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GE Profile vs. Café Appliances: 3 Key Differences

Are you in the market for new appliances but can’t decide between GE Profile and Café (formerly known as GE Café)?

What are the key differences? Are Café appliances worth the higher cost?

In this comparison of GE Profile vs. Café, you’ll learn how these brands differ in design, features, price, and more.

I also reveal what independent appliance experts say about both brands.

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GE Profile vs. Café Appliances: Key Takeaways

If you’re in a hurry, here’s what you need to know about GE Profile and Café appliances.


GE Profile appliances have a modern design with gently curved profiles and handles. Café appliances, previously branded as GE Café until 2018, exude an industrial charm with customizable finishes and straight handles. The rebrand aimed to distinguish Café as a high-end, trendy option separate from GE’s more affordable baseline models.

GE Cafe range knobs and handle
Café range knobs and handle


Both brands are packed with advanced features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity,  LED lighting, and adjustable shelves and bins, but Café appliances take it up a level. With Café, you get software updates when new cooking modes are released, cooktop sensors for precise temperature control, and convenient storage like the Flatbread Freezer Compartment.


Café appliances, aiming at style-driven consumers with higher budgets, are pricier than GE Profile. While GE Profile prices range from mid to high-end, Café leans more towards the high-end.


GE Profile refrigerators feature TwinChill evaporators, temperature-controlled drawers, and a Keurig dispenser, among other features. Café refrigerators offer a dual-dispense autofill pitcher, LED light wall, Wi-Fi technology, and unique quad doors with various freezer options.


GE Profile dishwashers focus on sleek design, durability, and quiet operation. Café dishwashers emphasize cleaning power with advanced jets, a unique wash arm, customizable finishes, and the option for a double-drawer configuration.


GE Profile ranges offer double ovens, touch controls, and multiple cooktop choices. Café ranges introduce precision cooking technology like the sous-vide probe, precision cooktop sensor, and in-oven cameras, catering to those seeking advanced cooking control.

Bottom Line

If design customization and cutting-edge tech features are a priority and budget is less of a constraint, opt for Café. Otherwise, GE Profile offers a blend of contemporary design and reliable functionality without the premium price tag.

Main Differences Between GE Profile and Café Appliances

GE Profile and Café appliances have three key differences: design, features, and price.

Later in this guide, I’ll dive into these differences across various appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ranges.

But first, let’s briefly review the general differences between GE Profile and Café.

Difference 1: Design

The most notable difference between GE Profile and Café appliances is their design. But before I get into that, it’s important to understand that GE makes both GE Profile and Café appliances.

In fact, up until 2018, Café appliances were called GE Café. The company decided to rebrand and drop the “GE” in front of Café so consumers didn’t associate these high-end, stylish appliances with GE’s much more affordable baseline models.

Now, let’s talk about design.

GE Profile appliances are designed with a touch of modern elegance. Their sleek aesthetics, characterized by gently curved profiles and streamlined door handles, offer an alternative to traditional, boxy appliances.

GE Profile stainless steel refrigerator
GE Profile stainless steel refrigerator

So, if you’re chasing a blend of the contemporary without venturing into ultra-modern territory, the GE Profile series is for you.

GE Profile Refrigerator
GE Profile Refrigerator

The design of Café appliances is inspired by restaurant kitchens. With their solid frames, large control dials, and straight door handles, these appliances exude an industrial charm. They’re perfect if you seek a professional kitchen ambiance without needing full commercial-grade functionality.

GE Cafe refrigerator
Café refrigerator

Another upgrade you get with Café appliances is the ability to customize. Unlike GE Profile appliances, your Café door finish doesn’t have to match the handle finish. For example, you could get a matte black fridge with brushed brass handles or a matte white fridge with brushed copper handles.

GE Cafe oven
Café oven
GE Cafe brushed brass handles
Café brushed brass handles

In a press release announcing the rebrand from GE Café to Café, Rick Hasselbeck, the Chief Commercial Officer of GE Appliances, said the Café brand “encourages consumers to be bold in their choices, as the hardware can continually be updated to fit the latest trends and style preferences.”

Cafe Appliances Hardware Options
Cafe Appliances Hardware Options. Left to right: brushed stainless, brushed bronze. brushed black, brushed copper, flat black, brushed brass

Difference 2: Features

GE Profile and Café appliances are packed with features. Both have Wi-Fi connectivity, adjustable shelves (fridges), 3rd racks (dishwashers), bridge zones (front and back burners can be connected), and touch screens.

Here’s the key difference.

While GE Profile presents robust features, they’re preset based on your chosen model. In contrast, Café appliances are customizable, and you can download upgrades via the built-in software.

For example, Café recently added Air Fry as a setting for its ovens. A simple update to the appliance’s software unlocks this feature.

Besides that, Café appliances have more advanced built-in technology. For example, some ranges have cooktop sensors that ensure your pans maintain your set temperature.

I’ll cover more specific differences later in this guide when I compare GE Profile and Café fridges, dishwashers, and ranges side-by-side.

Difference 3: Price

The third major difference between GE Profile and Café appliances is price.

Simply put, Café appliances are more expensive than GE Profile. The reason? Café provides design sophistication and customizable features. GE makes both brands, but Café’s target audience is style-driven consumers with higher budgets.

While the prices of GE Profile appliances range from mid to high-end, Café leans heavily towards the high-end. In fact, Café’s offerings only have one refrigerator priced under $3,000; you won’t find a dishwasher for less than $1,000, and gas ranges start at $2,500.

Below is a breakdown of GE Profile and Café appliances within various price ranges.


PriceGE Profile RefrigeratorsCafé Refrigerators
Less than $3,00001
$3,001 to $3,50021
$3,501 to $4,00074
$4,001 to $4,50002
$4,501 to $5,00005
$5,001 and above09
*Only includes French door models


PriceGE Profile DishwashersCafé Dishwashers
Less than $1,00030
$1,001 to $1,50074
Over $1,50122


PriceGE Profile RangesCafé Ranges
Less than $1,00020
$1,001 to $1,50010
$1,501 to $2,00010
$2,001 to $2,50020
$2,501 to $3,00021
$3,001 to $3,50000
$3,501 to $4,00015
$4,001 and above08
*Only includes gas ranges

GE Profile vs. Café: Refrigerators

When deciding between a GE Profile and a GE Café refrigerator, knowing the features each brings to the table is crucial.

GE Profile’s noteworthy features:

  • TwinChill Evaporators: This system boasts two distinct evaporators — one for fresh food and another for the frozen section. The beauty of this? No mixing of airflows. That means no odor crossover and reduced freezer burn.
  • Temperature-Controlled Drawers: Have you ever wanted your beverages a bit cooler than the rest of your fridge contents? With this feature, you can set a specific temperature for a drawer sealed off from the main compartment. Perfect for drinks, cheeses, or meats.
  • Autofill: It’s simple but convenient. Place your glass under the dispenser, and the sensors figure out the rest. It stops when your glass is almost full.
  • LED Lighting: These fridges have well-placed LEDs, ensuring every nook is illuminated.
  • Door-in-Door Design: Speed and convenience in one feature. Grab frequently used items without letting all the cold air out.
  • Keurig Dispenser: Some models come with a Keurig K-Cup brewing system, a real treat for coffee lovers.

Features that make GE Café refrigerators stand out:

  • Dual-Dispense AutoFill Pitcher: Set the pitcher on its docking station, and it refills automatically. You’ve got two pouring options for easy access to filtered water.
  • LED Light Wall: The entire back wall is lit up with LED lights, providing a brighter view and making everything easy to locate.
  • Climate zone for greens: If you want to keep leafy greens fresh, this specialized drawer ensures they last longer.
  • Flatbread Freezer Compartment: This slim compartment is perfect for storing flatbreads or pizzas.
  • Wi-Fi Connect Technology: Receive alerts for temperature changes or power outages.
  • Spill Proof Glass Shelves: Adjustable slide-out shelves with raised edges so spills don’t drip into other areas of the fridge.

While both brands make French door and side-by-side refrigerators, only GE Café offers quad-door and diverse integrated bottom freezer options. These configurations let you organize your freezer more effectively. For instance, you can set different temperatures for different sections.

Visually, Café fridges have a much more high-end look. You can customize the handle finish, and the bins and shelves on the interior have decorative trim. For example, this Café french door fridge has a matte white finish with brushed bronze accents.

Additionally, some Café models offer a Convertible Drawer with Soft Freeze. This drawer can be set at five temperatures ranging from 23 to 42 degrees. From soft-frozen treats to wines, it’s versatile storage at its finest.

GE Profile vs. Café: Dishwashers

In this section, I’ve dived deep into their GE Profile and Café features to help you decide which is best for your kitchen.

GE Profile Dishwasher
GE Profile Dishwasher

GE Profile features:

  • Top controls: With the controls on top, the front face remains sleek and contemporary.
  • Stainless steel interior: It’s not just about looks; stainless steel ensures durability and longevity.
  • Built-in third rack: This extra rack is a game-changer. Lay out flatware and spatulas, maximizing space for dishes.
  • Twin Turbo Dry Boost: Some models offer this feature. Every dish, including plastic bottles, emerges perfectly dry with the help of dual heaters and fans.
  • Quietness: With dBA ratings between 39 and 45, these machines don’t disrupt your tranquility.

Café features:

  • Top controls: They share this sleek design trait with the Profile series.
  • Advanced wash system: With over 140 cleaning jets, your dishes emerge sparkling clean.
  • Reversing quad blade wash arm: This innovative arm boasts 25 spray jets that switch directions, ensuring meticulous cleaning.
  • Wash zones: Need to wash only half a load? Now you can, without compromising on the wash cycles or options.
  • Customizable hardware: Personalize your dishwasher to match your kitchen’s aesthetics.
  • Knock to Pause Function: Need a momentary pause? A knock does the trick. To resume, press start.
  • Quietness: Like the Profile series, these also range between 39 and 45 dBA, maintaining a peaceful environment.
  • Double Drawer Option: Café also offers a unique Double Drawer dishwasher. It has two independent drawers to wash everything from delicate heirlooms to bulky casserole dishes on separate cycles.
GE Cafe Dishwasher
Café Dishwasher

The key differences between GE Profile and Café dishwashers are Café’s extreme cleaning power from the extra jets and wash arm and more customization options, like handle finishes and the double drawer configuration.

Both are quiet, but Café takes cleaning performance to the next level.

GE Profile vs. Café: Ranges

Are you shopping for a new range? GE Profile and GE Café both offer features for high-end cooking. But Café takes precision cooking to the next level.

GE Profile ranges offer high-end basics like:

  • Double Ovens: Double ovens allow you to cook two dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. Perfect for holiday meals and large gatherings.
  • Touch Controls: Touch controls instead of knobs for the cooktop burners. This sleek design keeps your cooktop looking clean and modern. The smooth surface is also easier to wipe down than knobs.
  • Multiple Cooktop Options: Choices of gas, electric, or induction cooktops. Gas gives you an open flame. Electric provides consistent heat. Induction uses magnetic technology for speedy and precise heating. Note: induction cooktops require compatible cookware.
  • Air Frying: A built-in air fryer in every oven. Air fryers use convection heat to crisp foods with little to no oil. Great for cooking frozen foods and snacks.
  • Reversible Grill and Griddle: Use one side for grilling meats or veggies. Flip it over to griddle pancakes or sandwiches.
  • Edge-to-edge cooktops: Without raised edges, you get more room for pots and pans. It also makes spills easier to wipe away.
  • Bridge zones on electric cooktops: These span two burners, creating an oval cooking zone to fit roasting pans, griddles, etc.

GE Café ranges build on these with advanced precision cooking tech:

  • Sous-vide Probe: This device connects to the cooktop and keeps water baths within 1 degree of your set temperature for perfect slow cooking.
  • Precision Cooktop Sensor: Turn any pan into a smart pan. This sensor ensures you maintain the set temperature, controllable from the range’s display or your smartphone.
  • Precision Oven Modes: Don’t guess the time and temperature. GE Café ranges adjust these based on what you’re cooking, its position in the oven, and how you want it cooked.
  • In-Oven Camera: A real-time peek inside your oven right from your smartphone. Monitor that cake rise without opening the oven door.
GE Cafe Range
Café Range

Overall, GE Profile offers versatile, user-friendly features that cater to everyday cooking needs. Café takes precision cooking up a notch, appealing to cooks who want more advanced technology and precise control. The choice boils down to your cooking style and how tech-savvy you want your range to be.

What Appliance Experts Say

To get more insights on the differences between GE Profile and Café appliances, I spoke to the sales managers at two stores that have been selling both brands for years.

The appliance expert at A&D Appliance Center in Medfield, Massachusetts, said, “Café appliances have a more high-end and professional look than GE Profile. In fact, they rebranded Café to just Café so consumers don’t associate these appliances with more affordable, mid-range GE models. Café appliances have unique features, like LED lighting on the entire back of the fridge, but the difference between GE Profile and Café is mostly stylistic.”

When I asked which brand he recommends, he said, “It really comes down to your budget and style preferences. Café appliances appear more high-end, but they cost a lot more. From a functional perspective, Profile is a much better value.”

The expert at Advantage Appliance in Mansfield, Massachusetts, had a similar assessment. He said, “Aesthetics is the biggest difference between GE Profile and Café appliances. GE Profile offers the standard stainless steel and curved handle look, but Café offers unique colors like matte white and black finishes and the ability to change handles. The appliances themselves are similar, but Café appliances have a professional look with straight handles, while GE Profile appliances have a more traditional look.”

I asked if Café appliances are worth the higher cost, and he said, “If you can afford it, Café elevates the look of your kitchen. GE Profile appliances look great, but Café ranges, dishwashers, and fridges have a more luxurious feel.”

Bottom Line: Should You Buy GE Profile or Café Appliances?

Choosing between GE Profile and Café ultimately hinges on balancing aesthetics, features, and budget.

While Café offers a distinct, high-end industrial design and customizable options, it has a heftier price tag.

GE Profile provides all the essential features most people require with appealing extras, such as Wi-Fi connectivity and door-in-door refrigerators, without the premium price.

For most shoppers, the GE Profile strikes the ideal balance, offering comprehensive functionality and value for money. But if you really want to mix and match finishes and handles and value high-tech features that make life in the kitchen a bit more convenient, Café is a quality option.

Both brands offer a range of models, so if you’re serious about buying, go to your local appliance store and compare the options in your budget.

Regardless of the brand you choose, GE and Café both make quality and reliable appliances. Learn more in my guides to the most reliable refrigeratorsdishwasherselectric rangesgas ranges.

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