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Swiss Diamond Cookware: An In-Depth Review (With Pictures)

In this in-depth review of Swiss Diamond cookware, you’ll learn:

  • How it’s made
  • How it looks and feels (with lots of pictures)
  • How it performs in the kitchen
  • Its downsides
  • How much it costs
  • And much more

So, if you’re in the market for new cookware and you’re thinking about buying Swiss Diamond, keep reading.

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Swiss Diamond Quick Facts

Before delving into the details, let’s review some key facts about Swiss Diamond and its cookware offerings.

Company History

Swiss Diamond was founded in 1974. It began as a research firm with a focus on new, innovative surface coatings flooding into the market during the 50s and late 60s. 

As consumer demand for premium non-stick cookware increased in the 1990s, Swiss Diamond doubled down on the category. Their research and testing led them to develop market-disrupting, diamond-infused coatings, hence the name Swiss Diamond

In the early 2000s, Swiss Diamond became part of the newly-formed SMB Group and began producing and distributing its new non-stick cookware worldwide.

The brand quickly became known for its use of real diamond crystal fragments in its surface coatings and has remained a major player in the cookware market ever since.

As its name suggests, Swiss Diamond manufactures its products in Switzerland and uses eco-friendly technology and sustainable business practices.

Cookware Collections

Swiss Diamond produces an extensive range of cookware collections, focusing on long-lasting non-stick pots and pans. Below is a quick list of Swiss Diamond’s collections:

I dive deeper into the details of each collection in the next section. You can also check out the “compare our lines” page on SwissDiamond.com to learn more or check out each line on Amazon.


All of Swiss Diamond’s non-stick products are dishwasher safe, but I strongly recommend you hand-wash your cookware for increased longevity. Warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth are all you need to clean this cookware because the non-stick surface has excellent food release properties.

Cooktop Compatibility

While all Swiss Diamond cookware is oven safe in temperatures up to 500°F, you should not place these products under a broiler.

The XD+ Nonstick Induction, HD Classic Nonstick Induction, Nonstick Clad, Premium Clad, and Premium Steel collections are induction-compatible, but the XD+ Nonstick, HD Classic Nonstick, and Swiss Titan are not.


All Swiss Diamond products come with a limited lifetime warranty. The exception is the more recent Swiss Titan line, which only has a three-year warranty.

Return Policy

Swiss Diamond cookware has a 30-day return period for unused products in original packaging.

Where to Buy

Outside of SwissDiamond.com, Swiss Diamond cookware is available from numerous retailers in 38 countries and on Amazon. You can search retailers using the tool provided on their website.

Materials and Construction

In the 1990s, when Swiss Diamond began research to develop their cookware, finely-ground titanium was the top choice for reinforcing non-stick coating.

But they quickly realized there was a better material—one that is harder, more durable, and conducts heat more effectively: diamonds.

Since that discovery, all Swiss Diamond non-stick coatings are reinforced with diamond crystal fragments.

Swiss Diamond Diamond-Reinforced Non-Stick Coating
Swiss Diamond Diamond-Reinforced Non-Stick Coating

They claim that this technology makes its non-stick pans last significantly longer than the competition.

To prove it, the company conducted a lab tests in which they rubbed the non-stick coating with 2,000 continuous strokes of coarse sandpaper. The Swiss Diamond XD non-stick coating lasted 12x longer than 3-layer non-stick coating, 24x longer than ceramic non-stick, and 48x longer than 2-layer non-stick.

Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Coating Durability Test Results
Swiss Diamond Non-Stick Coating Durability Test Results

Besides the non-stick coating, the body of Swiss Diamond pots and pans is incredibly strong, too.

The XD and HD cookware collections are made with cast aluminum bodies that will never warp, even if you expose them to drastic temperature changes.

Most non-stick cookware is made from stamped or spun aluminum.

Stamped refers to when the aluminum is rolled out into a large sheet and pressed forcibly to form the pan.

Spun is when the aluminum is stretched and manipulated to form the pan.

In both cases, the manufacturing process is less costly, but it results in lower quality cookware that will eventually warp.

Cast aluminum (the type Swiss Diamond uses) is made by melting aluminum and pouring it into a mold. Once it’s in the mold, the aluminum is cured and cooled. Although it costs more to produce cast aluminum cookware, it’s much more sturdy and virtually impossible to warp.

The Nonstick Clad and Premium Clad collections are made with five bonded layers.

Swiss Diamond 5-Ply Construction
Swiss Diamond 5-Ply Construction. Photo Credit: SwissDiamond.com

The exterior and cooking surface is premium steel, and the three core layers are highly conductive aluminum. The steel provides an ultra-durable and non-reactive cooking surface, while the aluminum transfers heat quickly and evenly.

Handles on the XD+, Classic, and Swiss Titan collections are wrapped in Bakelite — a durable, heat resistant plastic, while the handles on the other collections are stainless steel.  


Each Swiss Diamond collection comes with unique features and design points. Here’s an overview of the designs included in each of Swiss Diamond’s major cookware lines.

HD Classic Nonstick (view on Amazon)

The HD Classic collection is Swiss Diamond’s original and most popular cookware.

Swiss Diamond HD Classic Frying Pan
Swiss Diamond HD Classic Frying Pan

This collection features black, rivet-free “stay cool” handles and vented, tempered glass lids.

Swiss Diamond Rivet-Free Handles
Swiss Diamond Rivet-Free Handles

The rivet-free design is a really convenient feature. Not only does it create more space for you to sear and brown, but it makes cleanup much easier since you won’t have to scrub around any rivets.

The cooking surface and exterior feature a sleek gunmetal, diamond metallic finish.

Swiss Diamond HD Classic Frying Pan_design

The walls are extra thick, which allows it to absorb and retain heat exceptionally well.

Swiss Diamond HD Classic Frying Pan Thickness
Swiss Diamond HD Classic Frying Pan Thickness

The rims are straight, rather than flared, which helps contain the ingredients and prevents spills, but makes it a bit more difficult to transfer food from pan to plate.

Like all Swiss Diamond cookware, the cast aluminum base is completely flat for stability and even heating.

The bottom of the Classic HD collection (not the Induction version) is uncoated, showing off a beautiful shine.

Swiss Diamond HD Classic Frying Pan_Bottom
Bottom of the Swiss Diamond HD Classic Frying Pan

XD Nonstick (view on SwissDiamond.com)

The XD collection is touted by Swiss Diamond as its “latest, most advanced diamond-reinforced non-stick cookware line to date.” Design features include rivet-less, “stay cool” handles and knobs, tempered glass lids with adjustable venting, and an onyx-diamond metallic finish. Like all Swiss Diamond cookware the base is completely flat for stability and even heating.

Nonstick Clad (view on SwissDiamond.com)

Utilizing welded handles and hollow stainless steel knobs, the Nonstick Clad collection (regular and induction) features Swiss Diamond’s attractive tempered glass lids and a satin stainless finish. These products provide a modern aesthetic thanks to the sheen and sleek handles.

Premium Clad (view on SwissDiamond.com)

Swiss Diamond utilized durable 5-ply stainless steel construction to design this modern collection. Featuring ergonomic, welded handles and a satin stainless finish, this is a durable, easy-to-use premium collection with plenty of ultra-sleek character.

Premium Steel (view on SwissDiamond.com)

As Swiss Diamond’s most recent cookware collection, Premium Steel cookware includes an induction base, ergonomic handles, and a shiny, high-polish finish that raises the modern aesthetic appeal.

Cooking Performance

As a research-focused brand, Swiss Diamond has continually evolved its cookware to perform better in response to shifting consumer demands.

When it comes to heat conduction, both the aluminum alloy and 5-ply stainless steel perform exceptionally well. The cookware heats food evenly and keeps it warm after being removed from the oven or stove. The thick walls also aid in heat retention.

Swiss Diamond cookware is crafted with rounded sides and straight (non-flared) rims to prevent splashing and spills.

Swiss Diamond HD Classic Frying Pan Straight Rims

The ergonomic Bakelite handles featured in many Swiss Diamond collections provide excellent grip while staying cool (although I’m not a huge fan of the black, plastic look — I prefer stainless steel handles).

Swiss Diamond HD Classic Frying Pan Handle

As previously mentioned, Swiss Diamond cookware is technically dishwasher safe but should be hand-washed for optimal care. Even with that caveat, the non-stick diamond-reinforced surfaces make the process simple and easy.

Since both Swiss Diamond’s stainless and aluminum collections (including the lids) are oven-safe up to 500°F, you can start with a sear on the stove and finish with a roast in the oven — ideal for one-pot meals.

If you have an induction cooktop, Swiss Diamond offers induction-safe companion collections within both its XD and HD series.

Thanks to its unique non-stick coating, you don’t need to use as much oil or fat while cooking, allowing for healthier meals. It’s also ideal for cooking delicate ingredients such as flaky fish or eggs. The stainless steel cookware options are great options for searing, braising, and deglazing.

A final performance feature worth noting is the durability of Swiss Diamond’s aluminum cookware collections. Since the metal is cast — not spun — during manufacturing, the end product is warp-proof for life. You can learn more about the casting process on the company’s website.


Unfortunately, Swiss Diamond cookware isn’t perfect. Like every product, it comes with some flaws and downsides.

Here, I’ll review some of the most common customer complaints in addition to my own experiences.

Can’t Use Metal Utensils: First, be aware that Swiss Diamond products aren’t metal-utensil safe and are prone to scratches and surface damage when used in conjunction with knives, metal forks, spatulas, and similar equipment.

Price: As you’ll see in the next section, Swiss Diamond cookware is relatively expensive. It’s on par with brands like All-Clad and high-end Calphalon lines, but it’s significantly more costly than brands like T-fal, Cuisinart, and GreenPan. This is important to keep in mind, especially considering non-stick cookware doesn’t last forever (2 to 5 years on average).

Plastic Handles: I’ve mentioned Swiss Diamond’s Bakelite handles a couple of times already. Bakelite is essentially plastic, a super durable plastic, but plastic nonetheless. Some people prefer the black handles because they are comfortable and provide good drip, but I believe it cheapens the cookware’s look. I much prefer the classy and sleek appearance of stainless steel handles.

Warranty Issues: When it comes to customer service, I’ve found several complaints regarding the company’s warranty. In short, many people claim that the company doesn’t honor it. While I can’t verify these complaints or the specific details of the customer’s experiences, it’s worth noting.

Food Sticks: Swiss Diamond may have a special non-stick coating and lab tests to prove it outlast the competition, but it’s not immune to the inevitable degradation that all non-stick cookware endures. Many customers complain (view the critical reviews of the HD Classic collection) that it isn’t as slick as they hoped and loses it’s non-stick properties quickly.

Not Widely Available: Swiss Diamond is available on the brand’s website, and some collections are on Amazon, but many national department and kitchen supply stores don’t carry it. It’s primarily sold through boutique kitchenware retailers. Here’s a map of Swiss Diamond’s authorized dealers to find one near you.


Swiss Diamond cookware is generally more expensive than other non-stick options, especially ones that utilize standard spun or stamped aluminum.

It’s more expensive for a couple of reasons. 

First, the brand is committed to manufacturing its cookware in Switzerland rather than outsourcing to a country where labor is cheaper and regulations are less strict. 

Second, they opt for higher-quality materials than more, including cast aluminum and diamond-infused non-stick coating.

Below you’ll find a current price comparison chart outlining Swiss Diamond’s pricing.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Swiss Diamond Cookware?

When it comes to sustainable manufacturing, dedication to research, and quality non-stick cookware, Swiss Diamond is a strong contender and is worth your consideration.

Its unique diamond-infused non-stick coating has proven to be more durable than the competition through lab tests. Considering the most common frustration with non-stick cookware is that the cooking surface wears down quickly, that alone is a major selling point that you can’t overlook.

The cast aluminum base is guaranteed never to warp and provides quick and even heat conduction for consistent results every time you cook.

Swiss Diamond’s reputation is enhanced by its insistence on manufacturing its products in Switzerland rather than outsourcing to a country with more lax labor laws and lower production costs.

On an aesthetic and practical level, Swiss Diamond’s cookware offers an array of sleek, modern-looking cookware with appealing features like ergonomic handles, sloped sides, and vented tempered glass lids.

Although I recommend Swiss Diamond and believe it’s one of the best non-stick cookware options on the market, it comes with some downsides. And, the most significant disadvantage is the high price.

If Swiss Diamond isn’t in your budget, or you can’t justify spending so much on non-stick cookware that will eventually need to be replaced, consider more affordable brands like Anolon, Circulon, T-fal, and Cuisinart

Hopefully, after reading this review of Swiss Diamond cookware, you feel more informed, confident, and prepared to decide if it’s the right brand for your kitchen.

You can learn more, read other reviews, and check the current pricing of Swiss Diamond cookware; check it out on Amazon and SwissDiamond.com.

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