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Where Is All-Clad Cookware Made? A Breakdown by Product

I’ve been testing and reviewing All-Clad pots and pans for years. One of the questions I get most often is:

Where is All-Clad cookware made?

In this quick guide, I answer that question. You’ll learn where All-Clad cookware, bakeware, appliances, and accessories are made.

I also clear up confusion about All-Clad’s use of the phrases “Made in the USA” and “Bonded, Engineered, and Assembled in the USA.”

Use the links below to navigate the guide:

Where All-Clad Cookware Is Made

All-Clad has nearly a dozen cookware collections. The brand is best known for its stainless steel cookware, but they also offer two non-stick collections (HA1 and Essentials).

All-Clad stainless steel cookware, including the D3, D3 Everyday, D5 Brushed and Polished, Copper Core, and G5 Graphite Core collections, is made in the United States at All-Clad’s Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, factory. However, the lids and handles for these collections are manufactured in China and attached/assembled in the US.

All-Clad D5 Made in the USA
All-Clad D5 Made in the USA
All-Clad Copper Core Made in the USA
All-Clad Copper Core Made in the USA

The one exception is All-Clad Gourmet. Despite its stainless steel construction, this collection of specialty pieces (steamers, soup ramekins, and commercial-size stock pots) is made in China.

All-Clad’s hard-anodized aluminum non-stick collections, HA1 and Essentials, are made entirely in China.

All-Clad HA1 made in China
All-Clad HA1 made in China

FusionTec cookware, which is made of a thick steel core covered in a ceramic coating, is made in Germany. Update: The FusionTec collection was discontinued in late 2023.

All-Clad FusionTec Made In Germany
All-Clad FusionTec Made In Germany

The table below summarizes where each All-Clad cookware collection is made.

All-Clad CollectionWhere It’s Made*
All-Clad D3 StainlessUnited States
All-Clad D3 EverydayUnited States
All-Clad D5 BrushedUnited States
All-Clad D5 PolishedUnited States
All-Clad D7 StainlessUnited States
All-Clad Copper CoreUnited States
All-Clad G5 Graphite CoreUnited States
All-Clad GourmetChina
All-Clad HA1China
All-Clad EssentialsChina
All-Clad FusionTec (discontinued)Germany
*All-Clad lids and handles are made in China

Made in the USA vs. Bonded, Engineered, & Assembled in the USA

Some All-Clad pans say “MADE IN USA” on the bottom, and others say “BONDED, ENGINEERED, & ASSEMBLED IN USA.”

For example, D3 Everyday and G5 Graphite Core pans say “MADE IN USA,” but D5 and Copper Core have the “BONDED, ENGINEERED, & ASSEMBLED IN USA” label.

All-Clad G5 Graphite Core Made in the USA
All-Clad G5 Graphite Core Made in the USA
All-Clad D5 bonded engineered and assembled in the USA
All-Clad D5 bonded, engineered, and assembled in the USA

The inconsistency in language is confusing and sparking debate in forums about whether All-Clad is actually made in America.

To get clarity on this topic, I contacted All-Clad and spoke with a product specialist.

She confirmed there’s no difference between pans that say “MADE IN USA” and “BONDED, ENGINEERED, & ASSEMBLED IN USA” on the bottom; it’s just a difference in wording. In both cases, the pans are made in the USA.

Where All-Clad Bakeware Is Made

In addition to pots and pans, All-Clad offers two bakeware collections, including various products like baking sheets, muffin tins, cake pans, and cooling racks.

Pro-Release Bakeware is All-Clad’s more extensive bakeware collection, and it’s entirely manufactured in China.

The D3 Stainless Bakeware collection is produced in the United States, except for the cooling rack, which is made in China.

Where All-Clad Appliances, Accessories, and Knives Are Made

All-Clad also offers several appliances and accessories and one kitchen knife collection. All these products, regardless of material or construction, are made in China.

Its kitchen accessories include stainless steel mixing bowls, pizza stones, pot protectors, spatulas, scrapers, and serving utensils. All-Clad’s professional tools include ladles, tongs, turners, whisks, shears, and sets that include multiple utensils.

All-Clad also offers various made-in-China kitchen electrics, including toasters, waffle makers, hand blenders, and deep fryers.

The brand’s knife collection, which hit the market in 2022, includes a 12-piece set, a 3-piece set, and various individual knives.

How to Find Out Where Each All-Clad Product Is Made

All-Clad releases new products regularly and may change its manufacturing location, so it’s helpful to know how to find where each product is made.

Fortunately, All-Clad makes it easy. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Navigate to All-Clad.com.

All-Clad website home page
All-Clad.com home page

Step 2: Choose the product category, such as cookware or bakeware, in the top navigation. 

All-Clad website shop by product
Shop by product

Step 3: Select the product collection.

All-Clad website shop by collection
Shop by collection

Step 4: Click on the specific product page.

All-Clad website D3 collection
Click on the product

Step 5: Scroll to the product details or product specifications section.

All-Clad website product details
Product details
All-Clad website product specifications
Product specifications

The manufacturing location is displayed in the product details section, product specifications section, or both. If the information is missing, reach out to All-Clad directly for clarification.

Where All-Clad Started

In 1971, John Ulam, a renowned metallurgist and avid home cook, founded All-Clad in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Ulam held over 75 metal crafting patents and was curious about what would happen if he applied his knowledge of bonding metals to cookware.

He understood that steel is non-reactive and highly durable but doesn’t conduct heat well, whereas aluminum is a great heat conductor but reacts with acidic food and isn’t as durable.

Combining the two gives you the best of both worlds: a sturdy exterior that’s easy to clean and doesn’t alter flavors and a core material that ensures completely even cooking.

After some trial and error, All-Clad hit the market in the early 1970s with the first-ever fully-clad stainless steel cookware. In the decades since, almost every other cookware brand has adopted All-Clad’s approach; however, All-Clad remains one of the best-selling and most renowned brands.

Despite being bought out by French conglomerate Groupe SEB, All-Clad is still headquartered in Canonsburg, in the heart of steel country Pennsylvania.

Bottom Line: Where Does All-Clad Make Its Cookware?

All-Clad’s kitchen tools, non-stick coated cook- and bakeware, and lids and handles are manufactured overseas, but its core product line, stainless steel cookware, is made in the United States with American-made steel.

You can quickly determine where All-Clad products are made by visiting All-Clad.com and checking the product pages’ specifications or contacting the company directly.

Bottom line — if you’re looking for high-quality American-made cookware, All-Clad should be at the top of your search. Aside from specialty pieces in the Gourmet collection, the body of All-Clad stainless steel cookware bases is made in the United States.

You can learn more about All-Clad and check the prices of each collection on All-Clad.com or Amazon. Or read more about the brand in the articles below.

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    • The HA1, Essentials, and Gourmet collections are made in China. The D3, D5, Copper Core, and G5 collections are made in the USA (the body of these pans are made in the USA, the handles and lids are made in China and attached in the USA).


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