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The 8 Best Non-Stick Cookware Collections for Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops have many advantages. But because induction is a newer and technologically advanced cooking system, finding compatible cookware can be a bit tricky and overwhelming.

Unlike gas or electric, induction cooktops only work if the cookware has a magnetic base.

Since non-stick pans are typically made with a non-magnetic aluminum base, most are not compatible with induction cooktops.

If you’re shopping for induction-compatible non-stick cookware but don’t know where to turn, keep reading.

In this review, I share the eight best cookware collections for induction cooktops. You’ll learn what makes each option special, and which is best for your kitchen.

Let’s get into it.

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Best Non-Stick Cookware for Induction: Key Takeaways

Throughout the full guide, I share in-depth analysis, test results, and pictures of my top recommendations. But if you only have a minute, these are the key facts about the best non-stick cookware for induction cooktops. 

  • Made In (Best Overall): Made In offers the most durable PTFE non-stick coating, proven to last ten times longer than other brands’ non-stick coatings. Made In pans also have excellent heat conduction thanks to their thick 5-ply stainless steel construction. Skip to the full review.
  • All-Clad HA1 (Most Well-Rounded): All-Clad HA1 pans feature a thick (4 mm), hard-anodized aluminum body and a multi-layer PFOA-free non-stick coating. The steel induction plate adds strength and makes it compatible with all cooktops. Skip to the full review.
  • Anolon Accolade (Most Durable): Anolon Accolade cookware combines the benefits of cast iron and non-stick. Its sturdy stainless steel base allows it to work on induction, while the hard-anodized aluminum core results in quick, even heating. Skip to the full review.
  • Anolon SmartStack (Best Space-Saving): The interlocking design of the Anolon SmartStack collection saves up to 62% of cabinet space. It has a premium non-stick coating reinforced with sapphire. The exterior is also coated for easy cleaning. Skip to the full review.
  • T-Fal Professional (Most Affordable): The T-Fal Professional collection is affordable without compromising quality. Its Thermo-Spot indicator eliminates the guesswork in cooking. The non-stick coating is titanium-reinforced. Skip to the full review.
  • Caraway (Best Ceramic Non-Stick): Caraway uses a 100% ceramic non-stick coating derived from sand, making it the healthiest option. However, the ceramic coating does not last as long as PTFE options. Skip to the full review.
  • Misen (Best Starter Pan): Misen is the best induction-compatible non-stick cookware for those on a budget. It’s inexpensive but still durable, thanks to its multi-layer PTFE non-stick coating. It has an aluminum body with a steel induction plate. Skip to the full review.
  • HexClad (Best Hybrid): HexClad combines the strength of stainless steel and the convenience of non-stick. Its hexagon pattern lets you use metal utensils without scratching the non-stick coating. Skip to the full review.

Bottom Line

The best non-stick cookware for induction cooktops has a thick magnetic base, multi-layer non-stick coating, and a heat tolerance of at least 450F. If you have the budget, Made In, All-Clad HA1, and HexClad are the best-performing and longest-lasting options. If you’re looking to save, Misen is the best value.

How Induction Cooktops Work

Before I get to the list of the best induction-compatible non-stick cookware, it’s important to understand how induction cooktops work and why a special type of cookware is necessary.

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic fields rather than direct heat. These fields don’t heat the surface of your cooktop.

Instead, when you place magnetic cookware onto the cooktop, the electromagnetic field induces small electromagnetic currents in the pan’s metal. This energy is converted to heat, which cooks your food.

Induction cooktops have many advantages. First, they heat pots and pans faster than other cooktops. Even though induction cooktops heat faster, they are also safer to use. The surface never gets too hot. As soon as you remove the pan, the heat stops.

Furthermore, induction cooktops offer easier cleaning since the cooking counter is a smooth, flat surface.

Lastly, these cooktops offer more heat settings than other models. From low to high temperatures, induction cooktops provide superb performance.

The only drawback is you need to find compatible cookware. Electromagnetic fields can only transfer heat if the cookware has a magnetic base.

Unfortunately, most non-stick cookware is made with an aluminum base, a non-magnetic material, making it a challenge to find induction-compatible options.

Even Calphalon, a leading brand of non-stick cookware, doesn’t have an induction-compatible collection.

Before you begin shopping for new cookware, you can quickly check if your existing cookware is compatible.

Just take a magnet from your fridge and stick it to the bottom of the pot or pan. If it holds, your cookware is induction compatible. But if it falls off or slides around, it’s not.

Don’t get stressed out searching for the best non-stick cookware for your induction cooktop. I’ve put together a list of some of the best options on the market.

Best Non-Stick Cookware for Induction: Comparison Chart

If you’re in a rush, here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of the best non-stick cookware collections for induction cooktops.

Swipe or scroll to view the entire chart.

Made In Non-StickAll-Clad HA1Anolon AccoladeAnolon SmartStackT-Fal ProfessionalCarawayMisenHexClad
Base Material5-ply stainless SteelHard-anodized aluminumHard-anodized aluminumHard-anodized aluminumAluminum AluminumAluminum5-ply stainless Steel
Non-Stick CoatingMulti-layer PTFEMulti-layer PTFEPTFEPTFETitanium-reinforced PTFECeramicPTFEHybrid
Oven-Safe Temperature500℉500℉500℉400℉400℉550℉450℉500℉
Where It’s MadeUSAChinaChinaChinaFrance or ChinaChina or IndiaChinaChina
Price$$$ (MadeInCookware.com)$$$ (Amazon)$$ (Amazon)$$ (Amazon)$$ (Amazon)$$$ (CarawayHome.com)$$ (Misen)$$$ (HexClad.com)
Top Reasons to BuySuperior heat conduction and retentionDurable 4 mm thick wallsThick construction and flat bottomEase of storage Thermo-spot for controlled heatingNatural ceramic coating, beautiful colorsInexpensive, long-lasting coatingMetal utensil safe
Top Reasons to NOT BuyExpensiveUncomfortable handlesBottom is difficult to cleanLow oven-safe temperatureThin walls result in poor heat retentionCeramic coating doesn’t last as long as PTFELimited sizes and optionsFood does not release as easily as traditional non-stick

Best Overall: Made In Non-Stick

Made In non-stick cookware is one of the best options for induction cooktops due to its unique construction.

Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan_2
Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan (view on MadeInCookware.com)

Unlike most non-stick pans that have an aluminum base and a non-stick coating, Made in non-stick pans feature 5-ply (five bonded layers) construction.

Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan Exterior
Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan 5-Ply Stainless Steel Base

It’s the same durable and heat conductive materials they use to make their premium stainless steel cookware, but with a high-quality non-stick coating applied twice to the cooking surface.

Made In cookware is sold exclusively online on MadeInCookware.com and Made In’s Amazon Store, which allows them to offer high-quality, induction-compatible non-stick pans for a very reasonable price.

Made In is one of the newest brands in the cookware industry, but it’s already being praised by the likes of Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping (and Prudent Reviews – see my review), and used in Michelin-star restaurants, including Alinea in Chicago and Le Bernardin in New York City.

What I Love About Made In Non-Stick Frying Pans

Here are a few details that make Made In cookware stand out.

Price: For such high-quality cookware, Made In non-stick pans are reasonably priced. Made In is a start-up company, established in 2016, and they sell exclusively online on its website and Amazon Store, cutting out the middlemen, and avoiding retail markups.

Long-Lasting Non-Stick Coating: These frying pans boast a Made Slick™ PFOA-free non-stick surface, which is applied multiple times to ensure optimal slippiness. It’s proven to last 10x longer than other top brands’ non-stick coatings and 30x longer than ceramic coating.

Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan Interior
Made In Non-Stick Frying Pan Interior (view on MadeInCookware.com)

5-Ply Construction: Made In’s 5-ply fully-clad construction is rare to find in the world of non-stick cookware. Instead of slapping a steel plate on the bottom of an aluminum pan to make it compatible with induction cooktops, Made In pans have a stainless steel, triple-layer aluminum core, and a steel cooking surface coated with non-stick material. In other words, you get the cooking performance of a premium stainless steel pan and the convenience of non-stick.

Heat Retention: My test showed that it takes 15 minutes for a Made In frying pan to cool down, which is ideal for residual cooking after you’ve turned the heat off. It also keeps food warm while you prepare your table or side dishes.

Where to Buy: Made In non-stick pans are available exclusively on MadeInCookware.com, where you can purchase a 12, 10, or 8-inch frying pan or a a 6-piece set that includes a frying pan, saucepan with lid, stock pot with lid, and sauté pan with lid. If you’re interested in stainless steel cookware too, you can purchase the Made In 10-piece set or the 13-piece set; both include the 10-inch non-stick frying pan.

Most Well-Rounded: All-Clad HA1

The All-Clad HA1 collection is one of only a few non-stick offerings from the prestigious cookware brand.

Bottom of All-Clad HA1 fry pan
Bottom of All-Clad HA1 fry pan

Just like All-Clad’s premium stainless steel cookware, this non-stick collection delivers high-performance, long-lasting durability, and functional and classy design.

All-Clad HA1 cookware’s unique feature is its stainless steel bonded base, which makes it compatible with induction cooktops and provides a durable warp-resistant foundation.

If you’re looking for the most well-rounded non-stick cookware for induction cooktops, All-Clad HA1 checks all the boxes.

What I Love About All-Clad HA1

Below are the top reasons why you should buy from this collection.

Durability: One of the things I love most about All-Clad HA1 cookware is its durability. It’s made with 4mm thick hard-anodized aluminum, which is much harder and more durable than standard aluminum. It’s one of the most durable cookware materials, difficult to dent and scratch—but effortless to clean.

All-Clad HA1 thick pan walls
All-Clad HA1 thick pan walls

It also has a steel plate bonded to the bottom of each pot and pan. The steel makes this cookware compatible with induction cooktops, but it also adds strength and stability and prevents warping.

All-Clad HA1 steel induction plate
All-Clad HA1 steel induction plate

High Performance: All-Clad is best known for its high-performing, stainless steel cookware. But, even though the HA1 collection isn’t in the stainless steel category, it lives up to the All-Clad’s reputation. The hard-anodized aluminum base heats up fast, evenly, and retains heat well. The sidewalls are steep, which helps contain food and prevent splattering, and the long steel handles stay cool during cooking.

PFOA-Free Non-Stick: This collection is coated with three layers of PFOA-free non-stick material. Each layer increases the durability and scratch-resistance of the cookware. As you would expect with a high-end non-stick collection, the cooking surface releases food easily, allowing for a quick cleanup.

All-Clad HA1 hard anodized aluminum base
All-Clad HA1 non-stick coating

Dishwasher-Safe: Unlike many non-stick cookware collections, All-Clad HA1 is dishwasher safe. While gently hand-washing is recommended, it’s safe to pop these pans in the dishwasher on busier evenings.

Convenient: This cookware is like a utility tool for your culinary adventures. It’s compatible with any cooktop, as well as ovens and broilers, making any recipe simple. It’s oven-safe up to 500°F, and you can store the cookware in the fridge or freezer.

Where to Buy: You can buy the All-Clad HA1 collection on Amazon or All-Clad.com.

Most Durable: Anolon Accolade

Anolon is one of the most prominent non-stick cookware makers in the world. It was the first brand in history to add a non-stick coating to the surface of hard-anodized aluminum pans. 

If you’re looking for non-stick cookware with the versatility and durability of cast iron cookware, but with the ease-of-use of non-stick cookware, the Anolon Accolade collection is the one for you.

This collection has a hard-anodized aluminum core for quick and even heating, and a triple-clad stainless steel induction plate for compatibility and durability.

It boasts three layers of Infinity Slide™ non-stick coating on both the cooking surface and exterior, so cleaning the entire pan is effortless.

What I Love About Anolon Accolade

The Anolon Accolade has a range of great benefits.

Durability: First and foremost, Anolon Accolade cookware is ultra-durable. It’s made with Precision Forge™ technology, which includes a hard-anodized aluminum core, a substantial stainless steel base forged to the bottom, thin walls, and tough rolled rims that prevent warping and wear. All these elements add to the sturdiest and durability. Plus, they give you a convenient and straightforward cooking experience with amazing results.

Infinity Slide Non-Stick Coating: Anolon’s premium Infinity Slide non-stick coating isn’t just on the interior—the exterior is coated too. The smooth surface makes cooking a pleasure, especially for foods that tend to stick like eggs and fish. And when you’re ready to transfer from pan to plate, food slides right up the non-stick sides.

Better Than Cast Iron: Anolon Accolade is often compared to cast iron. They’ve taken the best features of cast iron—like a thick, sturdy base that sits flat on an induction cooktop—and combined it with non-stick coating and heat distribution four times faster.

Price: The Anolon Accolade collection isn’t cheap, but for all its benefits and versatility—it’s a reasonable price. The frying pan, for example, is less than half the price of the All-Clad HA1 option. So if you are looking for the benefits of cast-iron at a fair price, you’ll love this collection.

Where to Buy: The best place to check out Anolon Accolade cookware is on Amazon and Anolon.com.

To learn more about Anolon cookware, check out this in-depth review.

Best Stackable & Space-Saving: Anolon SmartStack

The Anolon SmartStack collection is a non-stick induction-compatible option that stands out due to its convenient stackable design.

When you buy multiple pans from this collection, they stack together easily to save cabinet space.

So, if you have a small kitchen, limited storage space, or just want to declutter your cabinet, Anolon SmartStack is the non-stick induction-compatible cookware for you.

What I Love About Anolon SmartStack

Here’s why Anolon SmartStack made the list.

Require Minimal Storage Space: With the smart stacking ability, this full-size cookware provides a compact storage solution. You can easily pack these pots and pans together, saving up to 62% more space in the cupboard. The secret is in the patented interlocking handles, which keep each pan suspended above the one below, allowing you to stack without scratching the cooking surface.

Premium Non-Stick Coating: Anolon has tested its Infinity Slide™ non-stick coating and found food skates around the pan 16x longer than traditional non-stick. The sapphire-reinforced non-stick coating on this collection is a premium choice for easy cooking and quick cleanup. Note: Anolon uses this incredible durable coating on all its non-stick cookware.

Durable: This collection is constructed with hard-anodized aluminum, which is twice as hard as stainless steel. Plus, aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, so this cookware heats fast, evenly, and retains it for long periods.

Dishwasher-Safe: Due to the sapphire-reinforced non-stick coating, this collection is dishwasher safe. While hand-washing non-stick cookware is always preferred, it’s good to know you can put it through the dishwasher when you’re busy.

Clever Details: The SmartStack collection is notable for its attention to detail. The handles are silicone, keeping them cool and comfortable. The rivets don’t protrude. Instead, they remain flat against the pan’s side so they won’t collect gunk as they do on most pans.

Where to Buy: Anolon SmartStack cookware is available on Amazon and Anolon.com.

Most Affordable: T-fal Professional

For the most affordable non-stick induction-compatible cookware, check out the T-fal Professional collection.

T-fal is the leading manufacturer of non-stick cookware, and this is one of its more popular collections.

T-fal Professional cookware is made with an aluminum core for quick and even heating, a steel induction base, and a titanium-reinforced non-stick interior.

It comes with convenient features, including T-fal’s signature Thermo-Spot technology, which tells you when the pan is heated and ready, and stay-cool silicone handles.

So, if you’re looking for quality non-stick cookware that works with induction, but won’t break the bank, go with T-fal Professional.

What I Love About T-fal Professional

Titanium-Reinforced Non-Stick Coating: The titanium-reinforced non-stick cooking surface is extremely durable. It’s toxic-free and scratch-resistant, keeping this cookware in pristine condition even after years of use.

Thermo-Spot Technology: This innovative and exclusive technology helps eliminate the guesswork when cooking. Just watch for the indicator to turn a solid red color, letting you know when the pan is preheated and ready. A hot pan helps to seal in flavor and cook food evenly.

Price: The T-fal Professional collection is a top choice if you’re looking for value. A seven-piece set costs just a fifth of the All-Clad HA1 10-piece set (check out the current price on Amazon).

Stay-Cool Handles: The large, comfortable handles are wrapped in silicone, so they stay cool while cooking at high temperatures. Plus, they’re oven-safe up to 400°F, so you can sear on the stove and finish in the oven with no issues.

Fast and Evening Heating: The aluminum core heats quickly and evenly, providing consistent results every time. This cookware holds heat so well; the pan stays hot with no cold spots.

Dishwasher-Safe: Clean up has never been easier. This collection is easy to hand-wash because of its non-stick coating, but you can put them in the dishwasher when you’re short on time.

Where to Buy: T-fal Professional cookware is available in stores like Macy’s and Target, but the best place to buy it is on Amazon.

Best Ceramic Non-Stick: Caraway

If you’re looking for the best induction-compatible cookware with a ceramic non-stick cooking surface, go with Caraway.

Caraway frying pan
Caraway frying pan

Its ceramic, non-stick coating is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. So, if you accidentally overheat the pots and pans, it won’t release toxic fumes.

The body is made of 3.8 mm thick aluminum with a unique steel induction plate bonded to the base. This plate ensures Caraway pans sit completely flat on the cooktop, which allows them to heat evenly and minimizes the risk of warping. 

Caraway aluminum base with steel induction plate
Caraway aluminum base with steel induction plate

What I Love About Caraway

Caraway is one of the best non-stick cookware brands for induction cooktops for many reasons.

Healthy and Safe: Caraway prioritizes health and safety. It’s the foundation of the brand’s incredibly strong reputation. The ceramic non-stick surface is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, so you don’t have to worry about unsafe substances leaching into your food. If you overheat this pan, you won’t experience any toxic fumes, making it a great option if you have a family.

Modern Design: Caraway pans come in several attractive colors, including navy, sage, perracotta, gray, marigold, black, white, and cream. The polished steel handles contrast well with the bright and bold exteriors.

Caraway cookware exterior
Caraway cookware exterior

Excellent Performance: Based on my testing, Caraway heats faster then most non-stick brands and the thick aluminum base distributes that heat completely even. Also, the walls are tall, minimizing spills and splatter, and the handles are rounded and comfortable. Thanks to its ceramic sand-derived non-stick coating, Caraway pans are oven-safe up to 550℉, which is about 50℉ more than most non-stick pans.

Where to Buy: Caraway cookware is available on CarawayHome.com and Amazon.

Best Starter Pan: Misen

If you’re looking for non-stick cookware that’s affordable and induction-compatible, consider Misen.

New Misen Non-Stick Cookware
Misen Non-Stick Cookware

Misen launched in 2015 with a direct-to-consumer business model, which means it sells primarily on its website, Misen.com (although it’s also available on Amazon). By eliminating retail markups, Misen can offer lower prices without sacrificing quality.

The brand offers several types of cookware, including non-stick, stainless steel, enameled cast iron, and carbon steel.

All Misen cookware is induction-compatible and dishwasher-safe. The non-stick pans are oven-safe up to 450°F.

Misen non-stick pans have a classic design with a black ceramic exterior and comfortable, rounded handles.

New Misen Non-Stick Cookware Handles
Misen Non-Stick Cookware Handles

They also have a thick aluminum base and a PFOA-free 3-layer Dupont Platinum coating with plasma primer.

Like Caraway, Misen is a high-quality yet affordable non-stick cookware that works excellently on induction.

What I Love About Misen Non-Stick

I’ve been using Misen non-stick pans in my kitchen for several years. Here’s what I like about it.

Long Lasting: Misen claims the plasma primer plus the three layers of coating makes the non-stick cookware last 250% longer. Although this number is based on Misen’s lab tests and not real-world cooking, I can confirm it holds up better than most non-stick pans in the kitchen. I’ve been cooking with it daily for over two years, and the non-stick coating performs as well as it did right out of the box.

High performance: Misen non-stick pans are made with an aluminum base, with a steel induction plate bonded to the bottom. The aluminum conducts heat fast and evenly, and the steel plate makes it induction compatible and more durable.

Bottom of New Misen Non-Stick Cookware
Bottom of New Misen Non-Stick Cookware

Additionally, Misen pans are truly non-stick. The first thing I did when I received my Misen non-stick pan was to recreate the Misen ad in which founder Omar Rada literally blows an egg around the pan to demonstrate the non-stick qualities. I was delighted to get the same result at home – food slides around the pan easily. I’ve had the pan for several years, and its performance has remained high.

Stay cool handles: While the current Misen non-stick pans no longer feature the removable silicone handles that came with the original version, today’s handles are still designed with a hollow center, which allows them to stay cool while on the stovetop. As a result, they are comfortable to handle throughout the cooking process.

New Misen Non-Stick Cookware Handles 2
New Misen Non-Stick Cookware Handles

Price: Misen’s non-stick pans are priced fairly. They’re not cheap but less expensive than some other brands like All-Clad. Misen is a great value, considering they last just as long as the more expensive competition. And that’s why it’s the best starter non-stick pan for induction cooktops.

Where to Buy: Misen non-stick cookware is available on Misen.com and Amazon.

Best Hybrid Non-Stick: HexClad

HexClad is the best hybrid cookware for induction cooktops because it lasts longer than the competition.

HexClad 12 Inch Frying Pan Design
HexClad 12 Inch Frying Pan

Its unique cooking surface is made with stainless steel peaks and non-stick valleys. The raised steel protects the non-stick coating — you can use metal spatulas and forks without scratching the coating.

HexClad cookware hexagonal pattern
HexClad cookware hexagonal pattern

What I Love About HexClad Hybrid Non-Stick

HexClad cookware has many positive features, including:

Versatility: HexClad’s hybrid construction combines the best of non-stick and stainless steel cookware. It sears food better than other non-stick pans I’ve tested while also being non-stick enough to cook delicate foods like eggs.

Cooking chicken thighs in a HexClad pan
Cooking chicken thighs in a HexClad pan

That said, food doesn’t glide as easily across HexClad pans as it does on other non-stick pans from brands like Misen. Overall, it’s an all-purpose pan that eliminates the need for different pans for each task.

Multi-ply construction: HexClad pans are made with a 3-ply stainless steel base. The pan walls are 3mm thick, similar to All-Clad and Made-In cookware. It’s thick, heavy cookware that heats evenly and retains heat well. According to my tests, HexClad retains heat better than All-Clad, Hestan, Calphalon, and several other brands.

Thickness of HexClad pan walls 3 mm
Thickness of HexClad pan walls 3 mm

Metal-utensil safe: Unlike other non-stick pans, you can use metal utensils with HexClad cookware. Since the stainless steel hexagons are raised, they don’t allow utensils to contact the non-stick cooking. With HexClad, you don’t need to think about which spatula to grab while multitasking in the kitchen.

Where to Buy: HexClad cookware is available on HexClad.com or the HexClad store on Amazon.

What to Look for in Non-Stick Induction-Compatible Cookware

Below are the key factors to consider when comparing non-stick induction-compatible cookware.

Base Material: The material and thickness of a pan impact its heat conduction, heat retention, maneuverability, and durability.

Most non-stick cookware is made of aluminum, which heats quickly and evenly. But if you opt for aluminum cookware, you need to check that the pans have a steel plate on the bottom. Aluminum isn’t magnetic, meaning it won’t work on an induction stove. A steel plate on the bottom of the pan makes the pan induction-compatible.

However, some brands, like Made In, combine fully clad stainless steel with an aluminum core, which also heats quickly but is more durable. Whether you opt for stainless steel or aluminum, look for pans with 3mm thick walls. Thicker cookware heats slower but more evenly and retains heat better.

Non-Stick Coating: When comparing non-stick coating options, pans with PTFE (Teflon) coating, such as All-Clad and Made In, will last longer than pans with ceramic non-stick coatings, like Caraway and GreenPan. I recommend using wood or silicone utensils to protect non-stick surfaces and extend the pan’s life.

Cookware Bottom: The bottom of induction-compatible cookware is critical for the pan to heat correctly. Ensure it is flat and sits flush against the induction cooktop. Thick cookware is more durable, making it less likely to warp and become less effective. If your pan warps, the base won’t rest smoothly against the cooking surface, interfering with the pan’s performance.

Oven-Safe Temperature: If you’re looking for a pan that you can use on your induction cooktop and in the oven, check the oven-safe temperatures before buying. Non-stick cookware typically has a lower oven-safe temperature than stainless steel, carbon steel, and other non-coated cookware. Additionally, plastic, silicone, and wooden handles can lower the oven-safe temperature. Look for a pan that’s oven safe up to at least 450°F.

Price: Most non-stick cookware lasts two to five years. The coating will eventually wear out, and food will stick no matter the brand. Keep the cost of replacement in mind when determining your budget for new induction-compatible non-stick cookware.

Induction Cookware FAQs

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about induction-compatible non-stick cookware.

What type of cookware works on induction?

Induction-compatible cookware must be made from magnetic materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, or cast iron because induction cooktops use electromagnetism to heat the pans. You can find aluminum non-stick induction-compatible cookware, but it needs a stainless steel plate attached to its base (like All-Clad HA1 and Misen).

Is all stainless steel cookware induction ready?

No, only magnetic-grade stainless steel is induction compatible. Many brands of stainless steel cookware have a high nickel content, which blocks the electromagnetism used to heat the pans. Look for pans with 18/0 stainless steel on the exterior. The 18 refers to the steel’s chromium content (18%), and the 0 refers to its nickel content (0%). Since 18/0 stainless steel doesn’t contain nickel, it will work on induction. Brands like All-Clad and Made In make their pans with 18/0 stainless steel on the exterior.

Does aluminum cookware work on induction?

On its own, aluminum does not work on induction. Aluminum cookware needs a stainless steel base plate to conduct the electromagnetism and create heat. Without a conductive base, a pan won’t work on an induction stovetop.

Can you use induction cookware on a gas stove?

You can use most induction-compatible cookware on a gas stove. However, if the cookware has a thin base, the immediate direct heat can cause the pan to warp. The best cookware for gas stoves has a thick, durable base and sturdy handles. Materials like fully-clad stainless steel and cast iron perform well. Learn more about the best cookware for gas stoves in this guide.

Can you use induction cookware on an electric stove?

Yes, you can use induction-compatible cookware on an electric stove. The best cookware for electric stoves has a flat, smooth bottom and thick walls to prevent warping. Most induction-compatible cookware checks those boxes. Learn more about the best cookware for electric stoves in this guide.

Can induction-ready cookware be used in an oven?

Yes, most induction-compatible cookware can be used in an oven. However, oven-safe temperatures vary between brands and products, so check the maximum temperature for your pans before putting them in the oven. It’s important to remember that pan lids often have different oven-safe guidelines as they’re made from different materials like tempered glass.

Bottom Line: What’s the Best Non-Stick Cookware for Induction Cooktops?

The best non-stick cookware for induction cooktops depends on your cooking needs and budget.

All six options are great, but it’s up to you to decide which collection will offer you the most benefits.

If you’re looking for the most durable non-stick finish, proven to last 10x longer than other brand’s surfaces and 30x longer than ceramic cookware, then the Made In non-stick frying pans are for you.

These ultra-durable pans, which are only available on MadeInCookware.com and Amazon, feature 5-ply construction with an induction-compatible steel exterior and a triple-layer aluminum core.

If you’re looking for a brand-name option that guarantees high performance, convenience, and long-lasting durability, All-Clad HA1 (available on Amazon and All-Clad.com) is your best bet.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a unique but practical design, check out the Anolon Accolade (available on Amazon and Anolon.com). It has the benefits of cast iron—durability and versatility—but with an infinite non-stick finish.

If storage is your top priority, save up to 62% cupboard space with the Anolon SmartStack collection (available on Amazon and Anolon.com). It’s durable cookware constructed with clever details like the flat rivets and the silicone handles.

Do you want a practical and affordable option? The Thermo-Spot indicator on the T-Fal Professional collection lets you know when it’s time to start cooking. If you’re on a budget but still want a durable non-stick finish, I recommend this collection (available on Amazon).

The best option for eco-friendly cookware is Caraway (available on CarawayHome.com and Amazon). It’s made with natural materials — like sand for the ceramic finish — and has a flat, steel-reinforced base that sits stable on an induction cooktop and distributes heat fast and evenly.

Misen (available on Misen.com and Amazon) produces the best starter pan for induction-compatible cooking. It’s reasonably priced but made with quality construction, including a durable multi-layer non-stick coating and a thick aluminum base. In addition, its rounded stay-cool handles are easy to grip.

If you’re looking for the best hybrid non-stick induction-compatible brands, consider HexClad (available on HexClad.com and Amazon). The brand’s unique combination of stainless steel ridges and recessed non-stick hexagons provides the best of both worlds – a durable cooking surface that performs similarly to non-stick. HexClad is oven-safe up to 500℉, and you can use a variety of utensils, increasing its versatility.

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