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The Most (And Least) Reliable Electric Range Brands

Are you shopping for a new electric range and wondering which brands are the most reliable?

In this guide, I reveal the most reliable electric range brands. I’ll also share the least reliable brands so you know what to avoid.

I picked the winners and losers by interviewing nine appliance repair professionals, analyzing service rates from leading appliance service companies, and researching thousands of customer reviews.

So, keep reading if you’re ready to buy a new electric range but need help deciding which brands to buy (and which to avoid).

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Most and Least Reliable Electric Range Brands: Key Takeaways

Looking for a quick take on the most and least reliable electric range brands? Here are the key points:

What Professionals Say: I asked nine appliance repair professionals which electric range brands are the most and least reliable. Most experts (6 out of 9) said to avoid Samsung and LG. Wolf, Thermador, and Viking are reliable but expensive. Several recommended Whirlpool and brands owned by Whirlpool, including KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, and Maytag. Skip ahead to read quotes from the pros.

Yale Appliance’s Annual Reliability Report: Yale Appliance’s annual reliability report contradicts repair professionals, ranking LG as the most reliable brand. However, this report has limitations — it doesn’t cover all brands and relies on first-year service data. Skip ahead to see all the data.

Most Reliable Electric Range Brands

Whirlpool: Whirlpool, encompassing brands like Maytag, Jenn-Air, and KitchenAid, is one of the most reliable electric range brands. According to the Yale reliability report, only 3.3% of Whirlpool electric ranges need first-year service. Service professionals and customer reviews generally deem Whirlpool reliable, praising ease of use, modern features, and roomy oven capacity. One appliance repair pro I spoke to said Whirlpool electric ranges “are made with higher-quality parts.”

GE: Yale’s report ranks GE as one of the least reliable electric range brands, with a service rate of 22% in 2023 (up from 4% in the previous year). However, the service rate on the GE Profile line of appliances was second-lowest at 2.4%. The New York Times named GE the best electric range for its affordability, cooking features, and aesthetic appeal.

Least Reliable Electric Range Brands

Samsung: Samsung has a low service rate in Yale’s report (10.8% in 2023 and 2.7 in 2022), but service professionals still consider the brand unreliable (66% expressed negative opinions). Common complaints are focused on its poor quality, especially the glass top, which is prone to cracking, peeling, scratches, and discoloration. Customers also report that burners stop working, sometimes requiring a power reset.

LG: Despite a 2.3% service rate, two-thirds of repair professionals deem LG electric ranges unreliable. Issues include fragile glass tops, subpar build quality, thin storage drawers, and burner knobs losing temperature markings. Customers also report problems with oven temperature regulation. Despite impressive tech features, repair experts highlight LG’s reliability concerns, including prolonged oven preheating times and additional accessory costs.

Bottom Line: According to appliance repair professionals, Yale’s reliability report, and loads of customer feedback, Whirlpool and GE make the most reliable electric ranges. Samsung and LG might have happy customers and decent service rates, but most repair pros say to avoid them if reliability is your top priority.

What Electric Range Repair Professionals Say

Nobody understands which electric range brands are the most and least reliable better than the professionals servicing these appliances every day.

So, I connected with nine repair companies to get their expert opinions. I asked each company the same two questions:

  1. Which electric range brands are the most reliable?
  2. Which electric range brands are the least reliable?

Interestingly, I received a wide range of answers to my first question — there was no clear consensus about the most reliable brand.

However, the professionals were in agreement that Samsung and LG are the least reliable brands.

The chart below summarizes the number of positive and negative mentions from the 9 repair professionals.

BrandVotes for Most Reliable Electric RangeVotes for Least Reliable Electric Range
Fisher & Paykel01

Here’s exactly what each repair professional said.

A & A Repair, an appliance service company in North Haven, Connecticut, said, “I would avoid Samsung and LG. The rest are pretty much the same. Electric ranges with simple features are usually the most reliable.”

Lakeside Appliance Repair, a company servicing Lake County, Illinois, said, “Wolf, Thermador, and Viking are the most reliable electric range brands, but all three are expensive. All other brands are fairly equal in terms of reliability.”

Gassman Appliance, based in Portland, Oregon, told me, “Avoid Samsung and LG. We recommend Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Whirlpool brands such as KitchenAid, Maytag, Jennair, and Amana.

A&P Appliance Parts and Service, a company in Beaverton, Oregon, said, “Whirlpool brands (i.e., Kitchenaid, Jenn-Air, Whirlpool, and Maytag) are the most reliable. I like these brands because they are made with higher-quality parts. Also, when a part goes bad and you need to replace it, Whirlpool stands by their parts with a one-year warranty.”

They continued by saying, “Most other brands only stand by their parts for 90 days at most. Stay away from brands like Haier, Fisher & Paykel, Samsung, and LG. Whether its lack of quality or being overpriced, these brands are at the bottom of my list.”

Don’s Appliance, an appliance repair company servicing Loves Park, IL, gave this advice: “The only brands we don’t recommend are Samsung and LG. In general, ranges are much more reliable than washers, dryers, and refrigerators. The difference in reliability between brands is minimal.”

The owner of Medford Appliance, a repair business in Medford, Oregon, said, “Whirlpool and Maytag are the most reliable electric ranges.”

The office manager at Appliance Marshall Repair, a company in Cary, Illinois, mentioned, “Our technicians advise against LG and Samsung. Miele, Wolf, and Thermador are top-of-the-line cooking equipment brands. If you want the most reliable range, go with one of those brands. However, you’ll pay a premium.”

Act Fast Repair, a company servicing the Chicago, Illinois, area, said, “Frigidaire and Electrolux are the most reliable. Always stay away from Samsung, LG, and Kenmore; they break down more often. My techs and I work on these brands much more often.”

Skyline Appliance Repair, a company servicing the Chicago, Illinois area, said, “The only advice I can give you is to not buy Samsung, LG, or Kenmore. Every other brand is more reliable.”

Results From Yale Appliance’s Annual Electric Range Reliability Report

Yale Appliance is a family-owned and managed appliance retailer and service company that has served the greater Boston and Metrowest area since 1923.

Each year, Yale releases a report on the most reliable electric ranges. The report data comes from actual service calls, not anecdotal or predictive data.

The most important statistic in the report is service rate. The metric comes from dividing the number of service calls per unit sold. For example, if Yale sells 1,000 Whirlpool electric ranges in a year and receives 100 service calls for those units, the service rate would be 10%.

Below is service rate data from Yale’s most recent electric range reliability report.

Electric Range Brand2023 Service Rate2022 Service Rate
GE Profile2.4%N/A
Café Appliances13.5%21.2%
GE Appliances22%4.0%
*This data assumes a minimum of 30 ranges sold per brand and a sample size of 900+ ranges.

Yale’s data suggests that LG is the most reliable electric range brands, which contradicts the recommendations from almost every repair professional I interviewed.

However, this report doesn’t tell the complete story. There are several caveats to consider when you review Yale’s rankings.

  • Yale does not sell or service every electric range brand.
  • Service rate is more volatile for brands with fewer units sold. If you look at previous years’ reports, you’ll see different rankings.
  • Yale lumps together all models manufactured by each brand, but some models are more reliable than others.
  • Yale’s rankings only account for the first-year service rate. If the range breaks in years two, three, four, or beyond, that data isn’t included.

The point is, Yale’s report provides valuable insight, but it’s just one source to consider.

Most Reliable Electric Range Brands: Whirlpool and GE

Based on data from Yale’s annual report, interviews with service professionals, and analysis of thousands of customer reviews, Whirlpool and GE are the most reliable electric ranges.


Whirlpool electric range
Whirlpool electric range. Photo credit: Whirlpool.com

Whirlpool, founded in 1911 in Benton Harbor, Michigan, is a renowned home appliance brand. It introduced the first automatic washing machine in 1948.

The brand has won 20+ CES Innovation Awards — a coveted honor recognizing exemplary design and engineering among consumer tech products.

Today, Whirlpool makes a variety of home appliances, including refrigerators, ranges, cooktops, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and more.

The Yale reliability report shows that roughly 3 out of every 100 Whirlpool electric ranges require service in their first year. This is the third-lowest service rate of the six brands in the most recent report.

Service professionals agree that Whirlpool is a reliable brand. Oregon-based A&P Appliance Parts and Service confirmed that Whirlpool brands such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Jenn-Air, and KitchenAid are the most reliable.

In fact, one-third of the pros I interviewed recommended Whirlpool. And combined with other Whirlpool brands like KitchenAid, Whirlpool received the most votes (10) for reliability.

But what do Whirlpool customers think? Reviews on sites like HomeDepot.com and Lowes.com are overwhelmingly positive. Most models have at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Customers say that Whirlpool electric ranges:

  • Are easy to clean and use
  • Have modern features
  • Are stylish
  • Have lots of oven room

You’ll also see phrases like “well-built,” “durable,” and “no problems” when browsing the reviews.

Reviewed (a USA Today brand) echoed the positive customer sentiments, choosing Whirlpool as the top pick of the best electric ranges. Reviewers praised its features, spaciousness, even baking in the top oven, and effective burners (even with simultaneous use). However, they did not like the uneven baking results from the lower oven.

It’s not all positive; there are some negative reviews. Customers complain about how easy it is to damage the glass top (you need to be careful with heavy cast iron cookware). They also mention electronic failures and problems with the control board.

Whirlpool Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeMultiple locations in the United States: Ohio, Iowa, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Oklahoma
Number of Electric Range Models180+
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)*5.6%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)*3.3%
Warranty InformationLimited warranty: 1 year from purchase date parts and labor; years 2–5 specific component parts and labor
Common IssuesBubbles form under glass, glass scratches easily and is hard to keep clean, control board failures
Price$$-$$$ (HomeDepot.com)
*Yale Service Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of electric ranges Yale Appliance serviced by the number they sold.


GE PB935YPFS 30 Inch Electric Smart Range with 5 Radiant Elements, 5.3 Cu. Ft. Oven Capacity, Storage Drawer, WiFi, Air Fry, True Convection with Precise Air, Fast Preheat, Self-Clean

GE (General Electric), a Haier company, has been around for over a century. The business has multiple manufacturing plants throughout the United States.

GE makes refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ranges under different brand names, including GE Appliances, GE Profile, Hotpoint, Café, and Monogram.

The current Yale report shows a 22.0% service rate, meaning 22 out of every 100 GE electric ranges sold require service in the first year. While this number might be alarming, GE’s service rate was 4% the previous year. Also, GE Profile, the brand’s luxury line of appliances, ranked second with a service rate of 2.4%.

Interestingly, the service pros I interviewed didn’t mention GE as the most reliable electric range brand. However, when I asked about gas ranges, GE was the brand they recommended the most.

Analyzing reviews on sites like HomeDepot.com reveal mostly positive sentiments. People who own GE electric ranges appreciate the following benefits:

  • Ease of cleaning the glass top models
  • Modern appeal
  • Lots of room in the ovens
  • Efficient burners that heat quickly

The New York Times Wirecutter chose the GE JB735 as the best electric stove for its affordability, cooking features, spacious oven, and aesthetic appeal. Although the model is new, its predecessor was reliable and garnered many positive reviews. It’s also important to note that GE captured three spots in a list of Wirecutter’s four recommendations for the best electric ranges.

GE Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeMultiple GE manufacturing facilities: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee
Number of Electric Range Models160+
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)4.0%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)22%
Warranty InformationLimited warranty: 1 year from date of purchase, parts and labor
Common IssuesGlass top models scratch easily, faulty oven light, coil models experience burner temperature fluctuations
Price$$-$$$$ (HomeDepot.com, Amazon)
*Yale Service Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of electric ranges Yale Appliance serviced by the number they sold. 

Least Reliable Electric Range Brands: Samsung and LG

Although Samsung and LG electric ranges have some of the most advanced features, they are the least reliable. I came to this conclusion based on my interviews with service pros, analysis of consumer reviews, and rankings and insights on independent review sites.


SAMSUNG NE63T8511SS 6.3 cu. ft. Front Control Slide-in Electric Range with Air Fry & Wi-Fi

Samsung was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul in Daegu, South Korea. The company has several subsidiaries, including Samsung Electronics.

The brand manufactures smartphones, TVs, and home appliances such as ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, and cooktops.

According to Yale’s 2022 report, Samsung had the lowest service rate of all brands. Just 2.7% of the models sold needed repair within a year. However, in 2023, that number increased to 10.8%. Despite service rate increasing year over year, Samsung is a reliable choice based on Yale’s data.

But the feedback from service pros is contrary. Samsung got negative votes from 66% of the professionals I polled.

And they had a lot to say:

  • A & A Repair said, “I would avoid Samsung and LG.”
  • Gassman Appliance said, “Avoid Samsung and LG.”
  • A&P Appliance Parts and Service mentioned that Samsung was one of the brands at the bottom of the list due to poor quality and high cost.

Negative customer reviews on HomeDepot.com and Lowes.com have a common theme: the glass top does not hold up. There are multiple reports of cracking, peeling, scratches, and discoloration. Also, Samsung owners don’t like the cyclical heat on burners. They turn on and off instead of providing steady heat.

Even worse, dozens of people complain that the burners just stop working. Others complain about having to reset the range (by turning off the power) to fix an unresponsive control panel. 

It’s not all bad with Samsung. Customers leaving positive reviews appreciate the luxury look, WiFi control, and bonus features like air frying and grilling.

Samsung Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeMultiple locations: South Korea, China, Germany, India, Sweden, Luxembourg, and United States (South Carolina)
Number of Electric Range Models20+
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)2.7%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)10.8%
Warranty InformationLimited warranty, 1 year from date of purchase, parts and labor
Common IssuesGlass top damages easily, burners stop working, unresponsive buttons
Price$$-$$$$ (HomeDepot.com)
*Yale Service Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of electric ranges Yale Appliance serviced by the number they sold.


LG LSSE3027ST STUDIO 6.3 Cu. Ft. Stainless Electric Range with ProBake Convection

LG Corporation is a multi-generational family business. It was founded in 1947 in Busan, South Korea. Today, the brand produces various innovative products, including kitchen appliances, electric ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

At 2.3%, LG has the lowest service rate in Yale’s report. But the low service rate does not provide the whole story.

When I interviewed service professionals, two-thirds of them called LG electric ranges unreliable.

A representative from Chicago-based Ace Fast Repair stated, “Always stay away from Samsung, LG, and Kenmore; they break down more often. My techs and I work on these brands much more often.”

A service pro from the Chicago, IL shop, Skyline Appliance and Repair, added, “The only advice I can give you is to not buy Samsung, LG, or Kenmore. Every other brand is more reliable.”

If you browse reviews on HomeDepot.com and Lowes.com, you’ll find numerous complaints about the frail glass tops and the overall poor build quality.

Some customers say the bottom storage drawer is thin, and the temperature numbers on the burner knobs wear off in just a few months. Others complain that the oven temperature does not regulate properly; it sometimes heats up to 30 degrees higher than the set temperature.

Despite these negatives, LG still has a fan base. Positive customer reviews show that people like:

  • Cooking features like air frying
  • The sleek, modern look
  • Precise temperature control
  • The WiFi connectivity and app controls

The brand’s tech seems to be the biggest draw. In Reviewed’s take on the LG LREL6325F electric range, the WiFi connectivity, two-tap activation of the oven light, and air fry mode were highlights. Reviewers also liked how fast the burners heated and said the large cooktop was easy to clean.

But it fell short in oven preheating, taking about 13 minutes to reach its ideal temperature. Other models heated in 10 minutes or less. Plus, you’ll have to buy the air fry tray separately, even though the model is already expensive.

Overall, LG ranges are packed with convenient features and the latest tech. But, according to repair pros, reliability is not the brand’s strength.

LG Quick Facts

Where It’s MadeChina or South Korea
Number of Electric Range Models20+
Yale Service Rate (2022 Report)3.5%
Yale Service Rate (2023 Report)2.3%
Warranty InformationLimited warranty, 1 year from date of purchase, parts and labor
Common IssuesGlass top damages easily, bubbles forming under the glass, poor build quality
Price$$-$$$$$ (HomeDepot.com)
*Yale Service Ratio is calculated by dividing the number of electric ranges Yale Appliance serviced by the number they sold.

Common Electric Range Issues

Electric range features change over time, but the core heating technology remains constant. Traditionally, these are low-maintenance appliances, but there are still common issues to acknowledge.

Here are the most common problems with electric ranges:

  • One burner doesn’t heat up: A defective burner or switch can cause a heating issue with one of your cooktop burners. You’ll need professional help and should contact a repair technician.
  • None of the burners heat up: If all stovetop burners aren’t working, the power supply may be to blame. If your range is plugged in, you could have a faulty power connection. If the power supply is good, you’ll need a professional to examine the heating element.
  • The burners don’t heat evenly: If you notice your burner heating unevenly, it may be due to grease buildup. Regular cleaning is essential for proper function. If you have a coil burner, ensure it’s properly connected and hasn’t come loose.
  • The burners aren’t responding to controls: If your burner doesn’t come on when you turn the knob, you may have an electrical shortage that needs to be addressed.
  • The indicator lights stop working: If the indicator light fails to illuminate, the light may have burned out. Alternatively, if an indicator light remains on after you’ve turned off your burners, check to see if they are still hot. To do so, place a pan on the burner to see if it heats up. If the pan is hot, unplug your range, wait a few minutes and then plug it back in. If that does not fix the issue, you’ll need professional help.

Bottom Line: Which Electric Range Brands Are the Best?

Although there are several innovative, stylish, and well-made electric range brands available, Whirlpool and GE are the most reliable.

Whirlpool remains a consistent and dependable American-made brand. It may not come with the bells and whistles that others do, but it’s less likely to break down and need repairs. And, if you can’t find a Whirlpool range you like, consider the several other brands they own, including Maytag, Jenn-Air, and KitchenAid.

GE is another trusted brand with a long track record. Like Whirlpool, GE has a reputation for longevity and reliability and offers several affordable and well-built electric range models.

Bottom line — based on my interviews with service professionals, Yale’s reliability report, and thousands of customer reviews, Whirlpool and GE are the most reliable brands you can buy. And when they need service, they don’t usually require complex repairs or hard-to-find parts.

Samsung and LG are respected brands with thousands of happy customers and solid service rates (according to Yale). However, almost every service pro I interviewed said to avoid LG and Samsung if you’re looking for a reliable electric range.

Learn more about each brand in this guide at the links below:

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