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How Much Does a Water Heater Weigh? (With 37 Examples)

Are you preparing to move a water heater but aren’t sure how heavy it will be?

Or maybe you’re planning to buy one and need to know if you can transport it yourself.

Whatever the situation, you want to know: how much does a water heater weigh?

To find out, I analyzed 37 different tank-style, tankless, and under the sink models.

Here’s what I learned:

Tank-style water heaters weigh an average of 150 pounds empty, but it varies by size. On average, tank-style water heaters weigh 2.6 pounds per gallon of capacity.

Tankless water heats are significantly lighter, averaging 27 pounds. And, under the sink water heaters weigh an average of 32 pounds.

Since water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon, the average 50-gallon tank can hold up to 417 pounds of water. Add that to the weight of the tank, and you have one hefty unit. 

In the following sections, I provide 37 examples of popular water heaters and reveal to you exactly how much they weigh when they’re empty and when they’re filled with water.

I also explain other factors that impact water heaters’ weight and provide tips on how to move them safely.

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Actual Weight of 37 Water Heaters

The chart below shows the actual weights of 37 popular water heaters by type and capacity.

Note: GPM means Gallons Per Minute. It measures the amount of water a tankless water heater can heat per minute.

Scroll/swipe horizontally to view the entire chart.

Brand/ModelWeight EmptyWeight FullCapacityType
Rheem #XE40M06ST45U1106 pounds440 pounds40 GallonsTank
Rheem #XE50M06ST45U1132 pounds549 pounds50 GallonsTank
Rheem #XE38S06ST45U195 pounds412 pounds38 GallonsTank
Rheem #XE30S06ST45U195 pounds345 pounds30 GallonsTank
Westinghouse #WEC080C2X045151 pounds818 pounds80 GallonsTank
Rheem #MHD85245139 pounds848 pounds85 GallonsTank
Rheem #MHD75245122 pounds748 pounds75 GallonsTank
Richmond #S80U-1192 pounds859 pounds80 GallonsTank
A.O. Smith Signature Premier302 pounds969 pounds80 GallonsTank
Westinghouse #WEC080C3W165151 pounds818 pounds80 GallonsTank
Westinghouse #WEC115C2X055224 pounds1183 pounds115 GallonsTank
Westinghouse #WER052C2X045N118 pounds552 pounds52 GallonsTank
Westinghouse #WER040C2X055N104 pounds438 pounds40 GallonsTank
Westinghouse #WEC100C3W135151 pounds985 pounds100 GallonsTank
Marathon #MHD105245152 pounds1028 pounds105 GallonsTank
Marathon #MR4024591 pounds425 pounds40 GallonsTank
Camplux #ME60N26 pounds76 pounds6 GallonsTank
Rheem #XG29T06EN30U1110 Pounds352 pounds29 GallonsTank
Rheem #GHE80SS-130A600 pounds1267 pounds80 GallonsTank
Sure Comfort #SCG40T03ST34U1125 pounds459 pounds40 GallonsTank
Richmond #6G50-60F3150 pounds567 pounds50 GallonsTank
John Wood #JW6F307172 pounds422 pounds30 GallonsTank
Westinghouse #WGR060NG076170 pounds670 pounds60 GallonsTank
Rheem #ECOH200DVLN-282 poundsN/A9.5 GPMTankless
Rinnai #V65iN45.6 poundsN/A6.5 GPMTankless
Rinnai #RL94iN46.3 poundsN/A9.8 GPMTankless
Rheem #ECOH200DVRHLP85 poundsN/A11 GPMTankless
Eccotemp #i12-NG29 poundsN/A4 GPMTankless
Rheem #RETEX-137 poundsN/A2.54 GPMTankless
EcoSmart #ECO 1811 poundsN/A3.51 GPMTankless
Black + Decker #BD-27HD12.17 poundsN/A5.4 GPMTankless
Titan Model #N-1208 poundsN/A4 GPMTankless
Richmond #6EP15-154 pounds179 pounds15 GallonsUnder the Sink
Rheem #XE06P06PU20U037 pounds87 pounds6 GallonsUnder the Sink
Bosch #873395492417.3 pounds51 pounds4 GallonsUnder the Sink
Stiebel Eltron #SHC 419.8 pounds53 pounds4 GallonsUnder the Sink
Stiebel Eltron #SHC 626.5 pounds77 pounds6 GallonsUnder the sink

Factors Impacting Water Heater Weight

A few factors impact your water heater’s overall weight, including the type, size of the tank, and whether it’s full or empty. Let’s look at each in more detail.

Water Heater Type

There are two primary types of water heaters: tank and tankless.

As the name suggests, tank-style water heaters have a tank that stores hot water, so it’s ready when you need it.

Tankless water heaters, sometimes referred to as on-demand water heaters, don’t store hot water in a massive tank. Instead, when you turn on a shower or faucet, cold water flows into the unit for heating.

Besides the energy and cost savings, tankless water heaters have another advantage: they’re much lighter than tank-style heaters. On average tankless water heaters weigh 27 pounds, and tank-style water heaters weigh 150 pounds.

Size of Tank

The weight of tank-style water heaters varies significantly based on the size of the tank.

Water heater tanks in single-family homes are usually between 40 and 80 gallons.

When emptied, here’s what you can expect the tank to weigh:

  • 40-gallon water heaters weigh an average of 106 pounds.
  • 50-gallon water heaters weigh an average of 140 pounds.
  • 80-gallon water heaters weigh an average of 200 pounds.

Tankless water heaters with a higher GPM (gallons per minute) are larger and typically weigh more than those with lower GPM. For example, the 11 GPM Rheem tankless heater weighs 85 pounds, while this 2.5 GPM model weighs 7 pounds. a

Water in Tank

Of course, if there is water in the tank, it becomes significantly heavier. One gallon of water weighs just over 8 pounds, so if you plan to move your water heater, I recommend emptying the water.

Tips for Moving a Hot Water Heater

Water heaters, especially tank-style units, are heavy, clunky, and awkward to move. Before you get started, consider these tips.

First, turn off the power, gas (if applicable), and water supplies.

Next, if you have a walkout basement, run a hose from the water heater’s drain to the outside and completely drain the tank. If it’s not in a walkout basement, you can drain the tank into a drain or sump pump. If that’s not an option, you’ll have to do it the slow way and drain the water into a bucket.

Lastly, disconnect the gas and water lines and nudge the tank out of the space to an area where you can lift it safely.

Some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Make a plan before you move it. Where’s it going? And how will you get it there? Make sure the path is clear, and you have plenty of room to fit through doorways and staircases.
  • If it’s too heavy to lift, use a dolly.
  • Ask for help. Moving it alone can be dangerous as it could result in injury.
  • Contact a plumber if you’re not comfortable with disconnecting the water heater.

If you need more instruction, this helpful video walks through the steps to move a water heater.

Final Thoughts

Tank-style water heaters are extremely heavy, and the larger the tank, the more they weigh. They can weigh as little as 90 pounds or as much as 600 pounds. On average, most models weigh about 2.6 pounds per gallon of capacity.

And that’s the empty weight. When you consider the weight of water, these units weigh several hundred pounds or more.

Tankless water heaters are considerably lighter and easier to transport. On average, they weigh only 27 pounds, but the weight varies by size, too. Some models weigh as much as 85 pounds, while others weigh under 10 pounds. 

If you’re moving your water heater, remember to disconnect the power, gas, and water supplies and empty the tank first. Always get help moving water heaters, use appliance dollies, and measure doorways and stairways before starting the move. If you need extra help or don’t feel confident, contact a plumber.

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