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Where Is Calphalon Cookware Made? (Solved)

I’ve been testing and reviewing Calphalon cookware for several years, and one of the questions I get most often is:

Where is Calphalon cookware made?

Although the company launched and still operates in Perrysburg, Ohio, most of its pots and pans are manufactured overseas.

I recently spoke with a product specialist at Calphalon, and in this guide, I reveal where each Calphalon cookware collection is made. I also explain where Calphalon knives and appliances are made.

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Where Calphalon Cookware Is Made

Calphalon isn’t transparent about where its products are manufactured. Unlike most cookware brands, the company doesn’t disclose where its pots and pans are made on the product pages of its websites.

So to find out, I called Calphalon and asked to speak with a product specialist. They told me some collections are made in the United States in the company’s Perrysburg, Ohio factory (right outside Toledo), while others are made overseas.

When I asked for more information, they confirmed that the Calphalon Elite and the Calphalon Commercial collections are made in the United States.

They also said individual pots and pans in the Calphalon Signature non-stick collection are made in the United States, but sets are made overseas.

When I asked for more detail, the product specialist wouldn’t verify which overseas country(s) the cookware is manufactured in. They said, “I’m afraid we don’t have the information from which country.”

Either they genuinely don’t know, which would be odd, or they don’t want to say because of negative perceptions about products made in certain countries.

In any case, you can assume that all Calphalon pots and pans except for the Elite and Commercial collections and individual pieces in the Signature non-stick collection are made in China.

This is a safe assumption for two reasons. First, most Calphalon cookware on Amazon displays China as the country of origin in the Product Information section.

And secondly, Calphalon customer service representatives have confirmed within the Questions & Answers section on Amazon that all collections besides Elite, Commercial, and Signature non-stick are made in China.

Here’s a quick table showing where each Calphalon cookware collection is made:

CollectionWhere It’s Made
Calphalon ElitePerrysburg, Ohio
Calphalon CommercialPerrysburg, Ohio
Calphalon Signature Non-Stick (individual pieces)Perrysburg, Ohio
Calphalon SignatureChina
Calphalon Premier China
Calphalon Classic China
Select by CalphalonChina
Simply CalphalonChina

You’ll notice that most Calphalon cookware — produced overseas or domestically — has “Toledo, Ohio USA” printed on the bottom. This label is misleading and confuses customers.

Toledo Ohio on the bottom of a Calphalon pan
Toledo, OH USA on the bottom of each Calphalon pan

Adding to the confusion, Calphalon used to manufacture all its cookware in Toledo, Ohio, where the company is based. However, when Newell Brands acquired Calphalon in 1998, it transitioned most of its manufacturing overseas.

Because of this, you’ll find customers arguing about where Calphalon is made in forums online. Some say it’s made in the United States, while others say China. Both sides might be correct; it just depends on when they purchased the pan.

Where Calphalon Knives and Appliances Are Made

Calphalon also produces a wide range of appliances and kitchen knives. The appliances include coffee makers, espresso machines, blenders, air fryers, waffle irons, and more.

The brand also offers four knife collections, including Calphalon Classic, Calphalon Contemporary, Calphalon Precision, and Select by Calphalon.

Calphalon chefs knife
Calphalon chefs knife

All Calphalon appliances and knives are made in China. While that makes these products affordable, it can negatively impact quality.

Label on Calphalon knife blade
Label on Calphalon knife blade

The best kitchen knives are usually made in Germany, Japan, and the United States. Check out my guide to the best kitchen knives NOT made in China to learn more.

How to Find Out Where Each Product Is Made

As I mentioned, Calphalon doesn’t display where each product is made on its website. Perhaps they’re trying to hide the fact that China is their primary manufacturing hub. Or maybe it’s an honest oversight.

I’ve reviewed enough products to know that 95% of product pages list where the product is made because customers want to know. For example, All-Clad clearly states where each product is made in the Product Specifications section of each product page.

All-Clad website product specifications
Product specifications

Regardless, Calphalon releases new products every year, and you might be wondering how to find out where each product is made.

When I used the customer service live chat on Calphalon.com to ask about how to find where each product is made, the representative responded, “That information is for the company only.”

Since the company won’t share its manufacturing locations, your best option to find where specific products are made is to look on Amazon.

The production location is sometimes listed in the product details, or you can search through the questions and answers section for terms like “where” and “China.”

If you still need help finding the location, call Calphalon’s customer service number. But depending on who answers, you may not get a straight answer.

Where Calphalon Started

In 1963, Ronald M. Kasperzak founded Commercial Aluminum Cookware in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Kasperzak’s claim to fame is that he invented the first hard-anodized aluminum cookware, which he called Calphalon. This durable and corrosion-resistant material was common in the aerospace industry, but until Kasperzak’s launch in the 1960s, nobody used it to make pots and pans.

Calphalon Classic and Signature Hard-Anodized Aluminum Base
Calphalon Signature (left), Classic (right)

Over the years, the company’s products gained popularity in the professional culinary world. As the brand became more known, it began marketing its products to cooking schools, specialty stores, and, eventually, department stores.

In 1992, due to the popularity of its cookware, Commercial Aluminum Cookware changed its name to Calphalon.

In 1998, Newell acquired Calphalon. Until this acquisition, all Calphalon products were made in the United States.

However, when it was added to Newell Brands’ portfolio and new management took over, the company began outsourcing most of its manufacturing to overseas factories. 

Bottom Line: Where Does Calphalon Make Its Cookware?

The Elite, Commercial, and Signature Non-Stick (individual pots and pans) collections are made in the United States in the company’s Perrysburg, Ohio factory (right outside Toledo). All other collections are made in China.

While the company has roots in America, it now relies on overseas manufacturing and, unlike other cookware brands, is not transparent about where its products are made.

If the production location of your cookware is important to you, check out my guide to the best cookware NOT made in China. Or, if you’re looking strictly for American-made cookware, check out this guide to the best cookware made in the USA.

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