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6 Best HexClad Cookware Alternatives

In this guide, I highlight the best alternatives to HexClad cookware. You’ll learn how each option differs in construction, performance, price, and more.

So if you’re thinking about buying HexClad, but want to weigh all the options, keep reading.

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HexClad Alternatives: Comparison Chart

The chart below provides a quick comparison of HexClad versus the top alternatives.

Swipe to view the entire chart on mobile.

HexCladAnolon XHenckels HXagonCooksyBlack CubeStargazer Cast IronMade In Stainless Steel and Non-Stick
Base Construction3-ply stainless steelAluminum3-ply stainless steel3-ply stainless steel3-ply stainless steelCast iron5-ply stainless steel
Cooking SurfaceStainless steel and PTFE non-stick hybridPTFE non-stick with stainless steel meshStainless steel and PTFE non-stick hybridStainless steel and PTFE non-stick hybridStainless steel and PTFE non-stick hybridSeasoned or unseasoned cast ironStainless steel or PTFE non-stick
HandlesRiveted, stainless steelFlush rivets, stainless steelRiveted, stainless steelRivet-less, stainless steelRivet-less, stainless steelCast ironRiveted, stainless steel
Oven-Safe Temperature500°F500°F500°F500°F500°FUnlisted but fire-safeStainless surface – 800°F; non-stick – 500°F
Metal Utensil-SafeYesYesYesYesYesYesStainless surface – yes; non-stick – no
Dishwasher-safeYesYesYesYesYesNoStainless surface – yes; non-stick – no
Price$$$$ (HexClad.com)$$$ (Amazon)$$ (Costco.com)$$$ (Amazon)$$ (Amazon)  $$$ (Stargazer)$$$ (Made In)

HexClad Alternative 1: Anolon X

Anolon X is an excellent alternative to HexClad, especially if you’re on a budget.

Like HexClad, Anolon X pans feature a hybrid cooking surface with raised stainless steel protecting the non-stick coating underneath.

HexClad versus Anolon X
HexClad (top) versus Anolon X (bottom)

However, the aluminum construction and thinner walls make the pans light and easy to handle while keeping the price more accessible.

This collection features various cookware pieces, from sauciers and saute pans to complete 7, 8, and 10-piece cookware sets.

The cookware has a minimalist design in black and silver with rounded walls, giving it a similar look to HexClad.

Anolon X hard-anodized aluminum pan
Anolon X hard-anodized aluminum pan

Like HexClad, Anolon X pans are metal utensil-safe, oven-safe up to 500°F, and dishwasher-safe.

Here are a few more reasons why Anolon X is an excellent alternative to HexClad:

Why It’s a Great HexClad Alternative

  • Anolon X pans are made from aluminum rather than HexClad’s stainless steel. Aluminum is lighter and easier to maneuver.
  • Anolon X is more affordable than HexClad. For example, HexClad’s 8-inch frying pan costs $140, while the Anolon X 8.25-inch frying pan is just $80 (prices are subject to change).
  • Like HexClad cookware, Anolon X pans are induction-compatible due to their edge-to-edge magnetic steel bases.
  • Anolon’s cookware features proprietary SearTech™ technology that keeps oil in the middle of the pan. Unlike traditional non-stick pans that allow the oil to run to the edges, Anolon’s design keeps the oil directly under the food, resulting in less sticking, more even caramelization, and a better sear. This SearTech™ technology is similar to HexClad’s hexagonal steel pattern design.
  • The stainless steel mesh on Anolon’s pan helps to protect the pan from damage or wear and tear from utensils. However, the sides are not protected since the mesh is only present on the flat portion of the interior.
Anolon X cooking surface
Anolon X cooking surface
  • Anolon X pans have flush rivets that attach the handle to the pan’s body, unlike the protruding rivets on HexClad’s cookware. Flush rivets make Anolon X pans much easier to clean than HexClad.
HexClad standard rivets and Anolon X flush rivets
HexClad standard rivets (left), Anolon X flush rivets (right)
  • One disadvantage of this pan compared to HexClad is that the stainless steel mesh on an Anolon X model only covers the flat portion of the cooking surface. The laser-etched steel on HexClad pans is present throughout the entire pan (including the walls).

Bottom Line

If you’re on a budget, Anolon X is a solid alternative to HexClad. The lightweight aluminum construction not only makes the pan more affordable but also makes it easier to handle.

Anolon X pans have several thoughtful design features, like flush rivets, an induction base, and secure handles.

However, the thinner aluminum construction and steel mesh only on the flat cooking surface are downgrades compared to HexClad’s thicker fully-clad stainless steel construction and laser-etched steel hexagons throughout.

Check the current prices of Anolon X cookware on Anolon.com and Amazon. Or learn more by reading my in-depth Anolon X review and comparison of Anolon X vs. HexClad.

HexClad Alternative 2: Henckels HXagon

Henckels HXagon is another excellent alternative to HexClad because you get almost the same hybrid cooking surface at a fraction of the cost.

Henckels HXagon fry pan
Henckels HXagon fry pan

Henckels is known for its quality kitchen knives but recently launched the HXagon cookware collection to capture some of the demand for hybrid cookware created by HexClad. 

Like HexClad, these pans have a hexagonal-patterned interior with raised stainless steel peaks that protect the non-stick coating below.

I’ve been testing these pans for months, and they deliver an exceptional sear while allowing delicate foods like eggs to release without sticking.

Here are some reasons Henckels HXagon cookware is a solid alternative to HexClad.

Why It’s a Great HexClad Alternative

  • Like HexClad, Henckels HXagon pans feature a hybrid cooking surface. However, HXagon pans have a higher ratio of exposed stainless steel. As I observed when cooking chicken thighs, the increased steel allows for better browning.
Henckels HXagon versus HexClad cooking surfaces
Henckels HXagon (left) versus HexClad (right) cooking surfaces
  • Thanks to its conductive aluminum core, Henckels HXagon pans heat up quickly. In my heat conduction test, the 12-inch pan boiled two cups of water in 2 minutes and 19 seconds. HexClad took 2 minutes and 30 seconds to boil the same amount of water.
  • Henckels handles are rounded like HexClad but feature an engraved logo and small thumb groove. At 8.5 inches long, they are a half inch longer than HexClad’s handles, keeping your hand further from the heat.
HexClad vs Henckels HXagon handles
HexClad (top) vs. Henckels HXagon (bottom)
  • HexClad extends its hybrid non-stick and stainless steel pattern to the bottom of its pans, while Henckels HXagon pans have polished stainless steel bottoms. The non-stick coating makes HexClad easier to clean but poses some risks. A Prudent Reviews reader told me the raised hexagons on her HexClad pan scratched her glass cooktop. With the smooth polished steel bottom, Henckels HXagon pans avoid potential damage to delicate surfaces. Without non-stick coating, the exterior may require occasional scrubbing to remove stains, but many people find this a worthwhile tradeoff.
Bottom of Henckels HXagon and HexClad pans
Bottom of Henckels HXagon and HexClad pans
  • Henckels HXagon costs less than half the price of comparable HexClad pans.

The main downside compared to HexClad is that Henckels HXagon pans are 2.4 mm thick, while HexClad is 3 mm thick.

Measuring thickness of Henckels HXagon pan
Measuring thickness of Henckels HXagon pan

The thinner construction means Henckels HXagon doesn’t retain heat quite as well. But the exceptional value more than makes up for this small compromise in performance.

Check current prices and read reviews of the Henckels HXagon collection at Costco.com. Or read my in-depth Henckels HXagon review and comparison of HexClad vs. Henckels HXagon to learn more.

HexClad Alternative 3: Cooksy

Cooksy is another solid HexClad alternative, offering a similar hybrid cooking surface at a more affordable price point.

Cooksy 12 inch frying pan
Cooksy 12 inch frying pan

With Cooksy, you get the same excellent searing and food release but also some unique benefits HexClad doesn’t offer.

Why It’s a Great HexClad Alternative

  • Cooksy pans have the same 3-ply stainless steel construction as HexClad, and both brands’ pans are approximately 3mm thick.
  • Based on my controlled tests, HexClad conducts heat slightly faster on electric cooktops, but Cooksy outperforms HexClad on induction. Both retain heat well, but HexClad has a slight edge.
Cooksy induction cooktop test
Cooksy induction cooktop test
  • The cooking surface on Cooksy pans has a higher ratio of exposed stainless steel than HexClad, which allows for even better browning and caramelization. However, the increased steel means you need more oil or butter to prevent eggs from sticking.
Egg sticking to Cooksy pan
Egg sticking to Cooksy pan
  • Cooksy is transparent about using the well-regarded “Eterna” non-stick coating by Whitford. HexClad is less transparent. They only mention using a “high-grade non-stick coating” and don’t disclose the supplier.
  • Cooksy’s frying pans feature a convenient helper handle, while HexClad’s do not. Helper handles make it easier to transfer the pan when it’s full of heavy food.
Cooksy helper handle vs HexClad pan with no helper handle
Cooksy (left), HexClad (right)
  • Cooksy attaches its handles with screws on the outside of the pan rather than rivets. Because of this, the cooking surface is completely smooth and easier to clean. HexClad’s riveted handles tend to collect oil and food particles.
Cooksy and HexClad pans
Cooksy (left) and HexClad (right)
  • Cooksy pans have a polished stainless steel exterior. HexClad extends its hybrid pattern to the pan’s bottom. The non-stick coating makes HexClad’s bottom easier to clean, but as I mentioned, there’s a risk of the raised still scratching your cooktop.
Bottom of Cooksy and HexClad pans
Bottom of Cooksy (left) and HexClad (right)
  • Cooksy pans are around 22% less expensive than HexClad pans.

The main drawback of Cooksy is the limited selection. Cooksy only offers a few frying pans, saucepans, stock pots, and sets. HexClad has a much wider range, including specialty items like roasters and pizza pans.

Bottom line — if you’re looking for premium hybrid cookware at a lower price, Cooksy is an excellent HexClad alternative. You’ll get rivetless handles, a smooth bottom, and helper handles.

You can check the current prices of Cooksy pans on Amazon or read more about the brand in my in-depth HexClad vs. Cooksy comparison.

HexClad Alternative 4: Frieling Black Cube Quick Release

Frieling Black Cube Quick Release is another affordable alternative to HexClad. It’s the closest you can get to HexClad in terms of design, but it costs much less.

Black Cube Quick Release Cookware Fry Pan, 8-Inch

Like Hexclad, the Black Cube pans are designed to deliver the searing power of stainless steel with the food release of non-stick.

The cooking surface features raised steel dots that prevent the non-stick coating from getting scratched.

Black Cube Quick Release Cookware Fry Pan, 8-Inch

It looks almost exactly like HexClad, but instead of tiny steel hexagons etched into the cooking surface, Black Cube’s pattern is shaped like tiny triangles.

Here’s why Black Cube cookware is a good alternative to HexClad.

Why It’s a Great HexClad Alternative

  • Like HexClad, Frieling’s Black Cube cookware has a durable 3-ply stainless steel body. A layer of aluminum is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel to create a lightweight-yet-sturdy design.
  • The interior is a combination of stainless steel and PTFE non-stick; the hybrid pattern extends up the pan walls. The tiny stainless steel dots are slightly raised above the non-stick cooking coating to protect it from metal spatulas scraping across.
  • One notable difference between Black Cube and HexClad is the handle design — the Frieling Black Cube has a rivet-less handle, while Hexclad’s handles have rivets. Cookware with rivetless handles is easier to clean since food won’t get stuck at the juncture between the body of the pan and the handle. This small detail may not seem like much, but it makes a difference.
Black Cube Quick Release Cookware Wok with Helper Handle, 12.5-Inch/2.5 Quart
  • Another significant difference is the exterior. The bottom and exterior walls of HexClad pans feature the hybrid pattern, while Black Cube pans have a polished stainless steel exterior. Stainless steel is more difficult to clean and prone to discoloration, so you’ll spend more time scrubbing the outside of Black Cube pans than with HexClad.
  • The most significant difference between HexClad and Black Cube cookware is the price. HexClad is twice as expensive, and considering the design and construction are so similar, Black Cube is a much better value.

Bottom Line

Out of all the pans on this list, the Frieling Black Cube is the most similar to HexClad due to its 3-ply construction and hybrid non-stick cooking surface. If you’re looking for a HexClad clone at a much lower price, check out Black Cube.

Read more reviews of Black Cube cookware and check the current prices on Amazon. Learn more in my in-depth comparison of HexClad vs. Black Cube.

HexClad Alternative 5: Stargazer Cast Iron

At first glance, Stargazer isn’t an obvious HexClad alternative — their skillets don’t look alike, and they’re made from different materials.

Stargazer cast iron skillet
Stargazer cast iron skillet

But you can get similar (or in some cases better) results in the kitchen with Stargazer than you can with HexClad.

Why It’s a Great HexClad Alternative

  • Of all the alternatives in this guide, Stargazer is the most different. It’s not made with stainless steel and doesn’t have a non-stick coating — it’s made of cast iron. But likeHexClad’s hybrid cooking surface, cast iron is a versatile material that’s metal utensil safe and ideal for searing. It also develops non-stick properties over time.
Steak seared in a Stargazer cast iron skillet
Steak seared in a Stargazer cast iron skillet
  • Unlike most cast iron skillets with short handles, Stargazer skillets have long handles (similar to HexClad) that stay cool on the stove.
Measuring Stargazer cast iron skillet handle
Measuring Stargazer cast iron skillet handle
  • Stargazer skillets are heavier than HexClad, but much lighter than most cast iron brands. For example, the Stargazer 12-inch skillet weighs 6.5 pounds, the Lodge 12-inch cast iron skillet weighs 8 pounds, and the HexClad 12-inch skillet weighs 4 pounds.
  • Stargazer pans are not dishwasher-safe but, like HexClad, are metal utensil-safe and induction-compatible.
  • Stargazer skillets are handmade in the United States, while HexClad pans are mass-produced in China.
  • The greatest advantage Stargazer has over HexClad is that Stargazer skillets will last forever. Cast iron cookware doesn’t have a non-stick coating like HexClad that will eventually wear down, forcing you to replace the pan. Instead, Stargazer skillets develop a natural non-stick seasoning over time, and you can reseason the skillet as needed.

Bottom Line

Non-stick hybrid pans like HexClad are convenient and beginner-friendly but won’t last forever. Although HexClad has a lifetime performance warranty, you may need to replace the pan when the non-stick properties start to fade.

Stargazer cast iron offers similar benefits (excellent searing and a stick-resistance surface) but lasts a lifetime. It’s the type of cookware you can pass down to the next generation. If you want a long-lasting, high-quality HexClad alternative, go with Stargazer.

Check the current prices of Stargazer skillets on StargazerCastIron.com, or read my in-depth Stargazer review and HexClad vs. Cast Iron comparison to learn more.

HexClad Alternative 6: Made In Stainless Steel and Non-Stick Fry Pans

Made In is one of the best cookware brands. They’ve been producing restaurant-quality cookware at fair prices since 2017. They offer stainless steel, non-stick, carbon steel, copper, and enameled cast iron cookware.

HexClad versus Made In

HexClad is known for its hybrid stainless steel non-stick pans. And while it’s quality all-purpose cookware, it’s not always the best option when you need precise results.

If you’re cooking recipes like crepes or delicate fish or trying to get that perfect sear, a hybrid pan may not provide the precision you need.

Instead of a HexClad hybrid pan, consider two separate pans from Made In — one non-stick and the other stainless steel.

Made In stainless steel and non-stick cookware
Made In stainless steel and non-stick cookware

Why It’s a Great HexClad Alternative

  • HexClad pans are good at searing and cooking eggs without sticking is doable, but it’s not the best at either of those tasks. Made In stainless steel pans sear better than HexClad, and Made In non-stick pans release delicate foods like eggs more easily. Having two pans specializing in different functions provides more control and better results. There’s a reason why professional kitchens have a mix of stainless steel and non-stick pans rather than a bunch of hybrid pans — pro chefs want to use the best tool for the task.
Cooking eggs in a Made In non-stick pan
Cooking eggs in a Made In non-stick pan
  • Made In stainless steel and non-stick pans are made with a 5-ply stainless steel base with a thick aluminum core. This type of construction is similar to HexClad’s 3-ply base (learn more about the difference between 3- and 5-ply cookware in this guide).
  • While HexClad’s cookware is only oven-safe to 500°F, Made In’s stainless steel pan can safely handle up to 800°F
  • You can broil with a Made In stainless steel pan; HexClad is not broiler-safe.
  • While buying two Made In pans is more expensive, the stainless steel pan can last forever. HexClad and Made In non-stick pans will eventually need to be replaced.

Bottom Line

Buying two Made In pans costs more than one HexClad pan, but you get much more control over your food preparation and better results.

Cooking Salmon in a Made In nonstick pan
Cooking Salmon in a Made In non-stick pan

HexClad offers a better sear than most non-stick pans and has better food release than stainless steel, but it’s not the best option for either scenario.

If you have the budget, a combination of Made In stainless steel and non-stick pans is an excellent alternative to HexClad.

Check out Made In pans on MadeInCookware.com or Amazon, or read my comparison of Made In vs. HexClad to learn more.

Bottom Line: Which HexClad Alternative Is Best for You?

HexClad makes quality all-purpose pans, but they’re pricey and won’t last forever (read my full HexClad review).

The alternatives in this guide are either cheaper, longer lasting, or offer superior performance. But which one is right for you?

Anolon X (Anolon.com): Anolon X’s pans are similar in construction to HexClad, but are thinner, lighter, and much more affordable.

Henckels HXagon (Costco.com): Henckels HXagon offers the hybrid textured cooking surface of HexClad at less than half the price. It heats faster, has a longer handle, and its smooth exterior protects glass cooktops. The only downgrade is slightly thinner construction, which results in interior heat retention. For most home cooks, the exceptional value outweighs this small compromise in performance.

Cooksy (Amazon): Cooksy offers a hybrid cooking surface similar to HexClad at a much lower cost. The key differences are that Cooksy pans have rivetless handles, a smooth steel exterior, a higher ratio of stainless steel on the cooking surface, and a helper handle on fry pans. The main downside is the limited selection.

Frieling Black Cube (Amazon): Black Cube pans are nearly the same as HexClad in terms of construction and design. They have a similar hybrid cooking surface with raised stainless steel triangles protecting a non-stick coating. The two main differences are Black Cube pans are rivetless and significantly more affordable.

Stargazer Cast Iron (StargazerCastIron.com): Stargazer pans look and feel different from HexClad but deliver similar results. They feature longer handles, a smoother cooking surface, and lighter construction than most cast iron brands. Like HexClad, Stargazer is versatile — it’s ideal for searing while being slick enough for eggs. Unlike HexClad, Stargazer cookware is made in the USA and will last forever.

Made In (MadeInCookware.com): Two Made In pans cost more than one HexClad pan, but you get more control and better results. Instead of one hybrid pan that does it all well, buy a stainless steel and non-stick pan that together produces superior results.

Bottom line — the best HexClad alternative cookware for you depends on your cooking style and budget.

If you want an alternative that’s as close to HexClad as possible but costs less, go with Anolon X or Henckels HXagon.

Stargazer Cast Iron provides similar cooking benefits and costs about the same but lasts significantly longer.

If you don’t mind investing more and have room in your kitchen for two pans, go with Made In.

Read more reviews and compare the current prices of each HexClad alternative at the links below:

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