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The 3 Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands (And 2 to Avoid)

Are you in the market for a new dishwasher and wondering which brand is the most reliable?

Dishwashers have advanced over the years, but with the added complexity comes a myriad of potential issues. So, it’s important to pick a brand with a solid reputation that’s easy to service.

In this guide, I highlight the most reliable dishwasher brands. I also reveal the least reliable brands so you know what to avoid.

I spoke with over a dozen appliance repair professionals, analyzed service rate data from recent years, and reviewed thousands of customer reviews to pick the best brands.

So, keep reading if you’re ready to buy a new dishwasher but need help understanding which brands are the most and least reliable.

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Most and Least Reliable Dishwasher Brands: Key Takeaways

If you’re in a rush, these are the key takeaways from this guide.

What Dishwasher Repair Professionals Say: I asked 15 appliance repair companies which dishwasher brands are the most and least reliable. Bosch was the top choice for reliability, with 11 votes. GE and KitchenAid also got high marks. Samsung was named the least reliable brand, with five votes against it. LG also had multiple negative votes. Skip ahead to read quotes from the pros.

Yale Appliance’s Annual Dishwasher Reliability Report: Yale Appliance provides an annual report on dishwasher reliability. The report’s key metric is service rate, which is the ratio of service calls to units sold. The most recent report lists LG, Bosch, and Thermador as the most reliable brands with service rates of 4%, 5.9%, and 5.9% for 2024, respectively. Skip ahead to see all the data.

Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands

Bosch: 11 out of 15 service pros said Bosch is the most reliable dishwasher brand. And according to Yale’s data, Bosch’s reliability has remained consistent in recent years, with its service rate at 5.9% in 2024, a slight increase from 5.1% in 2023.

Whirlpool: Three out of 15 service pros said Whirlpool is one of the most reliable dishwasher brands. And Whirlpool’s service rate has remained below 4.4% since 2018, according to Yale’s reports. However, Yale stopped selling Whirlpool dishwashers after 2022, so more recent data is not available. Customer reviews and rankings on independent review sites like Bob Vila and The Spruce praise Whirlpool dishwashers for their cleaning efficiency, quiet operation, and affordability.

KitchenAid: Four out of 15 service pros praised KitchenAid’s reliability, a sentiment backed by Yale’s 2023 and 2022 reports showing a low service ratio of 6.2% and 5.5%, respectively. However, Yale did not provide KitchenAid’s service rate for 2024 due to insufficient data. Customers and appliance experts appreciate KitchenAid dishwashers’ quiet operation, effective cleaning, and innovative features.

Least Reliable Dishwasher Brands

Samsung: Despite its renowned electronics, Samsung dishwashers have a less-than-stellar reputation. Five out of 15 service professionals said to avoid Samsung because parts are difficult to get, and few companies service them. None of the pros I spoke to said anything positive about Samsung. Yale Appliance neither sells nor services Samsung dishwashers. The most common grievances among consumers and on forums are leaks, poor customer service, and limited parts availability.

LG: Three of the 15 appliance repair experts I interviewed said LG is unreliable and hard to service, and replacement parts are difficult to find. However, Yale’s reports show LG as one of the most reliable dishwasher brands, with service rates of 1.9% in 2021, 1.7% in 2022, 3.5% in 2023, and 4% in 2024. Customer reviews are mixed. Some owners praise LG’s features, while others cite problems with cleaning, drying, and fouling odors. Overall, LG is known for innovation, but reliability remains questionable.

Bottom Line

Based on my interviews with 15 appliance repair professionals, analysis of Yale Appliance’s reliability reports over the last six years, and careful review of thousands of customer testimonials, I can confidently say Bosch, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid are the most reliable dishwasher brands. Samsung is a brand to avoid, and LG gets mixed reviews but has a negative reputation among experts.

What Dishwasher Repair Professionals Say

Appliance service professionals know the reliability of dishwasher brands better than anyone. So, I reached out to 15 appliance repair companies to get their expert opinions.

When I contacted each company, I asked two questions:

  • Which dishwasher brands are the most reliable?
  • Which dishwasher brands are the least reliable?

As you’ll see in the responses summarized below (direct quotes are after the chart), service professionals highly recommend Bosch dishwashers, while Samsung was mentioned several times as a brand to avoid.

BrandVotes for Most Reliable DishwasherVotes for Least Reliable Dishwasher
Cove (Sub-Zero/Wolf)10

The expert at Synergy Appliances in Wyoming, Michigan, said, “Bosch makes really solid units. Bosch is known for its outstanding dishwasher engineering. However, it is much harder to find Bosch options in stock due to the high demand. KitchenAid and LG dishwashers are also well built.”

The team at Marcotte Appliance in Shelburne, Vermont, said, “We have been a GE Authorized Sales and Service Center for 70 years. We stay with GE because, overall, they are more reliable than many other brands. They are serviceable, and most parts are readily available. We do not recommend  LG and Samsung because parts are difficult to get, few companies service them, and the units are challenging to work on. Neither brand stands behind its product particularly well, but they are readily available at the box stores, and most do not have service departments.”

Appliance Advantage, a company based in Kennebunk, Maine, said, “Although it’s hard to get right now, the least serviced, and longest-lasting dishwasher brand on the market is Miele. Besides Miele, the most reliable dishwashers are GE Monogram, GE Cafe, and GE Profile.

Brown’s Appliance Service, a company based in Auburn, Maine, told me, “Avoid LG, Samsung, and General Electric. Look for a dishwasher with a stainless steel tub and an exposed heater (a heater that you can see). As for the most reliable dishwasher manufacturers, I would recommend a brand your parents or grandparents would recognize.”

Dey Distributing, a parts distributor in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, told me, “For reliability, Bosch is the best dishwasher brand. The best brands besides Bosch are Frigidaire, GE, and Whirlpool.”

The service team at Nawara Brothers Home Store, an appliance sales and service company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, said, “Bosch dishwashers are the most reliable. After Bosch, I recommend GE.”

The service team at Gerrit’s Appliance in Wyoming, Michigan, said, “Bosch is the most reliable dishwasher brand. But, aside from Bosch, another really good but lesser-known brand is Asko. Asko has been the dishwasher of Sub Zero/Wolf for many years until recently. Sub/Wolf is a  premium, high-quality kitchen appliance manufacturer that only sells its products in select stores; therefore, Asko has only been sold in select stores and hasn’t got its name out there like Bosch. Asko uses more metal parts and components than other brands and comes with a two-year warranty. Historically, Asko dishwashers have held up for longer than other brands and have been more repairable over time.”

He continued by saying, “Speaking of Sub Zero/Wolf, they just introduced their own new dishwasher brand called Cove. They’ve designed and built it from the ground up, and it’s supposed to last 20 years. After those options, overall quality level really flattens out across brands.”

Appliance Service Unlimited in Middleton, Wisconsin, said, “We recommend Bosch for dishwashers. Stay away from Samsung.”

AM Appliance Repair, a service company in Fitchburg, WI, told me, “Bosch is the best brand. Its better models cost around $1000, but they’re almost always worth it. Whirlpool is another reliable brand to consider. Avoid KitchenAid, GE, and Samsung dishwashers; those are the least reliable.”

My Appliance Doctor, an appliance repair company in the Atlanta, Georgia, area for over 40 years, said, “For dishwashers, we recommend Bosch and KitchenAid.”

Columbia All Appliance Repair, a service company based in Columbia, South Carolina, provided this advice, “Almost all dishwasher brands start having expensive issues after about eight years. So it really boils down to features. The more features, the more chance for issues. The pricing normally correlates with quietness, with the quieter dishwashers costing the most.”

Apex Appliance in Grand Rapids, Michigan, said, “We like Bosch dishwashers. We do not recommend LG or Samsung.”

Atlanta City Appliance Repair, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, said, “We usually recommend Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Bosch.”

Miller’s Appliance Service in Grand Rapids, Michigan, put it simply, “Bosch and KitchenAid are the most reliable.”

Appliance Dean, an Atlanta, Georgia company, said, “Bosch 800 series and above, Miele, Asko are all great! If you want to pay less, go with LG, but do not get a base model. Don’t waste your time or money with any other brands.”

Results From Yale Appliance’s Annual Dishwasher Reliability Report

Yale Appliance is a Boston-based, family-owned company that sells and services appliances. They’ve been in business since 1923.

Yale issues annual reports on appliance reliability, covering dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and more. The report data comes from the company’s firsthand experience servicing these appliances.

The key metric in the report is service rate, which is calculated by dividing the number of service calls by the number of units sold. For example, if Yale sold 10,000 Bosch dishwashers in a given year and received 1,000 service calls for those Bosch dishwashers sold that year, the service rate would be 10%.

Before I show you Yale’s data for dishwashers, it’s important to understand these caveats:

  • Low sales for a particular brand: In a given year, a brand may experience low sales for many reasons. When fewer units are sold, the service rate is more volatile (a handful of service calls can pike the rate).
  • Yale’s inventory: Yale does not sell or service every appliance brand. Over time, they’ve settled on offering and maintaining select brands.
  • Availability: Low stock due to supply chain issues can impact service rates.
  • Lack of Use: Developers often buy Whirlpool dishwashers for large apartment buildings and multi-unit condominiums. Many units sit unused for months or even years, lowering service rates for that brand.
  • Service Rate Varies by Model: Yale’s data looks at each brand as a whole. However, specific models are more reliable than others.

My point is — Yale’s report is helpful, but don’t use it as the definitive source for your decision.

With those caveats in mind, below are results from Yale’s most recent Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands Report. According to the report, LG, Bosch, and Thermador (a Bosch brand) are currently the most reliable, with service rates of 4%, 5.9%, and 5.9% for 2024, respectively.

Swipe to view the entire chart on mobile.

Dishwasher Brand2024 Service Rate2023 Service Rate2022 Service Rate2021 Service Rate2020 Service Rate2019 Service Rate2018 Service Rate
LG Studio6.2%N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Fisher & Paykel6.7%9.0%9.9%27.8%29.0%24.0%30.3%
GE Profile8.1%7.1%12.2%10.5%N/AN/AN/A
JennAirNot enough dataNot enough data5.3%11%38.1%18.7%17.6%
WhirlpoolNot enough dataNot enough data4.1%2.1%2.6%4.3%1.4%

Most Reliable Dishwasher Brands: Bosch, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid

Based on my interviews with service pros, Yale’s reliability report, and thousands of customer reviews, Bosch, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid are the most reliable dishwasher brands.

Check out the following sections to learn more about each brand and what makes them the most reliable.


Bosch 300 Dishwasher with front control panel and stainless steel finish
Bosch 300 Dishwasher with front control panel and stainless steel finish

Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany, Bosch is a global manufacturer of large home appliances, including dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, washers, and dryers. The brand also makes small electrics like coffee machines and food processors.

Out of the 15 appliance service pros I connected with, 11 said Bosch was one of the most reliable dishwasher brands. But they also caution that its popularity causes limited inventory. Plus, Bosch appliances are expensive. The top dishwasher models can cost over $1,000.

Bosch’s repair rate in Yale’s latest report is 5.9%, and it improved from 5.1% in 2023. That means of all units Yale sold, just over 5% required repair in the first 12 months. It also hasn’t fluctuated much in the past six years, showing a consistent pattern of medium to low service rates.

Yale points out that the brand’s drying technology has sharply improved and touts Bosch CrystalDry with Zeolite as the best drying system available.

I analyzed thousands of customer reviews, and the feedback about Bosch dishwashers is overwhelmingly favorable. Yet, some things could be better.

For example, a common complaint is that the models are difficult to use because of the range of settings.

Another common problem is that Bosch dishwashers (especially 100 and 300 series models) don’t dry plastics well.

Lastly, customers often complain that when issues arise, Bosch service providers aren’t accessible.

Bosch models are often on top-ten product lists.

  • The New York Times named the Bosch 300 Series the best overall dishwasher, calling it “the most reliable mid-range dishwasher brand.”
  • Consumer Reports gave Bosch an Excellent rating for reliability.
  • Bob Vila named Bosch the top dishwasher brand, citing its attention to detail and quality.
  • CNET called the Bosch the best overall dishwasher for its capacity, plethora of features, and slick design.
  • Bosch dishwashers received the top Trust Rating scores five years in a row in the Lifestory Research America’s Most Trusted® Kitchen Brands study.

Bosch Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeUnited States: New Bern, NC, and LaFollette, TN
Number of Dishwasher Models15+
Yale Service Rate (2021 Report)*12.8%
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)*10.1%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)*5.1%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)*5.9%
Warranty InformationLimited 1-year parts and labor, entire appliance. Limited warranty (parts only for years 2-5) for microprocessor, printed circuit board, and racks (but not rack components). Lifetime warranty (parts only) for rust-through on inner tub liner. View Warranty.
Common IssuesPoor drying and cleaning, faulty error codes, difficult to use, not enough local Bosch service providers, musty smell due to trapped water
Price$$$$ (view on HomeDepot.com)
*Yale Service Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of dishwashers Yale Appliance serviced by the number they sold.


Whirlpool dishwasher
Source: Whirlpool.com

In 1911, Whirlpool launched in Benton Harbor, Michigan. It’s an award-winning brand. To its credit, Whirlpool pioneered the first automatic washing machine in the late 1940s.

The brand manufactures appliances under the Whirlpool name but owns several other high-profile brands like Maytag, KitchenAid, JennAir, and Amana. In addition to dishwashers, Whirlpool makes fridges, microwaves, washing machines, dryers, and ranges.

In fact, I recently named Whirlpool one of the most reliable gas range brands.

When I asked 15 service pros to name the most reliable dishwasher brands, three recommended Whirlpool. None of the pros said anything negative about Whirlpool’s reliability.

Also, according to Yale, Whirlpool has some of the lowest service rates, with a 2.1% to 4.1% service ratio between the 2021 and 2022 annual reports.

With those kinds of stats, it’s safe to assume that Whirlpool dishwashers are less likely to need repairs within the first year of use.

It’s worth noting that Yale didn’t include Whirlpool in their 2023 report because not enough units were sold (100 units is the minimum requirement). They mention that Whirlpool is changing its distribution strategy, focusing mainly on big box stores.

An in-depth look at customer reviews revealed that most people have positive things to say about Whirlpool dishwashers. Overall, they clean well, run quietly, and are affordable and easy to use. Yet, some common complaints are that they do not dry dishes well, and the residual wetness can lead to a moldy smell.

Among independent review sites, Whirlpool has a favorable reputation. Bob Vila chose Whirlpool as one of the top dishwasher brands, citing its reliability as a key selling point.

The Spruce also named Whirlpool as one of the best brands, calling out the brand’s washing and drying technologies and Energy Star certification.

Whirlpool Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeUnited States: Most are made in Findlay, OH, but there are factories in Iowa, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.
Number of Dishwasher Models25+
Yale Service Rate (2021 Report)*2.1%
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)*4.1%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)*Not included in the report (not enough data)
Yale Service Rate (2024 Report)*Not included in the report (Yale no longer sells Whirlpool)
Warranty Information1-year limited appliance warranty for parts and labor is standard, but each appliance offers a specific warranty. Electronic control systems have a 4-year warranty. Dishwasher filters are covered for an additional year after the limited appliance warranty. View Warranty.
Common IssuesCan generate a moldy smell, drying is poor, leaks, parts do not hold up well
Price$$$ (view on HomeDepot.com)
*Yale Service Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of dishwashers Yale Appliance serviced by the number they sold.


KitchenAid front control stainless steel dishwasher
KitchenAid front control stainless steel dishwasher

KitchenAid was founded in 1919 with the launch of the stand mixer — the iconic offering of the brand (check out my KitchenAid mixer review).

Besides stand mixers, KitchenAid is a leading producer of refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, and countertop electrics.

As I covered in the previous section, KitchenAid’s parent company, Whirlpool, is known for producing reliable dishwashers. So, it’s no surprise that KitchenAid shares that reputation.

Four of the 15 service professionals I connected with said KitchenAid dishwashers are the most reliable. One called it a brand to avoid, but overall it gained favorable feedback.

The Yale reliability report did not include KitchenAid’s service rate for 2024 due to insufficient data. However, the service ratios of 6.2% in 2023 and 5.5% in 2022 are low rates, especially considering other brands on that same list had a service rate of 10% or higher.

Customer feedback about KitchenAid dishwashers is primarily positive. The general consensus is that the appliance runs quietly, cleans well, and is thoughtfully designed. However, some people complain of leaks which can lead to a moldy smell, poor drying, and parts that wear out quickly.

KitchenAid was chosen as the best dishwasher for avid home cooks by cleaning experts at Good Housekeeping. Ease of use and flexibility of dish placement were standout benefits.

Bob Vila praised KitchenAid for its innovative features and various styles and sizes.

KitchenAid Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeUnited States: Findlay, OH
Number of Dishwasher Models15+
Yale Service Rate (2021 Report)*11%
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)*5.5%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)*6.2%
Yale Service Rate (2024 Report)*N/A
Warranty Information2-year limited warranty on parts and labor. Year 3-5 offers a warranty on the following components: nylon dish racks, nylon cup shelves, and silverware baskets. View Warranty.
Common IssuesWater leaks, noisy operation, poor drying, dirty dishes after cycle
Price$$$$ (view on HomeDepot.com)
*Yale Service Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of dishwashers Yale Appliance serviced by the number they sold.

Least Reliable Dishwasher Brands: Samsung and LG

According to my interviews with service pros, consumer reviews, and independent review sites, Samsung and LG are the least reliable dishwasher brands.


Samsung 24" Built-In Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Samsung was founded in 1938 in Daegu, South Korea. The brand has several branches, including Samsung Electronics, founded in 1969.

Samsung Electronics makes the brand’s smartphones, televisions, audio systems, and home appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers.

Although the brand has received acclaim for its electronics, the service pros I talked to recommended against buying a Samsung dishwasher because parts are hard to get, and the appliances are challenging to repair. In fact, some repair shops refuse to service them.

Five of the 15 appliance repair professionals I interviewed said to avoid Samsung.

Yale Appliance doesn’t even sell Samsung dishwashers, let alone service them.

The overall consensus on forums, consumer reviews, and among service pros is that Samsung is one of the least reliable dishwasher brands. The most common complaints are leaks, lousy customer service, and limited parts availability.

Samsung Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeSamsung makes appliances in South Korea, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Sweden, Luxembourg, and the United States (South Carolina).
Number of Dishwasher Models20+
Yale Service Rate (2021 Report)*Not included in report
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)*Not included in report
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)*Not included in report
Yale Service Rate (2024 Report)*Not included in report
Warranty Information1-year limited warranty for parts and labor. 2-year warranty on all parts5-year warranty on electronic control systems, printed circuit boards, linear motion parts, and racks. 10-year warranty on parts and labor for tub and door liners. Lifetime warranty on stainless steel tub and door liners. View Warranty.
Common IssuesMildew smells due to poor drying, leaking water, poor customer service, dishes dirty after a cleaning cycle or sticky with cleaning residue
Price$$ (view on HomeDepot.com)
*Yale Service Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of dishwashers Yale Appliance serviced by the number they sold.


LG Dishwashers

LG Corporation began operations in 1947 in Busan, South Korea. It’s a multi-generational family business that started as Lucky Chemical Co., Ltd. and made cosmetics.

LG Electronics, established in 1958, is the branch that produces home appliances, home entertainment electrics, vehicle components, and business solutions. Innovation and creating products that simplify life are at the brand’s core.

Although two of the 15 service pros recommended LG, three others said it’s an unreliable brand you should avoid. The detractors claimed the brand is hard to service, and getting parts to fix them is difficult.

Oddly enough, the service ratio for LG remains low on the Yale reliability report. LG had a 1.9% service rate in the 2021 report, a 1.7% service rate in the 2022 report, a 3.5% service rate in the 2023 report, and a 4% service rate in the 2024 report.

One reason could be the low number of LG units sold in those years due to lack of availability. Yale admits that LG is not their top-selling brand, and it didn’t make the minimum number of units sold required to be ranked. So take those low service rates with a grain of salt.

Yale also mentioned that LG is one of the few dishwasher brands that manufactures most of its parts, which could contribute to the low service rates.

LG dishwasher owners offer mixed reviews about the appliances. Some love the features, build quality, and sleek profile. Others cite issues with cleaning performance, customer service, and foul odors because of poor drying.

In forums, LG owners complain that dishes don’t get clean enough, the bottom rack frequently falls off the tracks, and the machine randomly starts.

In its review of the best dishwashers, The New York Times said LG makes “a fine dishwasher with great drying power. But there are higher-performing machines available for less.”

Although LG has its fans, the consensus is that it comes with great features and technology, but reliability is not its strength.

LG Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeManufacturing locations vary between South Korea, China, and the United States.
Number of Dishwasher Models25+
Yale Service Rate (2021 Report)*1.9%
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)*1.7%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)*3.5%
Yale Service Rate (2024 Report)*4%
Warranty Information2-year limited warranty on parts and labor.10-year warranty on the motor drum.
Common IssuesLeaks waterDoes not clean or dry dishes wellFlimsy partsPoor rack design.
Price$$$$ (View on HomeDepot.com)
*Yale Service Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of dishwashers Yale Appliance serviced by the number they sold.

Common Dishwasher Issues

Buying a reliable dishwasher brand is crucial because dozens of issues can occur. Below are the most common dishwasher problems.

Dishes are still dirty: Your dishes should emerge from a wash cycle without food or detergent residue. If they’re still soiled, run a cleaning cycle through an empty dishwasher to remove built-up grime. Also, be sure to check the drain screen. If it’s not clean, it can redeposit food particles and grime on dishes during the cycle. Finally, read the operation manual to choose the proper cycle for your needs. 

Dishwasher isn’t draining: If you see water in the bottom of your dishwasher after a cycle, you have a drainage issue. The appliance may have a faulty drain valve or motor pump. You should also check to see if there is a clog in the drain. This article walks through 6 ways to fix a dishwasher that won’t drain.

Water in the bottom of the dishwasher

Dishwasher leaking: If water is leaking, check all hoses, gaskets, and seals for cracks. Sometimes a faulty installation is to blame. Be sure to run a cycle after installation so techs can address any issues.

Dishes aren’t drying: The heating element is usually the issue if your dishes are still wet after the dry cycle. But some dishwashers don’t dry dishes well because of poorly designed drying technology. According to the service pros, getting a model with a heating element you can see is best. 

Dishwasher isn’t filling: When a dishwasher is not filling with water, the inlet valve may not be working. Water can’t enter the tub if the valve is stuck in a closed position. If it’s stuck open, too much water will fill the washtub.

Bottom Line: Which Dishwasher Brand Is the Best?

Now that you’ve learned about the most and least reliable dishwasher brands, which is right for you?

The service professional I interviewed recommended Bosch over every other brand, saying it’s the most reliable. Although the price tag is a bit higher, Bosch dishwashers have a solid build, excellent performance, and features to back up their cost.

Whirlpool is a budget-friendly choice with a straightforward design and a long track record of dependability.

And if you want an easy-to-use dishwasher that offers innovative options and exceptional cleaning performance, KitchenAid is a solid choice (although more pricey than Whirlpool).

Bottom line — although all dishwashers are prone to issues, Bosch, Whirlpool, and KitchenAid are the most reliable brands with the best reputation. And when there is an issue, it’s easier to find parts and companies to service them.

No matter what brand you choose, ensure that you have access to service professionals that repair the model you want to purchase. Even the best dishwasher on the market will eventually need service.

Learn more about each brand at HomeDepot.com:

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