at chicken cutlets cooked in All-Clad and Made In pans.

Made In versus All-Clad chicken cutlets
All-Clad (left), Made In (right)

I tested the non-stick pan on eggs, pancakes, chicken, and several other dishes. And, like the stainless steel pan, the non-stick heated evenly. Plus, it was even easier to clean thanks to its slick, non-stick coating.

Cooking pancakes in a Made In non-stick pan
Cooking eggs in a Made In non-stick pan
Cooking chicken in a Made In non-stick pan

In all honesty, I’m yet to be even slightly disappointed in the cooking performance. The pan sits flat on the stove, heats evenly, and the handle stays cool.

Look at how well the Made In non-stick pan sears shrimp.

Cooking shrimp in a Made In nonstick pan

I’ve tested dozens of brands, including high-end names like All-Clad, Calphalon, and Demeyere; Made In can hold its own against any of them.

Stainless steel pans are notorious for staining and being tough to clean, but I am surprised to say; that hasn’t been the case with Made In. For the most part, 30 seconds of rinsing and a firm scrub does the job.

Made In pan after cooking a pork chop
Made In pan after cooking a pork chop

One warning — when you cook with Made In, set the burner no higher than slightly above medium.

Made In transfers heat so efficiently that if the temperature is above medium, you’ll burn your food and scorch the pan.

I learned this lesson the first time I tested the pan. I set the burner to high, let it heat for a minute, and added oil. The oil nearly burned within 15 seconds.

Made In Cookware Prices

Although Made In’s quality is right up there with high-end brands like All-Clad, its prices are much lower. In fact, Made In is one of the best overall values I’ve seen (and I’ve reviewed dozens of cookware brands).

To be clear, it’s not cheap. You can find cookware that’s much less expensive. But with those options, you get an inferior product.

So how can Made In offer lower prices than the premium cookware brands?

It’s actually quite simple. Made In sells its products directly to consumers via its website. Since they don’t sell through high-end stores like All-Clad, Hestan, Demeyere, Le Creuset, and other premium brands do, they avoid retailer markups and pass those savings to you.

That said, you’re probably still wondering how much cheaper Made In is than its high-end competitors.

Let’s look at a few examples. The prices below reflect the cost as of the date this review was last updated (noted at the top of the review).

The Made In 12-inch fully-clad stainless steel frying pan costs $99. Below are the prices of comparable 12-inch frying pans from premium cookware brands.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

The Made In 12-inch non-stick frying pan costs $109. Below are the prices of non-stick pans with similar construction:

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

The Made In 14-piece complete cookware set costs $899. Below are the prices of other brands’ sets with similar materials, construction, and overall quality.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

As you can see, Made In is significantly less expensive than All-Clad, Hestan, and several other brands offering similar products.

Visit MadeInCookware.com to view all Made In cookware prices.


No product is perfect, and Made In cookware is no exception.

Although my opinion on Made In is overwhelmingly positive, here are my few complaints.

Lack of Options: Made In doesn’t provide many options. While more established brands offer several stainless steel collections with different materials, designs, and features, Made In only has one stainless steel collection. If you prefer cookware with a more reactive copper core or a more lightweight tri-ply construction, you’ll have to consider another brand. Made In is still a young company and could be building out new offerings, but, for now, your options are limited.

Unforgiving: Made In cookware is built with a thick triple-layer aluminum core for quick and even heating. The downside of this thick aluminum core is that, sometimes, it heats up and reacts to temperature changes so quickly that you end up burning your food. In other words, it’s less forgiving than the average pan. Once you get the hang of it and learn about cooking with stainless steel, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Shallow Sidewalls: Overall, I love the design of Made In pans. It’s aesthetically pleasing and functional. But I have one minor complaint; the sidewalls of the frying pans have too shallow of a slope. This design, plus the flared rims, makes it easy to slide food onto a plate, but it also makes it easier to spill. Okay, I realize I might be nit-picking here, but it’s worth noting if you’re someone who obsesses over a clean kitchen.

Unproven: By all indications, Made In cookware is exceptionally durable and reliable. It’s made with the highest quality steel, double-riveted steel handles, and can handle much higher temperatures than most brands (800 degrees in the oven!). When you buy a set, you can expect it to last a very long time. However, since they’ve only been in business since 2016, not enough time has gone by to prove it.

Handle cleaning: There’s a small space at the base of the handle that is extremely difficult to clean because it’s so close to the pan’s body. Scrubbing with a toothbrush is the only way to clean it. And since that’s not practical after every use, that area quickly becomes stained and discolored.

Hard to clean spot on Made In pans
Hard to clean spot on Made In pans

Limited Control Over the Production Process: Unlike many cookware brands, Made In doesn’t own its factories. Instead, they partner with experienced manufacturers across the U.S. and Europe. While this approach inherently limits direct oversight of the production process, I’ve found no apparent issues with quality control in my extensive testing of all their cookware lines. 

Made In’s Story

Before I jump into the details of the cookware, it’s important to understand Made In as a company, and what makes them unique.

Made In debuted its cookware offerings in 2016 and, although a newcomer to the industry, the brand is fast becoming a contender with proven brands like All-Clad (check out my comparison of Made In vs. All-Clad), Calphalon, and Tramontina.

Just a few years after its launch, chefs at Michelin-star restaurants, including Alinea in Chicago and Le Bernardin in New York City, are using Made In cookware. Not too shabby.

At the helm are childhood friends, Chip Malt and Jake Kalick. Kalick brings a 100-year family history in kitchen supplies to the brand, while Malt’s background is in e-commerce and analytics.

Malt and Kalick recognized a major problem in the cookware industry; high-quality cookware is too expensive, which makes it inaccessible to most home cooks.

They founded Made In to solve this problem.

Instead of selling through retailers like most cookware brands, Made In sells its products on their website, which is attractive and easy to navigate, and via their Amazon store.

This direct-to-consumer business model is a growing trend across many industries and for a good reason. By cutting out the middlemen, Made In can offer significantly lower prices for an equally, if not better, product.

To be clear, Made In is less expensive than most premium cookware, but it’s not cheap. Compared to top brands like All-Clad and Calphalon, it’s a less expensive, though formidable alternative.

If you browse Made In’s website, you’ll notice how transparent they are about their products and processes.

You quickly learn that they source their metal from suppliers in Kentucky and Pennsylvania, and their non-stick coating from Illinois.

You’ll also learn that they partner with family-owned manufacturers in Italy and France who have been making cookware for decades, and, in some cases, centuries.  

They also have an active blog where you can find helpful tips like How to Clean a Wok, A Guide to Seasoning Carbon Steel Pans, and How to Prevent Damage to Your Stainless Steel Pans.

Made In is a modern cookware company attempting to disrupt this slowly evolving industry by offering excellent quality, affordable prices, and an enjoyable shopping experience.

Other Made In Cookware Products

In this review, I focus primarily on Made In stainless steel, fully-clad cookware since it’s their most popular product line.

However, in this section, I also provide a quick overview of all the products they offer so you get an idea of your options. Besides stainless steel cookware, they also offer:

  • Non-Stick Cookware
  • Carbon Steel Cookware
  • Copper Cookware
  • Enameled Cast Iron Cookware (Dutch Oven)
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Flatware, Glassware, Plates and Bowls
  • Kitchen Accessories

Non-Stick Cookware

The only difference between Made In stainless steel cookware and non-stick is that the non-stick has a double layer of PFOA-free non-stick coating on the interior. Made In claims their coating lasts up to 70 times longer than pans made with a ceramic non-stick coating like Caraway and GreenPan.

Read my full review of Made In non-stick pans to learn more.

Made In blue and black non-stick coating
Made In non-stick cookware

Carbon Steel Cookware

Made In also offers a Carbon Steel Kit, which includes a 12-inch frying pan, wok, roasting pan, and a can of seasoning wax.

Carbon steel has the rugged look and non-stick functionality of cast iron with the precise heat control of stainless steel. It’s oven-safe up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for putting a crispy sear on meat.

If you’re interested in Made In carbon steel cookware, I recently published an in-depth review where I break down its design, performance, durability, pros, cons, and much more.

Copper Cookware

Made In recently expanded into a new and exciting category: copper.

Currently, they offer one product, The Copper Set, which includes a 1.5-qt. saucepan, 4.5-quart rondeau, and 5-quart saucier.

Each piece is composed of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel (cooking surface).

Besides its elegant and classy look, copper heats up fast and responds quickly to changes in temperature, giving you precise control.

If you’re looking for high-performing copper cookware that’s made in France, check out this set. Warning: it’s pricey (like most copper cookware).

Enameled Cast Iron

In 2022, Made In released its first enameled cast iron piece: the Dutch oven. It’s made in a factory in France that’s been producing premium enameled cast iron cookware for over a century.

Interior of Made In Dutch ovens

It has thick walls (6 mm) that retain heat incredibly well and a super durable coating.

The inside of the lid has pea-sized dimples that collect moisture and evenly distribute it over the food.

Made In Dutch oven lid interior

The stainless steel and brass-colored knobs are wide, making it easy to lift the lid even when you’re wearing an oven mitt.

Made In Dutch oven lid knob
Made In Dutch oven lid knob

Based on my testing, the Made In Dutch oven is one of the best alternatives to Le Creuset. You get the same performance at nearly half the price.

In 2023, they added to the collection, releasing an enameled cast iron skillet. The skillet comes in several colors, including hudson green, blood orange, ash grey, antique white, harbour blue, and Made In red.

Made In also launched their first oval Dutch oven (7.5-quart) in March 2023.

Kitchen Knives

In addition to pots and pans, Made In also makes high-quality knives, including chef’s knives, santoku knives, knife sets, paring and utility knives, and butcher blocks.

You can personalize their knives by engraving names or messages on the blade.

These fully-forged knives are made with X50CrMoV15 steel, which is ultra-durable and holds a sharp edge over time. It’s the same material used to make all Wusthof knives (see our review of Wusthof).

Lastly, they’re equipped with a red, black, or white handle, which is comfortable and attractive.

Kitchen Accessories

Made In has a few kitchen accessories designed to complement the primary product lines, including wooden spoons, stainless steel cleaner, carbon steel wax, and commercial-grade aluminum sheet pans. Perhaps the most innovative item is the universal lid for frying pans and woks that doubles as a trivet.

Where Made In Cookware Is Made

Made In works with family-owned cookware manufacturing businesses in the France and Italy.

Back in 2017, when Made In first came onto the scene, they teamed up with Heritage Steel to make their stainless steel cookware in Clarksville, Tennessee. But over the years, they formed a new partnership with Meyer. As of late 2023, Made In’s stainless steel cookware is manufactured in Italy.

Most of its non-stick cookware is made in Italy, but select pieces are still labeled “made in the USA” on MadeInCookware.com. The carbon steel and copper cookware and knives are made in France.

The chart below shows where each Made In product is made. Read this quick guide to learn more about how Made In chooses its manufacturing partners.

Made In ProductCategoryCountry
Stainless Clad Frying PanCookwareItaly
Stainless Clad Sauté PanCookwareItaly
Stainless Clad SaucepanCookwareItaly
Stainless Clad SaucierCookwareItaly
Stainless Clad Stock PotCookwareItaly
Stainless Clad RondeauCookwareItaly
Stainless Clad Butter WarmerCookwareItaly
Carbon Steel Frying PanCookwareFrance and Sweden
Carbon Steel Grill Frying PanCookwareFrance and Sweden
Carbon Steel WokCookwareFrance and Sweden
Carbon Steel Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel GriddleCookwareSweden
Carbon Steel Roasting PanCookwareFrance
Carbon Steel Seasoning WaxCookwareUSA
Non-Stick SetCookwareItaly
Non-Stick Frying PanCookwareUSA and Italy
Non-Stick SaucepanCookwareItaly
Non-Stick Sauté PanCookwareItaly
Copper SetCookwareFrance
Copper RondeauCookwareFrance
Copper SaucepanCookwareFrance
Copper SaucierCookwareFrance
Cast Iron Dutch OvenCookwareFrance
Oyster ShuckerKnivesUSA
Fishing KnifeKnivesUSA
Knife SetKnivesFrance
8” Chef’s KnifeKnivesFrance
Santoku KnifeKnivesFrance
Nakiri KnifeKnivesFrance
Bread KnifeKnivesFrance
Paring KnifeKnivesFrance
Carving KnifeKnivesFrance
Champagne SaberKnivesFrance
Wine Glass SetTabletopItaly
Glassware SetTabletopItaly
Dinner PlatesTabletopEngland
Appetizer PlatesTabletopEngland
Bread and Butter PlatesTabletopEngland
Side BowlsTabletopEngland
Entrée BowlsTabletopEngland
Serving PlatterTabletopEngland
Serving BowlTabletopEngland
Red Wine GlassesTabletopItaly
White Wine GlassesTabletopItaly
Coupe GlassesTabletopItaly
Beer GlassesTabletopItaly
Drinking GlassesTabletopItaly
Coffee MugsTabletopEngland
Bakeware SetBakewareFrance
Pie DishBakewareFrance
Baking SlabBakewareFrance
9 x 13″ Baking DishBakewareFrance
8×8″ Baking DishBakewareFrance
10×6.6″ Oval Gratin DishBakewareFrance
Sheet PanBakewareUSA
Rolling PinBakewareHungary
Butcher BlockAccessoriesHungary
Wooden SpoonAccessoriesHungary
Roasting Pan RackAccessoriesFrance
Grill PressAccessoriesSweden
Make It Like New CleanerAccessoriesUSA
Silicone Universal LidAccessoriesChina

FAQs About Made In Cookware

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Made In cookware:

Where can you buy Made In cookware?

The only place you can buy Made In cookware is on MadeInCookware.com. It’s not available in stores or other online retailers.

Is Made In cookware oven-safe?

Yes, Made In stainless clad cookware is oven-safe to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, carbon steel is oven-safe up to 1200, and non-stick is oven-safe up to 500. The universal lid is oven safe up to 400.

Is Made In cookware induction-compatible?

Yes, all Made In cookware is induction-compatible (even the non-stick pans) and safe for use on all other cooktops.

Is Made In cookware dishwasher-safe?

Yes, Made In stainless steel and non-stick pans are dishwasher-safe, but I strongly suggest hand washing in warm water with a mild detergent and a long-handled nylon brush with flexible bristles. You need to handwash the carbon steel cookware.

What utensils can I use when I cook with Made In?

High-grade silicone, plastic, or wooden tools are preferred, but the cookware is designed to stand up to any utensil (including metal).

Does Made In cookware warp?

If you use it as directed, Made In cookware shouldn’t warp. But, just like any other multi-clad stainless steel pan, it can warp if you expose it to extreme temperature changes. Never place a hot pan into a sink filled with cold water or let cold water run over a hot pan.

Does it come with a lifetime warranty?

Yes, Made In offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and craftsmanship under regular use.

How much does Made In cookware cost?

Made In keeps their prices low by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to customers on their website. You can view the pricing for all products on MadeInCookware.com.

What is Made In’s return and exchange policy?

You can return stainless steel cookware, non-stick cookware, knives, and universal lids within 45 days of the delivery for a full refund.

The same goes for the carbon steel cookware, as long as you haven’t used it yet.

If you’ve already used the carbon steel cookware, you can return it within 45 days of delivery for a full store credit.

You can read the full return policy on MadeInCookware.com.

Made In cookware is heavy, is the shipping expensive?

No! Shipping is 100% free within the continental United States.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Made In Cookware?

I’ve reviewed dozens of cookware brands over the years, and Made In is undoubtedly one of the most unique.

Its quality, performance, and design is comparable to premium brands like All-Clad, Demeyere, and Calphalon. But, its price is similar to a mid-tier brand you can pick up at any department store.

Their direct-to-consumer business model and modern, helpful, and fun approach to cookware is a refreshing change that the industry needed.

But, despite all that, no brand is right for everyone.

So, the question is: should you buy Made In cookware?

Here’s my recommendation:

You should buy Made In cookware if:

  • You want premium, 5-ply stainless clad cookware that is elegantly designed and performs on par with the most established brands in the world.
  • You’re willing to invest in high-quality cookware that will last, but you’re not ready to spend thousands on a set.
  • You want cookware that heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly.
  • You prefer the chic look of a brushed stainless steel exterior over a shiny polished exterior.
  • You understand basic cooking techniques and how to approach cooking with 5-ply cookware (don’t turn the stove too far past medium).
  • You like to start meals on the stove and finish them in the oven, and you don’t ever want to worry about exceeding the maximum oven-safe temperature (Made In is safe up to 800 degrees).
  • You want to use the cookware that Michelin star chefs use.

If this sounds like you, check out Made In’s website where you can read hundreds of other reviews and see the current prices.

You should NOT buy Made In cookware if:

  • You prefer a brand with a long, proven track record.
  • You’re on a really tight budget (Made In cookware is less expensive than other premium brands, but it’s not cheap).
  • You’re the type of shopper that needs to hold a product before you buy it (Made In cookware is available on their website and Amazon).
  • You easily get distracted while cooking (Made In heats up fast and reacts to changes in temperature quickly).
  • You need lots of options (Made In currently only offers one stainless steel collection).

If this sounds more like you, you might want to consider other brands. Although you’ll pay much more, some other great options are All-Clad and Calphalon (see my comparison).

Tell us your thoughts on Made In cookware!

Have you tried Made In cookware? If yes, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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