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The Most Reliable Gas Range Brands (And Brands to Avoid)

Are you shopping for a new gas range and wondering which brand is the most reliable?

You’ll find various opinions and anecdotes on blogs and forums, but which brands can you really trust?

To find out, I interviewed nine appliance repair professionals, analyzed service rates from leading appliance companies, and reviewed thousands of customer testimonials.

In this guide, you’ll learn the truth about which gas range brands are the most reliable. I’ll also reveal the least reliable brands so you know what to avoid.

If you’re also considering electric, check out my guide to the most reliable electric gas ranges.

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Key Takeaways

If you’re in a hurry, here’s what you need to know about the most and least reliable gas range brands:

What Gas Range Repair Professionals Say: I interviewed nine appliance service companies, and GE was the most recommended gas range brand with five positive votes. Most experts agreed that Samsung (7 negative votes) and LG (6 negative votes) are the least reliable brands. Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Thermador were also frequently mentioned as reliable brands. Skip ahead to read quotes from the pros.

Yale Appliance’s Annual Gas Range Reliability Report: Yale Appliance’s annual report, a trusted source in the appliance industry, shows that LG had the lowest service rate (1st-year service calls divided by units sold) at 2.5% in the most recent report. However, this contradicts the opinions of several repair technicians who recommend avoiding LG. Keep in mind that these service rates only consider the first year and don’t cover all brands. Skip ahead to see all the data.

Most Reliable Gas Range Brands

  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool was excluded from Yale’s most recent reliability report but had the lowest service rate in 2022 at 2.5%. Two out of nine appliance repair pros recommended Whirlpool.
  • GE: GE Profile ranked second in the most recent Yale report with a 3.6% service rate. However, GE Appliances had a higher service rate of 13.9% in 2024. Five out of nine repair companies confirmed GE’s reliability.
  • Thermador: Although expensive, Thermador is known for its reliability and unique Star Burner design. It’s recognized for high standards in manufacturing, with three out of nine professionals naming it a reliable brand.

Least Reliable Gas Range Brands

  • Samsung: Despite an excellent service rate of 4.5 in Yale’s 2022 report (Yale stopped selling Samsung so it’s not included in more recent reports), professionals consider Samsung unreliable due to difficulties acquiring parts and frequent repair needs.
  • LG: LG had the lowest service rate in Yale’s 2024 report at 2.5%. However, repair professionals warn against LG ranges due to challenges in repairs and parts availability.

Bottom Line: Based on data gathered from interviewing several appliance repair professionals, Yale’s reports, and hundreds of customer reviews, Whirlpool, GE, and Thermador are the most reliable gas range brands. Despite favorable service rates in Yale’s reports, Samsung and LG are often flagged by repair professionals for their lack of reliability. Before buying a gas range, consult with local repair companies to ensure they service the brands you’re considering.

What Gas Range Repair Professionals Say

The best way to understand which gas range brands are the most reliable is to ask the professionals servicing these appliances every day. So, that’s what I did.

I reached out to nine appliance service companies and asked two questions:

  • Which gas range brands are the most reliable?
  • Which gas range brands are the least reliable?

The chart below summarizes the responses. As you’ll see, most professionals agree that GE is one of the most reliable brands, but there was no clear runner-up. Samsung and LG were mentioned most often as brands to avoid.

BrandVotes for Most Reliable Gas RangeVotes for Least Reliable Gas Range
Blue Star10
Five Star10

Here’s exactly what each repair company said.

Kirch Appliance, a company based in Madison, Wisconsin, said, “Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and GE, are the most reliable gas range brands. Avoid LG and Samsung because parts are difficult to get. Also, avoid ranges with the double oven feature. Some manufacturers are removing the broil/storage drawer and adding a second smaller oven or having a removable tray to split the main oven into two separate ones. These types of ovens need servicing more often.” 

Total Appliance Service, a repair company servicing Northeast Ohio, said, “Wolf is by far the leader in cooking appliances, and the support you receive is outstanding. Stay away from the LG and Samsung brands. We do not service them at all, and on average, we get 20-30 calls a day from customers trying to find anyone that would service these brands. General Electric is a good brand, but replacement parts are slightly more expensive than Frigidaire. Bosch and Thermador are good brands as well.”

DGI Appliance Repair, a Waxhaw, North Carolina company, said, “stay away from Samsung, LG, and Frigidaire. Unfortunately, price or features do not guarantee a reliable unit.”

J&R Appliance Repair, a company that’s been servicing appliances in New Milford, Connecticut, for over 40 years, said, “We don’t like recommending particular brands because most are not made for longevity. However, we highly recommend against buying LG and Samsung products; those seem to have the most issues and need servicing most often.”

Appliance Dean, a company servicing the Atlanta, Georgia, area, said, “Blue Star & Thermador are fabulous. Viking and Wolf are overpriced, parts are expensive, and they’re expensive to fix. Five Star and LG are good brands. Most gas ranges are reliable — the same cannot be said for refrigerators.”

Ferrari Appliance, an appliance sales and service company based in Connecticut, broke it down by budget. They said, “The most reliable gas ranges vary by budget. On the low end, Amana and Hotpoint are great options. Whirlpool, GE, and Frigidaire are reliable mid-range options. And GE Profile and KitchenAid are the most reliable high-end gas ranges.”

When I asked about the least reliable gas ranges, he said, “LG and Samsung are more difficult to fix. Parts are harder to come by, and their customer service is not great.”

Wickford Appliance Sales & Service, a Westerly, Rhode Island company, said, “I have had good luck with GE Profile, KitchenAid, and Bosch. I would personally steer clear of Samsung.”

Keith’s Appliance, a sales and service business in Mystic, Connecticut, said, “Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Premium brands like Wolf, Miele, and Thermador are the most reliable because they have strict quality control and high standards for performance. With luxury brands, you can actually feel the difference in fit and finish. These brands feature hand finishing and polishing, heavier knobs and doors, soft-close doors, etc.” 

A & A Repair, an appliance service company in North Haven, Connecticut, said, “I would avoid Samsung and LG. The rest are pretty much the same. Ranges with simple features are usually the most reliable.”

Results From Yale Appliance’s Annual Gas Range Reliability Report

Yale Appliance is a Boston-based, family-owned appliance retailer and service company that’s been in business since 1923.

Every year, the company publishes detailed reviews of household appliances, identifying the most reliable brands, including gas ranges.

With nearly 100 years of experience selling and repairing appliances, Yale has a comprehensive knowledge of products and brands. However, the annual report is based on data from actual service calls, not anecdotes or predictions.

Service rates are calculated by dividing the number of service calls for a specific brand compared to the number of appliances sold. For example, if Yale sold 10,000 GE gas ranges and had 100 service calls for those ranges in the first year, the service rate would be 1%.

Below are the results from Yale’s most recent Most Reliable Gas Range Brands Report. According to the report, LG, GE Profile, and Bosch are currently the most reliable.

Brand2024 Service Rate2023 Service Rate2022 Service Rate
GE Profile3.6%9.8%7.6%
LG Studio8.3%N/AN/A
Café Appliances12.6%8.9%N/A
GE Appliances13.9%N/A4.4%
Beko Appliance16.8%13.6%12.9%
Fisher & PaykelN/AN/A17.7%

Although this data is insightful, it doesn’t tell the whole story. There are a few caveats to consider when reviewing the Yale Appliance Annual Report on gas ranges.

  • Yale’s inventory: Yale doesn’t sell or service every appliance brand. Over the past 100 years, they’ve focused on select brands to sell and maintain. 
  • Low sales for a particular brand: A brand may have lower sales in a given year for various reasons. The service rate is more volatile when fewer units are sold.
  •  Availability: Supply chain issues can impact stock availability, contributing to low sales volume and skewed service rates.
  • Service rates vary by model: Yale looks at all the models manufactured by each brand, but some models are more reliable than others.
  • First-year service rate: Yale’s report only considers the service rate for the first year. If the range breaks in year two, that data isn’t considered.

While the Yale Appliance Annual Reliability Reports are excellent sources of information, you should also look at other sources, such as customer reviews and insights from other appliance repair companies, to fully understand which gas range brands are the best.

Most Reliable Gas Range Brands: Whirlpool, GE, and Thermador

According to my interviews with service professionals, the Yale Appliance reliability report, and analysis of thousands of customer reviews, Whirlpool, GE, and Thermador are the most reliable gas range brands.


Whirlpool gas range
Whirlpool gas range. Photo credit: Whirlpool.com

In 1911, Lou Upton founded the Upton Machine Company with its first product: an electric motor-driven wringer washer. The company evolved over decades and eventually was renamed Whirlpool in 1949 in recognition of its signature brand.

Since then, Whirlpool has become a household name in home appliances. They’ve expanded well beyond washing machines and now make refrigerators, dishwashers, dryers, and ranges.

Whirlpool gas ranges had a 2.5% Yale service rate in 2022, the lowest service rate out of the nine brands in the report. However, Whirlpool was excluded from the report in 2023 and 2024 because Yale stopped selling it.

Comments from the professionals back up that low service rate. Ferrari Appliance, in particular, called Whirlpool out as a reliable mid-range option, and Kirch Appliance said it’s one of the most reliable gas range brands.

Additionally, Good Housekeeping listed the Whirlpool Freestanding Gas Range as the best gas range under $1,000 in its list of the best gas ranges. The New York Times also included the Whirlpool WFG320M0B model as the best budget pick in its round-up of the best gas stoves and ranges. They claim it’s “well built, and it has a strong average user rating.”

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive for all Whirlpool gas ranges. If you browse the hundreds of reviews on HomeDepot.com, you’ll see the words “quality” and “reliable” repeatedly.

Whirlpool Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeOhio, Iowa, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Oklahoma
Number of Gas Range Models11
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)2.5%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)N/A
Yale Service Rate (2024 Report)N/A
Warranty InformationVaries by model. Most ranges are covered for a year. View warranty.
Common IssuesPoor temperature control, scratches and dents upon delivery, and longevity.
Price$-$$ (view on HomeDepot.com)


GE PGB960BEJTS Freestanding Convection Gas Range

GE (General Electric) Appliances has been manufacturing home appliances for over 100 years. Several brands are under the GE umbrella today, including GE Appliances, Monogram, GE Profile, Hotpoint, and Café.

Yale’s reliability report shows that GE Appliances gas ranges had a service rate of 13.9% in 2024. GE Profile, the brand’s luxury line, ranked second in Yale’s most recent report with a service rate of 3.6%.

Also, five of the nine repair companies I interviewed said GE was one of the most reliable gas range brands.

Additionally, Good Housekeeping included the GE Smart Slide-In Gas Range as the best smart gas range in its list of the ten best gas ranges.

The New York Times named the GE Adora the best overall gas stove, calling it “one of the most positively reviewed freestanding gas stoves we’ve seen.”

The Spruce included two GE gas range models in its list of best gas ranges, including the GE 30-inch gas range as the best budget range and the GE 24-inch 2.9 cubic foot gas range with steam-cleaning oven as the best compact model.

I also read hundreds of customer reviews of various GE gas range models on HomeDepot.com. The main themes were sturdiness and reliability, but people also love how easy they are to use and clean.

GE Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeSouth Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky
Number of Gas Range Models50+
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)4.4%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)9.8% (GE Profile)
Yale Service Rate (2024 Report)3.6% (GE Profile); 13.9 (GE Appliances)
Warranty InformationVaries by model. Most ranges are covered for a year from the date of original purchase. View warranty.
Common IssuesScratches easily, finish wears off quickly, bottom drawer is unstable
Price$-$$$ (view on HomeDepot.com)


Thermador gas range
Thermador gas range. Photo credit: Thermador.com

Thermador was founded in 1916, initially manufacturing free-standing wood or coal-burning ranges. In 1932, as natural gas and electricity became common household utilities, the company began manufacturing built-in ranges.

Over the last 100+ years, Thermador has become a provider of high-end luxury home appliances, including gas ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Although the brand has changed hands several times since its founding, Bosch acquired Thermador in 1998 and remains its parent company. 

Thermador gas ranges are expensive, but they’re known for two things. First, they’re incredibly reliable. Second, they come with the brand’s patented Star Burner design. These star-shaped burners are larger and allow for more flame ports, which results in faster and more even heating. 

Yale didn’t include Thermador in its latest reliability report because it didn’t meet the minimum volume threshold (100 ranges sold and a total sample of over 1300 ranges). However, three of the nine appliance repair companies I interviewed mentioned Thermador by name when asked about the most reliable brands.

For example, Atlanta-based repair business, Appliance Dean, called Thermador ranges “fabulous,” and Keith’s Appliance, a Connecticut-based repair company, said Thermador is one of the most reliable brands because of its strict manufacturing standards.

Customers on BestBuy.com rave about Thermador gas ranges, calling them “well-built,” “top-notch,” and “professional quality.”

Thermador Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeNorth Carolina and Tennessee
Number of Gas Range Models8
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)N/A
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)N/A
Yale Service Rate (2024 Report)N/A
Warranty Information2-year limited warranty on entire appliance, parts, and service. View warranty.
Common IssuesPoor temperature regulation, ignition problems
Price$$$$$ (view on BestBuy.com)

Least Reliable Gas Range Brands: Samsung and LG

According to my interviews with service pros, consumer reviews, and independent review sites, Samsung and LG are the least reliable gas range brands.


Samsung Appliance NX58J5600SG 30" Freestanding Gas Range with 5.8 cu. ft. Convection Oven in Stainless Steel

Samsung is a South Korean brand that’s been manufacturing home appliances since the 1970s. It’s known for its TV and audio equipment and household appliances, including ranges, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and more.

Samsung’s Yale service rate is solid at 4.5% in the 2022 report (Samsung was excluded from the 2023 report). However, the appliance repair companies I interviewed almost unanimously said to stay away from Samsung appliances because they are difficult to get parts for and frequently need repairs.

This article from USA Today’s Reviewed.com explains that Samsung ranges look good, but don’t cook well. For example, it has inconsistent baking results due to uneven rack placement, and the air fryer function is disappointing.

Although there are dozens of positive reviews on HomeDepot.com, many customers complain about error codes popping up, unresponsive control buttons, ignitor issues, and an overall lack of quality.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s reliability issues aren’t isolated to gas ranges. I interviewed dozens of other appliance service professionals to determine the most reliable refrigerators, dishwashers, and washers and dryers, and Samsung was frequently mentioned as a brand to avoid.

Samsung Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeSouth Korea, Germany, China, Hungary, India, Sweden, Luxembourg, and South Carolina
Number of Gas Range Models43
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)4.5%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)N/A
Yale Service Rate (2024 Report)N/A
Warranty InformationVaries by model. Most are covered for 1 year. View warranty.
Common IssuesUnresponsive control buttons, small flame, oven doors don’t close correctly
Price$$$-$$$$ (view on HomeDepot.com)


LG LSG4513ST 30" Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range - Convection

LG is another South Korean brand. It began as a plastics company before branching into electronics and home appliances in 1958. Today, the brand is best known for its TVs, home appliances, and audio and computer equipment.

LG scored well in Yale’s most recent (2024) reliability report with a service rate of 2.5%.

However, several service professionals I spoke to said to stay away from LG ranges. They commented that the ranges are challenging to repair, replacement parts aren’t readily available, and the manufacturer’s customer service isn’t good.

Total Appliance Service, an Ohio-based repair business, said they get 20-30 calls daily from customers looking for a company that will service LG (since many don’t).

There’s no denying that LG gas ranges are packed with unique features like built-in air fry and WiFi connectivity, but reliability is not their strength. Customers on HomeDepot.com complain about unresponsive buttons, unhelpful customer service, and issues connecting to WiFi.

LG Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeSouth Korea or China
Number of Gas Range Models19
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)4.4%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)4.1%
Yale Service Rate (2024 Report)2.5%
Warranty InformationVaries by model. Most have 2-year warranty coverage. View warranty.
Common IssuesPoor customer service, missing parts, unresponsive buttons
Price$$$$ (view on HomeDepot.com)

Common Gas Range Issues

Modern gas ranges are available with a wide variety of features ranging from air frying capability to wifi-connectivity to self-cleaning modes. While these features seem useful, more technology and controls mean a greater chance of something breaking or malfunctioning.

Below are the most common issues with gas ranges. Although all brands are prone to these problems, they’re less likely to occur with Whirlpool, GE, and Thermador ranges.

  • Stove burner won’t light: If your stove burner doesn’t light, check the pilot light (if applicable). It may need to be relit. Check your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for directions for your specific unit.
  •  Weak stove burner flame: A weak flame is often caused by clogged burners. Grease builds up over time if you don’t regularly clean your burners. Depending on the age of your appliance, you may need to turn off the gas before cleaning. Check your owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website for specific instructions.
  • Noisy stove burner igniter: If the igniter continues to click once the stove burner is lit, your burners might be clogged. Try deep cleaning the burners to see if the clicking stops.
  • Noisy stove burner flame: A loud flame is typically caused by too much wind or gas coming from the burner. Make sure you don’t have a strong breeze from a window or fan. If there’s no breeze, contact a professional to ensure your burner isn’t releasing too much gas.
  • Gas odor: Sometimes your burners smell of gas if your igniter isn’t working, meaning gas is coming in but not being ignited. Also, make sure your burners are shut off completely. If you’re not using your stove and you’ve made sure all the burners are off, you might have a gas leak that could become an emergency. Turn the gas line off and call a professional.

Bottom Line: Which Gas Range Brand Is the Best?

There is no shortage of gas range brands and models to consider. But if you’re looking for the most reliable brands, go with Whirlpool, GE, or Thermador.

On the more affordable side, Whirlpool gas ranges have a low Yale service rate, and several professionals I spoke to confirmed it’s a reliable brand. Similarly, GE gas ranges have low Yale service rates, and it’s easy to find parts and companies to provide service.

The professionals I spoke to said that luxury brands like Thermador are well made, reliable, and they cost more for a reason.

Bottom line — all gas ranges are susceptible to issues, but brands like Whirlpool, GE, and Thermador are the most reliable and easiest to fix if a problem occurs.

Before you commit to a brand, call local repair companies and ask for their advice. Make sure they work on the brands you’re considering because even the best range will eventually need service.

Learn more about each brand at HomeDepot.com:

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