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Best Cookware for Gas Stoves: Top Brands Reviewed

Almost all cookware is compatible with gas stoves, but some brands perform better than others.

In this guide, I reveal the best cookware for gas stoves. I break it down by material, including stainless steel, non-stick, and cast iron.

You’ll learn:

  • What makes each option unique
  • How it performs
  • Why it’s the best cookware for gas stoves
  • And more

So if you’re shopping for pots and pans but want to ensure the brand you buy will perform great on your gas stove, keep reading.

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Doesn’t All Cookware Work on Gas Stoves?

Before I get started, you’re probably wondering:

Doesn’t all cookware work on gas stoves?

The short answer is yes. Almost all cookware is safe to use on a gas stove, but certain types perform better and last longer than others.

Whether you are considering stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum non-stick, or cast iron, here are the key factors to consider:

Heat retention — One of the most important factors to consider is heat retention. Since the flames from the gas burners come in direct contact with the pans, it’s easy to overheat and burn your food. Look for thick pans that retain heat well. These pans will heat slower but more evenly. They provide more leeway if you turn the heat too high, and they maintain a steady temperature as you add ingredients.

Even heating — Similarly, look for cookware that heats evenly. Materials like aluminum and fully-clad stainless steel are known for even heat distribution. Avoid pans made with an impact-bonded base because the heat won’t spread evenly up the sides. Pans with thin walls typically have hot and cold spots that result in uneven cooking.

Warp-resistant — Thick pans, like cast iron and fully-clad stainless steel, are less prone to warping. They are an excellent choice for gas stoves because they retain their shape even when the heat is high. Unlike electric stoves, which heat up gradually, gas stoves go from off to high heat in seconds. So you need pans that can handle that rapid temperature change.

High heat tolerance — Gas stoves don’t deliver gradual or cyclical (heating element goes off and on) heat like electric stoves. When you turn the burner on, the flame delivers an immediate burst of direct heat, which persists until you turn the dial down. Your cookware should be able to handle the high heat of a direct flame.

Durable exterior — Choose a pan without a mirror finish or exterior coatings like colored aluminum or ceramic. The cast iron grates on a gas stove will scratch these finishes. Dark or brushed metal exteriors are ideal for gas stoves because discoloration from the hot flames is less noticeable.

Sturdy handles — Choose a pan with sturdy handles when cooking on a gas cooktop. Ideally, you want long steel handles to keep your hands safe and far away from the flame. Avoid plastic or silicone-wrapped handles because they can melt if they get too hot.

Size — Make sure your pot or pan fits securely on top of the stove grates. The grates should contact the pan at three or more points. If a pan is too small, it can tip over and create a dangerous mess. This is a common issue with saucepans that are 2 quarts or less.

Best Stainless Steel Cookware for Gas Stoves: Made In

Made In Review

Made In is the best stainless steel cookware for gas stoves because its thick 5-ply construction heats evenly and retains heat well, the brushed exterior doesn’t scratch when rubbed against stove grates, and the stainless steel handle is long and stays cool.

The company’s online-first business model cuts out the intermediaries, avoids retail markups, and makes its cookware more affordable than other premium cookware brands.

It’s used in Michelin-star restaurants, including Alinea in Chicago and Le Bernardin in New York City, and has received thousands of five-star reviews.

Made In selects the best manufacturing partners for its cookware offerings. Its stainless steel offerings are primarily made in Italy and have a maximum oven-safe temperature of 800°F — much higher than some high-end brands like All-Clad and Calphalon.

Made In Quick Facts

Base MaterialStainless steel
Non-Stick CoatingN/A
Handle MaterialStainless steel
Lid MaterialStainless steel
Exterior ColorBrushed stainless steel
Interior ColorBrushed stainless steel
Thickness3 mm
Induction CompatibleYes
Oven Safe Temperature800°F
Dishwasher SafeNot recommended
Broiler SafeYes
Metal Utensil SafeNot recommended
Where It’s MadeItaly (Saucier is made in the USA)
Price$$-$$$ (view on MadeInCookware.com and Amazon)
Unique FeatureHigh heat tolerance and superior heat retention

Why You Should Buy Made In

I’ve been using Made In for several years, and it’s the best stainless steel cookware for gas stoves because of its high heat tolerance, excellent heat retention, and even heat distribution.

Made In brushed stainless steel exterior
Made In brushed stainless steel exterior

The maximum temperature of 800°F makes it suitable for direct flame contact. It’s also fully clad (multiple layers of bonded metal) with a 5-ply construction that heats quickly and retains heat well once it gets up to temperature.

During my heat conduction and distribution test, Made In’s stainless steel fry pan took 1 minute and 40 seconds to begin forming bubbles and 2 minutes and 21 seconds to produce a rolling boil. It boiled water faster than 15 other respected cookware brands, such as All-Clad, Demeyere, and Zwilling.

Also, the bubbles were uniform across the cooking surface, indicating completely even heating.

Made In even heating
Made In even heating

After the boiling test, I measured the water temperature at five and ten minutes to test how well the pan retained heat. Water in the Made In pan showed a temperature reading of 121.1°F after 5 minutes and 106.6° after 10 minutes. Of the 20 pans I tested, Made In showed the best heat retention.

Made In Cookware Review_Heat Retention vs. Competition
Water temperature in the Made In pan after five minutes

Other reasons why Made In is the best stainless steel cookware for a gas stove:

  • It features a sturdy, riveted stainless steel handle. The ergonomic handle is designed to stay cool when cooking on a stove. It’s hollow inside, which disperses heat and keeps your hand safe.
Top of Made In pan handle
  • The brushed stainless steel exterior doesn’t scratch easily on the cast iron grates of a gas cooktop, keeping it looking newer for longer.
Made In stainless steel saucier made in the USA_2
Made In stainless steel saucier
  • It’s also a more budget-friendly stainless steel option because of the direct-to-consumer model.

Learn more in my in-depth Made In cookware review or check current prices and information on MadeInCookware.com and Amazon.

Best High-End Cookware for Gas Stoves: Demeyere Atlantis

Demeyere Atlantis Skillet
Demeyere Atlantis Skillet

If you are looking for high-end cookware that works exceptionally well on gas stoves and is worth the splurge, Demeyere Atlantis is the best option.

Its 7-ply construction, made with alternating steel, silver, and copper layers, results in slow but uniform heating. And because the walls are so thick (5 mm), it retains heat like cast iron and you never have to worry about warping.

Although Demeyere isn’t the most budget-friendly brand, this cookware is made in Belgium to the highest quality standards, and the performance and durability justify the cost.

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Demeyere Atlantis Quick Facts

Base MaterialStainless steel
Non-Stick CoatingN/A
Handle MaterialStainless steel
Lid MaterialStainless steel
Exterior ColorBrushed stainless steel with a polished stainless steel band
Interior ColorBrushed stainless steel
Thickness5 mm
Induction CompatibleYes
Oven Safe Temperature500°F
Dishwasher SafeYes, but not recommended
Broiler SafeYes
Metal Utensil SafeNot recommended
Where It’s MadeBelgium
Price$$$$ (View on Zwilling.com and Amazon)
Unique FeatureThick walls; Rivetless handles; Silvinox finish

Why You Should Buy Demeyere Atlantis

Demeyere Atlantis is the best high-end cookware for gas stoves because of its thick pan walls. The 7-layer construction allows the pan to heat gradually. It’s not the quickest cookware to heat,  but when it gets hot, it stays that way.

Cooking salmon in the Demeyere Atlantis fry pan
Cooking salmon in the Demeyere Atlantis fry pan

Unlike most cookware collections that use the same materials and construction across all pots and pans, Demeyere takes a different approach with its Atlantis collection. The frying pans and conical pieces like sauciers are made one way, and the stock pots, saucepans, saute pans, and other pieces with vertical sides are made another way.

With frying pans, the cooking surface is 18/10 stainless steel, the core is three layers of aluminum, and the exterior is made up of three layers of steel which adds thickness and durability — ideal for high-heat cooking on gas stoves.

Demeyere Atlantis Exterior
Demeyere Atlantis Exterior

Atlantis stock pots, saute pans, and other pieces with vertical sides are not fully clad. Instead, these pieces have a cladded base with thin stainless steel sides because they’re primarily used for heating liquids. The liquid inside the pot or pan will evenly distribute the heat; therefore, thick fully-clad walls aren’t necessary and would only create unneeded weight (and cost).

The base of these pieces is made up of 18/10 stainless steel on the cooking surface, a layer of silver, then copper, then silver again, and finally, the same three-layer steel base as the Atlantis frying pans.

The point is, Demeyere is obsessed with the details. A ton of research and development goes into each piece of cookware to ensure the best overall performance.

In addition to its unique layering, this collection also features a secure, welded stainless steel handle. The handle is Y-shaped, helping it to stay cooler, especially on a gas cooktop. Its rivet-free design makes it easier to keep the interior cooking surface clean.

Demeyere Atlantis Rivetless Interior
Demeyere Atlantis Rivetless Interior

Other reasons why it’s an excellent choice for a gas stove:

  • Demeyere applies a unique electrochemical surface treatment called Silvinox to each pan. This treatment removes iron and impurities from the steel’s surface, producing a brilliant shine that won’t discolor due to hot flames.
Bottom of Demeyere Atlantis and Industry pans
Bottom of Demeyere Atlantis (left) and Industry (right) pans
  • The pan’s thickness and flat base make it less prone to warping, especially when exposed to extreme, direct heat.
Measuring the thickness of a Demeyere Atlantis pan with a micrometer
Measuring the thickness of a Demeyere Atlantis pan with a micrometer

All that said, Demeyere Atlantis is the most expensive cookware in this guide. But if you have the budget, it is worth the investment. Cookware like this can last a lifetime with proper care.

Check out my Demeyere cookware review to learn more about the brand, or check the current prices on Zwilling.com and Amazon.

Best Non-Stick Cookware for Gas Stoves: All-Clad HA1

All-Clad HA1 fry pan
All-Clad HA1 fry pan

Although All-Clad is best known for its premium stainless steel cookware, its HA1 collection is the best non-stick cookware for gas stoves.

All-Clad has been in business since the 1970s. The founder, John Ulam, is credited with inventing fully-clad stainless steel cookware, which is still the brand’s bread and butter.

But as the popularity of non-stick pans continued to rise throughout the 1990s and 2000s, All-Clad launched the HA1 collection to compete with brands like Calphalon, T-fal, and Anolon.

It’s ideal for gas stoves because its thick hard-anodized aluminum base, 3-layer non-stick coating, and steel base plate make this cookware significantly more durable than most.

All-Clad HA1 Quick Facts

Base MaterialHard-anodized aluminum
Non-Stick CoatingPTFE non-stick
Handle MaterialStainless steel
Lid MaterialTempered glass
Exterior ColorBlack
Interior ColorBlack
Thickness4 mm
Induction CompatibleYes
Oven Safe Temperature500°F
Dishwasher SafeYes, but not recommended
Broiler SafeNo
Metal Utensil SafeNo
Where It’s MadeChina
Price$$-$$$ (View on All-Clad.com and Amazon)
Unique FeatureTriple-layer non-stick; Anti-warp steel base plate

Why You Should Buy All-Clad HA1

There are dozens of non-stick cookware collections on the market, so what makes All-Clad HA1 the best for gas stoves?

Simply put, it’s more durable than the competition.

The heavy-gauge (thick) aluminum undergoes a hardening process, making it more durable and corrosion-resistant than regular aluminum.

All-Clad HA1 thick pan walls
All-Clad HA1 thick pan walls

On top of that, the cooking surface is coated three times with PTFE (similar to Teflon). So surface scratches won’t penetrate through to the aluminum.

All-Clad HA1 hard anodized aluminum base
All-Clad HA1 non-stick coating

Most non-stick cookware has a maximum temperature ranging from 350°F to 450°F, but All-Clad HA1 is safe up to 500°F. You can transfer the cookware from your gas stovetop to your oven without risk of overheating (unless your oven is hotter than 500°F, of course).

Also, the steel plate on the bottom of each pan prevents warping and ensures the pan sits flat on the stove. Because of its dark exterior, you won’t have to worry about unsightly scratches or discoloration on the bottom.

Bottom of All-Clad HA1 fry pan
Bottom of All-Clad HA1 fry pan

Besides durability, this cookware performs exceptionally well. It heats fast and evenly, and the thick walls retain heat well.

Each pan has All-Clad’s signature cup-shaped handle, which allows you to press your thumb into the groove. This design provides a secure grip and ensures the pan won’t rotate in your hand when you pour liquids or slide food onto a plate.

All-Clad HA1 handle
All-Clad HA1 handle

If you’ve ever held a rounded handle with an oven mitt on, you know how easily the pan can rotate and slip in your hand. With All-Clad, function and safety are paramount.

Some people complain that the handle is uncomfortable, but it’s better than losing your grip while holding rounded handles.

Want to see what this cookware looks like up close? Check out my All-Clad HA1 unboxing or read my in-depth review of this collection. You can also check current prices on All-Clad.com and Amazon.

Best American-Made Cookware for Gas Stoves: All-Clad D5

All-Clad D5 12 inch fry pan
All-Clad D5

If you’re looking to buy the best American-made cookware for gas stoves, I recommend All-Clad’s D5 collection. All-Clad cookware is on this list twice, and for good reasons. It’s an excellent cookware brand that’s proven to perform and last.

As mentioned in the previous section, All-Clad’s founder, John Ulam, pioneered bonded (clad) stainless steel. And over time, All-Clad has perfected the process.

All of the brand’s stainless steel pieces are still made in the United States, in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (the birthplace of All-Clad). However, the handles and lids are made in China.

All-Clad D5 bonded engineered and assembled in the USA
All-Clad D5 bonded, engineered, and assembled in the USA

Let’s explore what makes D5 so unique.

All-Clad D5 Quick Facts

Base MaterialStainless steel
Non-Stick CoatingN/A
Handle MaterialStainless steel
Lid MaterialStainless steel
Exterior ColorStainless steel (brushed or polished)
Interior ColorStainless steel (brushed or polished)
Thickness3 mm
Induction CompatibleYes
Oven Safe Temperature600°F
Dishwasher SafeNo
Broiler SafeYes
Metal Utensil SafeNot recommended
Where It’s MadeU.S.
Price$$$-$$$$ (view on All-Clad.com or Amazon)
Unique FeatureMade in the U.S.; steel core; brushed finish

Why You Should Buy All-Clad D5

One of the main reasons All-Clad D5 cookware works so well on gas stoves is its unique construction. It’s made of five boned layers:

  • Interior: stainless steel
  • Inner layer: aluminum
  • Core: steel
  • Inner layer: aluminum
  • Exterior: stainless steel
All-Clad D5 Cookware Bonded Layers
All-Clad D5 Cookware Bonded Layers

Most stainless steel cookware has an aluminum core since aluminum has high thermal conductivity (it heats fast), but All-Clad D5 has two layers of aluminum wrapped around a thin steel core. The steel core diffuses heat transfer, so the cookware heats slower and more evenly.

In other words, All-Clad D5 is more forgiving. It heats fast, but not as rapidly as standard aluminum-core stainless steel cookware. And once it gets hot, it holds onto heat well. You’re less likely to burn food if you accidentally turn the heat too high.

Other reasons All-Clad D5 is ideal for gas stoves:

  • This cookware comes with either a brushed or polished finish. I recommend the brushed finish for gas stoves because it hides scratches (from the gas stove’s iron grates) better.
All-Clad D5 brushed exterior
All-Clad D5 brushed exterior and flared rims
  • Its thick (3 mm) walls can handle direct flames without warping.
All-Clad D5 brushed exterior 2
  • The cupped handle on the D5 collection’s cookware is sturdy and provides a secure grip. And the handles are angled upward, keeping your hand far from the hot flames.
All-Clad D5 handles side angle
All-Clad D5 handles

While D5 is expensive, it’s more affordable than other All-Clad options, such as Copper Core. And with a lifetime warranty and the brand’s long, proven track record, you can feel confident that you are getting stainless steel cookware that will last.

Watch my All-Clad D5 unboxing video to get an up-close, or go to All-Clad.com or Amazon to see the current prices.

Best Cast Iron Cookware for Gas Stoves: Lodge

Are Lodge cast iron skillets good_in-depth review

Cast iron cookware is made for gas stoves. It’s thick, rugged, and holds heat better than all other materials.

Regardless of brand, you won’t have to worry about scratches, discoloration, heat limitations, or heat retention.

That said, the best cast iron cookware for gas stoves is Lodge because of its superior heat retention, large helper handles, and the plethora of size options.

Lodge has one of the longest track records of success in the business. They’ve made cast iron cookware in Pittsburg, Tennessee, since 1896.

Lodge Quick Facts

Base MaterialPre-seasoned cast iron
Non-Stick CoatingN/A
Handle MaterialCast iron
Lid MaterialCast iron (when available)
Exterior ColorBlack
Interior ColorBlack
Thickness5 mm
Induction CompatibleYes
Oven Safe TemperatureCast iron can handle over 2000F, but the seasoning will degrade above 500F
Dishwasher SafeNo
Broiler SafeYes
Metal Utensil SafeYes, but it can remove the seasoning
Where It’s MadeU.S.
Price$-$$ (view on Amazon)
Unique FeatureAmerican-made cast iron that’s affordable

Why You Should Buy Lodge

If you have a gas stove and are on a budget, Lodge is one of the most affordable choices. It makes pre-seasoned cast iron ready to use out of the box (after a quick wash).

It’s one of the best options for a gas stove because you can cook at any level of heat. From a gas flame on your stove or grill to an open campfire, Lodge cast iron can handle the heat.

And even though it heats slowly, once it gets hot, it stays that way. The slow heating is due to the thick walls, but that’s also what makes it durable and long-lasting.

Recently, I tested a Lodge cast iron skillet to gauge its level of heat retention. I put it up against a Calphalon cast iron skillet.

Lodge versus Calphalon cast iron skillet performance
Lodge versus Calphalon cast iron skillet performance

After bringing cold water to a boil and removing both pans from the stove, I took the temperature of the water after five and ten minutes:

  • After five minutes, the water in the Lodge skillet was 131°F. The temperature in the Calphalon skillet was 125°F.
  • After ten minutes, the Lodge skillet’s water was at 116°F, Calphalon, 109°F.
Lodge cast iron skillet heat retention test results
Lodge cast iron skillet heat retention test results

The Lodge cast iron skillet retained heat longer. It also distributed heat more evenly than Calphalon, as indicated by the uniform bubbles as the water boiled.

In addition to its superior heat retention, Lodge cast iron skillets have wide helper handles and a curved ledge underneath the handle. These handles provide a secure grip for transferring the skillet from the gas stove to the oven.

Lodge cast iron skillet interior
Lodge cast iron skillet helper handle
Lodge cast iron skillet helper handle

Lastly, Lodge cast iron skillets come in nine sizes, ranging from 3.5 to 15 inches. Remember to choose cookware that fits on your gas stove. You don’t want a pan that’s too small because it won’t sit securely on the grates, and you don’t want one too big because it won’t heat evenly.

Lodge cast iron skillet sizes

Check out my Lodge cast iron skillet review to learn more, or check the current prices on Amazon.

Bottom Line: What’s the Best Cookware for Gas Stoves?

The best cookware for gas stoves can handle high heat, hold up to the rough grates of a gas burner, and provide even heating as you cook.

The best materials are fully-clad stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum, and cast iron.

Here’s a quick recap of the top picks:

  • Made In stainless clad cookware provides stellar performance at a lower price than competitors like All-Clad and Demeyere. Its brushed exterior, cool handles, and superior heat conduction and retention make it the best stainless steel cookware for gas stoves.
  • Demeyere Atlantis boasts 7-layer construction with a copper core for superior heat conduction. It’s the thickest stainless steel cookware I’ve reviewed, and because of that, it maintains its temperature better than most. Plus, the Silvinox treatment prevents discoloration and keeps the stainless steel looking new.
  • All-Clad HA1 is a winner if you want a non-stick option that holds up well on a gas stove. The hard-anodized aluminum is sturdy, can withstand intense heat, and provides even heating.
  • All-Clad D5 has a unique steel core that ensures the cookware heats evenly and maintains a steady temperature. The brushed finish hides marks and scratches, and the handles stay cool on the stove.
  • Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron is an affordable and durable choice. It’s ideal for direct flame cooking from gas stoves to campfires. It is a master of heat retention, although it heats slowly.

You can read dozens of other reviews and compare the current prices of each option at the links below.

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