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Bosch vs. LG Dishwashers: 6 Key Differences

Are you in the market for a new dishwasher but unsure whether to choose between Bosch or LG?

Both produce quality dishwashers with advanced technology and user-friendly features, but which is the better choice?

In this comparison of Bosch vs. LG dishwashers, you’ll learn how each brand differs in price, features, design, reliability, and more.

I also reveal what appliance repair experts say about both brands.

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Bosch vs. LG Dishwashers: Comparison Chart

The chart below provides a quick comparison of Bosch vs. LG dishwashers.

Bosch DishwashersLG Dishwashers
ReliabilityRecommended by 73% of service pros interviewedRecommended by <1% of service pros interviewed
Service Rate*5.1%3.5%
Number of Models5536
FinishesWhite, black, stainless steel, black stainless, panel readyBlack, Stainless, Black Stainless, Panel-ready
Handle StylesBar, pocket, or customBar or pocket
Sound Rating38-50 dBA38-52 dBA
Status LightYes (red light shined on floor)Yes (white lights on door)
Adjustable TinesYesYes
Adjustable RacksYesYes
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYesYes
Drying TechnologyAutoAir Dry, CrystalDryDynamic Heat Dry
Energy Star CertifiedYesYes
Tub MaterialStainless Steel (100 series)Stainless Steel
Delay StartYesYes
Built-In Water SoftenerOptionalNo
Place Settings12-1615-16
Third RacksStandard, Flexible, MyWayUtensil Rack
WarrantyInitial 1-year limited warrantyInitial 1-year limited warranty
Price$500 – $2,500$500 – $1,500
Top Reason to BuyReliability, quietness, advanced drying optionsSteam wash for superior cleaning
Top Reason Not to BuyExpensivePoor reputation among appliance repair experts
*Service Rate is ratio of first-year service calls to units sold. This data included in Yale Appliance’s annual reliability reports.

Difference 1: Reliability

Reliability should be at the top of the list when choosing a dishwasher. But how can you predict which brand will have fewer issues? How do Bosch and LG compare in this category?

As part of my recent dishwasher brand reliability guide, I interviewed 15 appliance repair companies.

I asked each company a simple question: which dishwasher brands are the most and least reliable?

Here’s a summary of their responses:

BrandVotes for Most Reliable DishwasherVotes for Least Reliable Dishwasher
Cove (Sub-Zero/Wolf)10

Bosch was voted the most reliable brand by a large margin, with 11 out of 15 professionals giving it their vote. On the other hand, LG received only one vote for being the most reliable, while four professionals flagged it as one of the least reliable brands.

Here are direct quotes from several experts I interviewed:

Synergy Appliances in Wyoming, Michigan, said, “Bosch makes really solid units. Bosch is known for its outstanding dishwasher engineering. However, it is much harder to find Bosch options in stock due to the high demand. KitchenAid and LG dishwashers are also well built.”

Marcotte Appliance in Shelburne, Vermont, said, “We do not recommend  LG and Samsung because parts are difficult to get, few companies service them, and the units are challenging to work on. Neither brand stands behind its product particularly well, but they are readily available at the box stores, and most do not have service departments.”

Brown’s Appliance Service, a company based in Auburn, Maine, told me, “Avoid LG, Samsung, and General Electric.”

AM Appliance Repair, a service company in Fitchburg, WI, told me, “Bosch is the best brand. Its better models cost around $1000, but they’re almost always worth it.”

Apex Appliance in Grand Rapids, Michigan, said, “We like Bosch dishwashers. We do not recommend LG or Samsung.”

Appliance Dean, an Atlanta, Georgia company, said, “Bosch 800 series and above, Miele, Asko are all great! If you want to pay less, go with LG, but do not get a base model.”

Besides talking to dishwasher repair experts, I also analyzed reliability data from recent years.

Yale Appliance, a Boston-based appliance sales and service company, publishes an annual reliability report that ranks dishwasher brands based on data from their service department.

The key metric within the reports is service rate, which is the percentage of units sold that required servicing within the first year  — the lower the service rate, the more reliable the dishwasher.

For example, if Yale sells 1000 Bosch dishwashers and 100 of those units need servicing within the first year, Bosch’s service rate is 10%.

Here’s how Bosch and LG compare, according to Yale’s reliability data:

YearBosch Service RateLG Service Rate

As you can see, LG’s service rate has been consistently lower than Bosch’s since 2019, indicating fewer repairs within the first year of use. In fact, LG’s service rate is the lowest in the industry in recent years.

This presents a contradictory picture. While the repair professionals’ opinions lean towards Bosch, Yale’s data suggests that LG dishwashers are more reliable in the first year.

Such contradictory data highlights the complexity of measuring appliance reliability. Different sources of information, from repair professionals’ practical experience to statistical service data, might lead to different conclusions.

That said, I put more weight into the insights from professional repair companies. They’ve seen the problems these appliances encounter over several years (not just year one). And since over 70% of the experts I interviewed said Bosch is one of the most reliable dishwasher brands, I give Bosch the edge in this category.

As you make your decision, remember that each model is unique, and reliability can also be influenced by factors such as how you use and maintain your dishwasher.

Difference 2: Price

Bosch has dishwasher models to fit almost any budget. The more affordable Bosch models start at around $500-600, with high-end units priced over $2,000.

The 300, 500, and 800 series are Bosch’s most popular dishwashers, priced between $1,000-2,000.

The 300 series is the lower mid-range offering from Bosch. While it’s less costly than the high-end models, its interior racks offer less flexibility, and its drying features are somewhat limited. A 300-series dishwasher typically costs around $1,000.

Dishwashers in the 500 series are priced at around $1,099. The standout features include a flexible third rack for increased loading capacity and AutoAir, which automatically opens the dishwasher door at the end of the drying cycle to release moisture.

The 800 series ranges between $1,200 and $1,500. These models provide greater flexibility with features like movable tines that allow you to customize the rack space. They also feature CrystalDry technology, which uses volcanic minerals to enhance drying performance.

Lastly, Bosch’s luxury offering is the Benchmark series. These models cost between $2,200 and $2,500 and offer similar features to the 800 series. The real standout, though, is the ultra-quiet operation. With a noise level of just 38 decibels, Bosch claims it’s the quietest dishwasher available in the United States.

LG’s dishwasher models are mostly mid-range, with prices varying from $500 to $1,500.

However, it’s important to note that the prices for several LG models aren’t listed on the website; you need to contact a retailer for pricing.

Prices will vary between retailers, so consider calling around to find the best deal.

Below is a breakdown of LG and Bosch dishwasher models within various price ranges.

PriceLG Dishwasher ModelsBosch Dishwasher Models
$999 & Under1222
Note: This data was pulled from Bosch-Home.com and LG.com. Prices and models are subject to change.

Difference 3: Warranty

When deciding between Bosch and LG dishwashers, it’s crucial to understand the warranties.

For the first year, Bosch and LG offer a limited warranty covering all parts and labor. If any component fails, you’re not on the hook for the repair costs.

Between years two and five, Bosch provides a limited warranty for the microprocessor, printed circuit board, and racks, excluding rack components. These warranties cover parts only, so if a repair needs labor, that’s on your dime.

LG’s two-year warranty includes the main control board, dishwasher racks, stainless steel door liner, and tub. Like Bosch, LG stops covering labor from the second year. You’ll need to shell out for any labor or in-home service to replace defective parts.

One area where Bosch stands out is its lifetime limited warranty against rust-through on the inner tub liner. If your dishwasher tub rusts through, Bosch will replace the part. However, you’ll need to cover the labor costs.

LG doesn’t offer any lifetime warranties, but each dishwasher has a ten-year Direct Drive motor warranty (parts only).

In essence, both Bosch and LG offer solid first-year coverage. From year two, the warranties become more specific, and you need to take potential labor costs into account.

The table below summarizes each brand’s dishwasher warranties so you can easily compare.

YearsBosch WarrantyLG Warranty
1Entire appliance, parts and laborEntire appliance, parts and labor
2 – 5Microprocessor or printed circuit board, racks (excluding components); parts onlyMain control board, dishwasher racks, stainless steel door liner, tub; parts only, customer covers labor and service costs (this coverage is through year two only)
10N/ADirect Drive motor; parts only, customer covers labor and service costs
LifetimeRust-through on inner tub liner; parts onlyN/A

Read each brand’s full warranty terms on Bosch-Home.com and LG.com.

Difference 4: Features

While Bosch and LG offer impressive technology and thoughtful design, the exact features differ.

Here’s a breakdown of each brand’s key features:

Bosch Dishwasher Features:

  • Multiple third-rack options – With three different third-rack options in Bosch dishwashers, you can customize the interior of your dishwasher to give extra room to awkward, bulky, or delicate items like pots, mixing bowls, or stemware.
Bosch third rack
Bosch third rack
  • EasyGlide rack system – This system uses ball-bearing wheels to create a smooth glide, even with fully-loaded racks. Because the system requires less force to move than in a traditional dishwasher, it’s easier to control the movement of fully-loaded racks. 
Bosch EasyGlide Rack
Bosch EasyGlide Rack
  • FlexSpace Tines – The tines or prongs on the bottom rack of some Bosch dishwashers are adjustable. You can move them to different positions to accommodate large or awkward dishes.
Bosch dishwasher adjustable tines
Bosch dishwasher adjustable tines
  • RackMatic – This thoughtful feature helps you customize the interior of your dishwasher. By pressing levers on either side of the upper rack, you can move it to nine positions to allow extra space for pots, pans, large bowls, tall glasses, or stemware. 
Bosch 300 series dishwasher adjustable middle rack
Bosch 300 series dishwasher adjustable middle rack
  • Home Connect – Some Bosch dishwashers feature Wi-Fi connectivity and can connect to your smartphone through Bosch’s HomeConnect app. With the app, you can remotely start and stop your dishwasher, select and customize wash cycles, adjust settings, and receive updates and notifications.
  • AutoAir and CrystalDry drying optionsAutoAir is a unique feature available in some Bosch dishwashers that helps dry dishes faster and more efficiently by automatically opening the dishwasher door slightly at the end of the wash cycle. Bosch’s CrystalDry technology utilizes the natural properties of a mineral compound called zeolite. This mineral absorbs moisture and emits heat. At the end of a wash cycle, any remaining moisture is pulled through a fan into a chamber filled with zeolite crystals, which absorb the moisture and heat the air. The hot air is sent back into the dishwasher’s interior to dry dishes faster. 
  • Speed60 Wash – This express wash cycle can wash and dry lightly soiled dishes in 60 minutes. It does this by using sensors inside the dishwasher to determine the soil level on the dishes. It can adjust the cleaning settings to achieve the most efficient wash.
  • InfoLight – Because Bosch’s dishwashers are so quiet, it can be difficult to tell if the wash cycle is complete. The InfoLight feature shines a red light on the floor while the dishwasher is running.
Bosch dishwasher InfoLight
Bosch dishwasher InfoLight

LG Dishwasher Features:

  • QuadWash – This innovative wash feature uses four spray arms rather than two (like most traditional dishwashers). With four spray arms, high-powered water jets, and multi-motion action, the water can reach even the most hard-to-reach areas and achieve a deep and thorough clean.
LG Dishwasher QuadWash
LG Dishwasher QuadWash
  • TrueSteam – LG’s TruSteam feature uses boiling water to create high-temperature steam inside the dishwasher. The steam penetrates difficult stains and baked-on food residue to ensure thorough cleaning and prevent water spots on glassware.
LG Dishwasher TrueSteam
LG Dishwasher TrueSteam
  • Adjustable tines – The prongs and tines on the bottom rack of your dishwasher can get in the way of loading large dishes, which is why some LG dishwasher models offer adjustable tines. On the bottom row, each set can be adjusted to lay flat or stand upright as needed. Some tines can alternate directions for added flexibility.
  • EasyRack system – The top rack in some LG models can be raised or lowered to accommodate large items on the bottom rack or awkward dishes like tall glasses and stemware. The rack can be adjusted to two positions.
  • SmartThinQ – LG’s WiFi-compatible dishwashers connect to your smartphone via the SmartThinQ app, which allows you to remotely change settings, start and end wash cycles, and receive software updates or notifications.
  • Indicator lights — Some LG dishwashers include indicator lights to notify you when the dishwasher is running — however, none are as obvious as Bosch’s InfoLight system. Bosch’s InfoLight shines bright red across the floor underneath the dishwasher, while LG’s dishwashers have small green lights on the front of the dishwasher door. 
LG Dishwasher SignaLight
LG Dishwasher SignaLight

Difference 5: Quietness

The quietness of your dishwasher is measured in decibels (dBA). The average dishwasher’s quietness rating falls between 46 and 60 dBA; anything under that rating is considered very quiet.

Bosch is known for producing some of the quietest dishwashers in the world. The majority of Bosch models sit in the 42-46 dBA range.

Here’s a quick breakdown by series:

Bosch Dishwasher SeriesQuietness (dBA)
300 Series44
500 Series44
800 Series39 – 42
Benchmark38 – 40

LG’s noise levels range between 41 and 48 dBA. Here’s a breakdown of the options:

LG Dishwasher Model NumberQuietness (dBA)
LUDP8908SN, LDT7808SS, SDWB24S3, LSDTS9882S, LDP7808BD38  – 43.64
LDP6810SS, LDTS5552D, SDWD24P3, LDPN6761T, LDT6809SS, LDP6797BD, LDP6809SS43.64  – 47.87
LDFN4542S, LDB4548ST, LDFN3432T, LDFC2423B, ADFD5448AT, LDF5545SS, LDFN343LS, LDFN454HT47.87  – 52.1

Overall, most Bosch dishwashers are quieter than most LG models. However, both brands produce less noise than the average dishwasher.

Difference 6: Models and Options

There are a variety of models and styles available for both LG and Bosch dishwashers. Bosch has a more extensive selection, with 55 models — LG offers 36.

LG only offers standard 24″ dishwashers. This size typically holds about 15-16 place settings.

In addition to standard 24-inch models, Bosch offers six 17 ¾-in dishwashers with a capacity of 10-14 place settings.

These smaller models are great if you live in a 1-2 person household or your kitchen space is limited.

Here’s a quick breakdown of both brands’ options:

Number of Models3655
FinishesBlack, Stainless, Black Stainless, Panel-readyWhite, Black, Stainless, Black Stainless, Panel-ready
Handle StylesBar, PocketBar, Pocket, Custom
ControlsTop and frontTop and front

You can browse all the dishwasher options at LG.com and Bosch-home.com.

What Others Say About Bosch and LG Dishwashers

Review sites, media outlets, and kitchen magazines regularly feature Bosch and LG dishwashers in their “Best Of” lists, reviews, and buying guides.

While there’s no shortage of praise for both appliance brands, let’s take a closer look at how these independent outlets rate Bosch and LG dishwashers.

Both LG and Bosch appeared on CNET’s list of the Best Dishwashers. The LG LDT7808BD model received praise as the best dishwasher for smart features. CNET loved this dishwasher’s Wi-Fi capability, seamless remote controls via LG’s mobile app, and the unique LED light inside the tub.

Bosch, however, took home the title of Best Overall dishwasher on this list with its 300 Series SHEM63W55N model. According to CNET, this dishwasher combines the best features for the most reasonable price. With a lower-than-average quietness rating, thoughtful features, like a flexible bottom rack, and a wide range of wash cycles and modes, this dishwasher impressed with its excellent value for the cost.

Two Bosch models were included on the Forbes Best Dishwashers list, along with one LG model. The Bosch Ascenta Stainless Steel Front Control Dishwasher came in as the top pick, with Forbes praising the unique water-saving half-load cycle option, versatile loading racks, and its sleek and beautiful design. The Bosch 500 Series 24-Inch Top Control Dishwasher was also mentioned for its wide range of features at a fair price — specifically, the AutoAir Dry and flexible third rack option.

Forbes also gave a shout-out to LG’s 24-Inch Stainless Steel Top Control Smart Dishwasher with the Best Smart Dishwasher title. The dishwasher’s built-in Wi-Fi and compatible SmartThinQ app allows users to control and monitor the dishwashing cycle from a phone remotely. Forbes also loved this dishwasher’s incredibly generous 15-place setting capacity.

Good Housekeeping mentioned Bosch and LG on its list of the Best Dishwashers. LG was praised for its smart features like the ThinQ Smart Diagnosis app, which helps problem-solve if there is an issue with the machine.

Bosch received a shout-out for its unique CrystalDry chamber that uses the moisture built up during the wash cycle and converts it into dry air, leaving your dishes noticeably drier than other comparable dishwashers.

Better Homes and Gardens reviewed both Bosch and LG dishwashers, with LG ranking as the best smart option, while Bosch took home the Best Overall mention. With its 16-place setting capacity and sensors that automatically adjust the water pressure needed, BHG rated the Bosch 300 Series 24-Inch Stainless Steel Dishwasher the best choice for large families and frequent entertainers.

Better Homes and Gardens also loved LG’s innovative technology and thoughtful features, including its LED interior lighting, Wi-Fi capability, ten wash cycles, and powerful QuadWash cleaning system.

LG and Bosch made it onto The Spruce’s list of Best Dishwasher Brands. In addition to Bosch’s wide availability, the Spruce also liked its multitude of customizable features that made their machines versatile and an excellent value for the price.

LG was praised for offering a wide selection of models, ranging from basic to premium, as well as well-designed and innovative smart features.

The New York Times endorsed Bosch dishwashers, specifically the Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N. This model has been their top pick since 2017 but has been discontinued and replaced by the Bosch 300 Series SHE53C85N. Both models are praised for their cleaning performance, flexible racks, and low noise level. Reviewers also noted Bosch’s strong reliability and one-year parts and labor warranty. The article briefly mentions LG by saying, “The LG LSDTS9882S is a fine dishwasher with great drying power. But there are higher-performing machines available for less.”

Bottom Line: Should You Choose a Bosch or LG Dishwasher?

Now that you understand the differences between Bosch and LG dishwashers, it is time to decide which brand is best for you.

Before I give you my recommendation, let’s review the key takeaways:

  • Reliability: Bosch was ranked as the most reliable brand by 11 out of 15 appliance repair professionals, while four experts said to avoid LG. However, according to Yale Appliance’s reliability data, LG’s service rate has been consistently lower than Bosch’s since 2019.
  • Price: Bosch dishwashers range from $500 to over $2000, with most models priced between $1000-$2000. LG dishwashers range from $500 to $1,500.
  • Warranty: Bosch and LG offer a limited warranty covering all parts and labor for the first year. Between years two and five, Bosch provides a limited warranty for the microprocessor, printed circuit board, and racks. LG’s two-year warranty includes the main control board, dishwasher racks, stainless steel door liner, and tub.
  • Features: Bosch is known for its advanced CrystalDry system that uses zeolite crystals to transform moisture into hot air for superior drying. LG is known for its TrueSteam system that sprays steam throughout the tub to loosen stubborn food bits and thoroughly clean each dish and glass.
  • Quietness: Bosch dishwashers are known for being some of the quietest in the world, with most models in the 42-46 dBA range. LG’s noise levels range between 41 and 52 dBA.

If you’re unsure which brand to buy, I recommend Bosch. Almost every appliance repair expert I spoke to recommended Bosch because it’s one of the most reliable brands. Only one expert said anything positive about LG; four put it in the least reliable category.

Besides reliability, Bosch’s dishwashers are incredibly quiet and packed with innovative features like AutoAir and CrystalDry. With a wide range of prices, there’s a Bosch dishwasher for all budgets.

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