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Caraway vs. Great Jones: Which Cookware Is Better?

Caraway and Great Jones are two up-and-coming cookware brands.

Both offer modern design, exceptional performance, and affordable prices, thanks to their direct-to-consumer business models.

But which cookware is better? How are these brands different?

In this comparison of Caraway vs. Great Jones, you’ll learn how each brand’s cookware measures up in terms of materials, design, performance, prices, and much more.

So, if you’re shopping for cookware but can’t decide between Caraway and Great Jones, keep reading. 

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Introducing Caraway

Caraway is an innovative start-up cookware company that founder and CEO, Jordan Nathan, launched in 2018. 

The inspiration behind the company came from an incident in the founder’s kitchen.

Nathan accidentally left a non-stick pan on the burner too long, causing it to overheat. The chemicals in his Teflon-coated pan produced fumes that made him light-headed (which can happen when Teflon exceeds extremely high temperatures).

That moment set Nathan on his path to create well-designed, non-toxic cookware.

Caraway cookware ceramic cooking surface

The company’s motto is “quality cookware, without chemicals.” Instead of PTFE (Teflon), Caraway’s cookware is made with an eco-friendly, non-toxic ceramic coating. 

Not only does it not off-gas fumes when you overheat it, but the cookware’s production also uses 60% less CO2 than traditional non-stick.

Caraway offers a frying pan, saute pan, saucepan, and a Dutch oven. You can buy these items as a set or separately.

Besides cookware, the company also produces tea towels, oven mitts, pot holders, aprons, and tote bags.

Caraway launched with a direct-to-consumer model, meaning you can only buy the cookware on CarawayHome.com. However, in 2021 Caraway starting selling at Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and several other retailers.

Watch me breakdown the pros and cons of Caraway in the video below (you can also watch it on YouTube).

You can view all Caraway products and learn more about the brand on CarawayHome.com.

Introducing Great Jones

Like Caraway, Great Jones is also a direct-to-consumer cookware company that was launched in 2018 by two childhood friends, Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis.

The name is inspired by Judith Jones, the American writer and editor who championed Julia Child’s cookbook.

Although Great Jones is a young company, it’s been getting praise from publications like Vogue, Glamour, and The New York Times, due to its cookware’s stunning design, quality, and relatively low price.

Great Jones Dutch oven and stainless steel skillet
Great Jones Dutch oven and stainless steel skillet

The direct-to-consumer model cuts out retailers and intermediaries, allowing Great Jones to offer significantly lower prices than other premium cookware brands. 

But the downside of only being able to purchase the cookware on GreatJonesGoods.com is that you can’t hold and feel it before you buy.

So what does Great Jones offer? 

The company features a full range of cookware, including a Dutch oven, a stainless steel stockpot, saucepan, sauté pan, skillet, and two frying pans with a ceramic non-stick coating. 

Besides these core products, Great Jones also produces a bakeware set, including a casserole dish, pie dish, loaf tin, cake tins, and baking sheet.

You can view all Great Jones products and learn more about the brand on GreatJonesGoods.com.

Materials and Construction

Let’s take a closer look at the different material and construction methods used by both brands.

Caraway Materials and Construction:

Caraway’s cookware only includes ceramic non-stick, so you’re limited with your options. However, if you’re in the market for this type of cookware, Caraway is an excellent option.

The cookware is made with an aluminum core, which delivers exceptional heat conductivity and even distribution.

The base is bonded with a stainless steel induction plate, making it compatible with all cooking surfaces, including induction.

Caraway cookware exterior
Caraway cookware exterior

The interior is coated with non-toxic, mineral-based ceramic, free from PTFE, Teflon, lead, cadmium, and other toxic materials that can break off into your food.

Caraway is an eco-friendly brand, and you can be proud knowing its cookware is healthier for you and the environment. In fact, when it comes to cooking, all you need is a little bit of butter or oil to ensure no food sticks to the surface.

Great Jones Materials and Construction:

Great Jones cookware materials vary by type.

The Dutchess (Dutch oven) is made from enameled cast iron. The thick body retains heat, and the interior is coated with three layers of enamel for durability.

The Big Deal, Saucy, and Deep Cut are all made from fully clad stainless steel. The 3-ply design boasts alternating layers of steel, an aluminum core, and steel again.

Great Jones Stainless Steel Pan Exterior
Great Jones Stainless Steel Pan Exterior

Fully-clad stainless steel is what premium brands like All-Clad use because the bonded layers of steel and aluminum deliver heat quickly and evenly throughout the entire piece (learn more in my ultimate guide to cookware materials).

The two frying pans are made from ceramic non-stick over a fully clad stainless steel body. 

In other words, they still have fully-clad construction, but the surface is coated with a non-stock, non-toxic ceramic coating. It’s PTFE- and PFOA-free and scratch-resistant. It’s also oven safe up to 500°F, as well as induction and dishwasher safe.


Both brands offer beautiful cookware. Let’s take a close look at how their cookware design compares.

Caraway versus Great Jones_design 2

Caraway Design:

Caraway offers five exterior color options, including sage, navy, perracotta, gray, and cream. Regardless of the exterior color you choose, the interiors are all light gray.

The pan’s exterior is ceramic coated — while this is gorgeous, be gentle. There’s a risk of chipping if the pan impacts hard objects, such as stove grates.

Caraway cookware design

The interior is smooth and shiny due to the non-stick coating.  If you are prone to spills in the kitchen, you’ll love that the rims aren’t flared.

Caraway cookware interior
Caraway cookware interior

A stainless steel plate with the Caraway logo is bonded to the pan’s base, making it induction compatible.

The handles are made from hollowed stainless steel to disperse heat. They’re sleek, but keep in mind the shiny look can easily be smudged by fingerprints.

Caraway cookware handle
Caraway cookware handle

The handles are attached in a y-shape with two sturdy rivets. The end of the handles stay cool, but as you approach the pan’s body, they can get hot. Because of this, Caraway cleverly added a small bump underneath the handle to warn when your fingers get too close to the burner. 

The lids are made from cast aluminum, and the lid handle is mirrored stainless steel with a low profile. The Dutch oven lid also fits the frying pan.

Caraway cookware lid
Caraway cookware lid

The Caraway set comes with a magnetic storage rack. With it, you can stack the cookware sideways, which prevents scratching and damage. Set it up on the countertop or in a cabinet. There’s a separate canvas lid holder that you can hang on the wall or inside the cupboard door.

Great Jones Design:

Great Jones has a multitude of aesthetically pleasing designs.

Great Jones Dutch oven and stainless steel skillet
Great Jones Dutch oven and stainless steel skillet

The stainless steel selections feature a gorgeous polished exterior, like a mirror. The handles are also made with stainless steel, but with a brass-colored tint, which provides a unique look.

Caraway versus Great Jones_handles
Caraway handle (top), Great Jones handle (bottom)

The lids are small U-shaped semicircles rather than knobs or full-size handles. They look nice, but, in my opinion, they’re too small and difficult to maneuver, especially with an oven mitt.

Great Jones Stainless Steel Pan with Lid

The body handles are ergonomic and practical but still stunning. The long, two-rod design is sleek and one-of-a-kind.

The non-stick pans feature the same exterior and handle, but the cooking surface is coated in ceramic with a light gray finish.

The Dutch oven is a statement piece. The oval shape allows for plenty of cooking space. The side handles are spacious enough for four fingers, even while wearing an oven mitt. 

Great Jones oval Dutch oven
Great Jones oval Dutch oven

The best part? The color options. 

Purchase this Dutch oven in blueberry, mustard, broccoli, marinara, earl gray, pepper, or salt. In other words, blue, yellow, green, red, gray, black, or white. 

The interior is gray, which lets you see when your butter has browned, but it’s also dark enough to hide stains.

Great Jones gives customers the option for custom engraving on the lid (20 characters maximum). Keep in mind, it takes an extra seven days, and engraved cookware is not exchangeable or returnable.


Both brands produce premium cookware, so they’re not cheap.

In general, Caraway is more expensive, but the price varies by product.

For example, the Caraway 10.5-inch non-stick fry pan is $95, and he Great Jones is $65.

However, the Caraway 6.5-quart Dutch oven is only $125, and the Great Jones 6.75-quart Dutch oven is $155.

Check out CarawayHome.com and GreatJonesGoods.com to view the current pricing of all products.

FAQs About Caraway and Great Jones Cookware

Do you still have questions about Caraway and Great Jones? Below are the most frequently asked questions about these two brands.

Where Is Caraway and Great Jones Cookware Made?

Caraway cookware is made in China and India. Great Jones cookware is produced in China.

Does Caraway and Great Jones Come With a Warranty?

Caraway offers a limited warranty in the United States only. The company will repair or replace any defective product for up to one year from the date of purchase. I recommend reading the warranty page for all the terms and conditions.

Great Jones offers a limited lifetime warranty, covering all defective enameled cast iron products under normal use for the original customer’s lifetime. Stainless steel cookware is covered for three years. For more information, check the warranty on the website.

What Are Caraway and Great Jones’s Return Policies?

Caraway offers a 30-day free return and refund policy when you purchase from them directly. Send the product back in the original packaging, including all accessories, within 45 days of submitting your return.

Great Jones has a 30-day no questions asked return policy, which excludes engraved items. You can start the return process here on the website.

Are Caraway and Great Jones Oven-Safe?

Yes. Caraway cookware is oven safe up to 550°F. Great Jones cookware is oven safe up to 500°F. The bakeware is oven safe at high temperatures, too, but they don’t specify the exact temperature.

Are Caraway and Great Jones Dishwasher-Safe?

Caraway cookware should be washed by hand only. Great Jones products are all dishwasher safe, but hand washing is strongly recommended. 

Are Caraway and Great Jones Induction-Compatible?

Yes, both are induction-compatible.

What Utensils Can I Use With Caraway and Great Jones Cookware?

Both brands recommend wooden, silicone, plastic, or nylon utensils when using their cookware to prevent scratches and damages.

Where Can I Buy Caraway and Great Jones Cookware?

Great Jones cookware is sold exclusively on GreatJonesGoods.com. Caraway is primarily sold on CarawayHome.com, but in 2021 the company expanded into retail, selling in stores like Crate and Barrel and West Elm.

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Caraway or Great Jones Cookware?

Now that you have all the important details about Caraway and Great Jones, it’s time to decide which cookware is best for you.

But first, let’s recap the similarities. 

They’re both start-up brands, recently launching in 2018 with a digital-first approach to marketing and sales.

Both companies offer fun, attractive, and modern cookware that’s oven-safe and compatible with all cooktops. For home cooks just starting or people looking for healthy cookware, both companies provide affordable options.

The main difference is that Caraway only offers ceramic non-stick, whereas Great Jones offers non-stick, stainless steel, and enameled cast iron.

Great Jones cookware design is a bit flashier, highlighted by the shiny stainless steel and unique handles. Another difference is that Caraway is a bit pricier.

Overall, I recommend Caraway if you’re only looking for ceramic non-stick cookware. The cookware features neutral colors, a sleek design, and a comfortable handle. Plus, if you buy the set, it comes with a helpful storage rack.

On the other hand, I recommend Great Jones if you’re looking for various cookware types. The most popular item is the Dutch oven, which is similar to Le Creuset’s Dutch oven. But Great Jones offers it at a lower price.

I think everyone should have a couple of stainless steel items in the kitchen. In that regard, Great Jones offers beautiful fully-clad stainless steel products.

For more information, check out the products and read other reviews on CarawayHome.com and GreatJonesGoods.com.

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