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The Definitive Guide to the Best Copper Cookware Brands

The best copper cookware brands are Mauviel, Made In, Ruffoni, Hestan, and Matfer Bourgeat.

But what makes these brands so special? Why are they the best? And which brand should you buy?

In this guide, I answer these questions and break down the pros and cons of each brand.

You’ll learn:

  • How the cookware looks, feels, and performs
  • Where and how it’s made
  • What makes it unique
  • Each brand’s reputation
  • And much more

So, if you’re shopping for high-quality copper cookware but aren’t sure which brand is right for you, keep reading.

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Best Overall Copper Cookware Brand: Mauviel 1830

Mauviel 1830 was born in 1830 in the “city of copper,” Villedieu-les-Poêles — an area with an 800-year history of copper manufacturing. The brand is named after its copper innovator, Ernest Mauviel, and his descendants still run the company today.

Mauviel Copper Cookware

For 200 years, Mauviel has been perfecting copper cookware offerings, which are as diverse and ornate as they are functional.

The company employs 70 expert craftspeople that make each pot and pan by hand.

Mauviel Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeFrance
Number of Copper Collections2
Exterior MaterialCopper
Interior MaterialTin or stainless steel
Thickness1.5 mm to 2.5 mm
Oven-Safe Temperature450°F (tin interior), 500°F (steel interior)
WarrantyLifetime Warranty
Price$$$$$ (view on Amazon)

Should You Buy Mauviel Cookware?

Mauviel is a proven copper cookware brand. Not only does the company use high-quality materials, but it is committed to the traditional practice of producing each piece by hand.

When deciding whether to buy Mauviel cookware, consider these facts:


The cookware is manufactured in Villedieu-les-Poêles, France, a place known as the “city of copper” due to its 800-year history of expert craftsmanship in copper goods.

The benefit of manufacturing there is the abundance of coppersmith talent available, especially since Mauviel hand-crafts each piece. If you want to learn more, Mauviel highlights some of its expert craftspeople on its website.

Multiple Offerings

Mauviel has two main copper cookware collections: M’Heritage and M’Tradition.

M’Heritage boasts multiple options, featuring a makeup of 90% copper and 10% 18/10 stainless steel. The cookware comes in 1.5 mm of thickness for novice chefs and 2.5 mm for professionals.

Mauviel Copper Saucepan
Mauviel Copper Saucepan

It has a sleek, modern look with a smooth copper exterior and the choice of steel, bronze, or cast iron handles.

Mauviel 0 M'Heritage M'150B Copper Round Frying Pan, 8" Bronze Handle

By contrast, M’Tradition has an old-world feel, with cookware and presentation pieces perfect for small plate entertaining or even a gala-level buffet display. For example, you’ll find a butter dish, fondue station, and ice bucket. Its pieces feature a hand-hammered copper exterior with a tin interior.

Mauviel Made In France M'tradition Hammered Ice Bucket Dia with Bronze Handle

Mauviel also offers the M’Mini’s collection featuring miniature pots and pans designed for serving in high-end restaurants (or at an elegant dinner party at home).

Mauviel M'Heritage M'150B Copper Saucepan with Lid 0.8 QT- 4.7", Bronze Handle

Besides copper, the brand offers stainless steel, black tin (carbon steel), and aluminum cookware.


Since the days of Ernest Mauviel tinkering in his workshop in 1830, this brand has been a family business. That’s no small feat, considering how often brands are bought, sold, and changed hands. Today, Mauviel 1830 copper cookware is still made in France and remains committed to employing the expertise of highly-skilled copper artisans.


Mauviel 1830 offers a lifetime warranty on its cookware that covers any manufacturing defects. If a product fails under normal home use (not commercial), it can be replaced with an identical or similar item.

Oven-Safe Temperature

While the stainless steel interiors (M’Heritage collection) are oven-safe up to 500°F, you’ll need to exercise care with the tin interior collection, M’Tradition. According to Mauviel, the tin begins to blister around 460°F. Since most broilers exceed that temperature, it’s not a good idea to use M’Tradition pieces for broiled meals or high-heat roasting.

Bottom Line

Mauviel copper cookware is expensive, but you get what you pay for. This hand-crafted cookware looks as good as it performs. Since 1831, the brand has built a strong reputation and leads the copper cookware market. If you’re thinking about buying copper cookware, take a hard look at Mauviel.

Check it out on Amazon and Mauviel-USA.com.

Best Up-and-Coming Copper Cookware Brand: Made In

Made In is the best up-and-coming copper cookware brand due to its stunning design, quality materials, and high heat tolerance.

Made In logo on Copper Cookware

Don’t let the fact that Made In was founded in 2016 keep you from trying their copper cookware.

Yes, the brand is new compared to established players like Mauviel, but the co-founder, Jake Kalick, boasts a family background with a 100-year history in the kitchen supply business.

Plus, the company partners with multi-generational, family-owned manufacturers in France to make its premium copper cookware.

Made In copper cookware is not cheap by any stretch, but the prices are more affordable due to the company’s direct-to-consumer model.

Since you can only buy it on MadeInCookware.com and it’s not subject to retail markups, you get high-end copper cookware at a more affordable price than their more established competitors.

Made In Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeFrance
Number of Collections1
Exterior MaterialCopper
Interior MaterialStainless steel
Thickness2 mm
Oven-Safe Temperature800°F
Price$$$$ (view on MadeInCookware.com)

Should You Buy Made In Cookware?

Made In is fast becoming a favorite of professional and home chefs. The brand is strengthened by its commitment to sourcing raw materials and finding the best local artisans to deliver the best products, hence the name “Made In.”

For example, its copper cookware is made in France, a country known for its expertise in copperworks.

Before investing in Made In copper cookware, consider these key factors.

Elegant Design

Made In’s copper cookware is produced with a 90% copper exterior and 10% stainless steel interior.

Made In Copper Saucier with Lid
Made In Copper Saucier with Lid

Simply put, this cookware is striking. The polished copper exterior and lids against the brushed stainless steel interior and polished handles provide excellent contrast.

Made In Copper Saucier
Made In Copper Cookware

When I first purchased this set, I didn’t want to use it because it is so stunning. It’s the feeling you get when you buy a new car — you don’t want to mess it up.

If you’re looking for a set to show off, this is it.

Oven-Safe Temperatures

One of the best features of Made In copper cookware is that it can tolerate extremely high temperatures. Every pot and pan is oven-safe up to 800°F. That means you can go from stovetop to oven to broiler without the risk of damage.

Limited Offerings

Unlike many brands with multiple copper cookware collections, Made In only offers one. It includes a six-piece copper cookware set made up of a saucepan, rondeau, and saucier, all with lids. You can also buy each piece individually.

They may not have the variety of options that more established brands like Mauviel offer, but Made In is constantly coming out with new releases, so stay tuned.

Although Made In’s copper collection is limited, the brand also offers a more robust lineup of stainless steel, non-stick, and carbon steel cookware along with a line of high-quality forged kitchen knives (also made in France).

Learn more about all of Made In’s product offerings in these in-depth reviews: stainless steel, carbon steel, kitchen knives.

Limited, But Strong Reviews

Made In launched in 2016 with its signature multi-clad stainless steel cookware but didn’t release its copper collection until 2020.

Since copper is a relatively new category for Made In, there are limited reviews. However, the general theme is that buyers love the cookware. 

They’re most impressed by the brilliance of the copper, superior heat distribution, and responsiveness. I’ve been testing Made In’s copper cookware for several months and wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.

Although the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, there are a couple of complaints about patina developing on the pan after limited use. 

It’s important to know that this happens with all copper cookware. Copper cookware will never look as sparkling as it does right out of the box. The patina is normal and part of the experience of cooking with copper.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to polish and refresh the copper exterior. The best way is to use a copper cleaner, and the top-rated option is Wright’s Copper and Brass Cream Cleaner.

Bottom Line

Made In doesn’t have the history or track record of a brand like Mauviel, but when you get your hands on its stunning French-made copper cookware, you wouldn’t know.

Besides the sleek and elegant design, this cookware performs exceptionally well. It heats up quickly, responds to temperature changes well, and has the highest oven-safe temperature (800°F) of any brand in this guide.

Plus, Made In’s direct-to-consumer business model cuts costs, so you get ultra-premium cookware at a discount (it’s still pricey).

Check out Made In copper cookware on MadeInCookware.com.

Most Elegant Copper Cookware Brand: Ruffoni

Ruffoni is the best copper cookware brand in terms of sheer elegance.

Copper cookware has a certain elegance in and of itself, but Ruffoni takes it to another level, taking inspiration from “art, natural beauty, and antique crafts” in its design. 

Ruffoni Copper Cookware

The Ruffoni Way is the idea that bringing together family and friends is at the heart of its beautiful and functional cookware.

The inspiration for this Italian brand began in 1931 when Antonio Ruffoni made his first copper pot to celebrate the birth of his son, Fremide. But the company didn’t officially launch until 1962, when Fremide opened the first workshop.

The company expanded in Italy for decades but took off globally in the 1980s thanks to a partnership with Williams Sonoma and scaled further after joining The Meyer Group in 2007.

Today, Ruffoni offers copper and stainless steel cookware featuring ornate handles and eye-catching cookware shapes and fine details.

Ruffoni Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeItaly
Number of Collections3
Exterior MaterialCopper
Interior MaterialTin or stainless steel
Thickness1.5 mm to 2.5 mm
Oven-Safe Temperature450°F
Price$$$$$ (view on Amazon)

Should You Buy Ruffoni Cookware?

From everyday cooking to special-occasion entertaining, the appearance and performance of Ruffoni’s hand-crafted copper cookware make a statement.

But is it the best copper cookware brand for you?

Here are a few things to consider before buying Ruffoni:

Construction Choices

Ruffoni offers both tin-lined (Historia) and stainless-interior (Symphonia Cupra and Opus Cupra) collections.

Tin does not stick as much as stainless, so some home chefs prefer it. But tin can degrade and require re-tinning. 


Ruffoni offers re-tinning at cost, plus shipping. Most copper cookware companies do not offer re-tinning, never mind at-cost re-tinning.


The most unique aspect of Ruffoni copper cookware is its elegant design.

Ruffoni Historia Hammered Copper stock pot
Ruffoni Historia Hammered Copper stock pot

The Historia and Opus Cupra collections feature intricate handles and knobs. The handles of solid bronze resemble natural elements such as leaves, nuts, and vegetables.

Ruffoni Historia
Ruffoni Historia. Photo credit: us.ruffoni.net
Ruffoni Opus Cupra
Ruffoni Opus Cupra. Photo credit: us.ruffoni.net

If you prefer more modern cookware, the Symphonia Cupra collection features traditional polished stainless handles.

Ruffoni Symphonia Cupra Stainless Steel Triply Copper Stock Pot/Stockpot with Lid - 8 Quart, Brown

All Ruffoni collections feature an elegant hammered exterior, making the copper glisten as you move it.

Oven-Safe Temperatures

Understandably, the tin-lined pots and pans have a low oven-safe temperature, but even Ruffoni’s stainless steel interior collections max out at 450°F. That is relatively low compared to some of the other stainless steel-lined copper pans on the market, especially when compared to Made In, which are oven-safe up to 800°F.


Ruffoni backs its products with a lifetime warranty. As long as you use your pots and pans at home, Ruffoni will replace any defective item. That does not cover normal wear-and-tear or re-tinning.

Bottom Line

Ruffoni copper cookware is expensive, so you need to fall in love with the design for it to be worth it. But, if you appreciate the ornate, one-of-a-kind details from a brand that’s been perfecting the craft for decades, Ruffoni copper cookware is an excellent choice.

Learn more and check the current prices on Amazon.

Best Induction-Compatible Copper Cookware Brand: Hestan CopperBond

Hestan CopperBond is the best copper cookware brand for induction cooktops.

Hestan CopperBond Collection Ultimate Set - 100% Pure Copper Core & Stainless Steel Base, Assortment of Pots, Pans & Skillets, Made in Italy, 10-Piece Set, Copper

In fact, it’s one of the few copper collections compatible with induction. Why? Because induction cooktops work by transferring electromagnetic currents directly into the cookware, the material touching the cooktop surface must be magnetic. 

Since copper is not magnetic, traditional copper cookware requires an induction disk between the pan and the cooking surface.

However, this is not the case with Hestan CopperBond cookware. Thanks to its wrap-around magnetic stainless steel bottom, the cookware is ready to use on all cooktops, including induction.

Innovation is at the heart of Hestan’s founder Stanley Chen, a long-time culinary expert and an early pioneer of hard-anodized cookware in the ‘70s. Although Hestan is based in California, the copper cookware is made by expert craftspeople in Italy.

Hestan CopperBond Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeItaly
Number of Collections1
Exterior MaterialCopper
Interior MaterialStainless steel
Thickness1 mm (copper core layer only)
Oven-Safe Temperature600°F
Price$$$$ (view on Amazon)

Should You Buy Hestan CopperBond Cookware?

On the surface, Hestan CopperBond checks all of the boxes. It’s compatible with all cooktops, boasts a high oven-safe temperature, and is broiler-safe. The cookware is stylish and one of the most affordable high-end brands.

But, is it right for you?

Consider these facts before you purchase:


As mentioned, Hestan CopperBond is unique in that it is induction-compatible, when most copper cookware brands are not.


Hestan CopperBond is nowhere near a budget buy, but it’s notably less expensive than other premium copper cookware. It’s cheaper than brands like Mauviel and Ruffoni because a higher percentage of its makeup is steel.


CopperBond looks like copper cookware, but in reality, it’s a hybrid of copper and stainless steel.

It boasts a 5-ply construction with a stainless steel interior and bottom, a copper core, and a copper wrap-around exterior. 

Hestan CopperBond Collection Ultimate Set - 100% Pure Copper Core & Stainless Steel Base, Assortment of Pots, Pans & Skillets, Made in Italy, 10-Piece Set, Copper

This construction provides the look of copper without the super high-end price and necessary maintenance. Yet, if you’re looking for more traditional cookware with a 100% copper exterior, this is a miss.


Hestan CopperBond cookware features a functional design that is less about being ornate and more about delivering easier maintenance, durability, and performance.

Hestan CopperBond Collection Ultimate Set - 100% Pure Copper Core & Stainless Steel Base, Assortment of Pots, Pans & Skillets, Made in Italy, 10-Piece Set, Copper

Rivets securing the handles are flush with the interior surface for easy cleanup and nesting storage.

The 18/10 stainless surface and reinforced flared rims can handle heavy use. Plus, the skillets feature a greater surface area than most, offering more space for cooking.

This collection won the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2021. The press release states, “CopperBond modernizes the look, function, durability, and versatility of traditional copper cookware.” Well said.


Due to the construction, Hestan CopperBond is made to last and will offer more durability than copper alone, as stainless steel is a harder metal and less prone to corrosion.

Bottom Line

Hestan CopperBond is award-winning copper cookware and one of the only options compatible with induction cooktops.

Compared to the other brands in this guide, Hestan is the most practical. Its fully-clad steel construction mixed with copper makes it the most durable, low maintenance, and affordable (yet still very pricey) option.

Learn more about Hestand CopperBond cookware on Amazon. See how Hestan compares to All-Clad in this in-depth comparison.

Best Professional-Grade Copper Cookware Brand: Matfer Bourgeat

Matfer Bourgeat is the best professional-grade brand of copper cookware.

Matfer Bourgeat Matfer 915901 8 Piece Bourgeat Copper Cookware Set,

It’s a French family-owned company that’s been around for 200 years and in the United States for the last 30 years.

Matfer Bourgeaut caters its products to professional kitchens in restaurants, hotels, bakeries, and cooking schools, but home chefs with culinary skills also covet this cookware.

While it’s sold primarily via restaurant suppliers, you can purchase it on Amazon from third-party sellers.

If you have an advanced skill level and want to use professional-grade copper cookware, this is the brand for you.

Matfer Bourgeat Quick Facts 

Where It’s MadeFrance
Number of Collections1
Exterior MaterialCopper
Interior MaterialStainless steel
Thickness2.5 mm
Oven-Safe Temperature550°F
Price$$$$ (view on Amazon)

Should You Buy Matfer Bourgeat Cookware?

Matfer Bourgeat copper cookware is designed for professional use, but it delivers excellent results at home, too.

Here are the key factors to consider before you purchase:

Trusted by the Pros

Matfer Bourgeat copper cookware is a staple in professional kitchens, especially at high-end French restaurants.

Matfer Bourgeat Matfer 915901 8 Piece Bourgeat Copper Cookware Set,

Trained chefs often reach for copper cookware because it offers the responsiveness and precision necessary for complex dishes or just as a time-saver, as professional kitchens must work efficiently.

Its thick 2.5mm walls make this brand much heavier and more sturdy than most copper cookware. And the cast iron handles add another element of durability. It’s the type of cookware you can beat up a bit and not worry about it warping or denting.

One-Year Warranty

Matfer Bourgeat USA offers a one-year warranty on most of its cookware, including copper. That’s pretty limited, especially when you consider how expensive the cookware is. Most high-end brands offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Limited Design Choices

Matfer Bourgeat offers only one copper collection, with some nuances in handles such as brass or cast iron. The interior of all pieces is stainless steel.

Matfer Bourgeat Matfer 915901 8 Piece Bourgeat Copper Cookware Set,

The overall design is no-frills, and the cast iron handles are a bit bulky. I wouldn’t describe this cookware as elegant, but that makes sense because it is geared toward workhorse-style kitchens.


Expect to pay top dollar. If you are on a budget and looking for the most affordable copper cookware, keep looking.

Bottom Line

Matfer Bourgeat copper cookware is designed to withstand the rigor of a fast-paced professional kitchen. 

It has thicker walls than most copper cookware and rugged cast iron handles. Its weight makes it feel more like cast iron than copper. What it lacks in elegance, it makes up for in durability.

If you want to cook with the brand that the pros use, Matfer Bourgeat is an excellent choice. Just be prepared; it’s an investment. 

Learn more and check the current prices on Amazon.

Other Copper Cookware Brands Worth Considering

I’ve shared the best copper cookware brands in this guide according to my research and personal experience.

If you’ve examined each of the brands in this guide and still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, here are a few others worth considering.

de Buyer

De Buyer is a French cookware brand that’s been around since 1830.

De Buyer - Round Frypan - Prima Matera Induction 11''

They make their copper cookware in France and offer several unique collections, including Inocuivre Tradition, Inocuivre Service, or Prima Matera. Each has a signature style, but all feature stainless interiors and polished copper exteriors. The Prima Matera collection is compatible with induction cooktops.

Learn more about de Buyer copper cookware on Amazon.


Founded in 1901, this Italian brand offers high-performing copper cookware featuring an elegant hammered exterior.

Lagostina Martellata Hammered Copper 18/10 Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 10-Piece, Copper

It features tri-ply construction with an aluminum core, copper exterior, and 18/10 stainless steel interior cooking surface.

The polished stainless lids and handles offer exceptional contrast against the textured copper exterior. It has a max temperature of 500°F and is broiler-safe, but it’s not induction-compatible. It’s beautiful cookware, and you can’t beat the price.

Learn more about Lagostina copper cookware on Amazon.

Williams Sonoma ThermoClad Copper

Williams Sonoma draws on 50 years of culinary expertise and savvy collaborations to produce professional-level cookware for the home chef. 

Williams Sonoma ThermoClad Copper Cookware
Photo credit: Williams-Sonoma.com

The ThermoClad Copper collection was created through a partnership with Ruffoni coppersmiths and designed with the home chef in mind. 

It offers a polished copper exterior with 18/10 stainless on the interior and is oven safe to 450°F. It features a recessed, two-ply stainless insulated lid to keep food warm. You can buy it as a set or individually.

Learn more about Williams Sonoma ThermoClad copper cookware on Williams-Sonoma.com.

Bottom Line: Which Copper Cookware Brand Is the Best?

Now that you know the key details about the top copper cookware brands, it’s time to decide which is best for you.

Before I make my recommendation, let’s recap the main pros and cons of each brand.

Mauviel 1830: Multiple offerings, choice of tin or stainless interior, excellent reputation and lifetime warranty, but expensive with a low oven-safe maximum temperature.

Made In: High oven-safe temperature, direct-to-consumer pricing, lifetime warranty, and elegantly designed, but limited offerings and new to the marketplace (they released the copper collection in 2020).

Ruffoni: Choice of tin or stainless interior, stunning ornate or modern design options, and a long history and warranty, but expensive with a low maximum oven-safe temperature.

Hestan CopperBond: Award-winning, multi-clad design with induction compatibility. More affordable and durable than competitors, but new to the market and not the traditional copper cookware construction (more stainless than copper).

Matfer Bourgeat: Proven track record, professional-grade copper cookware used by top chefs, but only a 1-year warranty, limited offerings, and extremely expensive.

Bottom line — the best copper cookware will depend on your design preferences, cooking needs, and budget.

If you plan to cook a lot in the oven, go with a brand like Made In that offers higher oven-safe temperatures.

If you want the convenience of a stick-resistant cooking surface, go with Mauviel 1830, which offers copper pots and pans with a tin lining.

If it’s all about an old-world aesthetic, choose Ruffoni.

Copper is more expensive than cookware made from other materials, so do your research and choose wisely.

Plus, it heats quickly, so it might require a bit of a learning curve when you first start using it. Overall, copper is a worthy addition to the kitchen for any serious home chef.

My top picks are Mauviel and Made In. Mauviel offers the best of both worlds, whether you want a traditional or modern feel, while Made In offers a limited yet stunning copper collection at a fair price.

You can read more reviews and check the current prices of all the brands in this guide by navigating the links below:

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