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Which Swiffer Mop/Sweeper Is the Best? (Top Options Compared)

Swiffer mops and sweepers are helpful tools that allow you to clean faster and more effectively.

But which Swiffer should you buy? What are the differences between each mop?

In this guide, I highlight the best Swiffer mops and sweepers. You’ll learn about each model’s key features and get helpful advice about how to choose.

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Best Swiffer Mops: Key Takeaways

Throughout this guide, I provide closeup photos and in-depht insights about each Swiffer mop. But if you only have a minute, here’s what you need to know.

Best For Wet Mopping

The Swiffer WetJet is a battery-powered spray mop. It uses disposable pads and a bottle of cleaning solution, which you’ll need to refill periodically. The WetJet requires AA batteries to operate the sprayer. It has a swiveling head and a 10-inch spray path, and you can choose between several WetJet cleaning solutions, including hardwood and tile floor variations. Skip to full review.

Best For Deep Cleaning

The Swiffer PowerMop is an upgraded version of the WetJet with larger, more absorbent pads. The mop head swivels 360 degrees and locks in place for cleaning baseboards. Since the solution canister is in the front of the mop, you can lay it flat and only need about an inch of clearance to clean under furniture. The PowerMop is Swiffer’s newest and most feature-rich spray mop. Skip to full review.

Most Versatile

The Swiffer Sweeper is a combination wet-or-dry mop with a simple design and disposable cleaning pads. It is a lightweight tool with a swiveling head, and the pads are easy to replace and dispose of once you’re done cleaning. The Sweeper is entirely manual and doesn’t require batteries. Skip to full review.

Best For Large Rooms

The Swiffer Sweeper X-Large is the wider version of the standard Sweeper. The only significant difference is the added width and weight, and the swiveling head on the Sweeper X-Large only rotates 90° as opposed to 360°. Skip to full review.

Best For Pet Hair

The Swiffer Sweeper Pet is a heavy-duty version of the Sweeper that uses specialized pads and can pick up more hair and dander than the standard dry pads. This Sweeper’s design includes textured pads that are thicker and more durable than the standard options. Skip to full review.

Most Powerful

The Swiffer Sweeper + Vac is a combination cordless vacuum and Sweeper. It’s rechargeable, cordless, and lightweight, making it ideal for picking up quick messes and cleaning up dry spills like cereal or flour. The Sweeper + Vac uses the same dry pads as the standard Sweeper, but the cordless vacuum adds some power to the tool and allows it to handle larger debris. Skip to full review.

Best For High Surfaces

Finally, Swiffer Dusters come in several designs and can be extended, bent, or combined with special heavy-duty refills that trap more dust than the standard option. Skip to full review.

Best Swiffer Mops: Comparison Chart

If you’re in a rush, here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of the best Swiffer mops.

Swipe to view the entire chart on mobile.

Swiffer WetJetSwiffer PowerMopSwiffer SweeperSwiffer Sweeper X-LargeSwiffer Sweeper PetSwiffer Sweeper + VacSwiffer Dusters
TypeSpray mopSpray mopDry and wet mopDry and wet mopDry and wet mopCordless sweeper vacuumDuster with extendable handle
What’s Included1 mop, 1 bottle of solution, 5 pads, and four AA batteries1 mop, 1 bottle of solution, 2 pads, and four AA batteries1 mop, 7 dry pads, 3 wet pads1 mop, 8 dry pads, 2 wet pads1 mop, 4 dry pads, 2 wet padsVacuum, 8 dry pad refills, 1 filter, 1 battery charger1 handle, 4-5 duster replacements (depending on model)
Cleaning Path Width11 inches15 inches10 inches17 inches10 inches10 inchesN/A
Mop HeadSwivel mop head360° swivel mop head360° swivel mop head90° locking mop head360° swivel mop headFlexible headN/A
Power SourceAA batteriesAA batteriesN/AN/AN/ARechargeable batteryN/A
Weight3.23 lb1.5 lb1.84 lb1.5 lb3.1 lb< 1 lb
Unique FeaturePrecision clean with a targeted spray path and a swivel mop headSuper absorbent mop pads with 300+ scrubbing stripsTwo-in-one system to save time and spaceExtra large cleaning path to clean fasterSuper thick and  absorbent pads to trap more pet hair and messesVacuum while you sweep to pick up small and large debris in one passExtendable handle (6 feet) to reach high spaces than other dusters
Main DownsideNarrow sprayer and cleaning pathReplacement pads are more expensive than WetJet padsNarrow cleaning pathDifficult to navigate tight spacesExpensive pad refillsBattery only lasts 14 minutesSingle use dusters are wasteful
Price$$ (Amazon)$$ (Amazon)$$ (Amazon)$$ (Amazon)$$ (Amazon)$$$ (Amazon)$ (Amazon)

Best for Wet Mopping: Swiffer WetJet

Swiffer WetJet Spray Mop Review

The Swiffer WetJet is a multipurpose mop that you can purchase via three different starter kits:

All kits include the basic WetJet setup, including the mop, batteries, disposable cleaning pads, and one bottle of the cleaning solution (each kit has its own formula).

Swiffer WetJet Parts
Swiffer WetJet

The main differences between the kits are that the WetJet Wood solution dries faster, and its mop pads are softer and more delicate on wood.

Key Features

The same mop is included in each Swiffer WetJet kit. And you can use the mop with any of the different WetJet cleaning solutions or pads. So if you buy the WetJet Vinyl, Tile & Laminate Floor Starter Kit but realize you also need to clean wood floors, you can buy the wood pads and solution later.

Swiffer WetJet versus WetJet Wood

After you use up the solution and pads that come with the starter kit, you can buy refills. Although these disposable pads and solution bottles are convenient, they create waste and become expensive over time.

However, Swiffer teamed up with TerraCycle to provide a free mail-in recycling program, so if you’re willing to go through a bit of extra effort, you can do your part in reducing waste. 

The WetJet operates using a motorized, dual-hose nozzle that sprays solution on the floor as you mop. It requires AA batteries to operate – but each starter kit comes with one set to get you started.

Swiffer WetJet cleaning solution installation

At 3.23 pounds, this mop is fairly lightweight. Similar spray mops from other brands are much heavier. For example, the Bona spray mop weighs over 5 pounds.

The Swiffer WetJet features a swivel head that allows you to pivot the mop and access hard-to-reach corners.

Swiffer WetJet pivoting mophead
Swiffer WetJet pivoting mop head

The mop’s head is 11 inches wide, which is small enough to maneuver around furniture and get between crevices in your home. But its lack of width makes it difficult to clean large open rooms. Many other mops have mop heads 15 inches wider (or larger).

Why This Model

The WetJet is a convenient tool that’s perfect for small day-to-day messes. It cleans spilled milk, honey, and eggs with a quick spray and swipe.

Simply pick up the mop, wipe the spill, and throw out the pad. The targeted nozzle means you don’t need to wet the whole floor or spend hours waiting for the solution to dry.

Plus, Swiffer offers unique solutions for the specific type of floor you’re cleaning.

Want to know more? Check it out on Amazon or read my review of the Swiffer WetJet for an in-depth look at the pros and cons.

Best for Deep Cleaning: Swiffer PowerMop

Swiffer PowerMop on wood floor
Swiffer PowerMop

The Swiffer PowerMop is designed to absorb more liquid and clean deeper than the standard WetJet.

Key Features

The PowerMop features thick pads with over 300 scrubbing strips to reach grout lines, corners, and other tight spaces more thoroughly. The pads are 15.25 inches wide, over 4 inches wider than the WetJet’s 11.5-inch pads, allowing you to clean larger areas faster.

Comparing the width of Swiffer WetJet and PowerMop mop pads
Comparing the width of Swiffer WetJet and PowerMop mop pads

In my testing, the PowerMop dispersed solution over 22 inches compared to only 19 inches for the WetJet. The superior spray range makes cleaning large floors quicker and easier.

Swiffer WetJet versus PowerMop spray test
Swiffer WetJet versus PowerMop spray test

The PowerMop’s tank stores 50% more cleaning solution than the WetJet’s tank. The bottle is mounted at the front so the mop can lie almost completely flat to reach under furniture.

Swiffer PowerMop laying flat on the floor
Swiffer PowerMop laying flat on the floor

The mop head locks in place, making it easy to clean vertical surfaces like baseboards. It also swivels 360 degrees, so you can easily maneuver around furniture and into tight spaces.

Swiffer PowerMop mop head locked in place
Swiffer PowerMop mop head locked in place

The PowerMop’s handle has a padded grip for comfort and control when scrubbing stubborn messes.

Swiffer PowerMop handle grip to apply more pressure
Swiffer PowerMop handle grip to apply more pressure

Why This Model

The Swiffer PowerMop’s wider, thicker pads with scrubbing strips allow it to absorb more liquid and clean stuck-on messes better than the standard WetJet. If you want a convenient alternative to a traditional mop and bucket for deeper cleaning, the PowerMop is the better Swiffer option.

Check it out on Amazon or read my in-depth review to learn more. See how it compares to the WetJet in this guide.

Most Versatile: Swiffer Sweeper

Swiffer Sweeper attaching wet pad

The Swiffer Sweeper is the brand’s original and most popular product. It’s a versatile, all-in-one mop and duster with several useful features.

Key Features

The Swiffer Sweeper comes with a mop (handle and mop head), one set of disposable wet pads, and a set of disposable dry pads.

Swiffer Sweeper Assembly
Swiffer Sweeper Assembly

The dry pads are meant for dusting large, dry surfaces such as floors and walls. They feature a soft cottony texture and are excellent for picking up hair, dander, pollen, and other small particles and locking them in.

Swiffer Sweeper attaching wet pad 2

They don’t kick up dust the way some traditional dusters do, thanks to the pads’ ability to lock dirt in and hold it as you clean.

The wet pads come in several formulas. You can buy pads for hardwood, stone, tile, and more. Similar to the pads that come with the WetJet, Sweeper wood pads are soaked in a fast-drying solution so your floors won’t absorb water and expand/warp.

Once you’ve used the dry pads to pick up dust and small debris, use the wet pads to remove stuck-on grime to achieve a deeper clean.

Unlike the WetJet, the Swiffer Sweeper doesn’t require batteries or any power source.

The Swiffer Sweeper weighs just 1.5 pounds and has a pivoting head that can turn 360°, making it agile and easy to maneuver.

The Swiffer’s head is 10 inches wide, but you can turn it 180° to use the narrower part of the pad and access hard-to-reach spaces.

Why This Model

The Swiffer Sweeper is an agile and lightweight mop for people who want an all-in-one tool that can dust and perform the function of a wet mop.

Without a built-in solution dispenser, it doesn’t get floors as wet as the WetJet. But it’s lighter, easier to maneuver, and doesn’t require changing batteries or refilling the cleaning solution.

It’s ideal for low-effort maintenance, spot cleaning, and tackling smaller messes like spilled beverages and dust bunnies.

Learn more in my comparison of the Swiffer Sweeper vs. Swiffer WetJet, or check out other reviews on Amazon.

Best for Large Rooms: Swiffer Sweeper X-Large

Swiffer X-Large
Swiffer X-Large

If the smaller Sweeper isn’t up to the task, the Swiffer Sweeper X-Large might be the mop for you.

Key Features

The Swiffer Sweeper X-Large includes all the main features of the regularly sized Swiffer Sweeper. It uses disposable wet and dry pads, can dust and mop your floors, and is easy to store.

Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet XL Sweeping Kit, 1 Sweeper, 8 Dry Cloths, 2 Wet Cloths

The main differences between this mop and the regular Swiffer Sweeper are the added weight and less flexible head design.

The Sweeper X-Large has a 90° locking head instead of the 360° option that comes with the regular Sweeper. It’s also heavier, weighing 1.84 pounds instead of 1.5.

The Sweeper X-Large is also 1.5x wider than the standard Sweeper. The mop head is 17 inches wide, while the standard Sweeper is only 10 inches. The extra width reduces maneuverability but increases the speed at which you can clean larger areas.

Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet XL Sweeping Kit, 1 Sweeper, 8 Dry Cloths, 2 Wet Cloths

Lastly, since Sweeper X-Large mop pads are larger, they’re more expensive per pad.

Why This Model

If you have a lot of floor space to cover, the Swiffer Sweeper X-Large is more efficient than the smaller options. It takes fewer swipes to clean, allowing you to finish the job much faster.

Check it out on Amazon to learn more.

Best for Pet Hair: Swiffer Sweeper Pet

Swiffer® Sweeper™ Pet 2-in-1, Dry and Wet Multi-Surface Floor Sweeping and Mopping Starter Kit

Pet hair, waste, and dander present a unique challenge for people who want a dirt-free home. Buying a pet-specific mop like the Swiffer Sweeper Pet might be worth it.

Key Features

The Swiffer Sweeper Pet mop is nearly identical to the standard Swiffer Sweeper. The main difference is the Sweeper Pet cleaning pads.

These pet-friendly pads are thicker and more absorbent than the standard Swiffer pads. They’re also more durable and have a wavy, ridged design that Swiffer claims is 2x more effective at trapping dirt and hair.

Why This Model

If you have a pet – especially one with long hair or a penchant for leaving “presents” on your floor — the Sweeper Pet is the best Swiffer mop.

The Pet Sweeper’s dry pads pick up more hair than the standard Sweeper, and its wet pads are more absorbent.

Check out the Swiffer Sweeper Pet Starter Kit on Amazon to learn more.

Most Powerful: Swiffer Sweeper + Vac Cordless Vacuum

Swiffer Sweeper Vac
Swiffer Sweeper + Vac

The Swiffer Sweeper + Vac is the best option if you need a little more power. This tool includes many features that make the Standard Sweeper useful – but with the handy addition of a cordless vacuum to provide an even deeper clean. 

Key Features

This model is less of a mop and more of a duster for floors and other large surfaces. It isn’t compatible with wet pads (it only uses dry pads). However, it has the benefit of the Swiffer Sweeper’s easy-to-use design while also giving you the added power of a rechargeable, cordless vacuum.

The concept is simple: the Sweeper’s vacuum picks up dust, hair, and allergens, and the dry pad follows to trap any lingering dust. There’s a button on the handle to turn the vacuum on or off.

Swiffer Sweep and Vac Vacuum Cleaner for Floor Cleaning, 11 Piece Set Includes: 1 Rechargeable Vacuum Sweep, 8 Dry Cloths, 1 Battery Charger and 1 Replaceable Filter

If you’re cleaning a minor mess, you can turn the vacuum off and use it just like a regular Sweeper.

The Sweeper + Vac weighs 3.1 pounds and has a 10-inch cleaning path. It’s heavier than the regular Sweeper (1.5 pounds) but much lighter than most cordless stick vacuums.

Since the vacuum is rechargeable, it doesn’t require batteries or a cord. It takes about 4 hours to charge fully, and it will run for up to 14 minutes.

Why This Model

The Sweeper + Vac is a handy tool for people who have hard floors. Due to the additional suction, it picks up debris better than a regular Sweeper while being lighter and easier to maneuver in tight spaces than a vacuum.

The Sweeper + Vac is ideal for routine cleaning and simple dry messes like food crumbs, hair, or dirt from outside the home.

But since it’s only compatible with dry pads, it won’t clean up spills or sticky messes.

Read more reviews and check the current price on Amazon.

Best for High Surfaces: Swiffer Dusters

Swiffer Dusters Box
Swiffer Dusters Box

Swiffer offers a range of dusters in several shapes and sizes. Thanks to Swiffer’s commitment to lightweight, versatile designs, the company’s line of dusters provides plenty of variety.

Key Features

Swiffer Dusters are lightweight and versatile and come in several different designs.

Unlike the WetJet, Sweeper, and Sweeper + Vac, the dusters aren’t designed to clean floors. They’re ideal for reaching high spots like window sills, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.

Swiffer sells heavy duty and pet-specific dusters that trap and hold even more dust than the standard options.

The 180° dusters are flat with cleaning fibers on one side, while the coated fibers on the 360° dusters wrap around the handle (not just on one side). According to Swiffer, the 360° dusters trap three times more dust and allergens than feather dusters.

Swiffer Dusters
Swiffer 180° Dusters

These extendable dusters can reach up to six feet, which allows you to rapidly clean baseboards and even dust ceilings without using a ladder.

The smaller dusters (three feet) are ideal if you need to clean between appliances or reach under furniture.

Why This Model

Swiffer Dusters aren’t the best options for floors, but they can reach ceilings, cabinets, fans, and other high areas. Buy a duster along with one of the mops, and you’ll have all your dusting needs covered.

Read reviews and check the current prices of Swiffer Dusters on Amazon.

Bottom Line: Which Swiffer Mop Is the Best?

When choosing a mop or sweeper from Swiffer’s lineup, it’s less about selecting the “best” option and more about picking the ones that give you the most versatility when you clean.

If you’re just getting started, I highly recommend the standard Sweeper. It can dry dust and wet mop, and it’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and costs less than the WetJet and Sweeper + Vac.

If you’re looking for a mop for deeper cleaning, the PowerMop is the best option. It’s Swiffer’s newest and most advanced spray mop.

You can read reviews and check the current prices of each Swiffer mop on Amazon or Swiffer.com.

Swiffer is a proven brand, but there are several alternatives to consider if you’re not totally sold.

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