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How To Keep Shirt Collars Straight: Wurkin Stiffs Collar Stays Review

A detailed review of Wurkin Stiffs Collar Stays, a simple product that transforms collared shirts from sloppy to sharp.

In 2013 I started working for a conservative company with tall cubicle walls, limited natural light and a business formal dress code which meant, suit and tie every day. At my previous company I could wear jeans, sweaters, button downs, hoodies and sneakers so this was a big transition.

Since I rarely wore ties before, most of my dress shirts had button down collars. The problem is, those aren’t meant to be worn with a tie. My work wardrobe was ready for a refresh anyway, so I took the extra money that I was earning at my new gig and purchased a dozen or so non-buttoned down collared shirts designed to be worn with a tie.

I was looking good and feeling good, until six months into the new job I get an email from HR explaining that the dress code is now business casual which means we no longer need to wear ties. Awesome, except for the fact that all these new shirts I bought were made to be worn with ties and without them buttoned to the very top, I’m was now looking like a sloppy John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever minus the dance moves.

Sloppy shirt collar

A must-have accessory if you’re looking for clean and crisp shirt collars

Sometimes the simplest products are the most valuable and Wurkin Stiffs fit that mold. Stainless steel collar stays and magnets, that’s all it is but it works like a charm. As an added bonus, they are made of TSA approved materials so you don’t have to worry about setting off security at the airport.

How Wurkin Stiff Collar Stays keep shirt collars straight, clean and crisp

Step 1: slide the stays into each side of your collar

Step 2: secure the magnet from the inside of your shirt to the stays in whatever position looks best.

It is as simple as that!

Wurkin Stiffs Collar Stays

As I contemplated whether to bite the bullet and buy new shirts with button down collars or embrace the Travolta collars, I noticed one of my coworkers was wearing a collared shirt without buttons yet his collar was straight, in place and nicely secure. Thinking it was some magic shirt I asked him where he got it and that was when first I heard about the wardrobe savings Wurkin Stiffs collar stays.

They transform sloppy, limp, flapping-in-the-wind collards into straight, sharp and secure ones. Every shirt is a little different so having control over the location and position of the collar is crucial. I wear them with my collars every day to work and whenever I go out on the weekends. They have become a mandatory part of my outfit when I’m wearing collars.

What are the downsides of Wurkin Stiffs?

There is not much negative to say about Wurkin Stiffs collar stays. They do their job and do it well. However, I will warn you that it is very easy to forget to remove them from your shirts before you toss them in the wash. I’ve lost a couple and had to buy a new pack but that’s just me being forgetful (I justify it as the cost of doing business).

The other minor issue with these is the magnets. After a year or so I noticed the metal coating on them chip and break a bit. They still work fine but don’t hold together as good as they could after significant use. Not a huge deal but worth mentioning.

There are other collar stays on the market but Wurkin Stiffs has a patent on the stay+magnet design so there’s nothing that secures the position of collars as well as like Wurkin Stiffs.

Wurkin Stiffs are a worthy investment for sharp, straight shirt collars and a put together look

I firmly believe the saying from Hall of Fame NFLer Deon Sanders “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good”. Since Wurkin Stiffs plays a major role in “look good”, I guess I can credit most of the success in my career to them…..well that might be an exaggeration. But seriously, for anyone who wears collared shirts on a daily basis, I highly recommend trying out Wurkin Stiffs, they will change your look…. and maybe your life.

If you want to try them yourself or do more research, you can read hundreds of reviews and purchase on Amazon.

Thank you for reading our review of Wurkin Stiffs Collar Stays!

We hope you enjoyed reading our review and that it provided helpful information in your quest for improving your look and your life.

Have you had a different experience with Wurkin Stiffs? Do you agree or disagree with our review? Is there other collar stays that you think are better than Wurkin Stiffs? Please let us know in the comments section or contact us directly, we would love to hear your feedback.

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