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Bosch Dishwasher Comparison: How to Choose the Right Series

Are you shopping for a Bosch dishwasher but aren’t sure which series is best for you?

What extra features do you get as you move up in series (and price)?

In 2023, Bosch revamped its lineup. They discontinued the Ascenta and 800 Premium series, added 100 Plus and 100 Premium, and redesigned dishwashers in the 300, 500, 800, and Benchmark series.

A lot has changed, but I’ll break it all down for you.

In this guide, I provide a straightforward comparison of each Bosch dishwasher series. You’ll learn how they differ in materials, cleaning and drying technology, noise level, rack configuration, and more.

I also highlight the upgrades you get with each series and provide a comparison chart to make it easy to weigh all the options.

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Bosch Dishwasher Comparison: Key Takeaways

If you’re in a rush, here’s a quick comparison of each Bosch dishwasher series. I provide much more detail and context throughout the full guide.

Similarities Across All Series

Every Bosch dishwasher, from the most affordable to the high-end models, includes the PrecisionWash system with Speed60 for efficient cleaning, advanced leak prevention technologies, and a strong reputation for reliability. As of 2023, all models have Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing remote control and monitoring through the HomeConnect app.

Bosch 100 Series

The 100 Series is Bosch’s most basic and least expensive series. It features stainless steel walls, a polypropylene tub, the PureDry drying system, and 24/7 Overflow Protection. Skip to the full review to learn more about 100 series dishwashers.

Bosch 100 Plus Series

The 100 Plus Series builds on the 100 Series by adding an adjustable middle rack, an edge-to-edge recessed handle for a sleeker design, and a reduced noise level. Skip to the full review to learn more about 100 Plus series dishwashers.

Bosch 100 Premium Series

The 100 Premium Series further reduces the noise level and introduces a 3rd rack for increased loading flexibility and an InfoLight to indicate when the dishwasher is running. Skip to the full review to learn more about 100 Premium series dishwashers.

Bosch 300 Series

This series marks a significant step up, featuring an all-steel tub for improved durability and heat retention, 24/7 AquaStop for advanced leak protection, FlexSpace tines for more adaptable loading, and the EasyGlide rack system for smoother rack movement. Skip to the full review to learn more about 300 series dishwashers.

Bosch 500 Series

The 500 Series introduces several enhancements such as an even quieter 44 dBA operation, a flexible 3rd rack with expandable wings for larger items, AutoAir drying technology for better drying results, ENERGY STAR® certification for energy efficiency, and a contemporary pocket handle design. Skip to the full review to learn more about 500 series dishwashers.

Bosch 800 Series

This series includes all the features of the 500 series but with added benefits. Most notably, 800 series dishwashers are quieter at 42 dBA, the PowerControl Spray Arm cleans more effectively, the CrystalDry technology provides superior drying, especially of plastics, and the EasyGlide system extends to all racks. Skip to the full review to learn more about 800 series dishwashers.

Bosch Benchmark Series

Benchmark is Bosch’s most premium series with the quietest operation among Bosch dishwashers (38-39 dBA), a TimeLight feature that displays cycle time, an interior light for convenience, the upgraded EasyGlide Plus rack system, FlexSpace Tines Plus for greater flexibility, and a built-in water softener to prevent hard water spots. Skip to the full review to learn more about Benchmark series dishwashers.

Which Bosch Dishwasher Series Is the Best?

Bosch dishwashers vary in price, features, and performance, But all are exceptionally reliable. The 300 series offers the best balance between functionality, performance, and price. But if you’re looking for a flexible 3rd rack or wash plastics often and need an enhanced drying system, the 500, 800, and Benchmark series are worth considering.

Comparison Chart

The chart below provides a side-by-side comparison of all Bosch dishwasher series.

Swipe to view the entire chart on mobile.

Bosch 100 SeriesBosch 100 Plus SeriesBosch 100 Premium SeriesBosch 300 SeriesBosch 500 SeriesBosch 800 SeriesBosch Benchmark Series
Tub MaterialStainless steel walls, polypropylene bottomStainless steel walls, polypropylene bottomStainless steel walls, polypropylene bottomStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Quietness (dB)50484646444238/39
Finishes– Stainless
– Black
– White
– Stainless
– Black
– White
– Stainless
– Black
– White
– Black stainless steel
– Stainless
– Black
– White
– Panel-ready
– Stainless
– Black
– White
– Stainless
– Black
– White
– Black stainless steel
– Panel-ready
– Stainless
– Panel-ready
HandlesRecessed– Recessed
– Custom
Bar– Recessed
– Scoop
– Bar
– Panel-ready
– Pocket
– Bar
– Pocket
– Bar
– Panel-ready
– Pocket
– Bar
– Panel-ready
3rd RackNoNoStandardStandardFlexibleFlexibleFlexible
FlexSpace TinesNoNoNoFlexSpaceFlexSpaceFlexSpaceFlexSpace Plus
EasyGlide RacksNoNoNoTop and bottomTop and bottomTop, middle, and bottomTop, middle, and bottom; EasyGlide Plus
Wash TechnologyPrecisionWashPrecisionWashPrecisionWashPrecisionWashPrecisionWashPrecisionWash with PowerControl Spray ArmPrecisionWash with PowerControl Spray Arm
Drying TechnologyPureDryPureDryPureDryPureDryAutoAirCrystalDryCrystalDry
Leak Detection24/7 Overflow Protection24/7 Overflow Protection24/7 Overflow ProtectionAquaStopAquaStopAquaStopAquaStop
Interior LightNoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Water SoftenerNoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Energy Star CertifiedModel SHE3AEE5N onlyNoNo Model SHE53CE5N onlyYesYesYes
WarrantyEntire appliance, parts and labor (1 year)Entire appliance, parts and labor (1 year)Entire appliance, parts and labor (1 year)Entire appliance, parts and labor (1 year)Entire appliance, parts and labor (1 year)Entire appliance, parts and labor (1 year)Entire appliance, parts and labor (1 year)
Price$550 to $750$700 to $900$850 and $900$1000 to $1100$1100 and $1150$1300 to $1350$$$1,800 and $2,300$$
UpgradesNone– Quieter
– RackMatic (adjustable middle rack)
– Edge-to-edge recessed handle
– Quieter
– 3rd rack
– InfoLight
– Steel tub
– FlexSpace tines
– EasyGlide racks
– 24/7 AquaStop
– Scoop handle
– Quieter
– Flexible 3rd rack
– AutoAir
– ENERGY STAR Certified
– Pocket handle
– Quieter
– PowerControl Spray Arm
– CrystalDry
– EasyGlide on all racks
– Quietest
– TimeLight
– EasyGlide Plus
– FlexSpace Tines Plus
– Interior lighter
– Water softener


Similarities Between All Bosch Dishwashers

All Bosch dishwashers, from the most affordable 100 series to the high-end Benchmark models, provide innovative features that set them apart, like Speed60 washing, AquaStop leak protection, and industry-leading durability.

Before discussing the differences, let’s quickly explore the features you get with every series.

PrecisionWash System with Speed60

All Bosch dishwashers include PrecisionWash, an advanced washing system, and Speed60, a quick wash cycle.

The PrecisionWash system uses intelligent sensors to monitor soil levels and water temperature, automatically adjusting the wash cycle for optimized cleaning. The Speed60 cycle can wash and dry a full load of dishes in just one hour while still providing outstanding cleaning results.

Bosch dishwasher Speed60 setting
Bosch dishwasher Speed60 setting

Bosch doesn’t use traditional heating elements. Instead, they rely on super-heated water during the final rinse. The steamy air hits the cool stainless steel interior, turning into water droplets that slide away, leaving your dishes dry and spotless. This method protects your dishes and is also kinder to your energy bill.

24/7 Overflow and Leak Prevention Systems

All Bosch dishwashers come equipped with advanced overflow protection systems to prevent water leaks and flooding disasters. Even entry-level 100 Series models have a 24/7 Overflow Protection System that pumps out excess water and shuts off the water inlet if the tub fills too high, whether the dishwasher is on or off.

Mid-range 300, 500, and 800 Series Bosch dishwashers have a more sophisticated system called 24/7 AquaStop that uses multiple sensors to detect possible leaks. If a leak is sensed, AquaStop will automatically cut off the water supply and activate the drain pump to contain the water – even if you’re not home.

Finally, Bosch’s premium Benchmark Series dishwashers feature 24/7 AquaStop Plus, which adds an additional protective hose surrounding the water inlet hose for the ultimate leak protection.

So while the exact overflow prevention technology differs across price points, all Bosch dishwashers share the same commitment to avoiding leaks and flooding.


In addition to shared technologies and features, Bosch dishwashers, regardless of series, are also known for their consistent and reliable performance.

I recently interviewed 15 appliance repair technicians as part of the research for my guide to the most reliable dishwasher brands, and Bosch was repeatedly singled out.

Of 15 repair companies surveyed, 11 named Bosch as the most reliable dishwasher brand. Direct quotes praising Bosch engineering and reliability include:

“Bosch makes really solid units. Bosch is known for its outstanding dishwasher engineering.” – Synergy Appliances, Wyoming MI

“Bosch is the best brand. Its better models cost around $1000, but they’re almost always worth it.” – AM Appliance Repair, Fitchburg, WI

Backing up this expert opinion, Bosch’s low service rates (service calls divided by units sold) in Yale Appliance’s annual reliability report indicates that only 5.1% of Bosch dishwashers need repairs within the first year. Bosch is the second most reliable dishwasher brand, only behind LG, according to Yale’s data.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Previously, only the higher-end 300, 500, 800, and Benchmark series dishwashers were Wi-Fi enabled. But as of July 2023, all Bosch dishwashers, including the 100 series, have full connectivity.

The HomeConnect app allows you to control and monitor your dishwasher remotely. With HomeConnect, you can start or stop the dishwasher, check cycle status, and receive notifications when a cycle is complete – all from your smartphone.

On select models, the app enables you to control different wash zones independently for customized cleaning. HomeConnect also lets you create personalized cycles and access additional cycles beyond the dishwasher’s control panel options.

You can also use voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free control, and the app can automatically reorder dishwasher detergent when you run low.

Bosch 100, 100 Plus, and 100 Premium Series

For years, the Ascenta and 100 were Bosch’s most affordable dishwasher series.

Bosch 24" 100 Series Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher

But in July 2023, Bosch made significant changes. They discontinued the Ascenta series and added two new versions of its 100 series: 100 Plus and 100 Premium.

Today, the standard 100 series is Bosch’s least expensive offering, ranging from $550 to $750. The 100 Plus series ranges from $700 to $900, and the 100 Premium series costs between $850 and $900.

All three dishwasher series have stainless steel interior walls with a polypropylene tub base, PrecisionWash cleaning technology, PureDry drying system, 24/7 Overflow Protection to prevent leaks, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Upgrades Over the 100 Series

The Bosch 100 Plus series builds upon the solid foundation of the 100 series, retaining all its key features and introducing advanced elements for added convenience and style.

  • RackMatic® System: A significant addition is the innovative RackMatic® system, which offers unparalleled flexibility in loading. This system allows you to adjust the upper rack to nine different positions. You can effortlessly raise or lower each side of the rack to accommodate tall items such as sheet pans below or create additional space above for items like stemware. This feature brings a new level of customization to dish loading, making it easier to fit various dishes and cookware.
Bosch dishwasher adjustable middle rack
Bosch dishwasher adjustable middle rack
  • Edge-to-Edge Recessed Handle: The 100 Plus series enhances its aesthetic appeal with an edge-to-edge recessed handle. Unlike the 100 series, where the recessed handle stops a few inches from each side, the 100 Plus offers a more seamless and modern look with its handle extending across the entire width of the door.
Bosch 100 Plus dishwasher edge to edge recessed handle
Bosch 100 Plus dishwasher edge to edge recessed handle
  • Reduced Noise Level: Improved to operate at a quieter level of 48 dBA (vs. the 100 series’ 50 dBA)

Upgrades Over the 100 Plus Series

Building upon the already impressive features of the 100 Plus series, the Bosch 100 Premium series introduces key upgrades that elevate the dishwasher experience to new heights.

  • Standard 3rd Rack: The standard third rack is a notable addition to the 100 Premium series. The extra space is perfect for flatware, large utensils, measuring cups, or other items that are challenging to fit in traditional dishwasher racks. The unique V-shape of the rack ensures there is still ample room below for taller items, like stemware, on the middle rack. This third rack significantly increases loading flexibility and maximizes the dishwasher’s usable space.
Bosch third rack
Bosch third rack
  • InfoLight® Technology: Another upgrade is the InfoLight® feature. Given the dishwasher’s exceptionally quiet operation, the InfoLight® provides a practical and elegant solution to indicate when a cycle is running. This feature projects a red light onto the floor during operation, which turns off once the dishes are clean.
Bosch dishwasher InfoLight
Bosch dishwasher InfoLight
  • Further Reduced Noise Level: Decreases operational noise to an even quieter 46 dB, making it nearly imperceptible during its cleaning cycle.

Bosch 300 Series

Bosch 300 Series dishwashers are a significant step up from the 100 Premium series in both functionality and durability.

Bosch 300 series dishwasher
Bosch 300 series dishwasher

These dishwashers, which range in price from $1000 to $1100, offer a higher level of performance and convenience at a reasonable price.

Upgrades Over the 100 Premium Series

Bosch 300 Series dishwashers come with several notable upgrades that set them apart from the 100 Premium series:

  • All Steel Tub: Unlike the 100 series, which features stainless steel interior walls and a polypropylene base, the 300 Series boasts an all-steel tub. The steel tub lasts longer and retains heat better during cycles, contributing to more effective cleaning and drying.
Bosch 300 series dishwasher steel tub
Bosch Steel Tub
  • 24/7 AquaStop: While the 100 series features Bosch’s exclusive 24/7 Overflow Protection System, which pumps out water and closes the inlet if the water level gets too high, the 300 Series advances this concept with the 24/7 AquaStop. This more sophisticated system includes sensors that not only detect high water levels but also potential leaks, automatically shutting off the water inlet and activating the drain pump as a proactive measure.
  • FlexSpace Tines: The 300 Series introduces FlexSpace tines that easily fold away, creating room for larger bowls and pans.
Bosch dishwasher adjustable tines
Bosch dishwasher adjustable tines
  • EasyGlide Rack System: This top rack features the EasyGlide Rack System, which includes ball-bearing wheels for a smoother glide. This system makes loading and unloading a breeze, particularly when the racks are fully loaded.
Bosch EasyGlide Rack
Bosch EasyGlide Rack
  • Scoop Handle: Moving away from the more noticeable recessed handles of the 100 series, the 300 Series adopts a subtler approach with its scoop handle. This small recessed handle is sleek and discreet.
Bosch dishwasher scoop handle
Bosch dishwasher scoop handle

Bosch 500 Series

Priced between $1100 and $1150, Bosch 500 series dishwashers offer enhanced features for a quieter, more efficient, and convenient dishwashing experience.

Upgrades Over the 300 Series

  • Reduced Noise Level: The 500 Series operates at an impressively quiet 44 dBA, compared to the 300 Series’ 46 dBA.
  • Flexible 3rd Rack: The 500 Series features an adaptable third rack with expandable wings and adjustable tines. It provides greater flexibility in loading bowls and bulky utensils.
Bosch Flexible 3rd Rack
Bosch Flexible 3rd Rack
  • AutoAir Drying Technology: The AutoAir option is a standout feature in the 500 Series. At the end of the drying cycle, the dishwasher door automatically opens to allow moisture to escape and fresh air to circulate, resulting in dishes that are 40% drier (compared to the PureDry system in the 100 and 300 series).
  • ENERGY STAR® Certification: 500 series dishwashers are an excellent choice if you’re looking to save water and energy. They’re ENERGY STAR certified, making them both environmentally friendly and economical.
  • Pocket Handle Design: The 500 Series features a redesigned pocket handle, offering a flush, modern look with simplified controls located on the top panel. This sleek design contributes to the dishwasher’s contemporary aesthetic, making it a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Bosch 800 Series

Bosch 800 series dishwashers feature ultra-quiet performance, precision washing technology, superior drying capability, and smooth & effortless loading design. Ranging from $1300 to $1350, these models cost more than the 500 series, but the upgrades are significant.

Upgrades Over the 500 Series

With the 800 Series, you get all the features included in the 500 series, plus these enhancements:

  • Quieter Operation: With a noise level of 42 dBA, the 800 Series is quieter than the 500 Series (44 dBA). If you value a tranquil kitchen, this series offers a near-silent operation.
  • PowerControl Spray Arm: This latest innovation from Bosch is a game-changer for cleaning performance. The PowerControl spray arm enhances the PrecisionWash system, targeting your dirtiest dishes, regardless of their placement on the bottom rack. It allows you to focus more intense cleaning on specific quadrants of the lower rack or choose between the front and back half for deeper cleaning.
  • CrystalDry Technology: If you’ve ever been frustrated with dishes not drying completely, especially plastics, CrystalDry is your solution. This patented technology uses zeolite, a natural mineral, to transform moisture into heat, reaching temperatures up to 176°F. The process creates a mini sauna inside your dishwasher, ensuring dishes, including plastics, come out 60% drier (compared to the 100 and 300 series’ PureDry system). This advanced drying system not only ensures impeccably dry dishes but also contributes to energy efficiency.
Bosch 800 series CrystalDry how it work diagram
Bosch 800 series CrystalDry how it work diagram
  • EasyGlide on All Racks: The 800 Series extends the ball-bearing EasyGlide Rack System to all racks, providing a smooth glide and easy operation for every load. This feature ensures effortless loading and unloading, even when the racks are full.

Bosch Benchmark Series

The Benchmark series is Bosch’s most advanced, feature-rich, and premium offering. With prices ranging between $1,800 and $2,300, these dishwashers offer the highest level of convenience and functionality.

Upgrades Over the 800 Series

Like the 800 series, these models come equipped with the PowerControl cleaning system, CrystalDry drying system, and a flexible 3rd rack. But the higher cost comes with several notable upgrades.

  • Quietest Operation: With a noise level ranging from 38 to 39 dBA, the Benchmark Series is the quietest among Bosch’s offerings. If a virtually silent kitchen is what you desire, these dishwashers deliver.
  • TimeLight: The Benchmark series elevates the InfoLight concept with its advanced TimeLight feature. Instead of indicating that the dishwasher is running with a red dot, the TimeLight projects the remaining cycle time onto the floor.
Bosch Benchmark Dishwasher Indicator Light With Time Remaining
Bosch Benchmark Dishwasher Indicator Light With Time Remaining
  • Interior Light: Most models in the Benchmark Series come with an interior light, adding both aesthetic and practical value. The lighting illuminates the interior, making it easier to see when loading and unloading.
  • EasyGlide Plus Rack System: Building upon the EasyGlide system of the 800 Series, the Benchmark Series features the upgraded EasyGlide Plus. This system uses premium ball bearings, offering a smoother glide across all three racks.
  • FlexSpace Tines Plus: The Benchmark Series takes flexibility to a new level with FlexSpace Plus tines throughout the lower rack, compared to only certain sections in the 800 Series.
  • Water Softener: A built-in water softener in the Benchmark Series addresses the issue of hard water spots caused by lime deposits. It softens the water to the optimal level, ensuring your dishes come out spot-free and shining, enhancing the overall dishwashing result.

Bottom Line: Which Bosch Dishwasher Series Is the Best?

Choosing the best Bosch dishwasher series for your needs can feel overwhelming. And to make matters worse, much of the information online is outdated because Bosch totally revamped its lineup in 2023.

The three main factors to weigh are budget, features, and performance. The 100 and 300 series offer excellent value and reliability, the 500 series adds some nice upgrades like AutoAir and a Flexible 3rd Rack, and the 800 and Benchmark series provide ultra-quiet operation and superior cleaning drying systems.

For most buyers, the 300 series hits the sweet spot, providing upgrades like an all-steel tub, 3rd rack, AquaStop leak prevention, and FlexSpace tines at a reasonable price between $1000 and $1100. With these models, you get outstanding cleaning and convenience without the premium price tag.

However, if you use a lot of plastic plates or food storage containers, consider the 500, 800, or Benchmark series instead. While the PureDry system in the 100 and 300 models does an excellent job of drying silverware, glass, and ceramic dishes, it is less effective at drying plastics. The AutoAir feature in the 500 series and the CrystalDry technology in 800 and Benchmark series models offer vastly improved performance for ensuring bone-dry plastics.

Ultimately, Bosch’s engineering and reliability shine through in every series. Focus on the features and technologies most important to your needs and budget.

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