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Toro vs. Husqvarna: In-Depth Comparison of Push, Self-Propelled, and Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers

If you are in the market for a new lawn mower or buying one for the very first time, you’ve likely come across Toro and Husqvarna.

Both brands have been making high-quality, reliable lawn mowers for decades. They each offer a wide array of options across all types of mowers, including basic push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and zero-turn riding mowers.

Understanding the differences between one brand’s mowers is difficult enough, let alone two brands.

In this article, I clear the confusion by providing an easy-to-follow and in-depth comparison of Toro vs. Husqvarna.

I dive deep into the differences between their most popular push, self-propelled, and zero-turn riding mowers.

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to decide which brand and which particular lawn mower is best for you.

Let’s jump right into it. Click the links below to jump directly to a section of this article.

Overview of Toro

Toro was founded in 1914 and is headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota. They started as a tractor engine company but have since evolved into one of the most successful turf maintenance equipment and irrigation companies in the world. Today they manufacture a wide range of products, including snow blowers, sprinklers, edgers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and, of course, all types of lawn mowers. You can browse their full array of products on Toro.com.

Their customers include regular homeowners, contractors, and maintenance crews at golf courses and sports venues, among others. Their products have been used to shape famous landscapes, including the Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland, Real Madrid Club de Fútbol in Spain, Walt Disney World® Resort, Wimbledon Championships, and Château de Versailles in France.

Although Toro serves many different customers, they are best known to residential consumers for their vast selection of reliable lawn mowers. They offer a whopping 88 total lawn mower models, including 44 zero-turn riding mowers and 44 walk-behind mowers (push and self-propelled). Their mowers are not only reliable, but they have some unique features like PoweReverse™, SmartStow®, and Personal Pace® that make the job much easier. More on these features in a minute.

By staying laser-focused on lawn maintenance, Toro has been able to establish itself as one of the top lawn mower brands in the world. You can buy their mowers at stores like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, from local dealers, and online on Amazon.

Overview of Husqvarna

Husqvarna was founded over 300 years ago in 1685 and got its start as a weapons foundry manufacturing rifles. They are a Swedish company named after the city they were founded, Husqvarna.

Over the years, they have evolved their business and expanded into new products, including sewing machines in the 1870s, bicycles in the 1890s, and motorcycles in the early 1900s. Their development of light, powerful engines for motorcycles led to other products that run on efficient motors such as chainsaws, power saws, and eventually lawn mowers in the 1920s.

Over the last century, they’ve established themselves as a leader in outdoor power products and today have a wide range of offerings including trimmers, leaf blowers, power saws, stump grinders, pressure washers, aerators, and, of course, lawnmowers. They sell all types of lawn mowers, including standard walk-behind mowers, zero-turn mowers, riding mowers, and even fully-automatic robotic mowers. Check out the video below to learn more and see their robotic mower in action.

YouTube video

In total, Husqvarna offers 91 lawn mower models (35 zero-turn, 25 riding, 19 walk-behind, 7 robotic, 3 commercial walking, and 2 stand-on) and are continually developing new products and innovations. Their focus on innovation is how they maintain their position as a leader in the lawn care and outdoor equipment industry.

Similar to Toro, you can buy Husqvarna mowers at hardware stores like Lowe’s, online on Amazon, or from local equipment dealers.

Types of Lawn Mowers to Consider

Toro and Husqvarna both offer a vast selection of residential lawn mower, and just figuring out where to start can be completely overwhelming. My best advice is first to figure out which type of lawn mower is right for you, then focus on the different models.

When it comes to residential lawn mowers, there are three main types that you should be aware of; walk-behind push mowers, walk-behind self-propelled mowers, and zero-turn riding mowers.

Walk-Behind Push Mowers

Walk-behind push mowers, as their name suggests, require your power to push them forward. Their cutting blades are typically powered by a gas motor, but some brands also have models with electric motors. Push mowers Don’t have the bells and whistles that other types of mowers have, but their simplicity makes them the most affordable; therefore, it makes them the most popular too.

The obvious downside of push mowers is that you have to push them, and they require more effort and energy than any other type of mower. However, if your yard is under a half acre and is relatively flat, a walk-behind push mower is your best bet. You’ll save money and have plenty of room to store it since they are typically very compact.

Toro has three different models of push mowers, and Husqvarna has four. The ones that we are going to look closer at in this article are their bestsellers, the Toro 22-Inch SMARTSTOW® High Wheel Push Mower and the Husqvarna 21-inch model 7021P.

Walk-Behind Self-Propelled Mowers

Toro’s 22-Inch Personal Pace® Electric Start Mower
Toro’s 22-Inch Personal Pace® Electric Start Mower

Walk-behind self-propelled mowers are very similar to push mowers, except they have a built-in transmission that powers the wheels and drives the mower for you. You’ll still have to guide the mower around turns; however, the self-propelling functionality takes the majority of the manual effort out of the equation.

 If your lawn is somewhere between a half-acre and an acre and a half, self-propelled mowers are the best option. They are very affordable and make the job significantly easier compared to push mowers, which require a decent amount of effort.

The downsides of self-propelled mowers are that they are more expensive than push mowers and, since they have a slightly more complex figuration, they are known to require more frequent repairs than push mowers.

Toro has 21 different self-propelled mowers, and Husqvarna has 14. The mowers I compare in this article are both brands’ best sellers; Toro’s 22-Inch Personal Pace® Electric Start Mower (Model 20334) and Husqvarna’s 22-Inch Walk-Behind Mower (Model HU700H).

Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Husqvarna’s 42-Inch Zero-Turn mower
Husqvarna’s 42-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

Zero-turn riding mowers, as their name suggests, are a type of riding mower that has a zero-turn radius, which makes them easy to navigate around corners and trees. Like any other riding mower, zero-turn mowers allow you to mow your lawn much faster and with less effort than walk-behind mowers. In fact, some people find them fun to ride.

Zero-turn mowers have a couple of unique characteristics that allow them to turn at almost any angle. First, their front wheels are built on a swivel mechanism which allows them to go in any direction. Secondly, their rear wheels operate independently of each other, meaning you can have one rear wheel going forward while the other goes backward.

Zero-turn mowers are easy to operate. They typically have two lap bars that you hold in each hand to control the speed and direction of the mower. The left bar controls the left rear wheel, and the right bar controls the right. The further you push the bars forward, the faster it goes. To make sharp turns, you’ll push one bar forward while you pull the other back.

The main downside of zero-turn mowers is that they are expensive. They can range from $2000 up to $10,000. They are only worth the investment if your yard is over an acre. The other downside is that you can’t get too close to walls or fences so, although it mows the majority of your lawn very quickly, you’ll have to trim the edges after.

Toro makes 44 zero-turn mowers, and Husqvarna makes 35. Later in this article, we’ll take a close look at the best overall zero-turn mower from each brand (Toro 42-Inch TimeCutter® SS4200 vs. Husqvarna 42-Inch Zero-Turn) and compare them head-to-head.

Let’s get into the comparisons!

Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mowers: Toro vs. Husqvarna

The Toro 22-Inch Smartstow High Wheel Push Mower (Model 21329) (view on HomeDepot.com) and the Husqvarna 21-Inch Push Lawn Mower (Model 7021P) (view on Lowes.com) are both brands’ best sellers due to their reliability, unique features, and low cost. Let’s take a close look at their similarities and differences.


Push mowers, by design, are pretty basic in terms of features. However, both Toro and Husqvarna have designed their mowers to get the job done quickly and conveniently. Here are their key features.


  • The Toro push mower was designed to be user-friendly and convenient. It has a Smartstow feature, which, in three easy steps, allows you to fold and store upright, which significantly reduces the amount of necessary storage space for 70%.
  • While in use, you can easily adjust the handle to two different heights without the use of tools.
  • It has 9 cutting positions with ¼ of an inch between each position. The maximum cutting height is 4 inches, and the minimum is 1 inch.
  • It has a generous 22-inch cutting deck that reduces the time it takes to complete the job.
  • You can mulch, bag, or discharge grass clipping through its side port.
  • Its washout port allows you to connect a hose and easily clean the blade and the underside of the deck.
  • It comes with a 3-year Guaranteed-to-start warranty for its engine and a 2-year full warranty for the rest of the mower. Check out the details of their warranties here.

Learn more about Toro’s Smarstow push mower in this video:

YouTube video


Husqvarna 21" Push Lawn Mower
Husqvarna 21″ Push Lawn Mower
  • Husqvarna’s cutting deck is 21 inches, 1 inch smaller than Toro’s.
  • The handle folds to make storage easier but, unlike the Toro mower, Husqvarna’s is not built to store upright.
  • Similar to the Toro mower, Husqvarna also has 9 cutting positions, and you can mulch, bag, or discharge grass clipping through its side port.
  • It’s cutting height range is more limited than Toro’s with a maximum cutting height of 3.42 inches and a minimum cutting height of 1.25 (Toro’s is 4 max, 1 min).
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


Toro’s 22-Inch Smartstow push mower is powered by its 150cc Briggs and Stratton engine, which is uniquely designed to prevent any spills or leaks when the mower is stored upright. It has a ready-start system, which means you don’t have to prime or choke. It also has a check-and-add system, so you don’t need to change its oil for the life of the mower.

Husqvarna’s mower is powered by a 160cc Honda GCV engine. Similar to Toro’s engine, it does not require you to prime or choke. Husqvarna’s engine has higher cc’s (cubic centimeters) than Toro’s engine, which means Husqvarna’s engine can hold more air-fuel mixture for burning. There are other factors, but in general, engines with higher cc’s are larger and more powerful.

Push mower engines typically range between 140cc and 190cc. Since the engine on push mowers only powers the blade, it’s not necessary to have a massive engine.

Size and Weight

The Toro push mower weight 69 pounds with a 22-inch cutting deck. Its front wheels are 8 inches, and rear wheels are 11 inches. It has two adjustable handle positions.

The Husqvarna push mower weighs 66 pounds with a 21-inch cutting deck. Its front wheels are 8 inches, and rear wheels are 12 inches. The handle height is between 37 and 38 inches off the ground.


Overall, these mowers are very similar. Their engines are almost the same; they have similar features and come with similar warranties. Therefore, their prices are also similar. Toro’s MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is $319, and Husqvarna’s MSRP is $309.95.

To check out the current prices and review dozens of other reviews, check out Toro’s push mower on HomeDepot.com and Husqvarna’s push mower on Lowes.com.

Self-Propelled Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers: Toro vs. Husqvarna

If you have a medium-sized yard between a half-acre and an acre and a half, self-propelled is the ideal type of mower. Although both brands make over a dozen self-propelled mowers, this comparison is between the Toro 22-Inch Personal Pace® Electric Start Mower (Model 20334) (view on Toro.com) and the Husqvarna 22-Inch Walk-Behind Mower (Model HU700H) (view on Lowes.com) which are two of the best options on the market. Here are the key facts you should know before deciding which one to buy.



  • The most unique feature of Toro’s mower is its Personal Pace® system, which uses sensors to automatically adjusts its speed based on how fast you are walking.
  • With this mower, there’s no need to strain yourself pulling the recoil cord. Its electric start motor allows you to start up with a simple press of a button.
  • You can leave the bag on and switch between mulching and bagging in seconds by flipping a lever. You can also discharge grass clippings out of the side port.
  • Its rear-wheel-drive provides excellent traction and is easier to maneuver on hilly terrain.
  • Its washout port makes it easy to attach a hose and clean the blade and underside of the deck.
  • Similar to their push mower, Toro’s self-propelled mower has 9 cutting positions with ¼ of an inch between each position. The maximum cutting height is 4 inches, and the minimum is 1 inch.
  • It comes with a 3-year Guaranteed-to-start warranty for its engine and a 2-year full warranty for the rest of the mower. Check out the details of Toro’s warranties here.


  • The Husqvarna walk behind mower (model HU700H), like Toro’s, can self-propel with a variable speed drive system. Unlike Toro’s mower, which automatically adjusts the speed to mirror your walking pace, Husqvarna’s requires you to squeeze the throttle on the handle to increase or decrease speed.
  • You start this mower with the pull of a recoil cord, which is less convenient compared to Toro’s electric start system.
  • Similar to Toro’s mower, Husqvarna has rear-wheel drive, which provides excellent traction.
  • You can adjust the cutting deck to 8 positions using one convenient lever. The cutting height ranges from 1.5 inches to 4 inches.
  • Similar to the Toro mower, this mower allows you to mulch, bag, or discharge grass clipping through the side port.
  • Unlike Husqvarna’s manual push mower, their self-propelled mower features a wash port that allows you to attach a hose and clean the blade and underside of the deck.
  • Folding handle for easy and convenient storage.
  • Like their push mower, this one also comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
Husqvarna self propelled mower handle folded
Husqvarna folded handle

Learn more about Husqvarna’s walk-behind mowers in this video:

YouTube video


The Toro 22-Inch Personal Pace® Electric Start Mower features a 163cc 7.25 lbs. gross torque Briggs and Stratton engine that starts with the press of a button. Its fuel capacity is .25 gallons, and you’ll never have to change the oil for the life of the mower. It’s ready to start, which means you never have to prime or choke.

The most unique feature about Toro’s self-propelled mower is its ability to sense how fast you are walking and adjust its speed accordingly. Most self-propelled mowers, including Husqvarna’s, require you to adjust the speed with a throttle manually. It can go up to 4.8 miles per hour. Best of all, it’s guaranteed to start for up to 3 years.

The Husqvarna 22-Inch Walk-Behind Mower features a 160cc 6.9 lbs. Gross torque Honda GCV engine that starts with a pull of the recoil cord. Like Toro’s mower, its fuel capacity is .25 gallons, and you’ll never have to change the oil for the life of the mower. It also features the same ready to start system, so you don’t need to prime or choke before starting up.

Husqvarna self propelled mower Honda engine

Its variable drive system allows you to change speeds with a simple pull or release of the throttle that’s located on the handle. Some people prefer manually adjusting speed because it gives you more control than Toro’s automatic Personal Pace system. Husqvarna’s mower only goes up to 3 MPH, which is a pretty brisk pace but slower than Toro’s, which goes up to 4.8. Just like Toro, Husqvarna guarantees their engines will last at least 3 years.

Size and Weight

The Toro self-propelled mower weighs 86 pounds with a 22-inch cutting deck. Both its front and rear wheels are 8 inches. It has two adjustable handle positions.

The Husqvarna self-propelled mower weighs 88 pounds with a 22-inch cutting deck. Its front wheels are 8 inches, and rear wheels are 11 inches. Since its rear wheels are 3 inches larger than Toro’s, it can handle bumpy terrain more easily. The handle height is between 37 and 38 inches off the ground and is foldable for easy storage and transport.


While Toro and Husqvarna’s push mowers are very similar, their self-propelled mowers have more distinct differences. Toro’s features electric start and auto-speed sensors while Husqvarna starts up with a recoil cord and requires manual speed adjustments. Toro’s goes up to 4.8 MPH, while Husqvarna’s only goes up to 3 MPH. Both have rear-wheel drive, but Husqvarna has larger wheels.

Due to Toro’s enhanced features, their MSPR on their 22-inch Personal Pace Electric Start Mower is $419, and Husqvarna’s MSPR on their 22-Inch Walk-Behind Mower is $379.95.

Prices are always fluctuating and vary by seller. To check out the current prices and review dozens of other reviews, check out Toro’s self-propelled mower on Toro.com and Husqvarna’s self-propelled mower on Lowes.com.

Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mowers: Toro vs. Husqvarna

If your yard is over an acre, you should strongly consider getting a zero-turn riding mower (unless you want to pay for landscapers). Zero-turn mowers are expensive but will save you time, energy, and money in the long run.

Toro and Husqvarna have incredibly large selections of zero-turn mowers. Toro makes a whopping 44 different models, and Husqvarna makes 35. To make your life easier, I’ve narrowed this comparison down to the best overall options from both brands, the Toro 42-Inch TimeCutter® SS4200 (Model 74711) (view on Amazon), and Husqvarna 42-Inch Zero-Turn (Model Z242F) (view on Lowes.com).

Let’s jump right into what sets these mowers apart!



  • Smart Speed control system makes it easy to drive and gives you precise control over turns and speed.
  • As expected, its zero-turn radius makes it easy to zip are corners and obstructions in your yard.
  • It has a side discharge, but the bag and mulching kit are sold separately.
  • Its frame is made with 10-gauge steel, which is extremely durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a 42-inch mower deck with 18 inch rear wheels and 11-inch front wheels.
  • You can adjust the cutting height to 7 different positions with a maximum cutting height of 4.5 inches and a minimum of 1.5 inches.
  • Auto-parking brake for safety.
  • It comes with a hitch to tow attachments, such as an aerator (see on Amazon) or spreader (see on Amazon).
  • Rear-wheel drive that goes up to 7 MPH when mowing, 5.5 MPH when towing, 4 MPH when trimming, and 3 MPH in reverse.
  • Toro offers the option to custom build your mower using their Custom Z-Builder on HomeDepot.com. You can pick the exact steering, platform, deck, and engine to get the exact mower for your needs.
  • This mower comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  • Easy-to-operate with a key starting system, convenient lap bars, a comfortable 18-inch high back seat, and the choke, throttle, and ignition all in one place.
  • Its zero-turn radius makes it easy to maneuver and quickly whip around corners.
  • It’s super durable with a large 10-gauge steel frame that reduces vibration and adds safety.
  • Its 42-inch cutting deck is just as wide at Toro’s, and its wheels are the same size (18 inch rear, 11-inch front).
  • It goes up to 6.5 MPH, which is .5 MPH slower than Toro but can go 3.5 MPH in reverse, which is .5 MPH faster than Toro.
  • Similar to Toro, Husqvarna’s zero-turn mower has rear-wheel drive.
  • Like Toro, it has a side discharge, but the bag and mulching kit are sold separately.
  • It’s easy to clean with a removable foot pan and wash port.
  • It comes with a nose roller wheel to prevent bald spots on uneven terrain.
  • Husqvarna guarantees it with their 3-year limited warranty.

Learn more about Husqvarna’s zero-turn mower in this video:

YouTube video


When it comes to zero-turn riding mowers, having a powerful and reliable engine is critical.

The Toro 42-Inch TimeCutter® SS4200 is powered by their 452cc 16 horsepower electric start Toro engine. Oil changes require no tools and can be completed in a matter of minutes due to its quick-drain oil hose. You can mow for a long time without refueling with its 3-gallon tank.

YouTube video

The Husqvarna 42-Inch Zero-Turn mower is powered by a 747cc 23 horsepower key start Kohler Confidant engine. Unlike Toro’s engine, which is one cylinder, Husqvarna’s is two. Since Husqvarna’s engine is more powerful, it requires more fuel and can hold up to 3.5 gallons in its tank. It has dependable starting power, full pressure lubrication with spin-on oil filter, and a screen guard for protection. Husqvarna guarantees their engine will last with their 3-year warranty.

Size and Weight

Toro’s zero-turn riding mower weighs 493 pounds with a 42-inch cutting deck. Its length is 71.8 inches, its height is 37.3 inches, and its width is 45.3 inches. Its front wheels are 11 inches, and rear wheels are 18 inches.

Husqvarna’s zero-turn riding mower weighs 580 pounds with the same size cutting deck as Toro (42-inch). It’s slightly larger than Toro’s mower with a length of 75 inches, a height of 40 inches, and a width of 49.5 inches. Its front and rear wheels are the same size as Toro’s (11 front, 18 rear).


Zero-turn mowers are powerful machines that can mow large lawns very quickly and efficiently. They are built for speed and agility and are easy to operate. The most significant difference between these two mowers is that Husqvarna has a bigger and more powerful engine. Because of that, Husqvarna’s mower is more expensive.

The MSRP on Toro’s 42-Inch TimeCutter® SS4200 is $2,599, and for Husqvarna’s 42-Inch Zero-Turn mower, it’s $2,799.95.

Prices are always fluctuating and vary by seller. Both of these mowers are available on Amazon, where you can check the latest prices and read other consumer’s reviews.

Toro’s 42-Inch TimeCutter® SS4200 on Amazon

Husqvarna’s 42-Inch Zero-Turn mower on Lowes.com

Bottom Line: Which Should You Choose, Toro or Husqvarna?

Toro and Husqvarna are two of the best lawn mower makers in the world. Their products are high-quality, reliable, and come with unique features that make mowing your lawn much faster, easier, and more enjoyable. So which brand should you choose?

Walk-Behind Push Mowers: The Winner Is Toro

If you have a small yard and are looking for a manual push mower, Toro and Husqvarna’s options are virtually the same. Although Husqvarna’s engine is slightly larger powerful (160cc vs. 150cc), Toro has a larger cutting deck (22 inches vs. 21 inches) and has the Smart Stow feature, which allows you to fold it and store upright. For those two reasons, I give Toro’s push mower the edge.

To take a closer look and read more reviews, the Toro push mower is available on HomeDepot.com, and Husqvarna’s is available on Lowes.com.

Walk-Behind Self-Propelled Mowers: The Winner Is Husqvarna

If you have a medium-sized yard and are looking for a self-propelled mower, Toro and Husqvarna are both great options.

Although the Toro mower is a solid choice with convenient features like its auto-speed Personal Pace system and its quick electric start button, I highly recommend going with Husqvarna.

I have owned and used the Husqvarna (Model HU700H) for five years and love it. It’s easy to use and store, powerful enough to mow through thick grass and leaves and has larger rear wheels than Toro’s (11 vs. 8 inches).

Husqvarna 42-Inch Zero-Turn (Model Z242F)

I also recommend Husqvarna because I strongly prefer to have control over the speed of the mower. Some people like Toro’s Personal Pace auto-speed system, but I am not a fan of it because it is known to malfunction and doesn’t work well on an incline. It’s a great idea but causes more trouble than it’s worth. My advice is to go with Husqvarna and get yourself a reliable mower that gets the job done.

You can check out many more reviews for both of these mowers; click here to see Toro’s mower, click here to see Husqvarna’s mower.

Zero-Turn Riding Mowers: The Winner Is Husqvarna

If you have a large yard and are ready to invest in a zero-turn riding mower, you have plenty of options between Toro and Husqvarna. The main features of Toro’s 42-Inch TimeCutter® SS4200 and Husqvarna 42-Inch Zero-Turn mower are similar, but I strongly recommend the Husqvarna mower because it’s engine is far superior. When it comes to riding mowers, the engine is the most important aspect.

Husqvarna’s engine has more capacity (747cc vs. 452cc), more horsepower (23 vs. 16), and can hold more fuel (3.5 vs. 3 gallons). It can easily handle steep slopes, power through thick brush, and outlast Toro’s smaller engine.

Both of these zero-turn mowers are available on Amazon. Check them out at the links below:

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