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6 Cheaper Alternatives to Norwex: Comparable Products that Cost Less

Norwex has been producing healthy, eco-friendly, and highly effective cleaning and personal care products since the mid-90s.

There’s a lot to love about Norwex products, but there’s also one undeniable downside — they’re expensive.

If Norwex isn’t in your budget, and you’re looking for the next best thing, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, I break down the best alternatives to Norwex, including its microfiber cloths, cleaning paste, laundry detergent, mop, descaler, and towels. 

You’ll learn how each alternative compares to Norwex and what you’ll be giving up (if anything) by choosing the less expensive option. 

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Norwex Alternatives: Key Takeaways

In a rush? Here’s a quick rundown of the best alternatives to Norwex’s most popular products.

Best Alternative to Norwex Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: E-Cloth

With E-Cloth, you can get up to eight cloths with different styles/features for the price of just two Norwex cloths. E-cloth has a similar split microfiber design, comes in more color options, removes up to 99% of bacteria, and has a better warranty (one year more than Norwex). Skip ahead to learn more about E-Cloth.

Best Alternative to Norwex Cleaning Paste: Shadazzle

Shadazzle is a long-lasting cleaning paste and polish made from natural ingredients, but it’s much cheaper than Norwex. It comes with a sponge applicator and features multiple natural scents. Skip ahead to learn more about Shadazzle.

Best Alternative to Norwex Laundry Detergent: ECOS

Like Norwex, ECOS Free & Clear is a plant-based super-concentrated detergent that’s biodegradable, fragrance-free, dye-free, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. It’s compatible with standard and high-efficiency washing machines. Unlike Norwex, ECOS is enzyme-free, includes fabric softener in the formula, and is available in natural scents. Skip ahead to learn more about ECOS.

Best Alternative to Norwex Mop: Bona

Not only is Bona’s mop one-fourth of the price of the Norwex mop system, but it also boasts the same features: telescopic handle, large mop head, and multiple pads for wet and dry mopping. It cleans up to 99% of bacteria off washable surfaces with just water. Plus, the pads can be laundered in a washing machine up to 300 times. Skip ahead to learn more about Bona.

Best Alternative to Norwex Descaler: Durgol

Durgol Universal Bio Descaler is like Norwex’s Descaler in that it removes limescale and calcium deposits on glass or appliances that use water (ex. coffee makers or steamers). It also has a similar eco-friendly formula that is biodegradable and doesn’t emit odors or leave behind a residue. Skip ahead to learn more about Durgol.

Best Alternative to Norwex Bath Towels: JML

JML microfiber bath towels are similar to Norwex in terms of absorbency, softness, quick dry time, and size but are much less expensive. Plus, JML offers many more color choices. Skip ahead to learn more about JML.

Best Alternative to Norwex Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: E-Cloth

E-Cloth is the best alternative to Norwex Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. Like Norwex, E-Cloth microfiber cloths only require water for cleaning and can remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when used properly.

E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set, Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Assorted Colors, 8 Count

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between Norwex and E-Cloth microfiber cloths, starting with how they’re alike.

What’s Similar?

  • Like Norwex, E-Cloth offers a complete lineup of microfiber cloths for different cleaning applications.
  • Both offer standard microfiber cloths, window cloths, and cloths with various textures for specific jobs like dusting or polishing.
  • They both use a segmented, wedge-shaped star design in their microfiber cleaning cloths that draw and hold dirt until they are rinsed or washed.
  • Like Norwex, E-Cloths only need water to clean dirty surfaces.
  • Both can be used wet, damp, or dry.
  • They are made from similar synthetic materials (polyester/polyamide).
  • They have identical usage, cleaning, and care instructions.

What’s Different?

  • For the price of just two Norwex EnviroCloths measuring 13.78” x 13.78”, you can get the E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set, an entire bundle of E-Cloths consisting of eight microfiber cloths of varying sizes and textures (prices vary by retailer). Or, you can choose the E-Cloth Starter Set (five cloths) for even less.
  • Norwex microfibers are split finer than E-Cloth. E-Cloth is 1/100th the width of human hair, while Norwex is 1/200th. The finer the fiber, the more intricate the cleaning ability.
  • E-Cloths come in a brighter array of colors and designs than Norwex. They also have specialized features. For example, the E-Cloth Kitchen Cloth features a scrubbing corner to attack grimy, sticky spots.
  • Unlike Norwex, E-Cloth’s products do not include BacLock, an exclusive micro silver antibacterial agent woven into the microfiber cloths that self-purifies and thwarts growth and odor from bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Norwex microfiber cloths have a 2-year warranty; E-Cloths feature a 3-year, 300-wash guarantee.
  • Both claim to be up to 99% effective in removing bacteria from surfaces, but only E-Cloth shows its lab results against E.Coli, Listeria, and mold.
  • Norwex representatives can come to your home and demonstrate the products through home parties where hosts can get rewards; E-Cloth doesn’t do in-home demos, but they offer an extensive rewards program.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for microfiber cloths and are looking for a cheaper alternative to Norwex, E-Cloth is the best option. It’s not only more affordable, but it’s an upgrade in many ways.

For example, E-Cloth offers brighter colors, more helpful features (like the scrubbing corner on its kitchen cloth), and a better guarantee (3-year vs. 2-year).

The most notable advantage of Norwex is its self-cleaning antibacterial technology, BacLock. Yet, since E-Cloth microfiber cleaning cloths are machine washable and can withstand being submerged in boiling water for deep cleaning, you won’t have to worry about bacteria buildup.

Learn more in my in-depth comparison of Norwex vs. E-Cloth, or compare prices and read reviews on Amazon at the links below:

Best Alternative to Norwex Cleaning Paste: Shadazzle

Shadazzle All-Purpose Cleaner & Polish is the best alternative to Norwex Cleaning Paste.

Although it’s far less expensive than Norwex, Shadazzle functions as a multi-purpose cleaner and a polish, works on multiple surfaces, is eco-friendly, and a little goes a long way.

Shadazzle Natural All Purpose Cleaner and Polish – Eco friendly Multi-purpose Cleaning Product – Cleans & Polishes any washable surface (Lemon)

Norwex and Shadazzle cleaning pastes are similar in function, but a few features set them apart. Let’s start with the similarities.

What’s Similar?

  • Both come as solid in a recyclable package.
  • Both products have a similar formulation of natural ingredients, are chemical-free, phosphate-free, and environmentally friendly.
  • Both function as a cleanser and polisher on multiple surfaces. You can use them on kitchen and bathroom surfaces such as ceramic tile, laminate, countertops, cookware, and stovetops. 
  • To use, you only need a damp cloth or sponge to rub into the paste, and then you are ready to clean or polish your desired surface.
  • You don’t need very much of the paste; therefore, it lasts a long time (much longer than liquid cleansers).

What’s Different?

  • Shadazzle cleaning paste is much less expensive — roughly one-third of the price of Norwex.
  • While Shadazzle works on any washable surface, you can’t use Norwex on brushed stainless steel, acrylic, polished enamel, copper, nickel, pewter, aluminum, or wood.
  • Shadazzle comes with a sponge applicator right in the container. However, with Norwex Cleaning Paste, you’ll need to buy a separate Norwex microfiber cloth like EnviroCloth or buy a bundle (ex. the Safe Haven 5 Set) that includes a cleaning cloth or sponge along with the paste.
  • Norwex Cleaning Paste is unscented, but Shadazzle comes in three natural scents: lemon, lavender, or eucalyptus.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a natural cleaning paste, but you get sticker shock when you see the price of Norwex, Shadazzle is the best alternative.

There’s no need to buy an additional cloth or sponge to use it, and there’s very little you can’t use it on. In short, if a surface is washable, you can use Shadazzle. With Norwex, there are some surfaces you have to be careful with, such as copper and wood.

If you’d like a scent while you clean, Shadazzle offers three natural scents. Sometimes having a fresh scent like lemon adds to the cleaning experience.

If you prefer a fragrance-free product and still want to save money, take a look at The EcoGurus Cleaning Paste. It’s more expensive than Shadazzle but still cheaper than Norwex.

Check the current prices of Shadazzle and Norwex cleaning paste on Amazon at the links below:

Best Alternative to Norwex Laundry Detergent: ECOS Laundry Detergent

ECOS Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent is the best alternative to Norwex Laundry Detergent

For a fraction of the price, you get a similar ultra-concentrated liquid that is fragrance-free, cruelty-free, suitable for standard and HE (high-efficiency) washers, and packaged in a recyclable container.

Best Alternative to Norwex_Ecos Laundry Detergent

ECOS laundry detergent is similar to Norwex, but it has a few key differences that you should know.

What’s Similar?

  • Just like Norwex, ECOS liquid detergent is ultra-concentrated, so you don’t need as much to wash a standard-sized load.
  • Both feature a plant-based, fragrance-free, dye-free formula that is non-toxic.
  • Both brands are biodegradable and come in recyclable containers.
  • Both are formulated for use in standard and HE washing machines.

What’s Different?

  • ECOS is about one-third of the cost of Norwex.
  • ECOS has options such as lemongrass, lavender, and magnolia/lily if you want a fragrance. Unfortunately, Norwex does not offer any scents.
  • Unlike Norwex, ECOS has fabric softener built-in. That saves you from buying an additional product.
  • Norwex is an enzyme-based detergent; ECOS is enzyme-free. Enzyme formulas tend to be better at breaking down and eliminating stains due to food, fats, and proteins, as well as strong odors.
  • ECOS comes in a much larger bottle (100 ounces), whereas Norwex’s detergent is available in only 17 ounces. However, despite its smaller size, it can handle more loads than ECOS (up to 107 standard loads to ECOS’ 100).
  • Norwex has a handy pump-style bottle that ensures accurate measurement and less mess.

Bottom Line

As consumers become more conscious about the risks of harsh chemicals to themselves and the environment, plant-based laundry detergents are becoming the norm.

But ECOS isn’t chasing trends. The brand has been making eco-friendly products for over 50 years. In fact, ECOS Liquid Laundry Detergent became the flagship product of the brand in 1990.

Besides its longevity and proven track record, ECOS laundry detergent is the best alternative to Norwex because it provides similar results with a few added perks (fragrance options and built-in fabric softener). 

The best part? It’s much more affordable.

Check out ECOS and Norwex laundry detergent on Amazon at the links below:

Best Alternative to the Norwex Mop: Bona Microfiber Mop

The Bona Microfiber Mop is the best alternative to the Norwex Superior Mop Starter System

It is significantly less expensive yet boasts a similar, large microfiber mop head, telescopic handle, dusting mop pad, and wet cleaning mop pad.

Bona microfiber mop

Bona and Norwex microfiber mops are similar, but there are a few key differences that might matter to you.

What’s Similar?

  • These mop systems can be assembled in minutes and are safe to use on hardwood and hard floor surfaces. You can also use them to clean windows, walls, and ceilings.
  • Both mop heads feature rubber edges to protect walls, baseboards, and furniture.
  • You only need water to clean with both mops, and they eliminate up to 99% of bacteria from the surface you are cleaning.
  • The microfiber dust pads on both mops use static electricity to attract hair and debris.
  • Both mop systems come with dry and wet mop pads that can be easily attached to the Velcro strips by laying the mop pad on the floor and pressing the mop head against the pad.
  • Norwex and Bona microfiber mop large heads are roughly the same size (Bona is 16.5” x 4.5” and Norwex is 15.75” x 3.15”). These mop heads are larger than many other options on the market, making them a great choice if you have a large home.
  • The Bona mop handle adjusts to a height that’s comfortable for you, just like Norwex. They both offer an easy adjustment; turn the tension area on the mop pole and lock it in place.
  • Bona mop pads are designed to be washed and reused, similar to Norwex. Both can also be rinsed and hung to dry if not significantly soiled.

What’s Different?

  • The Bona mop system is around one-fourth of the price of Norwex’s mop system.
  • The Bona Microfiber mop works well with water, but you also have a choice to use it with Bona’s premium floor cleaners. Unfortunately, Norwex doesn’t offer liquid floor cleaners.
  • Norwex wet mop pads contain BacLock, an antibacterial agent that inhibits growth, odor from bacteria and mold, and mildew for over 24 hours. 
  • Bona mop pads can be washed and reused up to 300 times. Norwex doesn’t state how many times its mop pads can be washed but offers a 2-year warranty covering any issues outside of normal wear.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a microfiber mop, Bona is the best alternative to Norwex. Bona offers just as much as Norwex but is much less expensive.

Norwex mops’ main advantage over Bona is the antibacterial agent, BacLock. That may allow you to wash the mop pad less frequently, but when cleaning floors, you’ll still need to wash it every few uses to avoid spreading dirt.

Excluding BacLock, the Bona is on par with Norwex in terms of ease of use, versatility, and the telescopic handle.

Plus, each Bona mop pad can withstand 300 washing machine cycles before they need to be replaced. Depending on how often you wash them, they could potentially outlast Norwex pads’ 2-year warranty.

Bona also offers a spray mop that’s similar to its microfiber mop but features a built-in cleaning solution dispensing mechanism. I recently published an in-depth review of it if you want to learn more.

Read more reviews and check the current prices of the Bona and Norwex microfiber mops on Amazon at the links below:

Best Alternative to Norwex Descaler: Durgol Universal Bio Descaler

Durgol Universal Bio Descaler is the best alternative to Norwex Descaler because it safely removes limescale and calcium with environmentally-friendly ingredients for one-third of the price. Plus, Durgol is a pioneer brand in limescale removal.

Durgol Universal Bio, Multi-Purpose Descaler and Decalcifier for Household Items, 8.5 Fluid Ounces (Pack of 1)

Let’s examine how the Durgol Universal Bio Descaler compares to Norwex, starting with the similarities.

What’s Similar?

  • Just like Norwex Descaler, Durgol Universal Bio Descaler removes limescale and calcium buildup.
  • Both brands utilize an eco-friendly formula that isn’t harmful to the environment.
  • Both descaling agents are safe to use on various surfaces, such as glass, stainless steel, and plastic.
  • Both are ideal for removing limescale deposits or hard water stains in sinks, shower stalls, and drains.
  • Both products can inhibit the buildup of limescale if you use them regularly.
  • Both are safe for use in glass coffee pots and tea kettles.
  • Both products don’t leave residue or emit harsh odors.

What’s Different?

  • Unlike Norwex, Durgol does not use citric acid in its formulation. Instead, it features lactic acid and methanesulfonic acid and claims the formula works five times faster than citric acid.
  • Durgol Universal Bio Descaler is biodegradable at a rate of >99.5% within 18 days. Norwex Descaler doesn’t mention biodegradability specifically, but it is USDA certified and made from 86% bio-based content (plants and renewable sources).
  • Norwex has one descaling product, while Durgol has several different formulations, including one specifically for bathroom use with a spray nozzle.

Bottom Line

Durgol Universal Bio Descaler is a reliable, eco-friendly, and low-cost descaler. This Swiss brand has a long history and proven track record.

Unlike Norwex, which produces a range of cleaning products, Durgol has focused solely on producing the most effective descalers since they launched in 1951.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable and much less expensive alternative to Norwex Descaler, Durgol is your best bet.

Check out both brands on Amazon at the links below:

Best Alternative to Norwex Bath Towels: JML Bath Towels

JML Bath Towels are the best alternative to Norwex Bath Towels because they’re almost identical in size, come in a range of colors, are highly absorbent, and dry quickly. You get the perks of Norwex for a more affordable price.

JML Microfiber Bath Towel Sets, 27" x 55

Besides the lower price, why are JML bath towels the best alternative to Norwex? Let’s review the similarities and differences.

What’s Similar?

  • Both JML and Norwex use microfiber technology to offer a super-absorbent towel that’s comfortable on the skin.
  • Like Norwex, JML features solid colors and striped designs available.
  • Norwex and JML towels are roughly the same size (Norwex is 27.56” x 55.12” and JML is 27” x 55”).
  • Like Norwex, JML microfiber bath towels dry fast. That is great for reducing or even eliminating odor from bacteria or mildew growth from prolonged dampness.
  • Because of the quick drying time, both brands can be used multiple times daily if needed.
  • Both do not require laundering after each use.
  • Both have a hanging loop for easy storage.
  • Both are thin, compared to traditional fluffy towels, which saves space in your closet or gym bag.

What’s Different?

  • JML bath towels are offered in sets (up to six towels), and a set costs less than one Norwex bath towel.
  • JML microfiber bath towels are stitch hemmed, but Norwex has a more robust, flat microfiber border that is not easily frayed.
  • JML has more color options than Norwex and also boasts multi-colored sets.
  • Norwex bath towels have the coveted BacLock technology that hinders odor, bacteria, mold, and mildew growth for over 24 hours.

Bottom Line

If you want the microfiber bath towel experience without the hefty price tag, JML Bath Towel Sets are the best alternative to Norwex.

They are durable, lightweight, soft, and versatile as they can also be used as beach towels. Plus, JML offers a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case they don’t meet your expectations.

Learn more about JML and Norwex bath towels at the links below:

Final Thoughts

Although Norwex is a respected brand with a long track record of producing high-quality products, there are cheaper alternatives that are equally safe, eco-friendly, and effective.

Before you open your wallet and splurge on Norwex, check out these alternatives. You can find them on Amazon at the links below:

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