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GE Café vs. Monogram Appliances: 5 Key Differences Explained

Are you shopping for new appliances but can’t decide between Monogram and Café (formerly known as GE Café)?

Both luxury appliance brands are owned by GE, but what are their differences? Is Monogram worth the higher price?

In this comparison of Café vs. Monogram, I explain how these brands differ in design, features, materials, price, service, and more.

I also share insights about both brands from my conversations with Café and Monogram product specialists and sales managers at independent appliance retailers.

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GE Café vs. Monogram Appliances: Key Takeaways

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick overview of the differences between Café and Monogram appliances. Throughout the full comparison, I provide more details about each brand’s design, features, materials, warranties, price, and more.


Café appliances have solid frames, large knobs, and customizable hardware and finishes. Monogram appliances have a sleek, professional look with cleaner lines and high-end details like adjustable accent lights. Monogram focuses on larger, pro-style models, while Café provides more variety in sizes and styles. Skip ahead to learn more about each brand’s design.

GE Cafe range knobs and handle
GE Cafe range knobs and handle


Café emphasizes convenience with features like spill-proof shelves and a knock-to-pause function on dishwashers. Monogram focuses on premium performance with commercial-style reversible grates and high-output multi-ring burners. Skip ahead to learn more about each brand’s features.


Both brands use quality materials, but Monogram takes it up a notch with commercial-grade stainless steel and scratch-resistant sapphire glass cooktops and range knobs. Skip ahead to learn more about each brand’s materials.


Monogram appliances come with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. Café offers a 1-year warranty. Both brands provide a 5-year warranty on sealed refrigerator systems, but Monogram offers additional coverage on parts for 12 years. Skip ahead to learn more about each brand’s warranty.


Monogram appliances cost significantly more than Café, reflecting its more advanced features, higher-end materials, and extended warranty coverage. Skip ahead to see how their current prices compare.


Monogram refrigerators have durable construction (ex., metal door bins) and an advanced temperature management system. Café focuses on convenience and lifestyle features like AutoFill pitchers and specialized storage compartments. Skip ahead to learn more about both brands’ refrigerators.


Café dishwashers prioritize user convenience with features like wash zones for smaller loads and a knock-to-pause function. Monogram dishwashers have racks with smooth-gliding marine-grade ball bearings and interior LED lighting. Skip ahead to learn more about both brands’ dishwashers.


Café ranges have technology-driven convenient features like sous-vide probes and in-oven cameras. Monogram ranges prioritize construction and performance, with features like the TrueTemp Burner and European Convection. Skip ahead to learn more about both brands’ ranges.

What Appliance Experts Say

I spoke to appliance experts at Café, Monogram, and independent appliance retailers. They told me both are luxury brands, but Monogram offers superior warranty, commercial-grade design, and higher-end features. Café offers a distinct high-end look, customization options, and more standard-sized appliances. Skip ahead to see direct quotes from experts about these brands.

Bottom Line

Monogram is the more premium brand with advanced features, better warranties, and durable components. Café offers customizable design options and convenient technology at a more affordable price. Monogram is ideal for spacious, high-end kitchens, while Café is the better choice for standard kitchens with its luxury look and lower cost.

Difference 1: Design

One of the most significant differences between Café and Monogram appliances is their design.

GE Café appliances, formerly known as GE Café until 2018, have solid frames, large control dials, and straight door handles. They blend robustness and style without crossing over into commercial-grade territory.

Cafe range with a white finish and brushed brass hardware
Cafe range with a white finish and brushed brass hardware

One of the most significant advantages of Café appliances is customization. The brand offers a range of hardware colors, including brushed stainless steel, bronze, copper, black, brass, and flat black.

Cafe Appliances Hardware Options
Cafe Appliances Hardware Options. Left to right: brushed stainless, brushed bronze, brushed black, brushed copper, flat black, brushed brass.

They also have a variety of door finishes, including steel, matte white, and matte black. In addition, the Café Modern Glass Collection has a glossy, reflective glass finish, which adds an ultra-modern touch to any kitchen.

With Café appliances, you can mix and match handles and door finishes. For example, you could put brushed brass handles on a matte black oven or brushed copper handles on a stainless steel fridge.

GE Cafe brushed brass handles
GE Cafe brushed brass handles

Rick Hasselbeck, the Chief Commercial Officer of GE Appliances, highlighted this benefit in a press release. He said the Café brand “marries luxury with affordability and encourages consumers to be bold in their choices, as the hardware can continually be updated to fit the latest trends and style preferences.”

On the other hand, Monogram, positioned as GE’s ultra-luxury brand, showcases a different design philosophy.

These appliances have a sleek yet professional look with clean lines, simple control panels, digital displays, and significantly larger oven windows. Unlike Café, which offers several standard 30-inch residential ranges, Monogram focuses on larger pro-style models ranging from 36 to 48 inches wide.

Monogram range
Monogram range

The wider footprint and structured stainless steel convey commercial solidity. Even Monogram’s 30-inch slide-in ranges dial luxury to the max with elements like edge-to-edge glass tops and neatly integrated digital interfaces.

Monogram also elevates design through subtle details like the accent lights around the range knobs, which you can adjust the color and brightness of with the SmartHQ app.

Monogram Designer collection knobs
Monogram Designer collection knobs

Like Café, Monogram enables appliance customization. With refrigerators and other appliances, you can select from three distinct handle collections to fit your style: Minimalist, Statement, or Designer.

The Minimalist collection focuses on simple, squared handles crafted from a single metal material.

Monogram dishwasher with Minimalist collection handle
Monogram dishwasher with Minimalist collection handle

For more boldness, Statement collection handles are rounded with brass end caps.

Monogram dishwasher with Statement collection handle
Monogram dishwasher with Statement collection handle

The Designer collection pulls out all the stops with handles made of brass, titanium, and even leather.

Monogram range with Designer collection knobs and handles
Monogram range with Designer collection knobs and handles

Difference 2: Features

Café and Monogram appliances are packed with advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity, adjustable storage, bridge burners, and touchscreens. However, Monogram prioritizes performance while Café focuses on convenience.

For example, Café refrigerators come with spill-proof adjustable shelves and a slim freezer compartment for foods like flatbreads and pizza. The cooktops have a built-in sensor to maintain the exact temperature you set. The dishwashers feature a convenient knock-to-pause function to briefly halt cleaning and unlock with just a tap on the door.

GE Cafe Dishwasher
Cafe Dishwasher

In contrast, Monogram appliances; features deliver best-in-class functionality. The refrigerators have an advanced temperature management system to distribute cool air evenly.

The gas ranges utilize commercial-style reversible grates to fit both traditional cookware and round-bottom woks.

The ovens boast French doors with chain drives for smooth access with one hand, along with porcelain enameled oven racks that can withstand the intense heat required for self-cleaning mode. And the dishwashers incorporate over 90 high-powered jets, leaving every dish spotless.

Monogram dishwasher top control panel
Monogram dishwasher top control panel

I’ll cover more specific feature differences later in this guide when I compare Café and Monogram fridges, dishwashers, and ranges side-by-side.

Difference 3: Materials

Café and Monogram both utilize durable, quality materials to construct their appliances. However, Monogram takes materials to the next level.

For example, Monogram refrigerators utilize commercial-grade stainless steel, usually exclusive to restaurant kitchens. The cooktops and range knobs feature scratch-resistant sapphire glass, more often seen in watches and mobile devices. And the dishwasher racks feature marine-grade bearings for smoother gliding, especially when fully loaded.

Difference 4: Warranty

Another significant difference between Café and Monogram appliances is their warranties.

Café appliances come with a 1-year warranty covering defects in materials and craftsmanship. Monogram extends that coverage to 2 years.

Both brands also have a 5-year warranty on the sealed refrigerator systems, covering replacement parts, labor, and service. Monogram also offers seven additional years covering replacement parts for the sealed refrigerator system but not labor or service fees.

Difference 5: Price

Café and Monogram are both luxury appliance brands commanding premium prices. However, Monogram appliances come at an even higher cost compared to Café.

The reason for the pricing difference is that Monogram appliances are made with higher-end materials, have more advanced features, and come with a 2-year warranty (vs. Café’s one year).

While GE manufactures both, Monogram targets ultra-high-end clientele who prioritize luxury and performance over cost. Café targets consumers who prioritize style and have lower budgets than Monogram.

For context, Monogram doesn’t offer any refrigerators under $4,000, while Café has five models below that threshold. Monogram has 20 refrigerator models over $9,000, and Café has seven.

Similarly, no Monogram dishwashers or ranges fall below $1,000 or $5,000, respectively. Yet Café offers several options in those lower brackets.

The point is that both brands are expensive, but Monogram’s prices are a level above Café.

The chart below compares the number of Café and Monogram models across different price ranges.

Note: This data was pulled from CaféAppliances.com and Monogram.com. Prices and models are subject to change.


PriceCafé RefrigeratorsMonogram Refrigerators
Less than $4,00050
$4,001 to $5,00095
$5,001 to $6,00000
$6,001 to $7,00001
$7,001 to $8,00008
$8,001 to $9,00004
$9,001 and above720


PriceCafé DishwashersMonogram Dishwashers
Less than $1,00010
$1,001 to $1,50020
Over $1,50125


PriceCafé RangesMonogram Ranges
Less than $3,00010
$3,000 to $4,00050
$4,001 to $5,00040
$5,001 to $6,00011
$6,001 to $7,00011
$7,001 to $8,00003
$8,001 to $9,00010
$9,001 and above26

Café vs. Monogram: Refrigerators

Café and Monogram refrigerators have advanced technological integrations like Wi-Fi connectivity and unique storage solutions.

However, Monogram models focus more on robust construction with features like machined metal door bins and a sophisticated temperature management system.

Café models emphasize convenience and lifestyle, with features like the AutoFill pitcher and specialized compartments for leafy greens and flatbreads.

GE Cafe refrigerator
Cafe refrigerator

Here are the key features both brands offer.

Café Refrigerators:

  • Dual-Dispense AutoFill Pitcher: This feature automatically refills a pitcher placed on its docking station and offers two pouring options for easy access to filtered water.
  • LED Light Wall: Bright LED lights illuminate the entire back wall, making it easier to locate items.
  • Humidity Control System for Leafy Greens: This climate zone is designed for leafy greens, extending their freshness 2-1/2 times longer than standard drawers.
  • Flatbread Freezer Compartment: This slim, full-width compartment is designed for flat items like pizzas and is part of a three-level storage system.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Get alerts for temperature changes or power outages via the SmartHQ app.
  • Spill-Proof Glass Shelves: Café fridges come with slide-out shelves with raised edges, designed for easy cleanup and spill containment.

Monogram Refrigerators:

  • Machined Metal Door Bins: The door bins are made of durable metal, the same material they use to make airplanes.
  • Spill-Proof, Adjustable Shelving: Like Café, Monogram fridges have shelves with a raised lip to contain spills.
  • Spotlight LED Lighting: Unlike the typical back wall lighting found in other brands, including Café, Monogram fridges have spotlights on the sides that illuminate the front of food items and make them easier to see.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Wi-Fi lets you control temperature settings and receive icemaker and door open alerts via the SmartHQ app.
  • Advanced Temperature Management System: Uniform air distribution throughout the refrigerator ensures consistent temperatures across all shelves.
  • Climate-Control Drawer: Monogram offers a programmable drawer inside the fridge for custom temperature settings, perfect for quickly chilling drinks, thawing meat, or cooling perishables.

Café vs. Monogram: Dishwashers

Both Café and Monogram dishwashers offer advanced wash systems and quiet operation.

Café focuses on user convenience with features like top controls, wash zones for smaller loads, a Knock to Pause function, and a double drawer option.

Cafe two drawer dishwasher
Cafe two-drawer dishwasher

Monogram’s key features are its marine-grade ball bearings for smooth rack operation, and interior LED lighting for visibility and convenience.

Café Dishwashers:

  • Advanced Wash System: Over 140 cleaning jets ensure your dishes come out sparkling clean.
  • Reversing Quad Blade Wash Arm: Café dishwashers have 25 spray jets that reverse direction for thorough cleaning.
  • Wash Zones: This unique setting allows you to wash half a load on the upper or lower rack without wasting water or sacrificing wash quality.
  • Customizable Hardware: Café is known customization. You can personalize your dishwasher to match your kitchen’s style by choosing between several door finishes and handle styles.
  • Knock to Pause Function: If you forgot to add an item after the cycle started, a simple knock on the door pauses and unlocks it. Add the dirty item and press a button to resume.
  • Quietness: Café dishwashers operate quietly, emitting between 39 and 45 dBA of noise.
  • Double Drawer Option: Certain models have two drawers, allowing you to wash smaller loads faster.

Monogram Dishwashers:

  • Marine-Grade Ball Bearings: Monogram dishwasher racks glide smoothly thanks to marine-grade 316 stainless steel ball bearings, which are highly corrosion-resistant for lasting performance.
  • Advanced Wash System: Over 90 powerful jets provide comprehensive cleaning.
  • Interior LED Lighting: Lights inside the dishwasher make it easy to check if dishes are clean and dry.
  • Connectivity: Monogram dishwashers are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to monitor cycles and adjust settings via the SmartHQ app.
  • Quietness: Like Café, Monogram dishwashers operate quietly with dBA ratings from 39 to 47.

Café vs. Monogram: Ranges

Café ranges are designed with convenient technology-driven features like sous-vide probes and smart sensors.

Monogram ranges focus on top-tier construction and performance with features like the TrueTemp Burner and European Convection.

Monogram professional range
Monogram professional range

Here’s what you get with both brands’ ranges.

Café Ranges:

  • Sous-vide Probe: These probes are an optional add-on to Café induction ranges. They connect to the range via Bluetooth to precisely maintain water temperatures between 100-200°F within 1 degree F.
  • Precision Cooktop Sensor: Cooktops have a sensor that ensures the pan maintains the set temperature — no more guessing or tinkering with the dial.
  • Precision Oven Modes: This system automatically adjusts time and temperature based on what and how you’re cooking and its position in the oven.
  • In-Oven Camera: Get a real-time view inside your oven via your smartphone. With this in-oven camera, you can monitor baking progress without opening the door.
  • Inspiral™ Burner: Café commercial ranges have a special gas burner design that swirls the flame to evenly heat all areas of your pan (even the center).
  • Range Options: Café offers various range, oven, and cooktop options, including induction, gas, electric, and dual fuel. Monogram doesn’t make electric cooktops.

Monogram Ranges:

  • TrueTemp™ Burner: The TrueTemp burner delivers an output of 21,000 BTU along with a precision temperature-management system. This level of power and control is ideal for consistent and professional-grade cooking.
  • Articulating Touch Control: Select ranges have a digital control panel that swings out towards you and retracts when not in use.
  • European Convection: Monogram ovens come with European reverse-air convection. Instead of blowing hot air from the back of the oven, it pulls in air from the back and pushes hot air from the sides and the top. This approach reduces hot spots and delivers more consistent bakes and roasts.
  • Burner and Griddle Configurations: Monogram cooktops are available in several layouts, including four burners with griddle, six burners, and six burners with griddle.
  • Multi-Ring Burners: Monogram gas stoves have multi-ring burners that give you more control over the heat. Each burner has a low-output inner flame and a higher-output outer flame.
Monogram Multi-Ring Burner
Monogram Multi-Ring Burner

What Appliance Experts Say

To get expert insights on this topic, I spoke directly with product specialists who work for Café and Monogram and independent appliance retailers that sell both brands. When I talked to each expert, I asked a simple question:

What’s the difference between Café and Monogram appliances?

The product specialist at Monogram said, “The biggest difference between Monogram and Café appliances is the warranty. Monogram appliances have a two-year warranty on all parts and labor. Café appliances only have a one-year warranty. Also, Monogram’s warranty covers the parts of refrigerators’ sealed systems for 12 years. Café doesn’t provide any coverage after five years.”

When I asked about the design and features each brand offers, she said, “The handle design is a little different, but the features and performance are mostly the same — there’s not a huge difference between Monogram and Café.”

When I spoke to the Café product specialist, she said, “Both are luxury appliance lines. Café has a more distinct look. The Café logo is featured on the handles and appliance surfaces. The biggest difference is that Café appliances are more customizable and have more design options than Monogram. Customers often buy multiple sets of handles and switch them out at different times of the year. For example, they may use stainless steel handles in the summer, and warmer bronze handles in the winter.”

She also said, “Monogram appliances are big and have a more professional-style design. You need a big kitchen for them to feel right. Café makes standard and large sizes, so there are more options.”

The sales manager at Hunter Appliance in Littleton, Massachusetts, said, “Monogram appliances are the best of the best. They are ultra-luxury and very expensive. Café is a step up from GE Profile – you get more features, larger knobs, a more upscale design – but it’s not as high-end as Monogram.”

He also said, “Monogram appliances are for designer kitchens with upgraded designs and cooking functions. Monogram is part of GE but operates like a separate company. GE Profile is in a similar class as KitchenAid, Bosch, and LG. Monogram is more like Miele, Thermador, and Electrolux. Café appliances are also expensive, but they make some affordable models.”

The sales manager at Hancock Appliances in Quincy, Massachusetts, said, “Monogram appliances are bigger and built-in. They can look a little clunky unless you have a huge kitchen. Café appliances are less expensive but still very well made. They have more standard sizes, including several 30-inch ranges, and their induction cooktops have sensors that control the temperature.”

When I asked if Monogram was worth the higher price, he said, “It depends. Monogram is one of the priciest brands you can buy. If you love the style and need higher-output burners, Monogram can be worth it. But for most homeowners, we recommend Café. You get similar features and designs for a lower price.”

I also talked to the sales manager at Kam Appliances in Hanover, Massachusetts. He said, “GE categorizes its brands into good, better, and best. GE and GE Profile are considered good, Café is better, and Monogram is the best. Café and Monogram are both treated like separate companies. They have their own websites, service people, and branding. Between the two, Monogram is more upscale and expensive. It comes with a better two-year warranty. Café’s warranty is for one year. Monogram appliances are also more commercial-looking. The ranges have higher BTU output, and because of that, their vent hoods are more powerful.”

I asked which brand he recommends, and he said, “In the high-end category, it comes down to style and features. Café offers more finishes, colors, and handles. You can create a custom look in your kitchen with Café. Monogram is more commercial-looking. Some appliances like fridges and dishwashers are panel-ready so that you can match your cabinets. But otherwise, the only option is stainless steel. Both are expensive compared to brands like GE, Whirlpool, and LG, but Café is a more practical option for most people since it’s more affordable than Monogram.” 

Bottom Line: Should You Choose Café or Monogram Appliances?

Now that you understand the key differences between Café and Monogram appliances, which should you buy?

Ultimately, Monogram appliances have more advanced features, better warranties, and more durable components. But all that comes at a steep price.

If you have a spacious, high-end kitchen and want the very best materials, warranties, and cooking performance, then Monogram is worth the investment. For more standard kitchen layouts, Café provides customizable design options and convenient technology at a more affordable cost.

If Café and Monogram are too expensive, consider GE Profile. I’ve compared GE Profile head-to-head with both brands (GE Profile vs. Café and GE Profile vs. Monogram) so you can learn whether its features and price point might be a better fit.

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