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T-fal vs. Farberware: Which Cookware Is Better?

Are you searching for the best low-cost cookware, but can’t decide between T-fal and Farberware?

Both brands make quality non-stick and stainless steel pots and pans at an affordable price.

In this comparison of T-fal vs. Farberware, I cover the eight major differences between these two brands. You’ll learn how their cookware stacks up in terms of design, performance, price, and much more.

By the end, you’ll have all the facts necessary to decide whether T-fal or Farberware is the right cookware brand for you.

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T-fal vs. Farberware: Quick Summary

If you’re in a hurry and want the short version of this T-fal vs. Farberware comparison, here are the key differences.

T-fal comes with unique and convenient features like the Thermo-Spot indicator and Techno Release surface, while Farberware cookware has a basic design with no bells and whistles.

T-fal ThermoSpot Indicator_2
T-fal ThermoSpot Indicator

T-fal offers fully-clad stainless steel pans (Tri-Ply collection) with riveted steel handles, while Farberware stainless steel pans have an impact-bonded aluminum base and plastic, screwed-on handles.

Farberware stainless steel cookware with impact bonded base
Farberware stainless steel cookware with impact bonded base

Fully-clad cookware, including T-fal’s Tri-Ply collection, heats up quicker and more evenly than cookware made with an impact-bonded base because the conductive material is present throughout the pan, not just at the bottom.

Overall, both brands are reliable and affordable, but T-fal cookware is higher-quality and slightly more expensive. 

Difference 1: Cookware Options

One of the major differences between T-fal and Farberware is the varied options each brand offers.

Farberware offers three types of cookware:

Aluminum Non-Stick

This is your standard non-stick cookware. It has an aluminum base, and the cooking surface is coated with PTFE (Teflon) to make it non-stick. Within this category, Farberware offers 13 collections. Most collections have a handful of sets and individual stock, but some only have one set or pan. The most extensive non-stick collections are the Dishwasher Safe and High Performance collections.

Hard-Anodized Aluminum Non-Stick

Farberware offers one collection made with a hard-anodized aluminum base, which is stronger and more durable than standard aluminum. Within this category, you have two options for the non-stick coating: PTFE or ceramic. I prefer cookware coated with PTFE because it’s more durable with superior non-stick properties (read my comparison of Teflon vs. Ceramic to learn more). 

Stainless Steel

If you’re in the market for stainless steel cookware, Farberware has three collections. The Classic Series is the most extensive, with 14 different items (sets and individual stock).

Farberware review
Farberware Classic

T-fal has four categories of cookware from which to choose: non-stick, ceramic, stainless steel, hard anodized.

Each category is well-stocked, with several collections in each. For example, there are 16 collections within the non-stick category, the most extensive being: Culinaire, Excite, and Cook-N-Strain.

Here’s a break down of the number of T-fal collections within each category:

  • Non-Stick: 16 collections
  • Ceramic: 2 collections
  • Stainless Steel: 5 collections
  • Hard-Anodized Aluminum: 1 collection

The key takeaway is that both brands offer many options, but they differ in terms of the number of collections within each category. You can check out each brand’s full lineup on Amazon (T-fal, Farberware).

Difference 2: Non-Stick Surface

Another notable difference between T-fal and Farberware is the materials used to coat their non-stick cookware.

Most Farberware collections use standard Teflon, the brand name for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), as the base for almost all its non-stick coating. PTFE is widely available, inexpensive, and highly effective. However, it often wears down after a couple of years.

Some Farberware collections, such as the Cookstart Set, use a unique DiamondMax non-stick material. There’s not much information online about this coating, so I called Farberware to learn more. They told me that the DiamondMax coating is PTFE enhanced with tiny ground-up gems to increase its durability (no, not real diamonds, unfortunately).

Farberware claims this surface is three times more effective than ceramic cookware.

T-fal has a similar approach to non-stick coating, but they use different materials to enhance its durability. The non-stick coating on most T-fal collections is called ProGlide, which is standard PTFE.

T-fal cookware interior
T-fal cookware interior

However, similar to Farberware, T-fal has a special non-stick material for its higher-end collections.

For example, the Ultimate Hard Anodized Titanium Non-stick pans feature a titanium-reinforced non-stick surface. Like Farberware’s DiamondMax coating, T-fal’s coating is enhanced to add strength. But, instead of ground-up gems, T-fal infuses it with bits of titanium. 

One major benefit of T-fal’s titanium-infused non-stick coating is that it can tolerate metal utensils without scratching. Most brands warn you to use plastic or silicone utensils and avoid metal or anything sharp, not the case with T-fal.

Difference 3: Stainless Steel Construction

When it comes to stainless steel, Farberware only has three collections: Classic Series, High Performance, and Millennium.

All three collections are made with an impact-bonded base, which is essentially an aluminum disc cladded to the bottom of the pan. This type of construction is common among low-cost stainless steel cookware because it’s reliable and affordable.

Farberware cookware exterior
Farberware cookware exterior

However, there’s a downside of impact-bonded base cookware. Since steel is a poor conductor of heat and the aluminum is at the bottom only, the heat doesn’t distribute up the pan’s sides evenly.

The most unique stainless steel option from Farberware is the Millennium Non-Stick Cookware Set, which offers a non-stick interior and stainless steel exterior — a perfect choice for beginners.

With six stainless steel collections, T-fal offers a lot more variety.

The three Performa collections and the Expert Pro collection have an impact-bonded base, similar to Farberware. However, all four T-fal collections are induction-compatible, while the Farberware Classic and High Performing collections are not. 

The T-fal Ultimate Copper Bottom collection features a copper plate fused to the base of the cookware. Copper has much higher thermal conductivity than aluminum. In other words, this collection heats up faster and is more responsive to temperature changes, giving you more control. Farberware doesn’t utilize copper in any of its stainless steel collections.

Another significant difference is that the T-fal Tri-Ply stainless steel collection is fully-clad, meaning it has a thick aluminum core bonded between two layers of stainless steel.

Full-clad cookware heats faster and more evenly than pans with an impact-bonded base because the highly conductive aluminum is present throughout the pan, not just at the bottom.

In other words, the T-fal Tri-Ply collection will easily out-perform any Farberware stainless steel collection.

Difference 4: Features

T-fal’s signature feature is the Thermo-Spot heat indicator, which is available on their non-stick cookware.

T-fal ThermoSpot Indicator
T-fal ThermoSpot Indicator

This circular pattern at the center of the cooking surface turns red when the pan is properly pre-heated, taking the guesswork out of cooking and ensuring you get optimum results. It also allows for healthier cooking, since you can add less oil and fats if the cookware is properly heated.

T-fal’s stainless steel cookware features the Techno Release raised texture on the interior surface. This unique design creates pockets of space between the food and the pan, resulting in easy food release and cleanup.

Lastly, T-fal offers stackable cookware in its All-in-One collection (which has thousands of reviews on Amazon), saving you up to 45% more space — ideal for small apartments and kitchens with limited storage.

Farberware doesn’t offer any special features like the Thermo-Spot indicator or Techno Release pattern, but its Neat Nest collection has interlocking handles, making the pots and pans easy to stack. Also, some Farberware pieces come with straining lids and pour spouts.

The key takeaway is that T-fal offers a few more bells and whistles that enhance the cooking and cleaning experience, while Farberware cookware is pretty simple without as many unique features.  

Difference 5: Handles

T-fal handles, within the stainless steel collections, are all riveted to ensure maximum security. The long handles are designed to provide excellent balance when lifting and pouring from the pots and pans. Some of the collections offer silicone wrapped handles for extra grip and comfort.

T-fal cookware handle_3
T-fal cookware handle

In other collections, such as the Excite series, the handles are ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort. The handles are also color-matched to the collection’s exterior to provide you with a consistent look.

Farberware’s Classic stainless steel collection uses screwed-on, plastic handles.

Farberware cookware handle
Farberware cookware handle

If the screws loosen, you can easily tighten them. However, this is a pain and can lead to unsafe cooking conditions. Many customers complain that the screws loosen often and fall off easily, which is extremely dangerous.

Fortunately, Farberware’s Millennium collection features dual riveted stainless steel handles, which offers much more security.

Difference 6: Exterior Colors

Both brands offer a range of exterior colors so you can find the perfect match for your kitchen.

T-fal offers bronze, red, blue, champagne, ruby red, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, grey, and black.

Farberware boasts cookware in aqua, silver, red, black, copper, champagne, pewter, sapphire, bronze, and blue. These colors are available across several collections. For something a bit more unique, Faberware also has a non-stick casserole pan with a marble-like finish. 

Difference 7: Price

Both brands are affordable, but Farberware tends to be slightly cheaper than T-fal.

Below is a price comparison chart, showing the current prices of popular products on Amazon. These prices are pulled in real-time. Click/tap on the prices to view each item on Amazon.

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Difference 8: Company History

T-fal (known as Tefal in many other countries besides the United States) was launched in 1954 when French engineer, Marc Grégoire, invented the first-ever non-stick pan.

Since then, T-fal has been committed to innovation and still upholds its five priorities for sustainable development, including ethical manufacturing and sourcing, responsible hiring and respect for people, helping communities, health and safety, and respecting the environment. Learn more about T-fal’s commitments on Tefal.com.

T-fal began as an independent company but is now owned by Groupe SEB, the same company that owns All-Clad. 

Farberware’s roots can be traced back to 1900 when the founder, S.W. Farber made his first tin and copper cookware in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. However, the Farberware brand wasn’t created until 1944 when Farber introduced stainless steel pans with a bonded aluminum — a unique innovation at the time.

Since then, Farberware has been prioritizing the creation of easy-to-use cookware. Its mission is to make durable and innovative kitchen items that perform for everyone, helping families cook easily, reliably, and affordably.

Meyer Corporation, the leading cookware distributor in the US, currently owns Farberware and other popular brands, including Anolon and Circulon.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy T-fal or Farberware?

After decades of constant innovation, consistent quality, and solid performance, T-fal and Farberware have both earned a solid reputation in the cookware industry.

If you’re in the market for non-stick cookware, both brands offer affordable options and special reinforced non-stick coating. Regardless of which brand you buy, go with the hard-anodized aluminum collections because they’re significantly more durable than the ones made of standard aluminum.

For new cooks, the T-fal’s Thermo-Spot indicator can help guide you as you try out new recipes. However, experienced cooks might see this as an unnecessary gimmick. Do you really need a red dot to tell you the pan is hot enough?

If you are looking for stainless steel, I recommend T-fal’s Tri-Ply Clad collection because it’s the most durable and highest performing. Its fully-clad construction offers incredible heat distribution. Farberware doesn’t provide any fully-clad stainless steel collections.

I’m not a fan of Farberware’s plastic screw-on handles. It’s the type of cookware you’d find in a cheap Airbnb and can even be dangerous if the screws come loose.

Bottom line—if you’re looking for low-cost cookware that will get the job done, both brands are decent choices. Between the two, I recommend T-fal because their hard-anodized aluminum collection is much more extensive, and they offer a fully-clad stainless steel option. Check out my in-depth T-fal review to learn more.

To read more reviews, and view the current prices, check out both brands at the links below:

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